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2022-12-24 11:22 | Report Abuse

All of UK n Australia projects are selling well.. especially EW Ballymore over 90% sold n at coming 2023, will be 100% sold out similarly to Australia. It will bring more Cash income.. EW Ballymoney is 75% Subsidiary, their project will be only taking into account when fully completely n sold...


2022-12-24 11:17 | Report Abuse

Please read announcement on presentation n report on ewi web...

It look marvellous performance. Cash generated mainly from 100% EWL n Australia only, make EWI in net Cash position on 2022. Coming 2023, more Cash surplus from EWL n partly EW ballymore (75% sub ). Target RM 1.4B sales may generate more Cash income on 2024 mainly from EW Ballymore.

Year 2023 to 2024, it will be the dividend payback 2 years, trusted IPO investors may get back all of their investment amount together with remaining projects in UK with zero cost...

Who say the poor management teams, better stop now... They did excellent job actually.

This is what I saw from report n read through in details with thoughts... Let fine tune it n patient a bit


2022-09-30 20:52 | Report Abuse

UK n Aussie property accounting not similar to Malaysia. Malaysia is progressive payment as sales. UK, aus is fully completed n handover period time collections as sale. Those sales capital regrouping is included profit or loss payment. One lum sum inwards. As long as higer sales achievement, more n more capital regroup.. this is my understanding.. if wrong, please correct it.


2022-09-29 16:29 | Report Abuse

Short term investors better don't looking at this counters you will suffer much.. long term investors will painful on patient...I am the investors in between.. suffer n painful......


2022-09-29 16:25 | Report Abuse

Beside above-mentioned figure collected from entire report of 2022 from ewi, ew London still has large portion of project to be developed worth over GBP 1.5B. based on capital regrouping n sufficient fund to financing the remaining projects with careful plan I think ewi management team in UK is doing pretty good job.. they are worth to get the rewards n perk.

Please do remember the CEO of ewi has over 15,000,000 unit of share and salaried n perk is only RM 2M plus only...


2022-09-29 16:10 | Report Abuse

My views as follows : if wrong, please correct me......
1. Ewi is investment holding company. During IPO 2017, ewi invested most of capital into 2 markets Australia n UK on property development. In Australia is 100% own n UK via JV with EW ballymore n EW London.

2. In 2020~2021, Australia project completed n capital regrouping to EWI n paid 6sen of dividend with cash remaining at ewi.

3. In 2021, ewi restructure the UK JV for ew Ballymore n ew London became 75% own on ew ballymore n 100% own of ew London.

4. Back on 2017, ewi invested around RM 2B to UK on JV company at exchange rate of around RM 5.7~5.8 = GBP 1 for project. Total invested amount around GBP 350~430M together with bank loan of GBP

5. 2022~2023, ew ballymore has 3 mega projects to be completed or completed worth amount of GBP 1.8B. this amount of sales is belonging to ew Ballymoney JV company . 75% own by ewi.

6. 2022 up to Q3, liabilities or bank loan down to 0.07x. meaning most of bank borrowing will be cleared to zero liability by end 2022 or early 2023.

7. 2022 Q3 reported, ew ballymore UK projected sold almost 80% of units worth GBP 1.6B.

8. Ew London has on going projects n could be slow down the development due to uncertainty which highlighted on last to Q2, Q3 report of 2022.

Comments :
Ew ballymore is JV company, whatever ewi invested amount is the creditor account from ew ballymore. This jv company has right to do own accounting following with UK system although ewi has 75% own. This JV account may not combine figure into ewi listed account figure as this is jv biz. If assuming this jv biz is profit or loss, it may not immediately affected in ewi account. The initial capital invested by ewi has depreciated due to exchange loss and may affected in ewi BS statement. But in ew ballymore BS statement should be same amount due to no change in UK currency as this jv company is following in UK GBP. Hence in coming period of cash flow in at ew Ballymoney in GBP should be around GBP 1.6~1.8B as this is project worth of sales n may start to handover to buyers if project can be achieved over 80% of sales .

Once the cash flow back to ew ballymore account, ewi has options to reserve some for ew London for project development in UK ( it may not have any exchange loss issue ) and some flow back to ewi for repatriation of dividend. Remember ewi own 75% of ew Ballymore.

All of this exercise, ewi may has recover handsome cpaital initial back in account in UK or Malaysia plus profit which unknown so far.

Ewi management should keep more portions of capital in GBP in UK instead of flow back to suffer loss of exchange to Malaysia.

Looking at 2021, most earlier investors are paying 6 sen of dividends by Ewi, trusted this around of time should be more of it but ewi will suffer exchange loss also if want to keep same of 6 sen dividends which amount approx RM 144M = GBP 29M with exchange assuming on 4.9 to GBP 1.

Anyway based on this calculate amount, ewi as today price of RM 0.27, it is real attractive point to accumulated either you are old or new investors.


2022-09-23 12:34 | Report Abuse

Just look at dividends payback on coming 1~2 years, it could be pretty good n then exercise for next plan either delisted program or further investment,. Those IPO investors should get back whatever invested capital plus margin in near future hopefully


2022-09-23 12:27 | Report Abuse

Please correct me if I am wrong calculation.
Up to Q3 2022 presentation, just 3 projects hold by new ballymore for sales value was GBP 1.8B, if ownership 70% of GDV, and 75% own of ew ballymore company by EWI, total sales belonging to EWI is GBP 1.8B x 0.7 x 0.75 = GBP 945M, assuming sales between 80~90% = GBP 756m ~ 850M , approx x 5 rate = RM 3.7B ~ 4.25B...
This amount will be flowed back to EWI within 1~2 years.. WOW.. Marvellous Cash in, right. ?


2022-09-22 14:04 | Report Abuse

It look positive response...cheers


2022-09-22 14:04 | Report Abuse

I did send reminder to ewi investors relationship for updated report on presentation just 1 days ago... Now all updated information is coming out..... Please read it carefully and share thought...


2022-09-21 14:55 | Report Abuse

Indeed, lack of information announcement is one of key reasons to cause price share drop further... Looking at investor relationship web, updated till Q1 2022 only but today already Q3 2022. Management has to update info as quickly as possible for value investors otherwise, most small investors like us may loss of confidence.


2022-09-21 14:49 | Report Abuse

On AR2021, president/CEO teow still holding 15,000,000 unit of share. I trust he will focus on creating value to shareholders. Looking at UK property, most investors are not local but foreigners n PR status. Tenancy periods of property in UK is based on yearly basis n upfront. Most Malaysian investors are not aware about this module of property in both Australia n UK but Ewint listed in Malaysia. Following with management acting on last 2 year during covid periods, they have restructuring the major invested holding company on EW ballymore n EW London. I doubt the local analyst n research film for comments on this negative feedback and caused many of us sell in low price just believe the outsider information but not insider report declaration.


2022-09-16 13:53 | Report Abuse

Excellent opinion n sharing on above. On biz view, capital regroup n less debt is wise strategy for next move. Expected tough biz environment n recession storm is coming n happening in all Western developed countries especially in UK. If ewint able to regroup over RM 2b capital with partial landbank for future development, it consider marvellous achievement vs other local property counters. Based on their rich experience past few years in UK especially´╝î I still hold belief on their capabilities to look for new venture.
Actually as founder point of views, I think they should have some intention or proposal in mind for company prospect.... Delisted could be one of the option hopefully n payback capital to IPO shareholders..
Then at current price of RM 0.30, or even lower, could be the golden period for new comer or old bird investors... Certainly assuming the management can fulfill their promise on coming period of handsome distribution first.


2022-09-15 21:04 | Report Abuse

Looking at AR 2020 vs 2021, top 30 substantial shareholders has minor changes, most of them still holding the share till today. I think they are not foolish investors but trust in some extent of their money n investing.
From IPO listed till now, capital earning accumulated with substantial land bank for future development, I guess this is not easy but pretty good management n jobs.
If a company management doesn't keen on shareholders interest, they wouldn't keep on preparing for promises on cash distribution but will be reserved n reserved. It will create value of share or money back to shareholders.
Those hold at low price should be pretty appreciated for former shareholders to give up share to u...

This is my little feeling... I will start buy now..