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2023-10-03 23:00 | Report Abuse

Ai yo yo
Mynews go go go


2023-08-19 17:40 | Report Abuse

Ya. I hope to see some useful negative comment.
But I didn’t see it.

No logic at all


2023-08-19 08:22 | Report Abuse

When all the negative comment about mynews , I’m making money.
Happy to spend my money for mynews and CU. wakakakak


2023-07-20 20:26 | Report Abuse

You are foo too.
I can use cheaper example to said what you spend is stupi too.



2023-07-19 21:54 | Report Abuse

Lol. So mark & spencer doing well?
Funny la. Ppl like to use other example to explain why mynews is bad. The fact is, Mynews got business , mark and spencer also can have business.

If like that, then Starbucks got no business, Costa coffee got no business. Lol

Village park nasi lemak is good, doesn’t mean other ppl who sell nasi lemak no busines.

Stupieeed really no medicine to cure.


2023-07-19 11:20 | Report Abuse

myNEWS is profitable since Quarter 3 FY 2022
• WH Smith had been profitable since opening of international borders and lifting of travel restrictions
• FPC is gradually increasing its production capacity
• CU is still undergoing the gestation process of developing its business, currently is in the loss making position


2023-07-19 08:41 | Report Abuse

People here very funny.
Johari buy in means he want to turn around mynews. Only 10% share and no executive level.
A lot of PP out there, all also because the people who buy in want turn around the company ?

Do some homework la!
Mynews itself is making money, CU is making lost. Why? Simple lo! Mynews already in the market more than 3 years, breakeven already, CU only 2 years. Got business sense or not ?
You got and open a retail shop instantly want to breakeven ah?
So geng then you do la!


2023-07-15 08:17 | Report Abuse

Because you are here, so I’m here la. Wakakaka

Business take time, in a growth stage, take time break even .
you don’t know go back to cave la.
I earn because I buy low la
When everyone fear I’m greedy . Wohuhu


2023-07-14 22:36 | Report Abuse

You talk easy like the politicians.
Talk only.
Why got foreigners? Sure got demand and supply.
Politician just try to do what the market need.


2023-07-14 22:31 | Report Abuse

Without human
The earth can leave well too.

why negative? Like I said you didt do homework la. Just talk.

Even negative profit, I already earn handsome double digit profit within one months.


2023-07-14 18:13 | Report Abuse

Lol. I also 1st time see ppl said he use Elon’s Satellite in Malaysia la. 吹水佬!
Without foreigners, many Malaysia’s business can’t operate lo.
Mynews in Malaysia more than 20 years la. If want doomed, long long time d la.
The revenue keep going up.


2023-07-14 07:50 | Report Abuse

Thank you goldman.


2023-07-14 07:49 | Report Abuse

At least I got one off incident for self praising.
I also can find a lot of complaints to local staff from Mynews,7/11,FM, Speedmart review.


2023-07-13 14:03 | Report Abuse

Good staff.

My family & I went to Mitsui Outlet to shop this afternoon. After that when I got home & couldn’t find my wallet. I searched everywhere and still couldn’t find it. Then I recalled my last purchase was at myNews store at Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang. So my hubby said I must have left my wallet on the cashier counter. Left it there when I walked out as I was carrying a few bags with me & didn’t realise it. We decided to drive back to Mitsui Outlet to look for my wallet at myNews store. On the way there, I called Mitsui Outlet Customer Service. I spoke to a lady, the staff in-charge and told her of my predicament. She said she will send a security guard to check with myNews staff and will call me back if there’s anything. About 20 mins later, she called back and told me that security guard informed her there was a wallet there but not sure if it was mine. I was hopeful & prayed that it would be my wallet. Upon arriving at myNews, I approached the staff that served me earlier and told him I lost my wallet there. He then took out my wallet that he kept aside and gave it to me!. What a relief ! I thank him & offered him gratuity as a token for his honesty but he refused it. That’s why I am writing this post to thank him. His name is Akash Ramtel & because of him my belief in humanity is restored. There is still goodness in people. I considered myself to be very lucky as Akash had returned my wallet intact and save me the hassle of having to do all the run around of losing my personal documents. The hassle of having to go to the police station to file a police report to document that my wallet is missing and the need to call each bank to cancel my cards, to renew my IC (pay the fine) and driver’s license. Imagine the time taken to do all these for losing a wallet !. I have to be more alert and careful in the future to avoid this careless mistake. I hope myNEWS Malaysia management will take necessary action to acknowledge Akash Ramlet honesty and thank you for having a good staff like him. As for Mitsui Outlet Customer Service staff in charge (sorry as I forgot to ask her name), thank you for your kind assistance and prompt action. My hubby commented that Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang has a good system to handle such matter as lost and found. I went over to the Customer Service and met the staff in-charge to tell her my happy ending. She then requested me to fill up the “Lost and Found” form & I put a good remark for Akash Ramlet. Good job 👍❤️



2023-07-03 19:48 | Report Abuse

Why hire local ? Because salary cheap, not like hire foreigners need to pay many process fees.
That why speed mart sell cheap and affordable stuff.

Most important, local staff always get complaints .LOL


2023-07-03 19:46 | Report Abuse

I don't care who owns Mynews

I just made handsome short term profit this few days


2023-07-01 23:36 | Report Abuse

Use back your logic:

You like to use foreign product , move to that county la.



2023-07-01 10:44 | Report Abuse

Ya. Your internet you use your own brand own tower too.


2023-06-30 23:48 | Report Abuse

You plant vegetables yourself
Feed chiken yourself
Use water from river
Didt use electric.

So natural
I like it.


2023-06-30 15:31 | Report Abuse

Even you cook your own food
Your life and your food still provide by MNC who hire foreigners

So you better don’t eat .


2023-06-29 21:56 | Report Abuse

Everyone is greedy, you try to ask your boss reduce your salary or when you do business, try to give discount on top of your profit margin.


2023-06-29 20:42 | Report Abuse

Dicky talk like a politician who haven’t in power.
Critic and talk very easy.
When really become government, oh no!!! Is hard and complicated.

He said Hire Malaysian la, so many local staff.
Penalty to company who hire foreigners because boss only care money.
Shirt your business elsewhere la.

Walau! If the business shirt to others country, the impact is huge. No business activities, no job, not money, economy will die! And we have to import other product from other country!

Luckily your are hero in front of the screen.


2023-06-28 17:43 | Report Abuse

Who cares about reviews. 
It is mostly written by employers and manufacturers.

R: you can provide better evidence for me. Mostly written by employer. Ya. Good review sometime write by employer, I’m talking about bad review, bad complaint, this is review by employer ? Hahahaha. You making a lot of funny joke.

Every tie government comes with a plan to reduce foreign workers, the next day you can see MEF and FMM carrying flags and throwing tantrum. Government has no backbone and cannot fix this once and for all.

R: reduce foreign workers. Ya! The good thing is reduce foreign worker.
But how ? Just like all of the world, governments will said we try to control the inflation, so the price reduce ? 

If I am the PM I will tell them to abide by the law or pack up the business! Go where you think you can get cheap slaves. We will not die!

R: one of the major issues SME and business in Malaysia facing is lack of labour. Luckily you are not PM.
If not, Malaysia economic will die due to business cannot run smooth.


2023-06-28 17:32 | Report Abuse

Those day when no law to implement min salary.
My mom who work as a waitress get RM 500 per month. No insurance, got OT, rest 1 week 1 time, more than that is unpaid .

This is around year 2000.

Those day really bad for employees.

Now due to internet and people educated, more and more good right provider to labour.

The real problem is not they don’t want hire local, is the employee nowadays got a lot of better choice to work, and thing to enjoy.
Job that require high working hour & boring job is not their priority.


2023-06-28 17:20 | Report Abuse

The worker in Malaysia nowadays is better than before.

All industries have their salary range, have their min holiday, OT, employee right to follow.

The holiday also a lot in Malaysia.
Tmr is holiday too.

“When you don't care about their concern who will provide good service?”

Every industry even In same retail store, got ppl provide good service, normal service and bad service. So the ppl provide best service is the ppl get good pay? LOL.

Sure got bad employer , and also got bad employee too.
The fact is, this is a freedom labor market, both also got thing to contribute, agree then do or hire.


2023-06-28 17:03 | Report Abuse

Foreign workers have no choice because
1. They have committed huge cost to arrive for a job
2. Their passport are confiscated by employers
3. They cannot voice displeasure over their working schedule because they enslaved themselves.
4. Their accommodation is taken care of by employers,
Compare that with locals,
1. They have families and relationship to spend time with, you don't expect them to be slaves.
2. Accommodation is not provided.

The issue is, you want a cheap SLAVE instead of employee.

Consider all this is true, then it is very obvious thats why long working hour boring job not much local interest to do. This is the real problem.

Employers hire foreigners also got cost.
End up I can get a lot of foreigner willing to do to fix my problem
And local staff no interest to do and turn over rate so high.

This is the gap la.
You summary d

Thank you


2023-06-28 16:57 | Report Abuse

It is not fix mind set, it is the real problem. Like I said, go and see the review in retail industry, the complaints is Malaysian complain local staff. Of course there are a lot of good local staff too.
You have been there meaning you are? HR department?
What kind of job they don’t even consider calling local ?

Thanks god luckily you are not labour ministry.
Before 80, those local people got no choice. Got job to do consider very good.
Now, a lot of job but teenager don’t want to do, they can choose.

If plantations, factory got no foreigners, production can’t run smooth. Some listed company example furniture, got order but not enough man power do produce.


2023-06-28 14:05 | Report Abuse


No need logic ? OH ya… no wonder you like to talk nonsense without looking to the situations.

Thanks for bring out telco as an example.

Telco, for retail business also facing man power shortage.
Sure telco won’t hire foreigner la.
Like I said, depend what are the job scope and industry.
Telco retail business, got many technical and promotions need to explain. In some places, if you are local but can’t speak English, they also won’t hire.

Second, if , if they can hire foreigners, pretty sure will have a lot of complaints issued because language problem, end up no business.
MyNews or other CVS got foreign worker long long time ago, business still there.

My friend doing telco retail business.
It is damn hard to get man power, Chinese worker is very hard to get because they need to go out do coldcall. even Malay turn over rate and have high attitude problem. sometime they force to hire Aunty or uncle, but only stay few months.

Now all the salary is protect by min salary, especially listed company. foreign worker also same salary.

If your remuneration are good then can attract people, possibly.
But good or bad is depend on the person, salary is just one of the reason.For retail normal staff, how high you can provide?

Salary is part of the company expenses, some industry require many staff, a min increase of the salary also increase the price of the product.

Local staff are in abundance, job also are in abundance, so ?!
If it is so simple, then problem solve la. Sure that is a problem gab, the young ppl now also don’t want to do high working hour boring job. They want Grab, YouTube ,food delivery …

That why retail, factory, construction also facing problem. Many need to prepare bus and hostel to retain and attract people.

Your curse how power I don’t know. But Pls pray to God to increase your IQ, it is too low d.
OMG I want to thank God 1st.


2023-06-28 01:10 | Report Abuse

Last, why most if the complaint is regarding local staff? Is about attitude, not because of they can’t speak Malay or English.

Definitely communication is not the major problem in convenience store.

Why? People walk in take thing they want, scan and pay, if really can’t communicate still can show pictures or finger explain what they want.

Like I said, It is a problem but not the major issues that can cause huge damage to this kind of business.


2023-06-28 00:58 | Report Abuse

Tan, however, conceded that employers may prefer foreign labour as they have a better attitude as well as more likely to produce better work compared to locals.

He said that by employing foreigners, the employers also would not have to deal with absenteeism and high turnover rates.



2023-06-28 00:38 | Report Abuse

Head hunter company also lack of quality candidates.

And, pls la… every retail also got supervisor, but every retail also got complain issues. So if supervisor can solve all the problems, then you won’t see complaints la…

Understand or not ?


2023-06-28 00:33 | Report Abuse

What kind of logic.
Then Singapore should open business in Malaysia. A lot of them hire Malaysian.
Many Malaysia’s businesses also should open business in Indonesia too.

Company who hire foreign CEO should open business at other country too. LOL

Definitely you don’t know the problem of Malaysia worker. Especially in retail. If it is so easy to hire, you won’t see many retail shop always stick hire notice at the shop.

If it is easy to do,You can try to do the business.
If you can provide good quality Malaysian worker, you are very rich.
Said is simple.

you said communication problem, I said it is a problem too.
Then I ask you go and check the big complaint is from local staff.
You said due to not select qualify staff. You taught the supervisor can monitor 24 hour?
Plus, supervisor also human, he also can become one of the problem too.


2023-06-27 23:01 | Report Abuse

MYNEWS is profitable, to the notion of 80% of pre-pandemic profit despite having hundreds more less stores.

Good news for me. Mynews do fund raising to expand it store, I think share price will drop.
Will enter around 36 sen, after add in 10% share, market cap is 270million.
10% discount from today market cap.


2023-06-27 19:15 | Report Abuse

Hi Good evening

1.As i mention above, due to environmental changed. Your example of Bluinc shows that Mynews management team done a good job to bring the group get another source of revenue and they did better than before.

2.Of course got inflation factor inside. But if due to inflation, they did even better than before, credit to management tea,. this show that customer are willing to spend there even the price is increase. And because you said Mynews is lost due to its name, I show revenue figure, it is a good indicator that the business still there. People are willing to spend. Do you have figure show that revenue keep dropping?

Second, Mynews itself earning money, due to it operate long time ago. You also can check the margin before they do a huge capex, the margin increases around 1% even the newspaper contribution drop significantly. Even the cost of business increased. 2017 margin is 7.3%, 2015 is 6.2%.
Why Mynews lose money, simple, due to the factory and CU. And it is normal for a retail business. Average break even is 3 years. I also show Taiwan 7-11 and FM take 6 years to breakeven. Even QL also didt provide actual figure for FM contribution until recently they show FM Malaysia turn profit.

3. Cigarettes is one of the source of revenue.
4. Lol. This is the most funny part. You just give personal feeling said this bad that bad. What I show you the figure it succeeds. Can you show figure and explain where Mynews fail ? Even a hybrid car so bad also got people buy. Personally I feel your idea is good.


2023-06-27 08:16 | Report Abuse

From 2013-2015
MyNews store average sales around RM960K to RM950K. The contribution from newspapers and magazines around 20%-12%.

After 2016-2018, the contribution from newspaper drop significantly to 5%-2%.
From 2016-2018, MyNews store average sales drop to RM871K to RM849K.

According to latest annual report, take out the contribution from CU mart.
MyNews store average sales per store increase to RM 970K and over RM1 million during year 2019 and 2022.

What does this figure tell us?
Last time Newspaper is major contributor to Mynews business, but after management quickly change the focus of the group because the environment changed.
Then the revenue increase back, and is more than before.

If Mynews really lost her direction or no people willing to shop there due to Mynews din sell newspaper. This is just your own thought without looking to the fact.


2023-06-26 22:35 | Report Abuse

Most of the people can’t provide fact during discussion, as usual, they will said something out of the topic.


2023-06-26 19:56 | Report Abuse

1. Just because the name then your conclusions is Mynews lost?
Do you check the sale ? Is higher than before, even I take out CU contribution.

2. I think you like to said something very confident without doing fact find. Go and check back Google and YouTube, there is local brand and drink there for the 1st CU branch,

3. you said as long as order less then won’t lost?! What If I order a lot, the food cannnot sell then won’t make lost ? The Oder is based on each store data and MYnews HQ will take a balance on quantity and wastage .The freshness of the food is out of control by the store manager. I also see CU staff throw food too. One thing i find out what they should improve is the fresh food delivery is slow. Morning around 9am I enter to the shop, I see less RTD food, I talk to the staff is it sold out, he said the lorry not yet deliver to their branch.
4. Idea is bad or good, time will know. You can speak out 10 ideas that you personally feel it is the best, and still got people can comment it is bad idea. Businessmen is the person who try to execute and adjust their idea accordingly based on situation and time frame.
5. This is the most funny part when people comment a business. if I do a business, if I always take the leader in the industry to compare, what for? The answer is yes or no. Without execution,seat there analysis yes or no is 100% correct. Mr DIY also got different concept store. MYNEWS. SUPERVALUE, I see people comment the fresh food price is cheap. Doing business can me innovative, no law said that you need to do business according to the definition of the word. Go and see all the review for all SUPERVALUE concept store, customer is very happy in term of the price and choices.The review is better than all the convenience store including CU/FM/7/11.


2023-06-22 16:40 | Report Abuse

Family mart Taiwan:

Remember, this is not only one winner business. Of course it will have a leader in the market, just like Taiwan bigger conveniences store is 7-11, second is Family Mart.
Go check their share price, both also perform well in long term.


2023-06-22 16:37 | Report Abuse

Regarding Bangladeshi worker.
It is a problem too.
But go and check CU,MYNEWS and FM Google review, 90% the complaints is due to local staff.


2023-06-22 16:34 | Report Abuse

1) Why restart a new brand? New brand take time & money.
MyNews average revenue / shop is increase compare to before. exclude the revenue from CU

2) If you didt enter to CU mart, don’t make such a confident statement. CU do sell laksa, Bao, Japanese food and local drinks too.

3) Shop manager responsible profit and lost meaning they need to run the shop more responsible.

4) Yes. It is. But business always plan do try and adjust. Now they slow down the new branch for CU. Focus on myNews and Mynews Super value.

5) how you know is bad idea ? All idea and business take time to execute and see the results.
Last time no people sell newspapers inside shopping mall too.
When an idea succeed, people will said: “ clever! So creative combine convenient and mart concepts.”

Final word: business take time to build and earn. Average retail timeframe is 3 years.

Go and check back Family Mart Taiwan, took 6 years only breakeven.
Malaysia FM come to Malaysia 2016, they learn their mistake too. Obviously FM Malaysia is doing a good job after the learning curve.

CU only open 1st branch 2021.