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2021-09-16 01:20 | Report Abuse

Honestly, whats the background of Ms Emma ? She's part of the ADAP Capital Sdn Bhd (Belongs to Awang Daud) & currently also hold 6mil no. of shares in Minetech, does she really have the capabilities or qualification being a Deputy MD disregarding her age ?

She have a background in Finance same as the newly appointed Executive Director, Mr Lo Ling which also came from ADAP Capital Sdn Bhd. While it may seems the justification for the appointment for both of this directors is due to the long partnership and synergy built but what worries me is that is Awang Daud appointing them for the benefit of the company or the benefit for themselves ?

I believed that Awang Daud truly possessed the capabilities and knowledge in different field but whether is he doing it for the company still remain questionable as we had saw SERBADK had a long history of doing multiple PP and recently Minetech is going for Right Issues. The recent SERBADK issues will also have a big impact as well share price wise.


2021-09-02 00:53 | Report Abuse

Another thing to take note, N2N on 2018 made a purchase of 28% stake on Australian co. named OurMoneyMarket (OMM), - "N2N Connect to buy 28% stake in Australian lender", April 2018

Currently OMM just announced they are raising Series C on August 2021 and it is expected their investor as a backer which included N2N. We may see N2N increasing their stake in OMM as the P2P lending co. reported they already written in excess of $220 million in loans and has projected that it will hit $525 million of loan originations by June 30 next year. - "OurMoneyMarket raising Series C on $117m valuation", August 2021


2021-09-01 02:14 | Report Abuse

Increased of Administrative expenses is probably because of the covid test needed and vaccination (not sure is free or have to pay for it), may increase further in future since government is implementing all company have to go through RTK test for every two weeks.


2021-07-10 03:20 | Report Abuse

Share price wise might affect cause who knows. Performance wise I would say "NO" cause Awang just joined the company not so long ago, Awang could hardly make any difference that is deemed suspicious or largely boost the company performance. If Awang really bouta do some "magic" in company statement, Aimflex wouldn't have 18k profit. For now, Aimflex current QR is backed with reasonable explanation and forward QR for most manufacturing would get affected as well, best to avoid if u holding for short or FIFO.


2021-07-08 16:26 | Report Abuse

Labour cost will rise due to government requirement of taking 2 RTK test per week for manufacturing company to cope with Covid-19, company may continue to faces tight profit margin with only 60% labour force & RTK test. Hard times ahead for the company.

However company may have some chance to strive with more company will seek for alternative ways to manufactured their products, ideally to build an automation intensive manufacturing rather than labour intensive.


2021-07-01 16:47 | Report Abuse

Erm, you guys could check it on the annual report 2020 "List of Thirty Largest Shareholders", is not a recent news that the have that much stakes in Aimflex since 2019.


2021-06-11 15:11 | Report Abuse

Things worth noticing for DPIH regarding bonus issue:

1) DPIH issuance of bonus issue is possibly a replacement of upcoming dividend (company aldr 0.85 sen of dividend - 4 times). It might be the company intention to reserve their cash flow.

2) Based on their competitor announcement (Samurai 2K), during FMCO they are only capable of running at 60% capacity which might be the same as well for DPIH which in some way make sense that company will save their cash for upcoming unforeseen event.

3) Price of commodities had rose quickly which may affect the company COGS, it is also worth noticing that there might be some increase in their price of spray paint (check it on shopee monthly).

4) With COGS rising and their upcoming factory still in the process, the company will definitely take some actions to save their cashflow.


2021-06-08 00:57 |

Post removed.Why?


2021-06-01 20:13 | Report Abuse

Company faces high COGS "mainly" due to Overtime expenses & outsourcing cost to meet their customer order due to 2 of their factory were shut down because of covid cases. The company may not be able to run in 100% capacity due to covid cases or the implementation of 60% capacity.

For next 3 QR still remain a question whether Aimflex could turn things around, however do note that in QR report the company did mentioned that they are still in discussion with the parties from oil industry to work on their collaboration since April, so hope things could work out between the parties.

IMO, automation will grow strong in demand in order for company in different industry to meet their customer order as covid still increasing daily, less foreign labor is available in the market due to unable to travel and strict regulation being implemented by the gov. Even for some company, they are having hard time to expand due to their nature of work is more human labor intensive, things will change as covid is here to stay for next few years and machine will take more work to ensure their production line is unharmed.

Of course, this is my bias view as i brought the company share, dont come shoot me pls.


2021-06-01 20:00 | Report Abuse

Might be possible merger or acquisition between Hundsun & N2N as there is no doubt Ant Financial is expanding aggressively through acquisition for the past decade. With stock market continue booming and increasing usage of tech due to Covid Era in SEA, is quite a good opportunity for them to expand themselves which is the quickest way of entering foreign market.

In the end of the day, this is only a guess or you could say is a hunch, with China & USA still having strong conflict, the SEA market is the better choice for Ant to expand as previously Ant acquisition offer was shut down from the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment for a company named MoneyGram.,its%20blessings%20on%20the%20deal.


2021-04-25 17:57 | Report Abuse

Well, if u think it in a different way, there is a lot of aerosol product to explore such as deodorant spray, antiseptic spray, disinfectant spray and hairspray which unlikely to be replaced in the market for next 10-20 years. Their target market is quite good due to cultural behavior, such as Japan had already adopted using of different cleaning product due to their high attention of cleanliness while Australia have huge usage of bug repellent and bug spray due to their high temperature and very good environments for bugs to grow inside and also outside of houses.


2021-04-02 20:09 | Report Abuse

Venture into Australia
“Over the past 30 years, we have been exporting our products to other countries such as Japan and Indonesia. But to us, that’s not enough. We need to expand our product portfolio and we need to have a direct presence in the foreign markets,” he stresses, adding that DPI is looking to acquire an aerosol product maker in Australia.

“We have been talking with them for a couple of years, but nothing has materialised, partly due to the pandemic. Hopefully, when travel restrictions are lifted, I can finalise the last few conditions with them. Ideally, we hope to team up with them, but we intend to get a 75% stake,” Chai says. He adds that DPI wishes to complete the acquisition of the Australian company, which has an annual revenue of A$6 million to A$7 million (about RM20 million), sometime this year.

“What we like about this company is that their profit margin is quite good. We hope to manufacture their products in Malaysia, and sell (them) through their sales and distribution networks. By doing that, we could help them save some operation and labour costs and improve their margins further.

Venture into Japan
In May, DPI will also be setting up a JV company in Japan, in which it will own an 80% stake. The remaining 20% of DPI Japan will be held by its Japanese partner, which has 38 years of experience in the aerosol industry.

“Our plan is to use the JV company as a vehicle to acquire some companies and businesses in Japan. For now, we are eyeing small- and medium-sized, family-owned aerosol companies, which have their own niche and speciality products,” Chai says.


2021-03-24 20:46 | Report Abuse

DPIH had been steadily adding 3-5mil free cash flow for the last few qr, if they could still keep it up in the future, they will have totally no problem in JV/Acquisition/Expanding since they could technically fund their whole operation without getting a single penny from the bank and still giving dividend. If this is not a good business, i don't know what is.


2021-03-24 09:40 | Report Abuse

No, Malaysia largest data centre i think is TIME, they are not just doing wifi, but also supplying data storage to businesses.


2021-03-22 23:53 | Report Abuse

Reference is made to the news article titled "’Nice, little, solid' DPI Holdings looking to get bigger" appearing in The Edge dated 22 March 2021.


The Board of Directors of DPIH ("The Board") wishes to clarify that DPIH is exploring on the possibility of potential joint ventures and/or mergers and acquisitions in overseas markets.


The Board will release the necessary announcements in a timely manner to Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Securities”) should there be any material information in relation to the new venture and/or mergers and acquisitions which falls under the ACE Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Securities. The Board will also seek the necessary shareholders' approval, if required, once the merger and acquisitions is confirmed by the Company.


This announcement is dated 22 March 2021.


2021-03-22 19:47 | Report Abuse

In my POV, is a rather average result even thought they managed to improved their revenue but their profit margin is still too low at 5.7%, probably due to strong competition in foreign countries. The private placement had to be spend more wisely, their only good acquisition is Sandz Solution out of their other acquisition, other subsidiary performance keep dropping and no explanation given by the management. Hope they could at least maintain their profit margin around 8% - 11% to remain competitive or else they would be eaten alive by their competitors.


2021-03-21 21:20 | Report Abuse

The management speak clearly that they do not have any interest in the moment to convert to main market as they are focusing in on businesses development. For the moment the company is still heading to a good direction:

- They started their construction this month on their new factory.
- The management mentioned they been buying lots of raw material during low prices in MCO
period, they are confident that the rise of oil price will only have little effect on them.
- No bonus issue as they see no benefit for the development of company, they will continue
providing dividend as usual.
- Mentioned that they are still actively searching for M&A and have several potential choices but
due to restriction in travelling to other country, they will have to wait


2021-02-27 15:08 | Report Abuse

the Group anticipates to commence the tender process to appoint a contractor within
the third quarter of 2020. The construction of the New Building is expected to take approximately
18 months. The commissioning of the new machinery and its subsequent trial runs will take a few
more months thereafter.


2021-02-27 14:59 | Report Abuse

They announced their IPO fund will be fully used by 2023/2024, currently only thing they did is some marketing expenses and upgrade on their original machines


2021-02-27 14:56 | Report Abuse

The construction haven't even start yet lol, they are still in tender process as they expected this QR they will finally get a main con to start working on the building


2021-02-22 20:12 | Report Abuse

Samurai Brand gt better quality but low volume , 2 1/2 can of Anchor equal to 1 Samurai, Samurai is more expensive bcs they gt variety of colours but who really cares that much since most paint are primary on basic colour like black, white or blue color.


2021-01-28 23:28 | Report Abuse

Quantum (USA) no longer have any relationship with 2 of these subsidiary other than being the supplier for hard drive storage for Krono and its subsidiaries. The company brought it from them to expand their customers base through out South East Asia.


2021-01-28 01:48 | Report Abuse

Anchor's advantages:
- good quality of paint & viscosity, brighter color (true color), save (no need for many layers for flat color)
Anchor deficiency:
- uncomfortable nozle (hard), easily clogged, sometimes out of splat, limited product variety & not different.
Samurai advantage:
- good nozle system, better quality spray spray, wide spray radius, variety of products including premium products like 1 k paint products, 2 k in cans, undercoating & various side products.
Samurai deficiency:
- paint is a bit viscous (melted), less savvy (1 bottles of anchor = 1 1/2 samurai), need a lot of layers for a flat color (depend on the color type), for metallic color too many metallic sparkling & too much rough until the actual color is a bit sinking & slightly grey because of too much mettallic.


2021-01-24 16:06 | Report Abuse

Aiya, we can share here, so that other people also can giv us some positive and negative view. Have to be careful tho, 4 Feb maybe will have full lockdown


2021-01-24 14:42 | Report Abuse

@Papayashot, btw i think u are looking at the wrong perspective regarding of aerosol paint, u should be looking on the purpose of spray paint that is more towards maintenance rather than DIY. Cause the main purpose of paint is to avoid rust or sunlight that will cause damage to woods, metal and stuffs. I think is easier that way for you to analyze, maybe u could try asking people who are involved in motor maintenance business/ motor repair shop, cause those people are more familiar with this.


2021-01-23 23:30 | Report Abuse

some car or motor repair shop will have their own machine like paint gun but would be troublesome for them as maintenance can be a headache, that's why they will go for spray can as it is easy to carry and no maintenance needed with long shelf life.


2021-01-23 23:27 | Report Abuse

Of course not manufacturers, is more toward for local car repair shop & car or motor owners.


2021-01-23 13:50 | Report Abuse

Is more toward for end consumer la or those car repair shop, people sometimes wanna paint their motor parts but don't want to spend too much money


2021-01-23 00:00 | Report Abuse

what i saw from their competitor is that they see more demand during mco and cmco cause people are getting themselves into DIY stuff due to too much free time, is like picking up a new hobby. And also due to low crude oil price, their cost of making spray can also cheaper, thats why their margin increased. Compared with last yr, crude oil still low price.


2021-01-21 22:43 | Report Abuse

This company is safer fundamentally, keep adding 3-4 mil cash every QR, big warchest to prepare for dark cloud or possible future M&A once covid end.


2021-01-21 15:21 | Report Abuse

2020/21 is the many active trade in Stock market, since it is listed everybody gonna keep goreng it and more people knw about HPP more than dpih thanks to fb anf Internet


2021-01-21 15:01 | Report Abuse

My Point of View
- Low Substitution product
- Excel with 1/4 Market share in Malaysia
- Net Cash Company
- Good cost control compared with competitor
- Directors with strong background in Paint Industry

- Still unable to fulfill their target in Prospectus since listed to build their new factory (Extended until 2024)
- Failed to penetrate China Market through Joint Venture (Probably because of Covid ?)
- Most of their profit is from Malaysia (probably 99%)
- Low Market Capital with huge amount of shares (Director hold 75% of the shares)


2021-01-19 18:43 | Report Abuse

the Group anticipates to commence the tender process to appoint a contractor within
the third quarter of 2020. The construction of the New Building is expected to take approximately
18 months. The commissioning of the new machinery and its subsequent trial runs will take a few
more months thereafter.

Furthermore, the upgrade of the existing aerosol paint production factory is still ongoing. The IPO
Proceeds in relation to the plastic cap production is partly to be used for renovation of the new
plastic injection moulding factory, which is currently at its preliminary stage.


2021-01-19 17:21 | Report Abuse

Aerosol Paint Market in Malaysia

DPIH 25% market share in Malaysia
41.7mil (FY19 Revenue) = 25% market share
1.66mil = 1% market share

Samurai 2k FY19 revenue
72.6mil x 34% = 24.7mil malaysia market

24.7mil/1.66mil = 15.4% market share

This is only estimation, my math is damn bad, correct me if I'm wrong.


2021-01-19 17:07 | Report Abuse

"Samurai operates mainly in Southeast Asia with Indonesia and Malaysia as their core markets, contributing 53.6% and 34% of the revenue for FY19 respectively. (FY19 Revenue is RM72.6 mil)"

I'm not sure if they are market leader in Indonesia tho, I only found this on the web, hope this help. Is quite a niche market so the info may not be sufficient.


2021-01-19 16:23 | Report Abuse

Definitely not, is not mentioned in their latest QR and they are spending most of their time marketing their aerosol product (from Facebook), I assumed Bactix is just a news to boost their share price, see no effort in marketing sanitizer but probably wont hurt them much as they already have most of the raw material to create sanitizer due to their business in manufacturing aerosol products.


2021-01-19 16:00 | Report Abuse

Papayashot, i also never use before aerosol paint. If im not wrong, DPIH have lesser variety in colours compared to Samurai 2K but due to lesser colours they have better profit margin.


2021-01-16 00:16 | Report Abuse

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The global aerosol paints market size is anticipated to reach USD 319.8 million by 2027, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., growing at a CAGR of 5.6% from 2020 to 2027.


2021-01-15 23:59 | Report Abuse

Mostly motorcycle parts spraying, can be the Motor repair shop and also those who would spend time doing their own DIY in motor colour spraying. Their price compared with competitor also consider cheaper (I checked in shopee one), so some people may opt for buying spray paint to do their own painting to save up money. They have about 25% of market share in Malaysia.


2021-01-04 20:12 | Report Abuse

Logical behind DPIH stock

2020 has been the year where lockdown take places and income of peoples had a hard hit. There's a reasoning to believe DPIH would still grow strong in 2021.

With economy downturn, more people tend to spend their money wisely which from January to October 2020 there is 14% decreased in purchase of motorcycles comparing with 2019. (

With the decline in sales of motorcycles, is reasonable to believed that people will opt to keep using their old motorcycles. Not only that, with MCO & work from home being the norm in 2020, people are getting crafty in DIY which may push the sales of spray paint for people to spend their time coloring and maintaining their own motorcycles instead of buying a new one as it is cheaper and they have more time to learn throughout the lockdown.

Not only motorcycles, there are still many stuff that will need maintenance to avoid damage and to prolonged life. Eg, Furnitures, Machines in Construction site (due to high exposure of sunlight of rain), helmets and many more. Of course some may say that people would rather buy Paint Spray Gun (PSG) as they are able to refill but do bear in mind that PSG would be much costly especially for those who are only using few times. Only professional tend to use it or those who are using it most of the times. Well, most of DPIH target market would be Malays which consist of about 70% in demographic as i believed that more Malays are willing to DIY and more involvement in artistic business (from my viewpoint as a Chinese, dont get offended lol). With the huge target market, there's is still wide potential as DPIH is growing their production capacity.

Their Competitor Samurai 2k are also expecting higher profit at 2021.


2021-01-01 17:04 | Report Abuse

Hobbyists keep demand high for Samurai 2K Aerosol spray paints in pandemic; new products in pipeline.(Source from The Edge Singapore - Nov30 2020)

Many businesses have seen a drop in sales and revenue during theCovid-19 pandemic but one Malaysia-based aerosol paint manufacturer saw a surge in demandand sales of its products instead.
“During the lockdown periods, people spend more time at home, so they turn to DIY activities at home. In our case, our consumers were motivated to spray-paint their vehicles. That’s why Covid-19 did not really affect our business,” CEO of Samurai 2K Aerosol Ian Ong tells The Edge Singapore. Indeed, unable to travel overseas and forced to stay at home more often, many people turn to Netflix binge-watching, yoga, baking, or even pick up a new hobby to keep themselves occupied. For consumers of Samurai 2K products, they chose to give their own vehicles a fresh new coat of paint. Luckily, Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO) also did not put a stop to production at Samurai 2K’s facilities, allowing it to produce enough paint to meet growing demand.

Sales tied to agriculture trade
“Be it a pandemic or economic recession, our business was not heavily affected in our key markets because we don’t just focus on the big cities. Instead, we focus on small towns. I believe the income of my customers were not badly affected as they are in the agriculture trade,” says Ong, adding that his competitors are also doing rather well.

According to Ong, the household income of those working in agriculture and plantation are affected by the price of commodities such as rubber and palm oil. For example, Ong attributes the drop in revenue and earnings for FY2020 ended March to the drop in the average selling price of palm oil, as these farmers make up a large proportion of Samurai 2K’s customers.

Revenue for FY2020 came in at RM63.1 million ($20.7 million), 13.1% lower than the RM72.6 million a year ago, while earnings fell by 51.2% y-o-y to RM5.1 million. Despite the bleak results, the board doubled its final dividend to 1 cent per share, compared to 0.5 cent per share in FY2019,
as the group recorded strong cash and cash equivalents of RM33.2 million at the end of March.

“We have many consumers living in the outskirts who are in the plantation business, such as palm oil. The palm oil workers were affected by the palm oil selling price in FY2020, which caused their income to decrease and also affected their spending power. Hence, they tend to spend less on their hobbies, such as spray painting,” says Ong, who has noticed the same trend in markets
such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Palm oil prices have since improved as it traded at RM3,252 per metric tonne on Nov 1, compared to RM2,422 on Nov 1, 2019, representing a 34.3% increase. Improving commodity prices and spending more time at home meant Samurai 2K’s products were flying off the shelves in 1HFY2021. In 1HFY2021 ended September, Samurai 2K reported revenues of RM44.1 million,
55.2% higher than a year ago while gross profit margin increased to 49.5% from 46.6%
a year ago. Therefore, earnings more than doubled to RM7.7 million from RM3.2 million in 1HFY2020.

Ong now expects demand to remain high in 2HFY2021 and foresees the upcoming FY2021 results to be released in March to be “much better” compared to FY2020 although he avoids giving a guidance due to the uncertainties surrounding the ongoing pandemic.

Since its listing in January 2017, shares in Samurai 2K have more than trebled from its IPO price of 22 cents to 72 cents on Nov 25, giving it a market cap of $79.1 million. Year to date, its shares
have fallen by 10% though.


2020-12-09 22:35 | Report Abuse

Icapital is a fund management company, basically they use their fund to invest in businesses


2020-11-16 19:04 | Report Abuse

"This Contract is not expected to have a material effect on the gearing of Krono Group for the financial period ending 31 January 2021. However, the Contract is expected to contribute positively to the earnings of Krono Group for the financial period ending 31 January 2021."

So basically they are saying for next QR there is expected to have part of the earning from 23m contract right ?


2020-11-13 19:13 | Report Abuse

just announced the company gt their contract from baidu


2020-11-10 23:54 | Report Abuse

Just an average QR, nothing surprising and nothing to be shocked about.

It is expected that the shutting down of SME will hit hard on the company revenue and the director did said that their operation will back to normal which they are able to regain their normal profit margin (around 8%) after June.

A little letdown that the company unable to slightly increase their profit margin as demand of hybrid computing is going up (based on their international competitors and news).

Their business in Singapore were able to grow 59% compared to previous yr corresponding QR (Singapore flatten their covid curve during june to September). However their business segment in Philippines decreased by 48% as Philippines still have long way to defeat the virus and their other segment is not doing too good as well.

Covid is still a double edge sword to Krono, no doubt the damage done is bigger than the opportunity presented, there is nothing to sugarcoat about.

*My advise, don't buy because someone in forum told u this is good or sell because someone told u is bad, do your own analysis and have more independent thinking, it could help u grow more not only as an investor and your decision making. Reliability on someone will cause you to blame others when u lost rather than acknowledging your own mistakes.


2020-11-02 13:45 | Report Abuse

KUALA LUMPUR: Kronologi Asia Bhd has secured a contract for exabyte-size cloud hyperscale supply and managed services with a web and artificial intelligence provider in China.

Executive director and group CEO Edmond Tay said the implementation involves China's largest cloud hyperscale infrastructure for cloud-based data archive, long-term data preservation and retention services.

"It is in tandem with the Group’s strategic initiatives for its 'As-a-Service' consumption and subscription-based model to progressively invest in infrastructure for future growth in the new normal world and will certainly help grow near-term opportunities for us in the Greater China area,” he added.

Kronologi was down 1.5 sen or 2.9% to 50 sen a share at midday on the back of 1.9 million shares exchanging hands.


2020-11-02 11:33 | Report Abuse

not necessary a good situation for krono, cause many sme businesses were force to close down and u better count in krono existing customers as well.

just like how people saying e-wallet gonna be a blast during MCO, turns out due to closing down of businesses had adverse effect on them


2020-11-02 11:06 | Report Abuse

@Gooshen dont be so offended, everybody gt their POV, u think this stock bad then u ma dont buy lo, no nid waste time come and causing bad influence to others ma