IRIS 2023' Saga

1: The Board wishes to inform that IITS has on 23 May 2023 received a letter from KDN dated 22 May 2023 wherein KDN has agreed to extend the duration of the NIISe Contract for a period of twelve (12) months commencing from 1 September 2025 to 31 August 2026 (“Extension of NIISe Contract Period”).

2: Following the Extension of NIISe Contract Period, IITS is required to extend the validity period in respect of the performance bond for a period of twelve (12) months until 31 August 2027.

3: The abovementioned changes in relation to the Extension of NIISe Contract Period, validity period of the performance bond and the relevant schedules in the NIISe Contract to reflect the Extension of the NIISe Contract Period will be made via a supplemental agreement to the NIISe Contract. Save as aforementioned, all other salient terms of NIISe Contract remain unchanged.

Point 3: "Remain Unchanged".

Let the growing anticipation for a buy outlook begins.

Technical Updates;

Res 1: 0.22

Res 2: 0.30

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