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MCA: JPJ not examiner to appraise BM proficiency, gov’t to weed out Little Napoleons

Publish date: Fri, 01 Dec 2023, 03:57 PM

A RECENT incident involving non-Malay speaking foreigners being instructed by Road Transport Department (JPJ) officers to communicate only in Bahasa Melayu (BM) during the renewal of their driving licenses has sparked criticism.

MCA Youth voices concern over the growing trend of such practices under the so-called unity government, emphasising the need for a clear stance to curb these instances.

“MCA Youth respects and upholds BM as the national language of our country.

“However JPJ, as a major agency under the Transport Ministry (MOT) is responsible for providing over-the-counter services to motor vehicle owners. JPJ is not an examining board to test and appraise the BM proficiency of members of the public,” said MCA national secretary general Saw Yee Fung.

The concern raised pertains to the seemingly arbitrary imposition of BM communication skills on the public including non-Malaysians visiting JPJ branches.

Saw questioned about whether the government intends to turn every JPJ counter into a language examination room or if the ability to communicate in BM is now considered mandatory for driving.

“Why do JPJ officers make it a requirement for their clients to have BM skills? Does the unity government intend to turn every JPJ counter into an SPM BM examination room?

“Or, does the MOT assume that communicating in BM is mandatory to drive a vehicle? Really, what are the JPJ officers up to? Are they government officers or examiners of the SPM BM subject?”

Moreover, the lack of clear guidelines and a consistent government stance on such matters as seen in previous controversies over dress codes and concert guidelines is a source of confusion.

MCA Youth urged the unity government to promptly address these incidents and provide clarity on whether public communication in BM is mandatory at government agencies.

Furthermore, MCA Youth pointed out the need for an effective platform for the public to lodge complaints against what they term as “Little Napoleons” - civil servants who overstep their authority.

Without such mechanisms, there is a risk of bureaucratic hurdles being created without justification, tarnishing the image of the Malaysia Madani unity government. - Dec 1, 2023

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