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Date: Feb 22, 2019 Price: 0.255

Simple Moving Average
10 20 30 40 50 60 90 120 200 250
SMA 0.263 0.268 0.276 0.282 0.286 0.288 0.301 0.315 0.35 0.377
Variance -0.008 -0.013 -0.021 -0.027 -0.031 -0.033 -0.046 -0.06 -0.095 -0.122
Variance(%) 3% 5% 8% 10% 11% 11% 15% 19% 27% 32%
**Variance - Comparison between stock price and moving average.
Exponential Moving Average
10 20 30 40 50 60 90 120 200 250
EMA 0.265 0.269 0.274 0.279 0.284 0.288 0.30 0.312 0.355 0.368
Variance -0.01 -0.014 -0.019 -0.024 -0.029 -0.033 -0.045 -0.057 -0.10 -0.113
Variance(%) 4% 5% 7% 9% 10% 11% 15% 18% 28% 31%
**Variance - Comparison between stock price and moving average.
Relative Strength Index
9 14 25
RSI 36.842 46.429 38.889
**>70 is overbought while <30 is oversold.
William %R
9 14 25
%R -80.00% -83.334% -88.889%
**>-20 is overbought while <-80 is oversold.
Money Flow Index
9 14 25
MFI 46.907 62.011 45.419
**>80 is overbought while <20 is oversold.
Rate of Change
21 63 125 250
ROC -12.069% -17.742% -42.045% -49.00%
**>8% is overbought while <-8% is oversold.
Percentage Price Oscillator
5,35,5 12,26,9
PPO -5.072 -2.214
Signal -5.078 -2.44
Variance 0.006 0.226
Variance(%) 0% 9%
**Variance - Comparison between PPO and signal line.
Moving Average Convergence-Divergence
5,35,5 12,26,9
MACD -0.014 -0.006
Signal -0.014 -0.007
Variance 0.00 0.001
Variance(%) 0% 14%
**Variance - Comparison between MACD and signal line.
Stochastic Oscillator (Fast)
14,3 18,9
%K 16.667 16.667
%D 50.00 29.343
**%D >80 is overbought while %D <20 is oversold.
Stochastic Oscillator (Slow)
14,3 18,9
%K 50.00 29.343
%D 53.704 22.277
**%D >80 is overbought while %D <20 is oversold.
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cytew 哈哈哈
09/01/2018 10:08
cytew no worry, it will come
09/01/2018 10:08
JaBerry Yes. Support the counter
09/01/2018 12:35
Playmaker totally sit out recent mad bull run, no hope d la
10/01/2018 10:15
Ant seem like coming QR is good
15/01/2018 12:08
Goodluck888 Is very good
15/01/2018 13:34
jy87 Good QR with share price up together will be nice
last QR also showed good earning, but share price didn't up
28/01/2018 12:46
Goodluck888 It will be very soon.
29/01/2018 12:30
Goodluck888 KWAP keep buying it..... If you realised, it's almost 10% shares now.
06/02/2018 08:10
anonymous91 http://wesharenwetrade.blogspot.my/2018/02/ocr7071-2018.html?m=1
27/02/2018 01:38
Goodluck888 Report not released?
27/03/2018 08:27
Candyliow99 so sad
28/03/2018 13:30
myfm_18 惨业股
28/03/2018 18:45
JaBerry Hopeless results
29/03/2018 09:22
Candyliow99 so bad drop alot
29/03/2018 12:37
jy87 last q result showed good profit, price didn't up; this q result drop, share price straight forward follow drop
29/03/2018 23:08
Lim Tek Wai No more operator in this counter
30/03/2018 12:05
Lim Tek Wai qr result come out
30/03/2018 12:22
Candyliow99 better sell out
30/03/2018 18:30
John Angel all bad bad bad, bad result bad price bad company all bad all lose lose lose
06/04/2018 19:19
Lim Tek Wai no worry
09/04/2018 15:06
myfm_18 how come no worry?
09/04/2018 22:30
mawiLegend I buy this counter since 201..4 years i follow..this counter is rubbish
12/04/2018 11:53
JaBerry Worry lor. This counter is bullish
12/04/2018 15:48
Jasper Coo will drop back and go lower
12/04/2018 17:00
Jasper Coo will not be sustainable
12/04/2018 17:00
Candyliow99 don't waste time to hold it
17/04/2018 19:05
LEEKS7 announcement for new JV project ...............
17/05/2018 18:31
LEEKS7 no vol
18/05/2018 10:25
luckyman KUALA LUMPUR (May 17): OCR Group Bhd is planning a mixed development on 47.87 acres of land in Tebrau, Johor, with an estimated gross development value of RM700 million.

OCR said its wholly-owned Junjung Simfoni Sdn Bhd had signed a joint-venture agreement (JVA) to partner with Casa Bangsar Sdn Bhd, whose largest shareholder is the non-executive chairman of Damansara Realty Bhd, Datuk Ahmad Zahri Jamil.

In a bourse filing today, OCR said the development will encompass two phases, spanning over the next five-year.

The first phase will consist of 320 units of double storey link houses of 1,500 sq ft to 1,900 sq ft, with a total GDV of RM185 million.

The second phase will comprise of a mixed development, including service apartments and a shopping complex, with an estimated GDV of RM515 million.

Under the joint venture, the profit entitlement will be shared 70% OCR, and 30% Casa Bangsar.

OCR said the JVA is in line with its strategy to grow and diversify its business operations and to become profitable, with sustainable growth.

The company also aims to balance its income stream from non-traditional sources, in order to lessen any negative sector impact on its traditional businesses.

Looking ahead, the outlook for the property development industry is expected to have a direct positive impact on the joint-venture, OCR said.

“Taking into the account the outlook of the property development industry moving forward, and the current efforts undertaken by the group, the board is of the view that the prospects of the group are expected to be positive in the future,” the filing added.

Main Market-listed OCR gained 0.5 sen or 1.25% to close at 40.5 sen today, valuing the company at RM118.42 million.

24/05/2018 21:42
Firefox Noob stock
28/06/2018 13:14
hevea1234 Already move up 10 sen lor
20/07/2018 15:37
Candyliow99 still OK?
20/07/2018 19:32
hevea1234 gogogo OCR 12% up today
23/07/2018 09:52
Goodluck888 Will fly soon
23/07/2018 13:20
hevea1234 Already fly so high, you still comment will fly soon, you want scam ppl ar?
23/07/2018 13:38
Goodluck888 Under value.... Should go higher.
23/07/2018 14:26
imi82_s Few months before Elections, KUMPULAN WANG PERSARAAN (DIPERBADANKAN) been accumulating this stock, until they reach > 10% of total shares

Then after GE, price kena drop. Project cannot materialise already

Now OCR or some proxy is buying back shares from KWP. to bail them out..check KWP details, they been selling shares daily yet shares going up!..
23/07/2018 15:27
MetalKing gogogo~
23/07/2018 22:33
Charles_TT Imi82, are you sure ? I don't think the stock can hold
28/08/2018 08:03
Candyliow99 rubbish counter
30/08/2018 12:05
ZulBMW8058 candyliow99 100% ✓✓
05/09/2018 15:14
commonsense At first when i look at the company 2Q18 result, i was a bit bullish on the outlook given that the company recorded a growth of PBT from RM1.8mil to now RM4.3mil. In addition the PBT in 2Q18 was derived from a lower revenue from last year. Initially i thought it was because of the change in focus from construction contract in FY17 to property development in FY18 of which the latter normally has higher profit margin.

But upon studying their result in details, the jump of PBT profit was mainly attributed to the gain on disposal of one of its subsidiaries, amounting to RM 2.6mil. Excluding this PBT would have actually been RM1.7mil which is a slight drop vs last year result. in terms of PAT if normal tax rate were used (24%) PAT would have been around RM1.3mil.

In terms of valuation even if the company managed to get a PAT of RM6mil for the full year of FY18 (1H18 PAT is RM2.2mil), the company's valuation is still high at 16.5x PE. However given the list of projects that the company have at the moment you would assume that the company profit will catch up to the valuation later. Some of the list of project that the company said it is pursuing are:

1) Prima housing in Alor Gajah. GDV RM100mil
2) Housing project in Bangi. GDV RM90mil
3) Prima project in Bukit Jalil. GDV RM155mil
4) Perumahan Penjawat Awam 1Malaysia in Putrajaya GDV RM324mil
5) Affordable housing in Pahang contract value RM166mil
6) Mixed development project in JB GDV RM700mil
7) Mixed development project in Kuantan GDV RM330mil
8) Mixed development project in KL GDV RM202 mil
9) Mixed development project in Melaka GDV RM206 mil

However upon going thru their balance sheet in detail, i have doubts of them being able to pursue these project in the near future. Which means profit level might still be at the RM6mil level in FY19.

If you go through their 2Q18 report, you will notice that cash flow from operation is still negative given that most of the sale is still in receivables. Then you would also notice that the debt level has actually more than double compared to 2017 but still at a manageable at RM61mil. Given the cash balance of RM18.9mil you would think it would be sufficient until some of the receivables (RM77mil) can be converted into cash. But if you look at the cash flow statement, u notice that RM16.4mil are actually pledge to the bank which leaves the company only with a free cash balance of RM2.5mil (and even that RM4.8mil are bank overdraft).

Unless the company convert those high receivables to cash, you have to assume that they are likely to face some liquidity issues which might effect the progress of their property projects. Most probably they will need to raised further capital.

If you are interested in the company, better wait for their balance sheet to improve first. If you are interested in the property industry, there are actually a lot of companies that are cheaper and have stronger balance sheet at the moment.

For those looking to diversify their portfolio outside of the property industry, i would recommend them to look at MBMR.

The company is a direct proxy to Perodua via its 22.6% interest in the company. Valuation is cheap at only 5.9x PE (based on target FY18 PATAMI of RM145mil. 9m PATAMI is already RM106mil). PB is low at only 0.6x BV. 4Q18 results is expected to be higher than 3Q18 and last year's 4Q17. And FY19 growth will be driven by the still high demand of new Myvi and the launch of the new SUV in 1Q19.

Please go through the analyst reports (https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/pt/5983.jsp) and do your own analysis before making any decisions.

Hope OCR can proof me wrong and deliver the profit growth that is expected of them from their existing shareholders.

Good luck
07/12/2018 11:32
Candyliow99 bad QR
31/12/2018 17:45
Dingdongbell Good chance to collect, and keep..
11/01/2019 22:06
JaBerry I thought company got some announcement
28/01/2019 12:29
Klse_faizan collect mode. :)
19/02/2019 16:27
LuvLuv OCR PA holders is advisable to swap to ocr wd when its listed if you want to be in the ring...
20/02/2019 20:08
LuvLuv OCR WD is expected to trade in the range of 0.09-0.12,lets see
20/02/2019 20:14
Klse_faizan tomolo never die
21/02/2019 11:27


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