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All Singaporeans invited to share views on Budget 2023 in order for strengthening social compact and building resilience

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Publish date: Sat, 03 Dec 2022, 10:44 PM
Tan KW
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SINGAPORE, Dec 3 : Singaporeans are invited to share their views and hopes for the upcoming Budget 2023 from now till Jan 13, 2023.

Suggestions are being sought around three themes for the Budget, slated to be announced in February, said the Ministry of Finance, government feedback unit Reach and the People’s Association in a joint statement on Saturday.

The themes are: Navigating a volatile and complex world, strengthening the social compact and building a resilient nation.

The agencies said that over the past two years, Singapore rallied as a nation to save lives and livelihoods. The country is now stepping out from the Covid-19 pandemic with new challenges in a more volatile and complex world - higher inflation, slowing growth, more frequent economic disruption and greater geopolitical tensions.

Given the need to tackle these challenges and be ready to seize new opportunities, Singaporeans are prompted to answer two questions: First, what are the challenges and opportunities for families/households, workers and businesses in this more volatile and complex world?

Second, what more can be done to support these groups to identify and seize new opportunities, even amidst greater uncertainties and volatility?

The second theme on the social compact - a shared understanding of how everyone in society relates to one another - notes that every person should feel valued and supported through all seasons and stages of life.

Singaporeans can provide suggestions on the actions individuals and the community can take, together with the Government, to build a fairer and more inclusive home, as well as highlight the groups that might need more support and their concerns. They can also share how they think the Government can better partner the community to address these concerns.

On the third theme, the agencies noted that Singapore had experienced disruptions in essential supplies at the height of the pandemic, and had to make the necessary adjustments.

“When the Ukraine war broke out, we moved quickly to secure our energy needs. When our chicken supplies were disrupted, we brought in new sources of chicken from other countries. We need to build greater resilience so that Singapore can withstand and absorb external shocks and overcome disruptions,” they said.

Singaporeans can voice their views on how individuals, households and businesses can contribute to a more resilient Singapore, and how the Government can support these groups in their efforts.

The public may submit ideas through several channels over a six-week period. They are the Singapore Budget website, Reach website and its Facebook and Instagram pages, and the People’s Association engagement platforms, which include social media pages, virtual engagement sessions and in-person sessions.

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