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(Icon) Comcorp (5) - Final Episode

Publish date: Fri, 25 Mar 2016, 06:12 PM
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I follow the smell of money.

I bought Comcorp at 43 sen in December 2015. Today it closed at 83 sen.


90% appreciation in 3 months. 


My portfolio generates good return when the stocks I bought report strong results. It is honest profit, I deserve every single sen of it. 


Who say I need to pump and dump in order to make money ? 


This is for you, kk123.


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I know it, u still hold hahahha, good job icon

2016-03-25 18:18

Koon Bee

Icon tonight enjoying sea cucumber and tilapia?

2016-03-25 18:25


Good job ICON!

2016-03-25 18:26


Agreed with icon8888; don't be greedy.
Left others make some profit next week.

2016-03-25 18:29

Ven Felix

Icon8888 is the men righteousness, luck like u Icon8888.

2016-03-25 18:43


Bro, homeriz can in and keep?

2016-03-25 18:54


Good job

2016-03-25 19:19


Icon are you not tempted to sell when the price was hovering around 65+ cents recently?

2016-03-25 20:24


Lol, so cool Icon bro, my son also like it.

2016-03-25 22:27


To make it complete, I will say "nah, go jiasai lah"

2016-03-25 22:32



2016-03-25 22:40


Thanks, Icon8888,for your contributions of articles and research. Decisions to buy and sell, or not, are entirely for each reader.

2016-03-26 00:01


Everybody will be tempted to sell even at 83c today but if u carefully analyse comcorp results u will be surprised how good they can be

Latest results got write down inventory somemore, if don have they actually make 8m x4 x pe 8 plus renewable energy at least worrh rm1.50-2

2016-03-26 00:26


Icon8888. Yeah you deserve yr hard-work earning.
Me, not so good at analyzing follow, make some money too.
You lead you make more, I follow make some. Cukup lah. Don't be greedy.
Do write more Mr Icon8888. I'm yr fan.
Wish u luck too.

2016-03-26 06:29


Keep up the good work Icon. Don't even bother or take heed of those fools who try to belittle you. We have the last laughs...hoorah !!!

2016-03-28 10:43


Hahahaha! Good one Icon!

2016-03-29 10:11


RM127K Profit after brokerage ok. Stomach full for next month oso. I not complaining but i know one dickhead everyday calculate gold price to sell snake oil at Borneo oil. I whole month no movement. Even my piss can go further ... hahahaha

2016-03-29 10:13

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