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NASP study to determine criteria for Kedah Aerotropolis project, says Economy Ministry

Publish date: Fri, 01 Dec 2023, 06:13 PM

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 1): The National Airport Strategic Plan (NASP) study being carried out by the Ministry of Transport will determine the actual development costs and requirements for all airports, including the Kedah Aerotropolis project, said the Ministry of Economy.

The ministry said the study, expected to be completed in early January 2024, will evaluate and determine the actual needs and costs of infrastructure development, airspace allocations, and economic and strategic requirements for all airports in the country.

“Therefore, the proposed implementation of the Kedah Aerotropolis project must take into consideration the NASP study, and can only be considered after the study has been finalised.

“This is to ensure the implementation of the Kedah Aerotropolis project is comprehensive, feasible and viable, as well as having sustainable revenue,” it said on Parliament’s website on Thursday.

The Ministry of Economy was responding to Senator Abdul Nasir Idris, who asked about the government’s intentions to proceed with the Kedah Aerotropolis project, which has been placed in the Northern Corridor Economic Region.

The Kedah Aerotropolis project is an initiative by the Kedah state government designed to drive the state’s economic transformation, and includes the construction of the Kulim International Airport as well as supporting industries, such as the Sidam Logistics, Aerospace and Manufacturing Hub.

The project is to be developed on a 3,965-hectare greenfield site in the Kuala Muda district bordering the Kulim and Baling districts. 

“The project is to be carried out through a public-private partnership. However, some components will be borne by the federal government, including land acquisition, preparation of basic infrastructure, access roads, and traffic control, which have major financial implications for the [federal] government,” the Ministry of Economy added.

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