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UN convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women: Malaysia presents sixth periodic report in Geneva

Publish date: Fri, 24 May 2024, 11:04 AM

PUTRAJAYA, May 24 — Malaysia has presented its sixth periodic report on the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (Cedaw) on May 22, at its 88th Session in Geneva, Switzerland.

The periodic report provides an update on policies, initiatives and concrete measures that are being undertaken by the Malaysian government to eliminate discrimination against women and to provide space and opportunities for them to thrive with greater achievements in line with the obligations under the Cedaw.

The Women, Family And Community Development Ministry (KPWKM) in a statement today said this is the first time that Malaysia was led by a minister (Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri) to present its periodic report since its accession to the Cedaw on July 5, 1995.

“Malaysia is proud to highlight that this is the first time we submitted the periodic report in a timely manner. This demonstrates a commitment of Malaysia to fulfilling our obligations under Cedaw,” the statement said.

Malaysia joined the convention on July 5, 1995. It emphasises efforts to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women in the political, economic, social and cultural fields.

Under Article 18 of the Cedaw Convention, a State party has to submit a periodic report every four years and carry out a review process, provide feedback, and participate in constructive dialogue sessions.

The statement added during the constructive dialogue with the committee, the experts commended Malaysia for its efforts to amend criminal laws namely the Domestic Violence Act 1994 (Act 521) and the Penal Code (Act 574), specifically to criminalise the act of stalking in 2023 to address gender-based violence against women and girls.

“The committee has also applauded the government’s initiative in abolishing the mandatory death penalty.

“Since the last report, 28 laws and regulations had been repealed, amended or introduced to improve the overall human rights situation in the country, including those related to women and children,” the statement said.

Malaysian delegation has also provided clarifications on the many issues of interest to the committee members, including issues relating to the dual-legal system practices in Malaysia; gender stereotyping; measures to increase the number of women in politics and in decision-making positions; and accession to relevant international treaties.

“Some committee members were also keen to learn about policies and programs on rural women, women and climate change; and renewable energy policy in Malaysia.

KPKWM said Malaysia assured the Cedaw Committee of its firm commitment to strengthening further the national machinery for gender equality and women empowerment, including through multi-stakeholder engagements.

Malaysia’s reports and presentation to the Cedaw Committee can be accessed at — Bernama

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