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2023-10-23 16:11 | Report Abuse

Told you guys FSBM 0.30 was on the horizon.


2023-10-18 09:36 | Report Abuse

Ataims got 2-3 more new customers

one of them is shark ninja


2023-09-22 09:32 | Report Abuse

FSBM 0.30 on the horizon?

Let's watch and see


2023-09-01 11:31 | Report Abuse

Hi QWERTY12 wonder where did you go when CATCHA's share price were on the rise?

Suddenly you popped out from nowhere to give your opinion on their CEO when the price is dropping

If you are better my suggestion to you is you can go replace him and make CATCHA a better company


2023-08-29 18:20 | Report Abuse

Next week TA securities is bringing CATCHA to meet investors including institutional investors

CATCHA price will go up further due to

They are planning to acquire more companies in the future by issuing CATCHA Shares to complete the purchase

Thank you and stop speculating without knowing anything about CATCHA

Good luck and all the best


2023-08-29 18:01 | Report Abuse

how much profit was you expecting abang jerung?


2023-08-15 11:41 | Report Abuse

next up from my intel is S&FCAP. Can have a look


2023-08-14 22:08 | Report Abuse

CATCHA will break 0.60 soon in my humble opinion. Let's keep a close watch on it's movement.


2022-08-09 14:51 | Report Abuse

goreng coming back for Seal?


2021-10-08 12:20 | Report Abuse

news very soon?


2020-11-23 08:41 | Report Abuse

*TASHIN (0211) - Steel-ing the limelight*

Current Price: 0.255

*Why should we look into Tashin?*

1. Tashin posted strong Q3FY20 results as their net profit was up by 1134% on QOQ basis and 183% YOY. Revenue for the quarter was the highest ever since their IPO in 2019.


2. Malaysia has started with some of the latest mega projects like ECRL & RTS which definitely requires steel therefore the demand for steel will increase.


3. Iron price has surged up almost up 38 per cent, according to data from S&P Global Platts and set to average $100 a tonne for the first time since 2013.



As we can see from the quarterly performance of Tashin we can see that Tashin has definitely up it’s ante as their result soared up quite significantly.

With the major mega projects now already kick start steel will see it’s demand to increase therefore local steel players will definitely benefit from this.

Iron ore price has being going up and Companies like ChooBee & CSCSteel has shown quite good result. This is probably a step moving ahead in tandem with the demand of iron.


2020-11-22 21:20 | Report Abuse

REV (0173) - The Next Media Giant

Current Price: 0.225

Why Rev could be the next super stock?

1. REV is a GN2 status company in which they have sold their business to Media Prima and since then there have been multiple rumors of REV getting into iMedia.


2. iMedia is one the leading companies in digital advertising & Marketing. iMedia is a company owned by well known businessman Patrick Grove.

Patrick Grove also owns famous online housing portal iProperty.

Patrick Groove has a tremendous record as he had managed to transformed Frontier Digital Ventures (FDV) which is a Australian listed company from the initial IPO of RM 150 million in 2016 to over RM 1.5 billion in 2020.

This shows that Patrick Grove is a very smart businessman.


3. iMedia acquired a controlling stake in Goody25 (, one of the leading Chinese Language websites in Malaysia.

Imedia acquired a 90% stake in leading Malay language portal BeautifulNara.


4. This is the fourth acquisition announced by the digital media company in the past 90 days, the others being OhMedia, Ittify and Goody25.

5. iMedia signed an exclusive advertising representation agreement with Nara Media as this is a new revenue stream.
iMedia co-founder and CEO Voon Tze Khay said the acquisition will strengthen its dominant position in the Malay language content network in Malaysia, and reach the overall Malay speaking urban youth online community.



REV is in a pole position to be the next media giant in Malaysia under the stewardship of well known businessman Patrick Grove as we can see that iMedia had made their move very early before their entry into REV.

This is a definitely a positive step as they have well prepared towards going digital.

Lastly before we close the topic of REV we want you guys to read this carefully

Digital media is the fastest growing segment in all advertising as most of the advertisements are now going digital and this is a step that most people are going into and definitely is a trend of the future as it will only just keep growing.


2020-11-12 08:37 | Report Abuse

BSLCORP (7221) - Could it be a GEM?

Last done: 0.335

Fair Value by Morning Star 0.42

Company Background

BSL Corp Bhd is a Malaysia-based investment holding company. Its segments constitute Investment holding, Stamping and manufacturing of precision metal parts and fabrication of tools and dies; Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and assembly of all types of electronics and electrical components, devices and systems; Fabrication and forging of base metal components, and Others. The company's products include Fan, Television, Door Hinge, Automotive, Air Conditioning Unit, Mechanism Assembly, Audio, Silk Screen and Plastic Moulding.

Reasons to look at BSLCORP

1. BSLCORP does PCB Assembly (

Their in-house facilities for PCB Assembly covers Auto-Insertion machines (AV, RH, JV and SMT) and Manual Insertion lines. We have close to 20 units AV, RH and JV type of machines, 8 SMT lines and 8 manual insertion lines. Our operation is fully air-conditioned and with anti-static flooring.

What does it mean to them?

As we know now most of the people are working from home and the sales for electronic devices such as computer has shot up therefore the need of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has to meet the demand of the rise of the sales in computers.

2. BSLCORP has warehouse and Logistics business (

What does it mean to them?

We are now in the middle of a Pandemic and the rise of online shops has gone up since more people are starting to go online to purchase their stuffs.

As this will increase the need of logistic and warehouse as the sellers has to keep their things in the warehouse which means Logistic & warehousing could see a rise in demand.

Many logistic players like GDEX, POS, NATWIDE and others their share price has shot up quite heavily in the past 2 weeks whereas BSLCORP is still lagging behind this sector which means BSLCORP has high chance of moving up.

3. BSLCORP has Solar Business (

What does it mean to them?

With the recent US Presidential Election, Joe Bidden has won and it means that renewable energy players could see a boost as renewable energy is part of his presidential agenda.

Covid-19 now has seen the usage of green energy increased which means in the long run solar players like BSLCORP could see a demand in their products

4. BSLCORP has steel units under them (

What does it mean to them?

WIth the recent news from Budget 2021 some of the mega projects like MRT3, HSR and Pan Borneo Highway were given the green light to carry on with the project. Steel players could benefit from this mega projects because the demand for steel could increase.

Fundamental Analysis

BSLCORP posted a strong Q4FY20 which had a revenue of RM 43.151 million and net profit of RM 2.433 million. This was an increased of 315% YOY and 206% QOQ in terms of profit.

They have a high NTA of RM 1.11

BSLCORP’s Cash flow from operation nearly doubled from RM 5.713 million to RM 10.341 million. This indicates that BSLCORP has a strong business coming from their operations which means it could translate to better earnings in the future.

Technical Analysis

Support 1: 0.31 Support 2: 0.28

Resistance 1: 0.34 Resistance: 0.37

Stochastic: Buy signal

RSI: Buy SIgnal

Bollinger Band: Buy signal

MACD Buy SIgnal


BSLCORP with the given information above it looks like BSLCORP is a GEM because it has so many benefits from the current situation.

BSLCORP also has low share float meaning to say it has an easier chance to move up.

BSLCorp has a high NTA of RM 1.11

BSLCORP fundamentals improved quite strongly and with ther cash flow from operations it is showing that it has a strong CFO.

Finally price is still below it’s fair value of RM 0.42

Disclaimer: Author is sharing his/her opinion. Kindly consult your financial advisor for more information.


2020-09-18 16:23 | Report Abuse

Danco (5276) - The Dance You Shouldn’t miss

Trading Board: Main

Status: Syariah

Sector: Industrial Products/Services

Target Price: RM 0.65 (Short term) 0.80 (Mid term) RM 1 (Long term)

Company Background

Dancomech Holdings Bhd is engaged in trading and distribution of PCE and Measurement Instruments. The Company offer its products to palm oil and oleochemicals, oil & gas and petrochemical, and water treatment & sewerage industries.

Reasons to look at DANCO

1. Danco is trading at PE 10-12 and giving a good dividend yield of about 3% which is above Fixed Deposit now.

2. Danco has very steady performance for the past few years without dropping into negative earnings.

3. Danco has more than 20 years experience in the valves, instrumentation and automation industries, Dancomech has successfully managed to meet the demands of some major end users, contractors and OEMs particularly within the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Palm Oil, Water and General Industry.

4. A net cash company With RM40mil in net cash.

5. Danco acquired MTL which was sealed in early August and this will be contributing to the profits of the Dancomech group.
The full impact of this will be reflected in the coming quarter and the quarters ahead.

6. MTL also gives Dancomech the opportunity to move into new business areas such as air conditioning, automotive and furniture component businesses and enables some cross-selling of products between both groups

7. Danco will continue to hunt for new businesses within existing segments.

8.Danco said it’s business is back to normal post-MCO.

9. Danco does not really have a direct competitor as it dabbles in so many different types of industries.

10. Recently Danco won a project at Singapore worth RM 36.5 million which will contribute positively.


Danco is definitely worth a look if you are looking at a big potential GEM of a stock because of it’s strong financial and also the latest acquisition of MTL Group which has no COMPETTITOR and most importantly this will boost their financial in the future.


Author is just sharing his/her opinion. It’s neither a buy/sell call. Seek your dealer/remisier for more information.