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2023-11-13 21:13 | Report Abuse

GenS Q3 good but announce huge sgd6.8 Bil capex - eat future profit/div

Dont surprise laosai tomorrow


2023-11-07 16:19 | Report Abuse

FF inflow rm650Mil past 3days - super strong comeback (FF love GenT)

Hopefully nxt week GenS QR can push higher 4.3/4.5 range


2023-11-07 16:19 | Report Abuse

Some great QR news
“GenS due to release Q3 results this Friday 10 Nov.

Investment Bank Morgan Stanley expects strong EBITDA of SG$260 million (up 22% q-on-q).

The bank’s positive outlook comes after local rival Marina Bay Sands recently announced strong Property EBITDA of US$491Mil (up from US$432Mil in Q2)”


2023-11-06 16:56 | Report Abuse

Ding3 4.24 another beautiful rally

FF alrdy buy rm300Mil past 2days - today heavy buy again (FF comeback)

FF always love GenT


2023-11-05 14:07 | Report Abuse

Nowhere near recession (US Q3 gdp growth 4.9%)

Dont dream rate cut anytime soon - likely more rate hike nxt yr if continue ‘hot’ economy

4 now just enjoy QR/yr end rally (no more rate hike this yr)


2023-11-05 11:49 | Report Abuse

Market orig expect (price in) Fed hike rates Dec but Wedn meeting basically imply ‘hike finish’ this yr

So bond yields drop (adjustment no more rate hike) - stocks/bursa/rm fly

Dont even try guess what happen nxt yr - every week/month got new info change market expectations


2023-11-03 11:59 | Report Abuse

Beautiful morning rally - 1st time end week ‘no laosai’

Seems alrdy bottom - QR/yr end rally incoming

P/s: tq papa Powell ‘surprise’ finish rate hike


2023-11-02 20:31 | Report Abuse

FED hike finish - dont miss chance collect cheap

Very good sign if can close strong green tomorrow


2023-10-26 20:19 | Report Abuse

AngTKlown Remind ur post last time GenT close to 4.02

Better look in mirror see how ‘VERY ST- - -PID’ (ur own words) u r kikiki

People buy low (sell rebound 4.3-4.5) - fella sell low

‘Empty tin milo’ draw chart use crayon upside down kikiki
2023-06-26 14:16

“MM ah... the more you talk, the more people here know you are indeed very stooopid. Better watch the stock price and decide whether you want to cutloss or not. This advice given by top class trading professional. Up to you to believe what he says.

Cut your losses. Cut your losses. Cut your losses. Then maybe you have a chance -Ed Seykota”


2023-10-22 15:40 | Report Abuse

Every week same trap - start strong end week laosai
Nomura - higher service tax (8%) is NEGATIVE for gaming sector as gaming co historically absorb service tax..reduction in entertainment duty (5%) is “marginal positive”


2023-10-20 16:12 | Report Abuse

Boring morning but evening huge sell pressure - soon laosai under rm4

Expected FF nonstop run see useless PH madani BS budget (subsidy cut/record spending/huge cash handout)

Even rm laosai 4.77


2023-10-17 12:11 | Report Abuse

@choysun Wait&see how low can go

Market soo weak too many bad news (local/global) - no need chase/fomo


2023-10-17 12:04 | Report Abuse

AngTKlown Nobody ask ur opinion - no need busybody answer

Crawl into ur kiddy pool go BS/lie other baby (fangirl 1invest1) - dont interrupt grownups discussion

P/s: biggest Klown nonstop bark sell 4.02 kikiki


2023-10-16 16:22 | Report Abuse

AngTKlown sail upside down - the only ‘empty tin milo’ bark sell 4.02 last time kikiki


2023-10-13 16:21 | Report Abuse

Just start alrdy announce soo many tax kikiki


2023-10-08 15:43 | Report Abuse

@choysun any tax (gaming/gst/cgt) sure laosai kikiki


2023-10-06 17:00 | Report Abuse

1 green day 4 red day

Nxt week budget (gaming tax) lets see if can bigger laosai


2023-10-04 17:08 | Report Abuse

Everyday slow steady laosai - gonna break rm4 soon

Not going anywhere FF nonstop run see useless PH madani

RM (new low 4.73) / bursa (1415) / GenT all laosai together


2023-09-29 17:06 | Report Abuse

Ding3 new low unlocked - as usual start week strong (shark trap) end week laosai

Gonna get worse see useless PH madani (FF nonstop run)

Nxt major risk - budget2024 gaming tax/gst/cgt


2023-09-29 15:38 | Report Abuse

AngTKlown dont crybaby people call out ‘u/fangirl 1invest1’ nonsense past few months

Nonstop lie / spin / quote others out of context + empty tin milo (always proven wrong + only Klown bark ‘sell’ 4.02 kikiki)


2023-09-28 14:39 | Report Abuse

Usually AngTKlown become ‘weekend/holiday joke’

Today holiday xtra special - AngTKlown/fangirl 1invest1 both roasted

Double2x laugh kahkahkah kikiki


2023-09-18 18:02 | Report Abuse

Last time PH up gaming tax - limit down (until now havent recover)

See Oct budget either GST/gaming tax or both


2023-09-17 21:07 | Report Abuse

Another Sunday nite laugh feat. AngTKlown (same Klown bark sell 4.02 & many other nonsense kikiki)

Fella thought Friday ‘quad witching’ price jump - instead price drop kikiki

Empty tin milo strikes again - then spend weekend spin/lie about it kikiki


2023-09-11 14:01 | Report Abuse

Surprise no laosai after div xdate (yet??)
“KL: FF continue net sell for 3rd straight week”


2023-09-10 14:51 | Report Abuse

Johor PHBN stronghold - GE15 BN 40 / PH 13 / PN 3

PH(DAP) votes never drop even put monkey - BN losing votes to PN but not enough


2023-09-10 14:50 | Report Abuse

Pulai election: PHBN 48K - PN 30K
** GE15 PHBN 54K / PN 16K

S.Jeram election: PHBN 13.8K - PN 10.3K
** GE15 PHBN 15K / PN 6K


2023-09-07 17:02 | Report Abuse

Another useless PH madani ‘achievement’ - waiting free Bijan nxt 4 ‘good behavior‘ kikiki

Doom rm/bursa laosai FF run
BREAKING - “High Court acquitted Kinabatangan MP Bung Moktar and wife Zizie Izette from FELCRA corruption charge”


2023-09-06 17:53 | Report Abuse

Aiyoyo TauRx fail trial multiple times = known fact ma

AngTKlown proven liar/empty tin milo = also known fact in this forum


2023-09-04 13:20 | Report Abuse

Another useless PH madani achievement unlocked - appoint new AG settle problem kikiki

No wonder FF nonstop run
BREAKING - “Prosecution applied for (granted) ‘discharge not amounting to acquittal’ (DNAA) on all 47 of Zahid Hamidi corruption charges”


2023-08-18 15:42 | Report Abuse

Opportunity lose money - crazy chase high

New low coming


2023-08-13 11:33 | Report Abuse

Woww PN clean sweep 100% Kdh/TG/Kltn - even win 22 seats (40%) Slgr

Seems more people abandon BN choose PN

P/s: really waste money give gov servant rm300 last week kikiki


2023-08-09 11:38 | Report Abuse

Whole week no volume - nobody want touch near election

Dont surprise get worse after election (no more goodies) - FF run dont like PH madani


2023-08-02 16:57 | Report Abuse

Another laosai day - 2week gains wipeout past 2days

Going much2 lower / worse laosai near election


2023-08-01 12:17 | Report Abuse

Good start to election month - nice selloff/drop

Lai lai under rm4 pls


2023-07-21 16:49 | Report Abuse

New week same story

2weeks ago buy cheap 4.02 - AngTK bark ‘sell’

This week sell high 4.3 - AngTK bark ‘buy’

‘Empty tin milo’ really fail read chart kikiki


2023-07-17 20:08 | Report Abuse

Everyone want under 4.10 again - only AngTK bark ‘sell 4.02/buy 4.3’

People buy low sell high - fella ‘sell low buy high’ kahkahkahkahkah


2023-07-16 22:59 | Report Abuse

Happy to sell if got panic buy tomorrow - better exit b4 PRN

People collect cheap - got empty tin milo bark ‘SELL SELL SELL’ at 4.02 kahkahkahkahkah


2023-07-12 23:41 | Report Abuse

AngTKlown Ofcos gold accepted as medium of exchange

Iran accept gold pymt for its oil / Venezuela pay 4 medicine using its oil reserve

Noobs (empty tin milo) wont understand - google cant teach u enough

Can only roll on floor laugh at ur ignorance kahkahkah - empty tin milo bang loudest


2023-07-12 10:15 | Report Abuse

AngTK Gold/SDR anytime can sell get usd leh - then use pay 4 imports lo aiyoyo

Soo silly/clueless kikiki
“Does foreign countries trading exporters accept BNM's other assets like gold, SDRs, IMF Reserve Position, other assets as medium of exchange currency when Malaysia is importing goods from them? (Answer: NO)”


2023-07-08 15:34 | Report Abuse

As usual AngTKlown wrong AGAIN - silly silly fella kikiki

“Friday - US June jobs report (NFP) disappoints with 209K rise (225K expected)”
Posted by AngTayKor > 1 day ago

Fed hiking another 0.25% is almost a certainty at next FOMC meeting. Im expecting a strong job data this Friday.


2023-07-06 23:44 | Report Abuse

AngTK US market doesnt affect bursa - prob another boring day tomorrow


2023-07-05 12:49 | Report Abuse

BREAKING: PRN confirm 12 Aug

Lets see if can have panic sell b4 election


2023-07-04 14:11 | Report Abuse

AngTK TauRx 1.0 didnt fail phase3 trial bcoz ‘placebo issue’ (simply ineffective/useless)

TauRx 2.0 similar effectiveness as TauRx 1.0 = both useless


2023-07-04 13:51 | Report Abuse

AngTK Nobody care phase 2 trial (small experiment) - TauRx 1.0 fail phase 3

TauRx 2.0 similar effectiveness as TauRx 1.0 = both useless


2023-07-04 13:14 | Report Abuse

AngTK Let me simplify 4 dummy

In exp, TauRx 2.0 & placebo (TauRx 1.0) show similar effectiveness

Since TauRx 1.0 considered failure (fail experiment/ineffective) - then TauRx 2.0 also fail lo


2023-06-29 14:08 | Report Abuse

AngTK I alrd give own data prove u wrong

Now BNM prove u wrong (no ‘short covering’ after announce intervention = no/minimal shorts)

Even ur own article never say ‘neg carry’ as main reason - just 1 of many

Proven wrong by many - but still can BS long2 aiyoyo

Ur perfect example of narcissistic egomaniac (mental illness)


2023-06-24 15:52 | Report Abuse

AngTK U dont understand what ‘FAIL EXPERIMENT/CLINICALLY INEFFECTIVE’ mean meh - always need explain to u like child

In TauRx exp, patients that take/didnt take TauRx - both group show Alz improvement

Like that how can say TauRx ‘proven effective’ - take/dont take also same kikiki


2023-06-24 15:26 | Report Abuse

Aiyoyo TauRx fail experiment means ‘clinically INEFFECTIVE’

No use TauRx safe but doesnt work - better drink orange juice kikiki

Sure like Aduhelm - fail exp but get FDA approval - cannot sell nobody want use - eventually abandon production


2023-06-24 14:33 | Report Abuse

TauRx useless alrdy fail exp - better flush down toilet like Aduhelm


2023-06-23 15:36 | Report Abuse

Bursa/rm laosai good ma

Funny see how terribly useless PH madani kikiki