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Covid-19: How Malaysian businesses can benefit from an AI-revolutionised surveillance system

Publish date: Thu, 25 Feb 2021, 01:13 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25 — While we are now preparing for our own Covid-19 vaccine rollout (slated for early March), the reality is we will have to live with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) already in place for many more months to come.

That is where the TITANUS facial recognition and body temperature measurement system by Gamma Solution Sdn Berhad has proven to be especially useful.

This international AI revolutionised technology and surveillance system, partnering with global greats such as Intel and other international establishments, has already been well received by several corporate and commercial organisations like factories, hotels, schools, universities and retail outlets in the country.

The TITANUS system is used for both security and surveillance solutions where the safety of staff and visitors/customers are prioritised, and provides a complete compilation of information that is retrievable whenever the need arises.

Managing director of Gamma Solution Wan Yat Hon said it has been remarkable observing the development and progress of security and surveillance technology right from the use of analogue systems to digital mega pixels to today’s AI environment over the last 20 years.

Wan added this has enabled his company to pursue the latest in the Internet of things and artificial intelligence (AI) to design and engineer cutting edge security and surveillance systems like the TITANUS.

He further explained that the global development of AI has spurred his company to go further to provide more innovative solutions to customers preparing to upgrade their systems "to face the future."

TITANUS comes with unique features that include recognising an employee, staff or a registered visitor, measuring their body temperature from as far away as 50 centimetres and setting off an alarm to alert the management in the event someone is detected with a high fever -- an indicator of possible virus infection -- or if someone trespasses without a mask on.

The system is easily installed and cuts down on manpower and time as it does not require supervision.

The TITANUS facial recognition system is pretty remarkable as it is able to record hundreds and thousands of staff, workers and visitors, taking only two to three seconds to scan each person.

Daily in and out and body temperature scanning data will be recorded for future reference. This function can also serve as time attendant or door access control for offices or restricted areas.

This makes it particularly suitable for use in factories, hospitals, schools or shopping malls.

Several customers of Gamma like Pullman Hotel in Bangsar have said the installation of the TITANUS in their lobby really helped keep current SOPs of scanning body temperatures and checking in so much simpler.

The readings were reliable and everyone who entered was accounted for and the whole process was done in a contactless fashion, safeguarding both visitors and hotel staff.

The hotel's head of security and safety operations Ahmad Idrus Ahmad Ismail said he was happy the system could "alert the management of any person entering without a mask on." He added that it was a value for money system and would be glad to recommend it to others.

HELP University purchased two units of the TITANUS for each of their campus as they were impressed by the system's data recognition capabilities.

The university's Director of Corporate Information Centre Ngoh Chee Hung said the recognition rate of the TITANUS system was comparatively high and this factored into why he chose it.

He added "that technology always helps and AI is part of that technology and HELP's investment was worth it."

Jewellery company Poh Kong installed the TITANUS at their headquarters in Petaling Jaya which has more than 100 staff as they were particularly impressed with the system's ability to recognise faces even with masks on.

Poh Kong's IT manager Lee Swee Foon added that the other thing which impressed him was "the system provided a high level of accuracy, dependability, swift data collection and retrievable ability, the revolutionising facial recognition made possible by AI technology and above it all, social distancing maintained."

With so many Malaysian businesses endorsing the TITANUS system during this pandemic, Wan is confident that his company would be able to provide more cutting edge AI and technology solutions to customers in the near future as they prepare for the onset of more technological advancements that would become a norm in future business environments.

Besides that, Gamma’s AI Guard solutions have features that transform business efficiency with AI video surveillance which provides ground-breaking AI-based video analytics solutions that completely outsmarts conventional surveillance monitoring.

Gamma’s AI Guard Video Surveillance system also provides instant face search, violation stay, crowd counting, heat maps for crowd density, hard hat (helmet) detection suitable for construction sites, vehicle colour and vehicle type (classification) and many more advanced features to enhance smooth and fast detection and instant response analysis.

This reduces manpower and cuts down on annoying false alarms, delivering instant and accurate detection.

A leading Malaysian importer, distributor and provider of advanced security solutions, Gamma Solution is an associate member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance and Intel MRS solution provider in AI Digital Security Surveillance System.

More detailed information on Gamma Solution’s cutting-edge security and surveillance systems can be obtained via, hotline 603-41491800 and

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