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'Why must we register with Budi when there's Padu?' MP asks govt

Publish date: Tue, 28 May 2024, 08:24 PM

PETALING JAYA: The government has been urged to explain why the public must register with the Budi Madani subsidy aid programme when Malaysians have already registered with the Central Database Hub (Padu).

PAS Youth chief Afnan Hamimi Taib Azamudden raised the question following the government's announcement of the requirement to register with Budi for diesel subsidies.

"The minister mentioned that those who fail to register for Padu would not receive government aid or subsidies later on, leading many to register with Padu," said the Alor Setar MP in a Facebook post on Tuesday (May 28).

He expressed scepticism about the government's sudden announcement requiring eligible citizens to register through Budi to receive a monthly diesel subsidy of RM200.

"What about the Padu data? Why can't it be used to distribute this subsidy? Why must people register again?" he inquired.

He said that the Economy Minister had previously stated that Padu was a cross-ministerial system, intended to be used by all ministries for various assistance programmes, including the targeted subsidy policy.

"I want to ask about the management of authority here. Wasn't there a discussion between the Finance Minister and the Economy Minister?

"Why isn't there a WhatsApp group for communication? Or has the Economy Minister left the group?" he added, questioning the coordination between ministries.

The Finance Ministry announced the launch of the Budi Madani diesel subsidy program, which offers RM200 monthly to eligible individuals, including small-scale farmers and commodity growers, starting Tuesday (May 28).

The ministry clarified that the programme was available to all Malaysian citizens who own private diesel vehicles registered with the Road Transport Department (JPJ), except for luxury vehicles less than 10 years old. Additionally, these vehicles must be registered with the JPJ and possess an active road tax.

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