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Date: Dec 02, 2021 Price: 0.405

Simple Moving Average
10 20 30 40 50 60 90 120 200 250
SMA 0.438 0.47 0.479 0.483 0.477 0.471 0.456 0.446 0.44 0.435
Variance -0.033 -0.065 -0.074 -0.078 -0.072 -0.066 -0.051 -0.041 -0.035 -0.03
Variance(%) 8% 14% 15% 16% 15% 14% 11% 9% 8% 7%
**Variance - Comparison between stock price and moving average.
Exponential Moving Average
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EMA 0.435 0.456 0.463 0.465 0.466 0.464 0.458 0.449 0.437 0.431
Variance -0.03 -0.051 -0.058 -0.06 -0.061 -0.059 -0.053 -0.044 -0.032 -0.026
Variance(%) 7% 11% 13% 13% 13% 13% 12% 10% 7% 6%
**Variance - Comparison between stock price and moving average.
Relative Strength Index
9 14 25
RSI 18.182 23.684 30.435
**>70 is overbought while <30 is oversold.
William %R
9 14 25
%R -73.685% -83.871% -83.871%
**>-20 is overbought while <-80 is oversold.
Money Flow Index
9 14 25
MFI 18.829 44.123 44.552
**>80 is overbought while <20 is oversold.
Rate of Change
21 63 125 250
ROC -18.182% -8.989% 1.25% 14.085%
**>8% is overbought while <-8% is oversold.
Percentage Price Oscillator
5,35,5 12,26,9
PPO -10.108 -4.555
Signal -8.351 -2.653
Variance -1.757 -1.902
Variance(%) 21% 72%
**Variance - Comparison between PPO and signal line.
Moving Average Convergence-Divergence
5,35,5 12,26,9
MACD -0.047 -0.021
Signal -0.039 -0.013
Variance -0.008 -0.008
Variance(%) 21% 62%
**Variance - Comparison between MACD and signal line.
Stochastic Oscillator (Fast)
14,3 18,9
%K 16.129 16.129
%D 21.505 15.751
**%D >80 is overbought while %D <20 is oversold.
Stochastic Oscillator (Slow)
14,3 18,9
%K 21.505 15.751
%D 18.638 27.627
**%D >80 is overbought while %D <20 is oversold.
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LubeTrader https://www.tuneprotect.com/airasia/ipass/index.php
11/10/2021 9:52 AM
auditorandconsultant 这个Tunepro 是保险公司,之前专注旅游保险。自从从AXA 保险挖来了新的老总Rohit 公司的业务已经多元化了,除了旅游保险,也有其他的商业保险。这个counter 开番是迟早。 毕竟旅游保险越来越多国家make it compulsory, 我读过去年Rohit 和其他高层呈现的business proposal ,我乐见其成。

基于我太注重0.37 cents 也就是老总的esos ex price 我在0.385/0.390 错过了买入这颗钻石的机会。

我现在只能等待market correction

Tunepro 是黑马
11/10/2021 11:56 AM
investortrader88 Managed to get some tickets at RM 0.50 from my queue.good luck guys
11/10/2021 3:27 PM
LubeTrader Be patience guys. It comes with maturity.
12/10/2021 9:52 AM
investortrader88 https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/tony-fernandes-valued-over-us1b-airasia-groups-digital-businesses-achieved-unicorn-status
12/10/2021 9:00 PM
tales029 我也开始相信是黑马
13/10/2021 7:16 PM
Orson Chin Airasia no fly , no more travel insurance income …
Now everybody can fly …. More business come in again …

Back to 0.8 soon ?
13/10/2021 9:37 PM
BlessedInvestor a good proxy to airasia with healty balance sheet...
13/10/2021 10:18 PM
MoneyShow3 Before it hits 80sen will reach 62 to 65sen. AA Digital achieved unicorn status and tunepro is part of the digital insurance backbone. Bouncing back stronger.
14/10/2021 12:35 AM
babyqueen Didn’t you guys listen to yesterday zoom updates organised by Rakuten trade? Rohit and cfo providing some updates on the current business.
14/10/2021 3:22 PM
LubeTrader Baby, is there a recording?
14/10/2021 5:40 PM
babyqueen Rakuten did record it but do not know whether they will share it on fb or YouTube.
14/10/2021 9:25 PM
MoneyShow3 Think they were speaking on the new product strategy and digital focused on buy as you need insurance plans. With the market moving into recovery there will be a huge need for supporting the segment whom have lapsed traditional policies and those whom want to restart.. Its gonna be a big year for tunepro... So far seems many investors are buying with the hope of the return of dividends too, which was previously pretty good.... More will buy into q1..
19/10/2021 3:00 PM
LubeTrader That's a sensible and fair analysis of what transpired. Back to the good old days.
20/10/2021 10:10 AM
babyqueen Slow and steady
20/10/2021 8:41 PM
MoneyShow3 Hope it can slowly move to 62 to 65 as predicted .. And then to their target of being a rm1bil market cap co
20/10/2021 9:18 PM
babyqueen Thailand opening up for international travel quarantine free with more countries starting November
22/10/2021 11:09 AM
EatCoconutCanWin This stock can buy?
23/10/2021 9:25 AM
LubeTrader Price has retraced a bit presenting an opportunity to get on board.
23/10/2021 4:10 PM
willc48 tune protect aggressively hiring staff with heavy high salaries to penetrate their market present. unfortunately , people they hired lack experience. they should go e-insurance
23/10/2021 5:21 PM
MoneyShow3 Their edigital strategy very strong. With travel back, only those patient will be rewarded. Q3 results out in 3 weeks, shld be in excess of rm12mil..
27/10/2021 2:12 AM
MoneyShow3 I love tunepro even more now....more on the app... Travel insurance = tunepro, stronger than ever now. In 2 years a bil $ company if they do it right....


AirAsia says over 20 new airlines have joined Super App
TheEdge Thu, Oct 28, 2021 12:05pm - 47 minutes

KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 28): AirAsia Group Bhd has partnered with more than 20 airlines as it builds up its Super App into an online travel agency that also sells flights by competitors, the budget airline said on Thursday.

The airlines which have joined airasia Super App as partners include Air Canada, Air France, Bamboo Airways, flydubai, KLM, Qatar Airways, and Philippine Airlines.

AirAsia said the app has more than 700 airline partners and can reach over 3,000 destinations. It partnered Kiwi.com in 2019, a travel tech firm that allows users to build itineraries to combine flights and ground transportation from more than 800 carriers.

The new partnerships come as international travel gradually reopens after more than a year of slump due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We see a strong V-shape recovery in the coming months," airasia Super App chief executive officer Amanda Woo said at a briefing.

Woo said the app aims to capture a 30% market share and become the top Southeast Asian online travel agency in five years. It competes with online travel agencies like Agoda and Traveloka.

Through the collaborations, AirAsia will offer travel deals to more destinations outside its network across Europe, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas.
28/10/2021 12:54 PM
BursaKakis https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/budget-2022-tune-protect-lauds-move-increase-perlindungan-tenang-voucher-rm75
30/10/2021 9:43 AM
MoneyShow3 Clear winner for the budget 2022 and for travels... Now part of AAsuper App, the edge weekly featured an article the tune Pro is the biggest beneficiary for travel in the next months..

Steel counters down, gloves past tense, now comes travel insurance and its time for revenue and profit to be driven up.

Tp is 60sen but I believe this counter will leapfrog beyond rm1.
31/10/2021 10:04 PM
MYthenightmare Slow and steady.............going to hexx.
05/11/2021 12:14 PM
MoneyShow3 https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/906649

Gonna zoom up quickly... Tp 60sen and then likely 80sen in 2022.possible with their strong presence and partner strategy..
09/11/2021 5:28 PM
MoneyShow3 https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/906649

Gonna fly...
09/11/2021 5:29 PM
thesteward https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/insurers-see-rising-demand-travel-insurance-more-countries-make-it-mandatory
10/11/2021 12:43 PM
thesteward https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/tony-fernandes-airasia-group-projects-earnings-return-prepandemic-levels-early-six-months
11/11/2021 7:05 AM
babyqueen Result out next week. Just wait and see
12/11/2021 1:33 PM
Orson Chin In the future … all traveler must buy travel insurance cover covid to other country. ….

Tunepro hav a good business
16/11/2021 10:26 AM
ValueInvestor888 Yes. I bought a lot Tune lately....Singapore, Thailand and Msia also impose compulsory health insurance for tourists...
16/11/2021 10:28 AM
LubeTrader Only upsides, can't see any downsides at this time.
16/11/2021 10:46 AM
babyqueen Rolling out covid travel pass+ for inbound visitors to Malaysia.
16/11/2021 2:15 PM
MoneyShow3 Tunepro supports 20+ airlines and is also one of the largest travel insurance Co in the Middle East.
Now part of AA superapp and have driven the other segments to grow equally.

Travel insurance is the new glove rally and as long as Covid is in our society, it would be a norm. Just like latex gloves, previously only oecd economies used it in the healthcare sector but now even poor nations have to use it. New markets open.

Tunepro is really cheap being even less than rm0. 5bil market cap and honestly has so much potential. Easily a 1bil company with some further mgmt focus.

For the next 3 year, tune will beat expectations every year. First by closing above 60sen this year...
17/11/2021 12:34 AM
Niasengseng Gg lo
17/11/2021 3:25 PM
wsb_investor lol what potential tunepro has? Covid travel insurance can be a double edged sword, mandatory travel insurance wont be sustainable. Either the Covid situation improves, no more mandatory insurance, or worsen, and loss due to claims. There is like 0 scenario where tunepro can just shake leg and make money.
17/11/2021 4:48 PM
MoneyShow3 The Group's operating revenue decreased by RM6.9 million to RM103.8 million in 3Q21 from
RM110.7 million in 2Q21. The decrease in operating revenue was mainly resulted from
decrease of RM10.3 million in gross earned premium, offset by increase of RM3.4 million in
investment income.
Profit before tax of the Group decreased by RM20.1 million from RM20.3 million 2Q21 to
RM0.2 million in 3Q21. The significant decrease was mainly attributed by an increase of
RM12.6 million in fair value losses of investments and a decrease of RM7.4 million in
underwriting profits in 3Q21.

Booking of FVL again, should get reversed next qtr with improvement in the investment portfolio and business back on track... Cash position very strong which will drive the value further.

On track to keep performing for dividend in Q2.
18/11/2021 1:22 AM
donnybelowski Tune has changed its business activities to Investment. Up and down driven by Investment. Haha. Insurance earnings very little. If want to play travel, go to airport or airlines direct.
18/11/2021 9:03 AM
bbc99 After qr everybody brings their cannon from Melaka, before qr everybody worshipped it. Weird.. Weird
18/11/2021 12:29 PM
MoneyShow3 I keep adding, confident of the recovery this qtr and beyond. NTA still intact at 76sen and cash flow position better.

Fair value loss to any smart investor is unrealised and a concerned in a down market plus for cash strapped companies. For Tune, its actually not of any concern. Refer to my comments months ago when the booked - 15m and then it reversed quickly the next qtr.

Tune actually made profits this time, and even the fair value write downs were lower... I am ginning for NTA to his 80sen soon...
18/11/2021 3:41 PM
donnybelowski Fair value will continue to have losses as interest rate is going high. I highlighted the insurance biz is small compared to their reliance on Investment income. If u still want to play this stock, look at interest rate movement.
18/11/2021 4:40 PM

Subject Dealings Outside Closed Period

No Salutation Name Designation Description Of "Others" Designation
1 MR Rohit Chandrasekharan Nambiar Others Group Chief Executive Officer
Type of Transaction Acquired
Description of "Others" Type of Transaction
Date of Transaction 18 Nov 2021
Description of Securities Ordinary Shares

I got to buy some, he also bought..tq those whom sold...

FVL is for quoted instruments and not interest rates. Interest rates are officially published and can be locked in to realization...

Quoted tradable investments are like mutual funds, shares, bonds and other fdir's... You may have to write down your value but at the same time these investments pay dividend or interest on maturity.... Adds to cash and then the company can decide to reinvest into another sector.... Similar to EPF...
19/11/2021 12:30 AM
MYthenightmare EPF only invests in the broken pocket of back door rotten gov and its smelly sidekicks.
19/11/2021 11:57 AM
BlessedInvestor https://finance.sina.com.cn/money/future/fmnews/2021-11-19/doc-iktzqtyu8267498.shtml
20/11/2021 11:06 AM
donnybelowski Quote instruments is mainly bonds / fixed income. The FV will incur losses when there is a hike in interest rate. I highlighted again the insurance biz is small compared to their reliance on Investment in Fixed income / bonds. If u still want to play this stock, look at interest rate movement.
20/11/2021 4:29 PM
108Ventures Fully correct Donny. Bond investments will have losses as rates move up. But the company also lost revenue and underwriting profits ….poor operational showing also. So far just giving story. And moneyshow3 keeps pumping the stock here. I say before also….he is paid PR or managmen of the company. Typical Tony F company - pump and dump
21/11/2021 3:23 PM
wsb_investor For those that keep thinking Covid related insurance is a good idea. https://udn.com/news/story/6811/5925747
30/11/2021 9:22 AM
sheldon I tend to buy products of cos i invest in. Tried buying fire insurance but ran into some technical snag. Emailed them but they were dragging their feet on this which I find appalling. Weeks went by without any response from the sales team.

What a poor corporate culture! Residential fire insurance protection is a much sought-after sale for any insurance co. Literally pocket the premium without any need to payout.

I gave their customer relations manager a good shelling. I told her that I'm buying from Tune not because it's the best insurance co but simply because I'm a shareholder. It's a wonder that such sales people can be put on the payroll.

I recommended that she call for a meeting, serve them curry puffs & tell them that they're all fired. That ought to shift their sales aggressiveness up a gear!
01/12/2021 9:50 AM
Rohit_Nambiar Hi Sheldon - This is Rohit Nambiar here from Tune Protect. We track customer feedback quite closely and this has a big impact on the performance of our every staff at all levels. I noticed your feedback above with concern and would like to understand this in greater detail. Can you contact me via any on my socials (FB, Linkedin or Insta). Alternatively, I can contact you if I get your coodinates.

02/12/2021 4:24 PM


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