Something is brewing is this company…

Publish date: Wed, 26 Jan 2022, 12:49 AM

First impression – what do you see in the share price?


For most investors, there is nothing attractive to be seen in the chart, but for seasoned investors, you might notice an unusual consolidation of price around the 2.0 cents level. And I believe coupled with the recent corporate exercise, there might be one round of spike to come before CNY, which is the next 3 trading days, depending on the time you saw this article.


To begin with, the company had done a lot of things to improve their financial wellbeing, but when it comes to share price, I believe the critical part is still in corporate exercises. So moving forward, the company will consolidate their shares by a quantum of 10 to 1 share.




Why would they do that, and what does that have to do with the share price movement?


Just to clarify, a share consolidation will never reduce your shareholding percentage, but instead, the action of share consolidation itself may further concentrate the shareholding structure of the company, let me explain.


You see, stock market is a very, very interesting place. The more people are in a same stock, the more opinions are formed around a stock, and yes, the lower the share price and the higher the share base of a company, the more likely for the company to have a large number of investors – which in most time, is not a good thing.


Each and every investors have their unique thought process, and same goes their buy and sell decision. The more de-consolidated a shareholding structure is, the harder for the share price to move up, therefore, a share consolidation allows the share price to move in a set of direction in an easier manner.


Therefore, the share consolidation for KANGER is absolutely a good thing to happen.


As we had mentioned earlier, the company had gone through many exercises to improve their financial health as well as financial performance, we may see the results in the upcoming quarters. However, there are just simply too many shares for the company, so a consolidation can better allow the movement of share price.


Don’t forget, Bursa Malaysia minimum buy and sell is in 100 units or 1 lot.


And moreover, there are practically nothing to lose now if you buy at the super low level of 2 cents. If you want a CNY angpao before “CHOR YAT”, I guess this is the best chance as it is.




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something is brewing is this company what?

2022-01-26 09:27


it's brewing to 1 sen. Good article for some comic relief

2022-01-26 12:46


not as good as the fast and furious ibumie guy though

2022-01-26 12:47


" which in most time, is not a good thing. "

2022-01-26 13:50


@ahbah why you no run for DUN in Gambir anymore?

2022-01-26 14:03


of course more shares because of fund raising and new shares issued, now wanted to consolidate 10 to 1 and do fund raising again. Fund raising for new business or projects coming in to commensurate with ??? Or just fund raising for daily company expenses and directors' fees.

2022-01-26 14:20


Koyak cr@po rubbish lol

2022-01-26 15:34


lao sai stock

2022-01-26 15:58


telor goyang

2022-01-26 17:39


Ma ciiibai .ini apa dancau stock also promoted, brain crash

2022-01-26 22:35


finally can let go at 24c .. byebye kanger...

2022-02-08 11:56

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