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Zawawi is a classic example of a disconnected leader, NGO says

Publish date: Sun, 03 Jul 2022, 06:06 PM

THE Malaysian Indian Voice (MIV) lashed out at Deputy Agriculture and Food Industries Minister Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh for attempting to trivialise the rising cost of living, which is affecting Malaysians of all segments.  

“His statement is utterly irresponsible but not surprising. It shows how disconnected our leaders are from the plight of ordinary Malaysians.  

“But what can we expect from leaders who are only after power and position? What would really surprise me is if he actually knew how much per kilogramme of sugar, rice and flour costs,” its chairman V Pappa Raidu told FocusM 

Two days ago, Sinar Harian reported Nik Zawawi as saying that the rising cost of goods in the country would not cause too much problems to consumers, adding Malaysia was doing better than many other countries.  

“In our case, the Government still has the ability and the means to help the people. We will continue to do so especially for those in the lower-income group,” the PAS leader was reported as saying.  

Touching on the matter, Pappa Raidu said that while he agrees that Malaysia is faring better than many other countries, that did not mean one should rest on their laurels until the problem gets out of control.   

Vote them out  

He added that it was odd that a nett-petroleum exporter country like Malaysia is struggling to mitigate cost of living issues despite crude oil prices hitting the roof due to the conflict in Ukraine.  

“And we also export palm oil and palm oil produce across the globe but our population are still bearing the brunt of rising prices of edible oil,” Pappa Raidu mentioned.  

The problem, he opined, was left for the people to resolve as political leaders were busy accumulating wealth and jostling for power instead of looking out for the nation’s interest.  

“Unfortunately, we have leaders who ride on racial and religious issues just so they can continue being ministers and special envoys forever.  

“And I hope the people will not forget these treacherous leaders and vote them out in the next general election,” Pappa Raidu concluded. – July 3, 2022

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