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2023-04-01 21:59 | Report Abuse



CCCC (CHINA COMMUNICATIONS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY) is going to build the biggest branch overseas in Malaysia


2022-01-08 23:47 | Report Abuse

@masterofsailang, yep, never put all your eggs in one basket, you may diversify into both mother and warrant, at least I'm doing that


2022-01-07 22:12 | Report Abuse

Yes, warrant is good, but remember to diversify


2021-11-17 06:40 | Report Abuse

@superman7181 I don't think so, more like a trap


2021-11-08 00:23 | Report Abuse

there is this rocketier last time giving accurate insider too, hope can summon him out again


2021-10-23 19:13 | Report Abuse

hahahaha! apa xifu lah, I small fish only, I need update from you instead


2021-10-22 21:53 | Report Abuse

@Dingdongbell, wow, another free warrant? legit? that's one good news


2021-10-16 18:25 | Report Abuse

Hi Dingdongbell, haha, I wish I am mentor/sifu/goreng dude, hahaha.

Seems like you have some updates and insider infos that's quite accurate, it's good to have positive investor like you to exchange infos and ideas here.

You meant 1.50 for warrant?


2021-10-16 07:39 | Report Abuse

@dingdongbell, exactly haha, any update from your side? any signal when is the bull gonna wake up again?


2021-10-14 23:45 | Report Abuse


I was blurred at first when I saw your comment, now I know what you meant. This hoot9yee guy is a joker, he'd been talking shit on XL all the while, suddenly thank it. hahaha


2021-10-04 17:54 | Report Abuse

wow, new account created today try to threaten people? I really don't understand why do people who didn't buy and don't believe in XL will purposely come here and tell people this stock will drop further. Unless they have some bad motives or they just simply wish the price goes lower so they can sweep all at the bottom. Or maybe.. Just maybe... They're the operators? haha


2021-10-03 21:23 | Report Abuse

Firstly, why would somebody cares for a counter that he/she's not even interested in and tell you don't ever buy.

Secondly, company profit? Have you look at the revenue for the latest quarter after the injection of new business?


2021-10-01 16:51 | Report Abuse

wow, a newly created account to scare off existing holder so can buy at lower price eh? hahahaha


2021-09-29 17:48 | Report Abuse

it seems like you only appear when its down, disappear when its up lol


2021-09-29 17:47 | Report Abuse

show only price up? no, I'm here, what's your question?


2021-09-21 16:14 | Report Abuse

if that's the case, I bet you have to stop commenting and start learning, stop wasting your time talking sh*t on the others


2021-09-21 11:27 | Report Abuse

@bekind, has the chart and volume today answered your brainless question?


2021-09-20 23:41 | Report Abuse

@bekind, I don't understand your English, please get a English lesson before ask me question, I don't understand at all


2021-09-19 09:19 | Report Abuse

they ask you to buy when down is because it won't go down


2021-09-17 13:43 | Report Abuse

time to sapu warrant now, limit up today then you get to flip double easily


2021-09-04 14:35 | Report Abuse

I am back, time to goreng, buckle up for both mother and WARRANT. Limit up to 0.48. Good luck


2021-05-27 11:29 | Report Abuse

hi guys, I'm back, just bought 1,500,000 warrants, hold till 4 ringgit!


2021-04-09 22:13 | Report Abuse

@Paktua Second yes, the latest info is paktua second got no balls


2021-04-09 12:47 | Report Abuse

Warrant C coming soon, EGM by June


2021-04-09 12:45 | Report Abuse

wow @paktua second why did you delete all your comments?


2021-04-01 04:54 | Report Abuse

ini @paktua second sudah sot 99


2021-03-29 16:19 | Report Abuse

@paktua second pfft! head and shoulder not properly formed and politic issue, might as well you don't comment lol
with this kind of "analysis" you wanna act smart here? hahahahaha


2021-03-28 10:41 | Report Abuse

@Paktua Second, so your previous bearish comment was because of chart, share with us, what makes u think it is going up through the chart? lol

Oh! I guess not about the chart, is about the face you're about to lose hahahahaha


2021-03-26 12:51 | Report Abuse

@Paktua Second, good that you changed your mind

and I look back at your previous comment to @rocketier about the 5000 lot thing, i think u both misunderstood each other's unit of "lot"

I bet he calculated based on 1000 unit per lot, you calculated based on 100 unit per lot.

and if so, you said you surely hold more than me, what I can tell you is, no, you definitely hold much lesser than me alone


2021-03-26 04:53 | Report Abuse

It's already bought over by new owner last year la, why still relate MAG to china, do your research and homework guys. MAG is going to have good future


2021-03-26 04:51 | Report Abuse

just listen to @rocketier la, he's here since before the the goreng of this counter start, he has actual insider news


2021-03-25 14:47 | Report Abuse

@Paktua Second, oh really? u sure? ;)

there's only one reason if you hold more than me, Mr.Goreng


2021-03-25 08:56 | Report Abuse

the moment @paktua second realised, he doesn't even have money to buy 5 lots hahahahahaha


2021-03-25 00:31 | Report Abuse

Rocketier is the guy to listen to!


2021-03-25 00:30 | Report Abuse

@paktua second, even if they are the same, then? you've no strong analysis to say this stock is not going up, just keep saying it's dropping it's dropping and all, c'mon, you look like a joke here, it is going up for sure, don't scared the small investors off, it's really disgusting


2021-03-24 19:02 | Report Abuse

what's wrong with this Paktua Second, if you didn't buy, why keep on looking at this counter? red eye ke? nampak orang untung hahahahahaha

aiya, believe then believe la, don't believe then just leave la, RM3 in no time, tak suka biar la LOL


2021-03-21 05:18 | Report Abuse

Same chairman as Xian Leng, the goreng pattern also almost same, NTA 0.73, the share price is definitely undervalued now, financial report gone from negative to positive net profit millions since the new boss onboard, the management is strong, the future is bright. Bought Xian Leng and injected aquaculture business, which is co-relationship between Xian Leng and MAG is created. Huge volume in both mother share and warrant recently. Already touched the bottom and rebound. Trend line ceiling breakout last week.

I don't see any reason not to invest in this stock.


2021-03-21 05:11 | Report Abuse

Someone recently sapu damn huge amount of warrant

Warrant conversion price at RM 0.23, now mother share at 0.215 only, that doesn't make any sense for anyone to sapu that much all the way till 0.105, unless it's the owner himself, and definitely he will fry up the mother price before conversion, so basically we definitely gonna see at least 0.335 anytime soon

0.105 (highest warrant price) + 0.23 (conversion price)
= 0.335 (at least)

and of course, if the owner wanna hire people to goreng, might as well goreng more, so I'm not gonna sell until at least 0.80

simple psychology


2021-03-21 05:06 | Report Abuse

@Skullstock, Paktua Second doesn't even have money to buy the stock itself, you expect him got money to side bet with you? xD

If he got balls to side bet, let me know I double the bet LOL

Then soon he will say skullstock and dragonfish are the same person LOL


2021-03-14 13:29 | Report Abuse

@skullstock hahahahaha! exactly! in Malaysia stock market, info is more important than anything else


2021-03-14 00:47 | Report Abuse

@Paktua Second, I also forgot very little people don't know how to use their brain, yes, you. LOL


2021-03-12 15:23 | Report Abuse

@paktua second, we have more than 5 haters on this stock since xianlng below 1 ringgit, every time when it drop a bit or not moving up, some haters like you appeared, LOL

I'm totally used to it, just felt disgusting of you this kind of people to create panic.

then when it goes up, you guys disappear.

people who hold, we will still hold. only dumb people will trust you and panic sell.

warrant already announced, 5 days average price is needed, that's why they need to control at this price. simple as that, please be sure you're gonna stay here after it spike up, don't hide.


2021-03-12 09:47 | Report Abuse

@paktua second, i am always here, come on, no matter up or down, it is going up no matter what, and definitely not using another account, im going to see you hiding soon, i dont know whats wrong with you not investing this stock but so active saying this stock is bad here, obviously bad intentions you have, warrant is already coming, investors with brain will stay for warrant, only those without brain will get scared off by you


2021-03-11 15:16 | Report Abuse

Not funny, you're stopping people from making money, you can check back how many such kind of people like you since 3 months ago. Stop creating fud if you're not investing in this share yourself, it's very annoying


2021-03-11 13:50 | Report Abuse

@Paktua Second, what is your purpose of scaring people off?


2021-03-05 18:26 | Report Abuse

@dingdongbell, it's already in the announcement last month, aquaculture, aquaculture related product and glove

@aikinlai thank you. The pullback is not pullback, it's for the purpose of 5-day average price for warrant, this price will stay until the next warrant announcement


2021-03-03 19:32 | Report Abuse

Congratulations to all the investors, warrants reaching to your doorstep soon :)


2021-03-02 17:43 | Report Abuse

@cockstation661 sure, I will let you know the next one, but make sure you must give bearish comment on that, because your mouth too smelly, if you bullish the counter then it will drop LOL


2021-03-02 16:49 | Report Abuse

@cockstation, tak sama, lol, my indicator is not reversed LOL

you must be sad seeing Xianlng reaching 2.12 now hahahahaha


2021-03-02 16:26 | Report Abuse

lol, I was busy with looking at Xianlng hahahaha

it went to 2.10 now hahahahaha

Thank you for your reverse indicator hahahahahaha