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Young Syefura: “DAP is not a racist, I am still a practising Muslim”

Publish date: Sat, 02 Dec 2023, 05:37 PM

THE conservatives in Malaysia would always use the main bullet point of not supporting the coalition government simply because they were working with the DAP.

However, Bentong MP Young Syafura stated that she is no less Islamic than those who are in the PAS. She said that after 10 years with the party, she is still a Muslim who practices her faith. Young Syefura refuted claims that DAP is a racist party or a party that has an anti-Islamic stance. Asserting respect for Islam and Malay rights, she urged voters to reject divisive politics. On the campaign trail in the Kemaman by-election, she emphasised DAP’s adherence to the Federal Constitution. She pointed out that she is still a Malay Muslim and wears a hijab, despite being in a party that is alleged to be a communist, traitorous and racist party. “We respect Islam as the religion of the Federation, we respect the rights of the Malays, even I myself am a Malay. I don’t want to let my party oppress the rights of the Malays? I don’t want to let my party oppress my own religion? “We respect the Malay Rulers” she said when appearing as a panellist in the Talk on Common Points in Strengthening Unity in conjunction with the Kemaman by-election campaign. However, the sentiments on the X platform show that users have different views of race relations in Malaysia. Twitter user @LeonPayne1986 said:

(Anyone can do it. I can also say that I work in a multi-racial company and claim that I am very united. However, during meal times, everyone goes their separate ways, hanging out with their own groups and only meeting each other for business purposes. That’s not unity, it’s just putting on a facade.

However, there are those criticising PAS as well.

(But Hadi said all the letters supporting DAP, if you support PAS, they are as clever as him, it’s like the world will never have enough of them until the end of time.)

On TikTok however, there was a lot of support for the DAP MP. Rohaizatiaafar3 said: “It’s true that we live in Malaysia with multiple religions, races and customs, but we work with trust and deliver when we take responsibilities.” - Dec 2, 2023

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