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2023-02-01 19:24 | Report Abuse

#Risk Trader You're right, my bad on my RI calculation


2023-01-30 14:09 | Report Abuse

I got nothing to prove to you because I didn't buy Itronic
I'm tracking all entitlement : Bonus Issue, Right Issue and Dividend.
Been doing that for so many years. The best RI that gave me huge
profit were PMBTech and Scanwolf

Putting forward my opinion on Itronic here is just as a reference and case study,
because the RI although was massively undersubscribed it still can make nice returns.
Recent RI that I subscribed and made money are Huayang and Rex. I only choose companies
with good track records that issue rights and warrants that do not run into billions
like BTM, BSL etc

Currently focusing on Annum. Bought @ 0.29 before ex-date and already sold off my shares @ 0.31
on Friday. Will now subscribe online to the right issue before acceptance date.


2023-01-29 14:07 | Report Abuse

#surewin111 I would not recommend doing so, now with the listed rights and warrants, there are more shares in the market. People would just sold off and be done with it. Same like BTM Right Issue. Since the the listing on 16/01/23, the price for both Right & Warrant do not see much movement.


2023-01-28 21:07 | Report Abuse

This Itronic gave a nice surprise to the anybody who's willing
to defy the odds and subscribed to the Right Issue

OR = 0.005 since the first day
Massively undersubscribed at 69.14%

Let say you bought 200,000 OR @ 0.005 = RM 1,000
To subscribe to the Right Issue = 200,000 x 0.08 = RM 16,000

Total cost = RM 17,000

2 :1 Rights Issue & 3 Warrant : 4 Right Share subscribed @ 0.08
So for every 200,000 Right Issue subscribed you are entitled to 300,000 warrants

Based on Friday's closing price :
Itronic = 0.06
Itronic-WA = 0.03

You sold all 200,000 Rights @ 0.06 = RM 12,000
You sold all 300,000 Warrants @ 0.03 = RM 9,000
Total = RM 21,000

Profit = 21,000 - 17,000 = RM 4,000


2022-12-08 23:09 | Report Abuse

#samchong6891 - No, 0.805 is the theoretical ex-price IF EFrame closed on 13/12/22 @ RM1.00
Ex-date for EFrame = 14/12/22
Use the above formula to get the ex-price for EFrame
Listing for EFrame-WA = 27/12/22

So the reference price for EFrame-WA will depend on the closing price on of EFrame on Friday 23/12/22.
Reference price for EFrame-WA = Closing PX on 23/12/22 minus 0.42 (Warrant Exercise PX)


2022-12-08 20:44 | Report Abuse

Adjusting shares price for Bonus Issue for Warrants

TX = Theoretical Ex-Price (RM)
P, Cum Price = Closing Price (RM) on last cum date
X = Bonus Warrant (unit)
Y = Holding of existing share (unit)
EP = Exercise Price of Warrant

TX = ( P × Y ) + ( X × EP )
Y + X

TX = ( 1.00 × 2 ) + ( 1 × 0.42 )
2 + 1

TX = 2 + 0.42

TX = 2.42/3 = 0.805


2022-12-08 15:08 | Report Abuse

EFrame exercise price fixed @ 0.42
At current price of RM1, theoretical ex-price = 0.80
Therefore the warrant reference price = 0.80 - 0.42 = 0.38 !
It should easily go limit up on listing


2022-11-03 11:11 | Report Abuse

Let see how this works out
Let say you bought 50,000 SPSETIA-PR @ 0.005 = RM 250
Then you need to apply for the PR. So 50,000 x 0.38 = RM 19,000
So now you total cost = RM 19,250

What will the reference price for RCPS on listing day (30/11/22) ?

Reference Price For RCPS

LR = Reference Price
P = Previous day closing price of ordinary share
m = Nominal Value of Loan
R = Conversion Ratio of loan share to ordinary share

LR = (P/R) - m
= (0.50/0.67) - 0.38
= 0.746 - 0.38
= 0.365

* Assume that SP Setia closing price on 29/11/22 @ 0.50

Let say you sold all 50,000 @ 0.365 = RM 18,250
Losses = 18,250 - 19,250 = RM 1,000

In order to make money SP Setia need to close at least @ 0.52
and you are able to sell above 0.39


2022-09-21 19:57 | Report Abuse

After consolidation share outstanding will become only 123m only, and this company also has proposed to acquire CCK Petroleum with cash plus FAST shares @ 0.3413. Now why would a company agreed to such a deal if the share price has no potential to go up in the future


2022-01-04 09:12 | Report Abuse

Why is this share keep going up ?? Somebody said this counter going to crash on Monday to 1.70


2021-12-22 09:56 | Report Abuse

This Atech is very much like MI Equipment. Mi was listed on 20/06/18 with an issue price of
RM1.42. Mi opened at RM1.39 - below the issue price but closed the day at RM1.54,
This company listing came with a Q1 result of 33.4m in Revenue & 6.7m in PBT

The share prices gradually picked up momentum and by end of July was trading above RM2.00
Then the Q2 result was announced end of August. Revenue jumped to 54.3m and PBT increased to 16.6m.
As a result, the share price broke RM3 by mid September

What I'm trying to say for Atech is : do look beyond RM2 and wait at least until the Q4 results
(Q3 was announced before IPO listing) is announced sometime in March 2022 if you intend to sell

p/s : I got 15,000 shares from the IPO, will wait until then.


2021-11-22 10:06 | Report Abuse

@Brutus, In most EGM that I attended, there will always be a few votes that are against the resolutions. It's like watching Youtube videos. There will always be a few dislikes even for a video of a cat that got rescued.


2021-11-22 09:39 | Report Abuse

Participated in today's EGM remote voting. Bonus Issue & Free Warrant all approved by shareholders !


2021-09-29 09:25 | Report Abuse

@ algo_trader You need to wait a few days. Today the company will publish the NPA & RSF & Abridged Prospectus.


2021-09-28 21:18 | Report Abuse

@ algo_trader If you bought Masteel mothershare you can either :

1.) Wait for the NPA & RSF forms, send by mail to you from Share Registrar
2.) Make photocopies of the forms which you can download from Bursa website (beginning 29/09)
3.) Apply the rights via Bursa Anywhere website

For 1.) & 2.) you must fill in the NPA & RSF forms, purchase bank draft and stamp hasil and send by courier (much safer) and it must reach on or before 14/10/21


2021-09-27 22:20 | Report Abuse

@ sk6259 To understand this ICPS from Minetech, lets look back at BioHolding Right Issue & ICPS last May. Although BioHolding came out with Right Issue, you can just ignore and just subscribe to the ICPS because the forms were issued separately.

Some details of the ICPS :

* BioHldg-PR was trading between 0.015-0.045 and closed at 0.04 on 03/05/21

* BioHldg-PR Cash Conversion = by surrendering 1 Rights ICPS and cash payment of RM 0.20 for
conversion into 1 new BioHldg Share

* BioHldg ICPS issue price = 0.02

Let say you bought 100,000 BioHldg-PR @ 0.04 (last PR price) = RM 4,000
Then you subscribe to the ICPS, 100,00 @ 0.02 = RM 2,000
So your total cost for BioHldg ICPS = RM 6,000

Both BioHldg Right Issue & ICPS were listed 28/05/21.
Bioholding closed at 0.22 while the ICPS went to a high of 0.11 but closed at 0.09.

Let say you sold all you 100,000 ICPS at 0.09, you would be making a profit of RM 3,000 !

To get a clearer picture, try reading :



2021-09-27 21:30 | Report Abuse

@ Trader9 If you subscribe to the ICPS, you can sell when it open for trading on 25/10/21. Conversion can only be done after the ICPS are listed.

According to the Minetech Abridged Prospectus :

The ICPS can be converted into new Minetech Shares at any time from the date of issuance of the ICPS up to the last market day immediately preceding the 5th anniversary from the date of issuance of the ICPS (“Maturity Date”). Any ICPS that are not converted would be mandatorily converted into new Minetech Shares on the Maturity Date


2021-09-08 09:14 | Report Abuse

Got my WB, applied 20,000 for excess but was allocated 500 only !


2021-08-15 18:33 | Report Abuse

#Jackshares, it's possible if you can hand deliver it tomorrow (Monday - Last date for Acceptance & payment) to the registrar BEFORE 5pm together with your NPA/RSF forms and banker's cheque


2021-08-13 09:05 | Report Abuse

Try download YB's Abridged Prospectus. it's all there

Coupon rate/Payment : 0.10% per annum on the nominal value of the ICULS payable on an annual basis


2021-08-05 12:07 | Report Abuse

One thing about doing e-Right using Boardroom, once you submitted your CDS number & number of shares that you would like to subscribe, the next page is for payment. If say you mess up in your payment or decide to cancel your payment, Boardroom will consider that you have submitted your application and there is not second try.

Happened to me, when trying to make payment. There's some problem with M2U as it failed to go through. And that's it. End up have to submit using form and buying banker's cheque


2021-08-04 17:23 | Report Abuse

Apply e-Right online using https://www.registrar-boardroom.com.my/

NOT https://www.boardroomlimited.com/my

The name almost the same but it's the former


2021-08-03 20:07 | Report Abuse


Where was it mentioned that the right issue price is fixed at 0.13 ?


2021-07-29 18:31 | Report Abuse

BCMall rights and warrants will be listed on 30/08/21
So on this date if you have subscribed to the OR that you bought today you can sell them.

Same like what happened to Johan rights and warrants listed yesterday. Had you bought Johan-OR trading between 29th June to 5th July, and subsequently subscribed to the rights you will be able to sell them yesterday.

Go to : https://investor.boardroomlimited.com/
Register yourself first, then on Monday you can submit your application and made payment online. No need for any hard copy unless you apply the rights manually - buying bank draft and sending the forms


2021-07-29 18:05 | Report Abuse

If I bought OR today morning, then I subscribe to mother..today evening.

Can't understand what you're saying.

If you have bought OR @ 0.005 this morning, and made full payment tomorrow. Then by Monday you can submit your application & payment to subscribe for the rights.


2021-07-29 15:20 | Report Abuse

05/08/21 is the last date for OR trading. You can buy or selling BCMall-OR on or before 05/08/21

So once you got your OR and you decide to subscribe, you must ensure that your application must reach them on acceptance and payment date :16 Aug 2021 05:00 PM

You can also use e-Right to subscribe online. Go to : https://investor.boardroomlimited.com/
First you need to register, fill in your particulars and send copy of your IC front and back


2021-07-29 13:31 | Report Abuse

Date for cessation of trading of rights = 06/08/21
Next Thursday 05/08/21 is the last day for the OR


2021-07-27 09:32 | Report Abuse

Date for cessation of trading of rights = 06/08/21
So 05/08/21 is the last day for the OR


2021-07-27 09:09 | Report Abuse

Theoretical Price for OR

LR = Reference Price for rights on Listing Date (RM)
P = Previous day closing price of ordinary share (RM)
Z = Subscription price per rights
EP = Exercise Price of Warrant (RM)
RW = Warrant ratio to Rights

LR = (P - Z) + ((P - EP) × RW)
= (0.155 - 0.08) + ([0.155 - 0.10] x 0.83)
= 0.075 + (0.055 x 0.83)
= 0.075 + 0.04565
= 0.12

The theoretical price for OR is not simply taking opening price minus right issue price


2021-07-25 15:26 | Report Abuse

You can register with Bursa Anywhere and after T+2 it will show your full available quantity to subscribe.

Or you can apply using my method, buy buying bank draft and photocopy and fill in the NPA & RSF forms from Bursa website yourself. However you need to pay for bank charges and stamp hasil (RM10)

The theoretical OR price on Tuesday will be based on BCMall closing price. Let say Tuesday BCMall closed @ 0.125, the theoretical OR price will be 0.08

LR = Reference Price for rights on Listing Date (RM)
P = Previous day closing price of ordinary
share (RM)
Z = Subscription price per rights
EP = Exercise Price of Warrant (RM)
RW = Warrant ratio to Rights

LR = (P - Z) + ((P - EP) × RW)
= (0.125 - 0.08) + ([0.125 - 0.08] x 0.83)
= 0.045 + (0.045 x 0.83)
= 0.045 + 0.03735
= 0.08

The theoretical price maybe @ 0.08 but it could open higher or lower depending on market's demand.

As a reference AEM closed @ 0.065 on 21/07/21, the theoretical OR price for AEM-OR was 0.025 but the OR remains at 0.005 after 2 days trading.


2021-07-25 13:33 | Report Abuse

@ alex 0.08 is the Right Issue price. This one is fixed.

BCMall-OR will be listed next Tuesday (27/07) until 05/08/21. Do note that OR is just a form, so basically you are buying the Rights form to subscribe and the price may vary.

You can refer to AEM-OR currently listed on the board. The Right Issue price is fixed @ 0.05 but the OR is now selling @ 0.005

1.) Let say the price of BCMall-OR on Tuesday is 0.05, and you bought 10,000 :

10,000 X 0.05 = RM 500

2.) The next step is to subscribe to the rights. You can buy bank draf or apply e-Rights online :

10,000 x 0.08 (right issue price) = RM 800

3.) So your total cost :
RM 500 (OR) + RM 800 (Rights Subscription) = RM 1,300

4.) You must ensure that your application for BCMall Right Subscription is completed/reach Share Registrar BEFORE 16/08/21 (Acceptance date & Payment)


2021-07-25 00:17 | Report Abuse

If you apply excess shares, it will depend on the response of the rights subscription. So far from my experience, I didn't manage to get full total excess rights that I applied.

But for shares like Saudee or Mtouche where the rights are under subscribed, then you will be lucky to get all your excess shares

If you buy OR from the market then you are guaranteed to the total number of shares but then it will be based on price on the board on that day. Applying excess shares is just a throw of the dice. No telling how many you will get allotted.


2021-07-24 19:28 | Report Abuse

A few things to know about sending via online e-Right :

Bursa Anywhere :

* If you want to debit from your bank account, you must make sure that your bank account is the one that you register with Bursa Malaysia for e-Dividend. Let say you registered for e-Dividend using CIMB and decide to pay for your Rights using Maybank, it will straight away reject your application.

* Happened to me, so I told myself fine I change my e-Dividend bank account using Bursa Anywhere apps from BIMB to MBB. They asked for Bank Statement or Letter from the bank or Copy of bank Book or Cheque Book. So I sent them my copy of statement. This also got rejected !

Public Bank & Affin Bank e-Right

* You can also use PBB or Affin Bank to apply e-Right online by debiting from your account. But they don't allow if you have joint-account !

* Finally I used the old fashioned way. By buying bank draft and send it using Pos Laju.


2021-07-23 21:30 | Report Abuse

@ alex - On Monday BCMall will come out with it's NPA (Notice of Provisional Allotment) & RSF (Right Subscription Form). You can download it in Bursa website.

These forms will show how many BCMall rights & warrants are allotted to you. For example if you own 4000 BCMall you will be allotted 6000 Rights & 5000 Warrants.

And in the same forms you can apply for excess shares. Let say you can apply additional 6000 Rights. But normally, if the right issue is fully subscribed you will find its not so easy to get excess shares. If you lucky you may get a few but not the full number that you requested.

You can try have a look at AEM NPA & RSF to have an idea how the excess application look like


2021-07-08 01:23 | Report Abuse

Right Issue price = 10 sen
So 10,000 x 0.10 = RM 1,000


2021-07-06 23:53 | Report Abuse

valuewood11, All you have to do now is to subscribe to the rights by paying the required amount (how many rights that are allocated to you) BEFORE the acceptance date 13/07/21


2021-07-05 14:45 | Report Abuse

Yes on 27th you can sell your rights (if you subscribed BEFORE the acceptance date 12/07/21)


2021-07-05 14:24 | Report Abuse

MrPikachu listing date for the rights is on 27/07/21


2021-07-05 11:36 | Report Abuse

118400 x 0.175 = RM 20,720 that the amount you need to pay to subscribe to the rights. Last month I bought 100,000 Saudee-OR @ 0.005 with a total cost of RM 15,500 after subscribing for the rights. I was sure that I'm going to lose my money when the price of Saudee kept dropping to 0.14 and the rights was undersubscribed. But in the end I made a profit of RM4000+ after selling the rights and the warrants. Could have made much more if I hold a bit longer.

My point is, if you got the money just subscribe to the right issue and see how it pans out. I didn't buy Scope-OR as I feel that the right price was a bit high for me @ 0.175. Would have been okay if I manage to get the OR @ 0.01 or lower


2021-07-05 10:55 | Report Abuse

#MrPikachu How many Scope-OR did you buy ?


2021-07-05 09:46 | Report Abuse

#FlyingElephant yes it's hard to explain why a few counters do show up in PBB & Affin bank e-Rights Online and some don't. For example OIB-OR can be applied through PBB eRights but not Scope-OR despite having the same registrar - Boardroom Share Registrars Sdn Bhd.


2021-06-19 14:18 | Report Abuse

@ Peace99 Just to add a quick note: If buy at 0.23 and subscribe, if future price goes above 0.21 then untung liao. You can calculate similarly what if you buy at 0.25 and subscribe, you will untung at what price. Good luck to us all !

Let say I bought 100,000 shares @ 0.23 = RM 23,000
After subscribing for 50,000 Rights @ 0.175 = RM 8,750

My total cost = RM 31,750

Hi, Could you explain how I can make profit if I were to purchase @ 0.23 and the price of Scope after ex-date goes up above 21 sen.

They way I see it is that I only gain from my 50,000 rights shares.


2021-06-16 09:55 | Report Abuse


Bonus Issue Free Warrants 1 for 2
Exercise price = 1.20
Ex-date = WED 16/06/21
Last cum price = RM 1.60

(1.60 X 2) + (1 X 1.20)
(1 + 2)

3.20 + 1.20
___________ = 4.40/3 = 1.46

Listing Date for SAMAIDEN-WA = MON 28/06/21
Closing Cum-Price for SAMAIDEN-WA = @
Reference Price for SAMAIDEN-WA = @ - 1.20 =


2021-05-31 13:35 | Report Abuse

"Anyway, not sure if someone buys OR/PR from open market during the listing period (26/04/21 to 03/05/21), can these be subscribed on time for the mother share and PA? Ie. submit your form to company and hope your application is on time and successful.."

Shouldn't be a problem as the acceptance and payment date was on 11th May - one week after the OR & PR expired. Ample time to buy bank draft and submit the forms. Anyway my friend applied online using PBB e-Right

Worth to note :
Over-subscription rate for the OR was 54.98%
Over-subscription rate for the PR was 207.81%


2021-05-31 10:37 | Report Abuse

"hakubasnow above assumed you can buy BIOHLDG-PR @ 0.005 and later convert to PA. Didn't monitor the OR/PR opening and listing price during their tenure, but I believe it is very unlikely you can get PR @ 0.005 even for RM500, as this implies you are getting a price way below anyone including the directors."

I was helping a friend that asked whether to subscribe or sell his BIOHLDGH-OR & BIOHLDG-PR. He owned 100,000 Bio Holdings and as a result got 6,666 BIOHLDG-OR & 16,666 BIOHLDG-PR. The price for the PR stayed at 0.005 from the commencement (26/04/21) until the last date for trading of rights (03/05/21).

The prices for both OR & PR were correct as I was monitoring it for him during that period of time, hence my calculation should one purchase and subscribe to the rights


2021-05-28 10:14 | Report Abuse

BIO HOLDING - Right Issue = 1 Rights for every 15 shares @ 0.20
& 1 ICPS for every 6 shares @ 0.02

BIOHLDG OR & PR listed on 26/04/21 - 04/05/21
OR trading at 0.02
PR trading at 0.005

let say you bought 50,000 OR @ 0.02 = RM 1,000
let say you bought 100,000 PR @ 0.005 = RM 500

You subscribed 50,000 OR = 50,000 shares x 0.20 = RM 10,000
You subscribed 100,000 PR = 100,000 shares x 0.02 = RM 2,000

Today (28/05/21) listing for both BIOHLDG Rights & BIOHLDG-PA

Let say today you sold 50,000 BIOHLDG @ 0.235 = 50,000 x 0.235 = RM 11,750
Let say today you sold 100,000 BIOHLDG-PA @ 0.095 = 100,000 x 0.095 = RM 9,500

Your profit for BIOHOLDING :
11,750 - (10,000 + 1,000) = RM 750

Your profit for BIOHOLDING-PA :
9,500 - ( 2,000 + 500) = RM 7,000

Total profit for both BIOHOLDING Rights & PA = RM 7,750


2021-05-27 10:38 | Report Abuse

Listing for both Rights shares & Warrants will on 23/06/21


2021-05-04 14:23 | Report Abuse

yitian12, Yes two separate banker's drafts = one to Bioalpha Rights Shares Account and another to Bioalpha Rights ICPS Account


2021-03-24 11:21 | Report Abuse

Let's analyze Solarvest price movement since before the ex-date,
Actual fact, one would still have made profit if the purchase was made before
it went ex for free warrants.

The mistake was buying after it went ex after the entitlements. For me I bought very early
when Solarvest first announced the bonus issue proposal and sold the mother and warrants shares after the listing of the warrants.

Assuming bought 4000 shares @ 2.73 on 19/02/21 (last done price before ex-date for warrant)

19/02/21 4000 @ 2.73 (End of day price) = RM 10,920
Starting with cost of RM 10,920
Prices keep getting lower and lower after listing of warrants

Scenario #1 sold both Solarvest & Solarvest-WA
on the listing day of warrants 19/02/21 :

2.59 x 4000 = RM 10,360
1.51 x 1000 = RM 1,510
Total = RM 11,870

Scenario #2 sold both Solarvest & Solarvest-WA
on last day BEFORE bonus issue 19/03/21 :

2.53 x 4000 = RM 10,120
1.53 x 1000 = RM 1,530
Total = RM 11,650

Scenario #3 sold both Solarvest & Solarvest-WA
today after ex-all for Bonus Issue :

1.59 x 6000 = RM 9,540
0.99 x 1500 = RM 1,485
Total = RM 11,025