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Progressive Wage Policy: Human Resources Ministry leads several key implementations

Publish date: Sat, 02 Dec 2023, 05:39 PM

PUTRAJAYA: Committed to the Progressive Wage Policy, the Human Resources Ministry will lead various key functions, including conducting joint negotiations with employers and labour unions, says its minister V. Sivakumar.

In addition to providing guidelines for employers and workers, Sivakumar said that monitoring, assessment, and development coordination would also be carried out.

"For system development, the ministry is involved in the registration, selection, and monitoring of companies. Regarding skills enhancement, it will undertake training verification, training quality inspection, supervision, auditing, and training coordination.

"The ministry will also provide guidance on annual salary increases through the preparation of proposals for such increases," he said in a statement on Saturday (Dec 2).

Economic Minister Rafizi Ramli presented the White Paper on the Proposed Progressive Wage Policy in Parliament on Thursday (Nov 30) in an effort to ensure that workers receive higher wages in line with increased productivity.

It contains three main mechanisms, namely voluntary implementation, incentive-based approaches and government allocation injections, and the responsibility of workers in enhancing productivity.

According to Sivakumar, the collaboration between the Human Resources Ministry and the Economy Ministry in implementing the Progressive Wage Policy will improve the quality of life for low-income workers by providing better wages, ultimately making a significant contribution to Malaysia's economic development. – Bernama

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