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MQ TECHNOLOGY BERHAD [0070] - The cheapest Semicon Stock To Pay Attention

Publish date: Tue, 07 Sep 2021, 01:17 PM
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Today i wanna share with you about MQTECH.

MQ Tech buys into medical rubber products firm to ride healthcare hype |  The Edge Markets


MQTECH was incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act, 1965 on 2 December 2003 as a private limited company under the name MQ Technology Sdn Bhd. Subsequently, on 13 February 2004 it was converted to a public limited company and since then assumed its present name. MQ Technology Berhad (MQ) is an investment holding company which subsidiaries provides advanced and world class high precision mould making, magnetic coils for hard disk drive and Services to help our clients accelerate vital progress in their industries.

MQ Technology Berhad, an investment holding company, manufactures and sells molds, tools, dies, jigs, and fixtures primarily for use in the manufacture of hard disk drives in Malaysia, Thailand, the United States, and internationally. The company also designs, develops, and manufactures advanced suspension tooling, progressive tooling, and semiconductor cavity/encapsulation molds for application in the hard disk drives and semiconductor industries; and advanced automation modules/ assemblies for digital data storage, medical instrument systems/devices, and optoelectronics applications and related components. In addition, it offers car spare parts; plastic molds, metal molds, and blowing molds for plastic products; and tooling products, jigs, and fixtures for use in electronic and semiconductor industries. Further, the company engages in the marketing and operating of gaming related businesses, as well as in the theme park business.

Tooling / Assembly
- High Precision Toolings parts & modular asembly for Hard disk drive,
  Automotive and Medical industries
- High Precision trim form diesets for semiconductor industries
- Jigs & fixtures
- High precision part fabrication
- Auto Trim form machines
- Smart Tilt sensor for LED, Solar and Hard disk drive industry application
- Cost effective Up-gradation with new features
- Auto Test Handlers
- Modular assembly
Precision Tooling / Process Division
The process is equipped with modern technology in our manufacturing facilities to ensure effective implementation of design standards. The precison processes involves turning, cutting, milling grinding, wire-cut, drilling, and profiling of a work piece / materials according to customer requirement. Our Computer Numerical Control Wire EDM machine employs high precision technology for finishing the process of grinding, surface finishing and the micro cut process.
As an integral part of a precision solution provider, the division provides specialized solution for milling and drillinmg services. The division is equipped with advance technology. The Group is currently equipped with Agie Charmilles technologies computer numerical control machines with a tolerance limit of +/- 0.0015mm. The division also consists of trained specialists who are capable of operating the machines to its utmost potential.
Today. MQ precision process division is serving an expanding list of multinational clients with diverse requirements in the telecommunications, semiconductors ad disk drives industries.
Automation, Design and Protyping Division
Our automation division design, develop and manufactures automation equipments, used mainly in the Semiconductor and Hard Disk Drive industries.
We work closely with our customers to customise the designs in accordance with their requirements.
Automation Division fabricates, commissions and provides maintenance services for our machines.
Partnership with customers through conceptualization, design and manufacture of new products and provide one stop solution.
Rapid Tooling Division
Rapid tooling is cross-disciplinary, dealing with metrology, materials, machining processes, machines tool design.
This division provides customers with a modern engineering approach on rapid tooling for electrical and electronics, disk drive and telecommunication within the manufacturing sector. This approach adopted by MQ give it a leading edge for competition as it decreases development time by allowing corrections to a product to be made early in the development process.
By giving engineering, manufacturing, marketing and purchasing a look at the product early in the design process, mistakes can be corrected and changes can be made without incurring unnecessary cost. The trends in manufacturing industries continue to emphasize on increasing number of variants of products and its complexity at the same time decreasing product lifetime before obsolescence and delivery time. Through this approach, the division is able to offer extended solution to its customers on reverse engineering and enhancement modofications.