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CEKD - How much would you pay for this new IPO?

Publish date: Thu, 07 Oct 2021, 05:41 PM

Today we going to share you what CEKD Bhd is doing.


The above pictures are showing you the strengthness of this CEKD. The technical chart closed at RM 0.620 with a volume kicked in from 4pm today.


If you're a pure TA traders, we knew you will join as long as the Technical Chart show the strength and of cause the stock which is going to be All Time High will continue rally,



So what CEKD does in it's business? 





CEKD Berhad is a die-cutting solutions provider and have been involved in the manufacturing of die-cutting moulds and trading of related consumables, tools and accessories since 1989. They have more than 30 Years of Experience in the Industry.

In the website, the board stated they are the LEAD MANUFACTURER for the complete custom die-cutting solutions. As date of 6 August 2021, they are serving about 1309 customers from various industries such as paper printing and packaging industry, electrical and electronics industry, automotive, plastic packaging as well as textile and leather industries. with a total of 48.3% of average gross profit margin.


From the above clarification, we can know CEKD is a LEADER in this industry. 


Most of the IPO with rally 90% - 150% from the First Debut. (provided company has a good plan and future prospect)


RAMSSOL - IPO Price RM 0.45 - Highest Price - RM 0.955 (111% of gain)

CTOS - IPO Price RM 1.10 - Highest Price - RM 2.10 (90% of gain)

PEKAT - IPO Price RM 0.32 - Highest Price - RM 0.930 (188% of gain)

VOLCANO - IPO Price RM 0.35 - Highest Price - RM 0.705 (100% of gain)


CEKD - IPO Price RM 0.48, Current Price - RM 0.62 (28% of gain Only)


The Technical Chart showing it will reach All Time High Level soon. How much would you pay for this CEKD


We believed many glove investors are losing lot of money and stuck in glove counters. 

Simple and Easy Quote for glove investors:

"Never go against the Market and Never Buy Downtrend Stocks."


To be reminded, after we found the GEM and share the info about PMBTECH in last week, the share price rose about 30% in one week. 



Disclaimer: You should only refer your Dealer/Remisier for any Buy/Sell suggestions. It is neither a trading advice nor an invitation to trade. Any action that you take as a result of information, analysis or commentary on the contents is ultimately your responsibility.



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0.62x50% = 0.93
0.62x80% = 1.11

2021-10-08 22:21


This is another penny stock in the making. Expect this to fall flat into 10 sen zone in a year, after they siphon enough money.

2021-10-08 22:24


Goreng hit n run burn ppl

2021-10-09 00:09

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