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Netizens beg Tun M “Enough is enough; please give Anwar 5 years to prove himself”

Publish date: Thu, 30 Mar 2023, 07:03 PM

INNOCENT-SOUNDING Ashley Pang has pleaded on behalf of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim with two-time former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who is seemingly so relentless not to “let go” but rather to “fight on”.

“I always have high respect for you. Till today. But please let PM Anwar proof himself,” she begged in her comment to a recent Facebook post by Malaysia’s longest-serving PM of “22 years plus 22 months”.

“Let him have the liberty to build back Malaysia together with us rakyat. Give him a fair chance to carry out his duty. He deserve a fair chance without intervention. Please TUN.”

Interestingly, Pang found a supporter in Norazizah Abdullah who chipped in with some words of wisdom: “Agree. Give Anwar five years to proof (himself). Please give him the opportunity as you’re already old.”

In echoing Norazizah’s view, Pang added: “Exactly. We must be fair to him (Anwar). He is a human after all. Just like us. We must be fair to him.”

Whether Pang’s plea will be heeded or merely fall on deaf ears in the ocean of comments which has reached 1,300 barely two hours since Dr Mahathir penned his post entitled “I AM SCARED”, the plea would surely resonate with the wishes of majority of Malaysians who have started to see their respect for the nonagenarian statesman thinning by the day.

For context, below is Dr Mahathir’s latest rant (originally in Malay) presented poetically which a tinge of sarcasm that has been his trademark since time immemorial:


Dr Mahathir Bin Muhammad
March 30, 2023

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Why beg? Just show the middle finger!

2 months ago


At almost 98, he should spend the remaining part of his life begging for forgiveness from God instead of sowing the seeds of racial discord.

2 months ago


Dr Mahathir Bin Muhammad
March 30, 2023

Serve Tun right.Tun M should be scared and very scare that the long arm of law shall/will finally caught up with Tun. Hope to see Tun M with DS Najib as cellmate.

2 months ago


Anwar can be the best PM in msia history loh!

2 months ago


I don't know lah. His budget almost 60% more than Najib loh. So that officers can have RM3500 suit instead of RM1500.

Can malaysia survive that? I don't know lah. Pity his supporters who will remains poor. But they choose their own path mah. So despite pity they deserve their fate.

Recently he made two big mistakes, one is the belt road thing. Why bring it up when its already failed and everybody knows about it. two is to argue with M.

Very slim chance to tahan 5 years loh.

I used to argue for Anwar he can make his budget balance last time and next time. Now already habis wayang. He is smart is just a wrong story to tell. But he is good with propaganda.

Surprisingly he can turnaround his statement just 2-3 weeks ago. I never seen any other behave like that before.

When he swore in, he said no more corruption from there on and the past will be the past. Sekejap saja he kerjakan Ding Ding. Sekejap saja, he said political donation is ok. Then they should have Aim Zafrul instead of Ding Ding. Arrest the wrong guy? So funny of him.

He said no political appointment to GLC, then he appoints some in agencies. That's worse than GLC appointment. GLC still have to sell goods and services and face the market and competition, so governance is much better than the agencies.

2 months ago


Tun might not have 5 more years.

2 months ago


Malaysia First PM Bapak Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman died a broken man no thanks to Tun M.

Perhaps Tun M will also died a broken man.

‘Bapak Malaysia’ Rehabilitated in Royal Commonwealth Ceremony
A half-century of Malay supremacy dogma allows no room for such Malay leaders
Mar 29

2 months ago

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