Genetec - A baby step

For knowledge sharing - 4680 Teardown Analysis // DBE: Big Risks & Big Rewards + Patent Landscape

Genetec A baby step
Publish date: Thu, 08 Sep 2022, 01:37 PM
Genetec - A baby step

A Baby Steps is very important to achieve success.

Give GENE another few years and we will see. I hope we can achieve the plan as presented on the Battery Day

The is the second video of the 4680 Teardown Series. Tesla DBE is Tesla's revolutionary Dry Battery Electrode coating technology for battery cell production. Tesla took a big risk with DBE but it has the potential for big rewards. I'll also cover the Patent landscape and bear, base, and bull cases for the technology.

00:00 Intro 02:00 Wet Electrode Steps 04:28 How to Know if it’s DBE? 06:31 Dry Coating Methods 07:50 DBE Patent Landscape 08:36 DBE Steps // Mixing and Fibrils 09:51 PTFE Degradation Problem 10:43 Solving PTFE Degradation 12:09 The DBE Anode is More Important 13:02 What’s up with the Cathode? 14:11 DBE Steps // Roll, Calendar, Bond 15:39 DBE Challenges and an Examples 17:57 Thick Electrodes 21:40 DBE Bear Case 27:26 DBE Base Case 28:05 DBE Bull Case 29:07 Summary

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