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Rakuten Trade Research team 2H2022 Market Outlook Top 5 stock picks

Tan KW
Publish date: Wed, 01 Jun 2022, 11:07 AM
Tan KW
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Genetec (0104) Target price RM3.00
 ⁃ Riding on growing demand for EV
 ⁃ forecast Genetec to register earnings of RM52.0m in FY2022 and RM65.9m in FY2023
Aemulus (0181) Target price RM1.00
 ⁃ Expansion could increase the production capacity by 50%.
 ⁃ Healthy balance sheet with net cash position of RM62.1m.
 ⁃ To register earnings of RM17.7m and RM23.4m in FY2022 and FY2023 respectively.
Cengild (0243) Target price RM0.48
 ⁃ Specialised medical provider in treatment of gastrointestinal and liver diseases and obesity.
 ⁃ Revenue has grown exponentially due to a pool of highly experienced medical consultants and officers.
Armada (5210) Target price RM0.86
 ⁃ Deeply undervalued Malaysia-based international offshore energy facilities and services.
 ⁃ Outstanding order book of RM13.6bn with some containing extension options.
Kerjaya (7161) Target price RM1.70
 ⁃ Outstanding construction orderbook amounting to RM4.1bn.
 ⁃ Bagged three contracts in 2022 and has strong balance sheet with net cash of RM176.3m as at FY21.
在2022年下半年的市场展望,我们的Rakuten Trade 研究团队推荐了前5只股票精选:-
震科 (Genetec, 0104) 目标价为3.00令吉
 ⁃ 依靠电动汽车不断增长的需求
 ⁃ 预测震科在 2022 财年和 2023 财年的盈利分别为 5200 万令吉和 6590 万令吉
明试控股 (Aemulus, 0181) 目标价为 1.00令吉
 ⁃ 扩建可使生产能力提高50%。
 ⁃ 良好的资产负债表和净现金头寸为 6210 万令吉。
 ⁃ 预测将在 2022 财年和 2023 财年的收入分别为1770 万令吉和 2340 万令吉。
Cengild医疗公司(Cengild, 0243) 目标价为0.48令吉
 ⁃ 治疗肠胃、肝脏疾病和肥胖的专业医疗机构。
 ⁃ 由于拥有一批经验丰富的医疗顾问和医疗人员,收入呈指数级增长。
布米阿玛达 (Armada, 5210) 目标价为0.86令吉
 ⁃ 被严重低估的马来西亚国际海上能源设施和服务。
 ⁃ 拥有136 亿令吉的未结订单,其中一些包含延期选项。
Kerjaya集团(Kerjaya, 7161) 目标价为1.70令吉
 ⁃ 未完成施工订单达41亿令吉。
 ⁃ 在2022年获得三份合同,并拥有强劲的资产负债表,截至21财年净现金为1.763亿令吉。
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