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Tabung Haji's e-Taib service gets 1,300 questions about Haj pilgrimage within two weeks

Publish date: Sat, 03 Jun 2023, 06:12 PM

MAKKAH, June 3 ― Tabung Haji (TH) electronic Haj service (e-Taib) has received about 1,300 queries within two weeks of the arrival of pilgrims in the Holy Land beginning May 21.

Makkah guidance manager Shahrin Awaludin said questions related to the prohibitions during ihram, women's jurisprudence, and dam (penalty) are the most frequently asked questions.

He said the service that is available on the THhujjaj application allows users to ask questions under more than 15 categories including prayers, ablution and du’a.

“Users will select the categories for their questions and notes and infographics will be displayed based on their questions. If they need more information, they can carry out a live chat with the guides (Pihtas),” he told reporters here.

Shahrin said 50 per cent of the users did not proceed with their queries after reading the information contained in the notes and infographics, while the rest of the queries were attended to by the Pihtas.

According to him, currently, there are four Pihtas who are religious teachers manning the three shifts starting from 7am to 10pm and two weeks before wukuf the team will operate for 24 hours of which more than 5,000 questions are expected to be submitted by the pilgrims.

He said the questions will be analysed and updated in the Haj, Umrah and Ziarah Q&A handbook as well as its e-Bimbingan Haji portal for the reference of future pilgrims. ― Bernama

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