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Publish date: Fri, 27 Jan 2023, 10:02 AM
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Airlines thrived through rapid resumption of international travel, digital businesses surge with increased demand 

  • Passengers carried for FY2022 at 46% of pre-pandemic levels

  • Exceptional increase in seats sold for international flights for all 4 AOCs

  • SuperApp, BigPay and Teleport’s growth in tune with healthy international travel demand

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 January 2023 - Capital A Berhad (formerly known as AirAsia Group Berhad) (“Capital A” or the “Group”) has announced the operating statistics for its aviation, digital and logistics segments for the Fourth Quarter of the Financial Year 2022 ("4Q2022").

The Aviation segment remains firmly on a strong recovery path post-pandemic transition with added impetus from rapid resumption of international travel. Benchmarked against the corresponding pre-Covid performance in 4Q2019, Capital A’s Consolidated Airlines had recovered passenger volume faster than capacity restoration in 4Q2022. The Consolidated Airlines carried over 7.8 million passengers in 4Q2022, an increase of 187% YoY, on the back of 9.1 million seat capacity injected during the quarter leading to a consistent QoQ 86% load factor. 

In 4Q2022, the school holidays, festive seasons and general election peak periods led to the Consolidated Airlines achieving almost 50,000 flights, up by 171% YoY. The Consolidated Airlines operated by 84 aircraft, an additional 16 operating aircraft from the preceding quarter. Correspondingly, Available-Seat-Kilometres (“ASK”) grew by 258% YoY to about 10 billion, approaching 53% of pre-Covid ASK in the same period, while Revenue Passenger Kilometres (“RPK”) reached 54% of 4Q2019 level.

For FY2022, the Consolidated Airlines saw an increase in the number of passengers to 24.2 million, up by 404% YoY, exceeding the jump in capacity of 345% YoY. This resulted in 84% load factor, 1 percentage point (“ppt”) away from achieving pre-Covid load factor. Seats sold for international flights continued to surge by 3536% YoY as international borders reopened alongside the loosening of travel restrictions regionally, while seats sold for domestic flights were up by 290% YoY. ASK and RPK rose by 410% and 488% YoY respectively, in tandem with the increase in capacity and passengers carried.

At 87%, AirAsia Malaysia’s 4Q2022 load factor improved by 1 ppt from the preceding quarter and 5  ppts from 4Q2019. Compared to 4Q2021, 38 additional international destinations were resumed in the same period this year, contributing to a surge in seats sold for international flights by 6424% YoY and 26% QoQ. In total, AirAsia Malaysia flew to 17 domestic destinations and 48 international destinations in 4Q2022. For the full year of 2022, AirAsia Malaysia successfully achieved a pre-Covid load factor of 84% while carrying 48% of FY2019 passengers at 16.8 million.

AirAsia Indonesia posted a lower load factor of 78% in 4Q2022, down by 3 ppts YoY and 4 ppts QoQ owing to a notable 43% YoY capacity increase in the market. AirAsia Indonesia seats sold on international flights soared sharply by 7397% YoY and 36% QoQ, contributed by 4,896 flights in the quarter owing to higher capacity split for international flights. The Jakarta - Penang route recorded the highest load factor at 96%. The number of seats sold for domestic flights were up by 126% YoY and down by 33% QoQ. For FY2022, AirAsia Indonesia flew 3.25 million passengers with close to 23,000 flights on 16 operational aircraft.

In the final quarter of 2022, AirAsia Philippines recorded a healthy load factor of 87% up by 2 ppts YoY and down by 2 ppt QoQ, yet still higher than the 4Q2019 load factor of 85%. Passengers carried increased by 307% YoY and capacity by 298% YoY which drove robust growth in ASK by 387% YoY. For FY2022, AirAsia Philippines flew 4.2 million passengers, equivalent to 49% of pre-Covid passengers carried, resulting in a load factor of 89%, the highest among all AOCs.

Associate airline, AirAsia Thailand achieved the highest quarterly load factor of 90%, up 14 ppts YoY and 3 ppts QoQ with domestic and international load factors of 91% and 86%. AirAsia Thailand’s rapid recovery is evidenced in the sharp climb in seats sold for international flights from 1,413 seats in the same period last year to more than 1 million seats in 4Q2022, leveraging significant pent up demand and numerous new destinations launched. AirAsia Thailand operated 42 aircraft to 24 domestic and 38 international destinations. This is an additional 7 aircraft from the previous quarter, which brings their active fleet to 72% of FY2019 total operating aircraft. AirAsia Thailand’s capacity and passengers carried returned to 72% and 75% of 4Q2019 levels respectively. 

The Group, including AirAsia Thailand, successfully achieved an annual load factor of 84% by flying 34.2 million passengers on 126 aircraft contributing to a 358% increase in ASK. The Group’s number of passengers carried and capacity achieved 46% and 47% of pre-pandemic levels.

Meanwhile, airasia Super App recorded 12 million Monthly Active Users (“MAU”) as of Dec 2022, a significant improvement of 41% YoY. In 4Q2022, the number of transactions reached 11.6 million bringing the overall transactions for the year to 31 million, up by 386% YoY which is mainly contributed by the schedule extension of AirAsia flights, the launch of the new SUPER+ Unlimited subscriptions that were packaged with long and medium-haul flights, and continuous growth of airasia ride with the launch in Bali and incremental improvement to the booking completion rates.  

BigPay closed the year with 1.3 million carded users, a healthy growth of 27% YoY and maintained quarterly growth momentum at 4% QoQ. Similar to prior quarters, the growth has been organic through the travel season in 4Q2022. This was supported by successful campaigns such as the FIFA World CupTM giveaway in partnership with Visa; and further product enhancements such as the launch of the crypto top-up feature in Singapore. BigPay also hit the RM1 billion milestone for international remittances in the quarter with expanded reach and better pricing helping to accelerate the growth. 

Capital A’s logistics venture, Teleport delivered yet another strong performance in 4Q2022 having moved 31,158 tonnes of cargo, up by 26% from 4Q2021 and 17% QoQ, both on the back of the ongoing recovery of AirAsia's international passenger network in 2H2022. E-commerce delivery volume recorded 3.2 million parcels in 4Q2022, a 433% increase compared with 4Q2021 and up 16% QoQ, as Teleport continues to deepen its service offering with existing customers and acquire new markets with key marketplaces and 3PL operators in the region. These results were achieved despite the declining cargo volume of -13% and -16% from last year for intra-ASEAN and intra-APAC markets respectively, and the e-commerce industry volume showing a slower growth rate of 6% from the previous year in Malaysia.

Capital A Berhad Consolidated Airlines - Malaysia, Indonesia & Philippines

4th Quarter 2022 Operating Statistics

Full Year 2022 Operating Statistics

Note: (i) The fleet count excludes:

  • Two (2) A320 aircraft leased to a third party airline


4th Quarter 2022 Operating Statistics

Full Year 2022 Operating Statistics

Note: (ii) The fleet count excludes:

  • Two (2) A320 aircraft leased to a third party airline


4th Quarter 2022 Operating Statistics

Full Year 2022 Operating Statistics


4th Quarter 2022 Operating Statistics

Full Year 2022 Operating Statistics


4th Quarter 2022 Operating Statistics

Full Year 2022 Operating Statistics

Capital A Berhad’s Digital and Logistics businesses

4th Quarter 2022 Operating Statistics

Full Year 2022 Operating Statistics


  1. Number of earned seats flown. Earned seats comprise seats sold to passengers (including no-shows)

  2. Number of seats flown

  3. Number of Passengers Carried as a percentage of Capacity

  4. Available Seat Kilometres (ASK) measures an airline’s passenger capacity. Total seats flown multiplied by the number of kilometres flown

  5. Revenue Passenger Kilometres (RPK) is a measure of the volume of passengers carried by the airline. Number of passengers multiplied by the number of kilometres these passengers have flown

  6. Number of flights flown

  7. Number of total aircraft at quarter end

Digital and Logistics

  1. Number of unique users who visit a site within the month

  2. Number of users with an active card

  3. Cargo capacity sold and utilised

  4. Number of parcels sold and delivered

¹ Capital A Berhad Consolidated Airlines refers to Airlines whose financial and operational results are consolidated for financial reporting purposes and these are the Malaysian, Indonesian and Philippines Airlines.

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