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2017-06-07 08:07 | Report Abuse

Bone's analysis makes sense, assumption taken if the company is able to sell its mentioned land at psf rm 12, that would be whooping rm 0.64 cash per share.

However, would it be possible that there is no buyer of the land and the company keeps bleeding cash like no tomorrow? Company dies before able to sell off the land? Worse still, financing more from the bank based on the land's current value?

As the latest financial report, it posted borrowing of rm 103mil(rm 0.33/share), while cash at hand merely rm 3mil(rm 0.01/share). If one can borrow 70% of the land value from the bank, 70% of 237mil is 166mil, there is still having much more borrowing capacity.

Will the company borrow more money to support its business, or will the company sell of the land, pays off its debts? If it sell off the land, how much will investors get?

Land sold value (rm 12 psf) = RM 237 mil = RM 0.64/share
Debts = RM 103 mil = RM 0.33/share
Excess cash after paying debts = 0.64 - 0.33 + 0.01 = RM 0.32/share

As you can see, if the company opts to sell off the land at the assumed price, its excess cash would be RM 0.32 per share, 23% higher than its current share price of 0.26.

From the above announcements, seems like the deal will be successful sooner or later. Shareholders of it, sit back, relax, take a sip of wine, enjoy the rides. Alex, enjoy your new car, haha~

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2017-06-06 09:25 | Report Abuse

Well written value seeker, simple and easy to understand.

Gkent, at price of 4.23, total equity & dividend growth at 31.25%, cash value per share at 23.48%, a high ROE company, is definitely a sound investment. The only step-backs are its low dividends yield (might due to its price being pushed up) and orderbook basis.

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2017-05-04 18:02 | Report Abuse

Albukhary, 其实是可行的,我之前觉得需要会计师才能做,自己试着做,也做到了,一个Excel就行了...每天记下收入支出的小钱,月尾做个现金流。每月翻看银行户口,债务户口,做一张资产表。如果你是打工的,收入表就容易得多,记下净收入就行了。

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2017-05-04 17:51 | Report Abuse

Don't blame KYY guys, he is good, who can donate so much money to a school and society today? His opinions are just a guidance, we can ignore it if we don't buy it, but we must respect that uncle. He contributed a lot to our society today.

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2017-05-04 17:47 | Report Abuse

albukhary 然后呢?什么成果感想?

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2017-05-03 14:00 | Report Abuse

Hi noobnnew, can't agree with you more. However, that book's formula is just a simple guidance. Preferance is upon our choices. Personally I think this formula should be applied on those who work for at least 5 years and above.

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2017-05-03 12:21 | Report Abuse

samsambank though engtex has equity growth of 14.42% and div growth 9.52%, total growth of 23.94%, its div payout ratio is consistently < 10%, and its dividend yield is less that bank fd interest 3.5%. Regardless of studying its net cash/debt position I will skip it.

wan7075, unless I could go back to the past and I would invest in it. I will skip it before and now.

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2017-05-03 11:11 | Report Abuse

Braveang, here is your referance

your assets
house (bought price) + Car (bought price) + Cash + FD + EPF + insurance investments + stocks current value + funds current value

your liabilities
House loans (outsandings) + Car loans (outstandins) + personal loans + study loans + Credit card loans + any borrowings

of course, if your are expert enough, you can do appreciation, armotization, and depreciation value for your assets. This is just a simple estimation

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2017-05-03 09:15 | Report Abuse

Hi poorkid, I think you can answer that for yourself. Have a read of this, cheers!