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1 week ago | Report Abuse

Yes, Red Emperor. It's a corporate game. If they have evidence they should just lodge a police report about any wrongdoing by the Tunku. There are legal avenues and also the MACC. If any party is not indicted we cannot simply accuse.

On the same note, Flavio and Terrence Tan have been indicted and investigated for corruption at KNM and will face and answer to their charges.


1 week ago | Report Abuse


All eyes are on Borsig listing in Singapore but unfortunately is delayed and most likely not able to meet its June deadline. Earlier suitors were the Singaporeans and Japanese but these have changed, causing more delay.

We all knew from the last EGM that KNM is a burning ship and Tunku and his team are trying to save it. At the moment things are still not going smoothly. I understand there could be a change of fortunes coming up by next week which will give back some confidence to investors. I am sitting back and crossing my fingers.


1 month ago | Report Abuse

Congrats! This is really a good counter and a wonderful business. Let's all make money from here.


1 month ago | Report Abuse

Tunku and German guy also bought a lot a high price compared to now. That's why Tunku must perform, and German guy cannot give up just like that. His leg is wet with water as the Chinese say.


1 month ago | Report Abuse

Good dividend counter. Just need to hang on tight.


1 month ago | Report Abuse

Wow! That;s great news for Zhulian. We can continue to receive more dividends.


2 months ago | Report Abuse

He's heavyweight in our stock market. Some say he's top 5 guy, very powerful. Has been lying low for some years, recently back in the limelight.


2 months ago | Report Abuse

Let's hope, ini kali lah! Some people have waited a long time. After EGM we agreed to give the new management some time to dispose non-profitable assets and to list Borsig in Singapore. The deadline will be looming soon.

There are few interesting happenings lately. They just appointed Abdul Gani to the board. And he's closely linked to that Dato Ishak guy...


2 months ago | Report Abuse

Brent crude oil has been at $80 or more for the past months and years. At this level of high price it will cause inflation in America and other parts of the world. Oil-producing countries like Malaysia will benefit but most other countries will suffer.


2023-11-26 13:12 | Report Abuse

Well said, MrMojo.

Yes, these few guys on board with Tunku, now they must paddle like mad. Cannot let the ship sink. We just try to cheer them on. Hopefully German guy don't disturb again.


2023-11-24 21:22 | Report Abuse

OtisKL, I like your attitude. You are very positive and willing to give chance for people to perform. You got it right. Steve Ho is the key guy to get things done. That's why they must have him on board to complete the team. And Steve has his own team of professionals to execute the plans. Only thing I remember is that Macadee don't like Steve. Probably because he kantoi him from the previous management.


2023-11-05 23:01 | Report Abuse

Tan will have no choice but to stand up like a man and defend himself in the court on CBT charges.

There is no point hiding because the company will advertise soon. It will be more embarrassing.

It's the usual story of a stray dog biting the hand that fed it. He was taken in by the founder Lee and promoted to a high post, despite objections from many colleagues. Lee later found out to his horror that his colleagues were right. Tan turned around and ousted the Lee family. He never imagine Tunku would arrive at the scene to set things right...


2023-11-05 22:52 | Report Abuse

Yes, Mc Donald is an angry man. But he is not creditor. He is former management guy removed by Tunku. That's why he mengamok. Everyone can see he's lying and trying to twist his way out of a difficult situation. He got no choice but to blacklist all newcomers to the chat. Poor guy Mr Yusuf just joined kena also. Too bad we all blacklisted guys have to go Mc Donald's to have a party and eat value meal because nobody paying us to troll. We just posting facts and hoping Tunku and his team will save the company. Poor guy OtisKL trying to do research also kena.

Macadee is out of the company too long. He doesn't know that Borsig has not done Iran job for two years. And the last job taken will be completed latest in one of two months time.


2023-10-20 21:27 | Report Abuse

I believe the shareholders, even those supporting German, willing to give the management up till June 2024 to perform.

But German guy cannot wait 9 months to ciao Borsig. He sure want to take over possession asap. So he will continue to disturb the management. Just wait and see his next move whether or not he give up his attempt. Maybe he want to do EGM 2.0, who knows?


2023-10-20 20:17 | Report Abuse


I like your optimism. Yes, we look at the performance. Like that it's fair. AAX is good example. Haircut 95% how to uplift PN17?

The current board promised the shareholders many things like selling off loss-making subsidiaries, listing Borsig, etc. It's only fair we give them a bit to time to fulfill their promises. If they cannot perform then we see how. See whether the excuse they give is valid or not. Who knows, maybe they can deliver on all the promises, and more?

Haha on the matter of the two ex-directors. It's police matter now. We don't want to comment. Let them investigate.


2023-10-16 23:14 | Report Abuse

Haha interesting till the end, and even after the end.

Tengku girl say not fair. German guy proxy votes not accepted and questions asked were deemed irrelevant by the company secretary. And they didn't allow German lawyer.

Question: Will they allow an investigation?
Question: How long will it take to conduct an investigation?
Question: How much will it cost?



2023-10-08 22:00 | Report Abuse

If German win EGM and take over the company, bankers and creditors will move to liquidate the company. KNM will be delisted and our share price will go to zero.

Some people don't believe that. They think European/German are highly respected and more capable than Malaysians. Do you believe that?

After waiting long time finally Andreas announced some plans for KNM. To me, his plans are not impressive loh, sorry. He's basically trying to raise funds/loans from Europe. Flavio tried that earlier but can't raise anything. I don't think Andreas can do better.

The dangerous thing is this. The bankers said they cannot work with Andreas because he is illegal arms dealer and the senior officers of his Heckler & Koch company are being tried in Stuttgard right now for corrupting Angela Merckle's party during her time. It's a fact,

Flavio may be arrested for CBT. A police report has been lodged against him. It's a fact - view police report here,

I'm not trying to use scare tactics to frighten off German's supporters. We want a fair fight. But what I highlight above are facts and it's true. You think for yourself ya. For me, no matter how big the odds, if German guy win I no choice have to sell all my shares immediately, on the spot. I takut leh.


2023-10-03 23:30 | Report Abuse

Yes, a lot of people including me were wondering why Borsig listing on SGX didn't happen earlier. I couldn't stand my curiosity so I went to ask the senior staff at KNM. They told me that the fact was that the previous management didn't have the skill and the clout to make the deal happen. The current management led by Tunku can make it happen. Tunku and his senior aides have shuttled through and fro to Singapore lately and things look very good at the moment.

Judging from the advance stage of the talks, it seems that everything is on track. The Singapore authorities allowed Borsig to have grants to reduce listing costs. Now why would they do that if the listing cannot go through? And investment bankers and consultants are doing road show for the listing this month itself. If the project is not going on so well, these guys will not be working so hard to make it happen. The targeted date is June 2024 because they need Borsig accounts for financial year ended 31 December 2023. And the normal process of documentation, due diligence and all that will take the normal few months.

I'm holding on tight for that listing event. Meanwhile I will do TP progressively and give myself a treat since the share price is on a strong uptrend.


2023-10-03 23:21 | Report Abuse

If people really understand corporate restructuring they will understand the figures involved.

(1) How to value Borsig when it is listed on the SGX? Based on P/E ratio and the percentage stake that KNM will still be holding after the listing.
(2) What is the price of FBM Hudson that it can be sold for? Answer: $80 million, or RM400 million
(3) What is the price of Impress Ethanol that it can be sold for? Answer: $50 million, or RM250 million.
Complement that with the amount of debt outstanding currently, and we can understand the true financial situation of KNM and the amount of effort, sweat and toil the management has gone through to put together such a package to lift KNM out of PN17.

What has Flavio/Andreas done all this while when Tunku and the management are struggling to survive? Not to mention that all this PN17 scenario was created during Flavio's watch.

Do FLK and the armchair critics out there really understand this corporate restructuring exercise?


2023-10-03 23:04 | Report Abuse

A lot of people like the FLK are armchair commentators who can simply talk kok about businessmen running a business. We understand that in today's world it is very challenging to even run a normal business. Post-Covid we have slow market, high inflation, high oil prices and stiff competition. Much more so for a distressed business under PN17 like KNM.

They can say the management is lousy, so it needs to be replaced. Do they know the hell that the management is going through just to stay afloat, keep creditors happy and carve out a bloody path ahead? Armchair critics who have done business and corporate restructuring only in his imagination but have not done any research or read announcements from KNM's management, nor having any face-to-face engagement with the management.

After all the expose on this forum, I believe nobody listen to his comments. Unless his audience are those who don't read comments and announcements. Maybe they will believe him.


2023-10-02 23:36 | Report Abuse

A journalist friend referred the website. Not sure if it's fake but the info can be confirmed with the KNM company, especially the proposal regarding the SOA meeting on 12/10. Staff at KNM confirmed it to be true. Let's wait and see. It's only next week. They say the Andreas photo is correct also.


2023-10-02 20:12 | Report Abuse

Have you seen the real Andreas Heeschen? Sources from the corporate world say that the pictures on the Internet and newspapers are fake. This is his real face, on this blog -


2023-10-01 22:43 | Report Abuse

Yes, Tunku and the current management has put a stop to all the nonsense. Now they are taking the next step - to reverse the damage.

The management will propose the following at the upcoming SOA meeting on 12/10/2023:-

Debt is RM1.1 billion
Borsig stake 40% of the New Stock Exchange and is expected to be worth at least RM700 million (they will show the calculation, on a conservative basis)
Sell ​​FBM @$80 million = RM400 million
Sell Impress Ethanol @$50 million = RM250 million
Total income/cash flow as above is RM1.35 billion, enough to cover all creditors with RM250 million to spare.

I can't see any reason why the creditors/bankers would not renew their RO. The wonderful thing is that KNM will not ask for any haircut on their debts. This is highly unusual under normal circumstances. AAX just got a 95% haircut!

Truly, this does not look like a PN17 company at all. It is reasonable for any distressed PN17 company to ask for haircut, isn't it?

After all this, I wonder what is Flavio/Andreas Heeschen's plan for KNM? I only know they have plans for Borsig. Hehe...


2023-09-30 11:40 | Report Abuse

As the EGM date comes nearer we are curious to know Andreas/Flavio plan to revive KNM to its good ole days. So far no news.

We have to assume they only want Borsig. They will be forced to pay off the big creditors but small ones won't get anything. Small investors and bilis will kantoi...


2023-09-29 07:34 | Report Abuse

KNM has not been performing well for many years under the previous management. The current management had to hit the ground running. They had to improve things immediately; put in the right strategy and execute straightaway.

It's like the English Premier League. The new manager cannot keep losing. After a few games with bad performance he may be replaced. Luckily so far creditors and shareholders have been patient.


2023-09-22 09:25 | Report Abuse

No choice we gotta stick with T because Flavio don't know how to run the business. His performance track record and the financials are so bad. He is a lawyer clever to talk.

Same like that Rick guy at GM, biggest company in the world. For 10 years prior to 2009, GM share price went down steadily at $10 per year. It started at $100 and after 10 years, in 2009, it went to zero and GM went bankrupt.


2023-09-17 14:42 | Report Abuse

We are celebrating Malaysia Day and we want to be patriotic. We want to support our homegrown Tunku who is well-known in the country with many decades of experience especially related to this industry the company is in. Besides that Tunku is chairman of the board of trustees of Budimas, that famous charity helping more than 150,000 under-privileged children across the country.

In contrast, we know that our new wannabe-chairman is a firearms manufacturer, probably helping to aggravate the war in Ukraine and making the world more uninhabitable .

Tunku is not the only one that people have doubts, even though he is a highly educated and qualified gentlemen who worked in the Big Five audit firms in the world, PWC. Tengku Mahaleel helmed Proton from 1996-2005, roughly the same time when Rick Wagoner was boss of GM. In contrast, Tengku Mahaleel adopted marketing strategies formulated by Alfred P Sloan, the genius of GM in the early days. At that time, GM was almost bankrupt. Alfred's marketing skills took them out from that deep-sea situation to the top of the world. Most people did not know, our Tengku was using the same successful marketing strategies for Proton. He differentiated his product models well, just like he learned from Alfred.

Proton discarded its initial, famous "Milo-tin" image and today we still talk about our Wira, Waja, Satria and many other tahan lasak models on the road. But today we talk about Proton with much more love and respect than before. Of course , Tengku Mahaleel's haters will say Proton had government support. They overlooked and played down his business and marketing skills. Even Rick Wagoner had the support of his shareholders to continue as the boss for ten years. But his performance showed that he didn't know how to run the business.

Tengku Mahaleel built a wonderful network for selling his cars until someone took over, probably due to political reasons. Proton was successful and profitable under him. It started making losses when he left and today Proton has a new foreign boss. We Malaysians feel sad, don't we?

Why not on this Malaysia Day, we give our support to our local entrepreneur Tunku who is capable, and give ourselves a pat on the back for being patriotic?


2023-09-17 13:38 | Report Abuse

Rick Wagoner served as Chairman and CEO of General Motors for 10 years from 2000 to 2009. He is the boss of the world's largest company, and they have given him 10 years to fix it. He couldn't fix it because he had no idea how. He eventually killed the company.

Tunku and his team were at the helm for only one year, but they have already made big strides in solving problems. According to my humble observation, they have adopted all the correct measures in strategic, marketing and fixing the finance department. They have the least problems with the production department, because there are many capable engineers there.

Now, if they can give that Rick guy for ten years, why can't we give our Tunku ten years? Just watch his performance, don't complain, see whether he can take KNM to great heights again.


2023-09-17 13:34 | Report Abuse

Business should be simple. There are only three things in a business, whether it is a micro-business or a Fortune 500 one. (1) Make good and unique product. (2) Market it well, and (3) back it up with enough capital.

But sometimes businessmen cannot do these three simple things. For half a century, General Motors has been the world's largest company in the Fortune 500. They formulated a good marketing strategy which took them to the top of the world.

Then they had a new CEO who was not smart, and the stock price fell from $100 to $0 in ten years. The chart shows a steady drop of $10 per year. They went bankrupt in 2009.

Some of the most famous business and marketing consultants say the failure of General Motors lies in their marketing. They produced cars that most people won't want to buy.

KNM has so far been a darling stock, because the company has good marketing capabilities and has entered into the less competitive technology industry. But today's competition is more intense, and the profit margin has become razor-thin. The current management has no choice but to sell and consolidate. They will plough back their investment in better companies like Borsig.


2023-09-15 17:22 | Report Abuse

Earlier a lot of investors complained about the sale of FBM which is a profitable asset. It seems that lately the competition is really heating up and the management selling it off made sense to improve cash flow, in view of PN17 and RO.

But understandably there were some complaints about the low selling price of only 50% of the book value. But that's the reality, isn't it? When we want to sell off a business we usually have to give a steep discount. 50% is bad, but it could have been worse. Investors are beginning to understand this and we hear less complaints. I'm sure the management feels heavy hearted to sell below book value. But at the same time they must be relieved because FBM was bleeding losses and sucking up cash flow.


2023-09-12 20:10 | Report Abuse

Bro, like I said, you can just ignore my comment that I know him personally. It's not important whether I know him or not. We should just look at his performance. There are ppl who like us or don't like us, trust us or don't trust us. That's fine. We just do our work.


2023-09-12 15:28 | Report Abuse

I happen to know the Tunku and some of the board members. They are very decent and dedicated doing their best for the business. But I don't know the board of all the companies I invest in. So I don't rely on trust, I look at the performance only. So far, KNM management managed to work very well with the creditors. This is very critical to the survival of PN17 companies. So, to me their performance for the past year has been excellent or extraordinary bcos the figure involved is billion.


2023-09-12 09:56 | Report Abuse

Right. They are planning to expand production facilities, at the same time to watch out for over-expansion. The current industry offers lots of revenue. They have order books few hundred million euros not fulfilled yet. Cash flow is very healthy.


2023-09-12 08:55 | Report Abuse

Dunno by what lucky stars a Malaysian company can possess such a wonderful German company. It's understandable the Germans wants to take it back but the current management will fight maximum to make sure it stays Malaysian. They say they are willing to go to court.


2023-09-12 08:51 | Report Abuse

I heard Borsig received tremendous response across the Causeway. Everything is on track for a wonderful debut. I am holding on to this stock. This exercise takes time, probably happen only next year. Paperwork and procedures.


2023-09-09 15:36 | Report Abuse

KNM started off as a beautiful business. Now it's kinda mid-life crisis but the business is still beautiful with high technology and renewable energy projects. With a new board at the helm for a year things are looking very bright. So bright that it attracted the attention of German tycoon. Otherwise who would want a PN17 company?