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2021-06-28 15:04 | Report Abuse

True. If everyone are busy hantaming serba dinamik just because others are. Then no one will ever see the true value of Serbadk.

The price only drop because of people panicking. If down all become expert and pam judgement. But then when everything solve, good news start to come, ib research start giving good, price start to up, then later only people wanna start panic buying.

So if cant be positive, dont spread more unproven claims. Unless youre a magician and know exactly a to z what is happening. Which i doubt.


2021-06-28 14:02 | Report Abuse

Obviously the shares went down mostly because of market sentiment. People baselessly spread speculations has led to more selling of serbadk.

Especially with the recent exit of INED and KMPG, more negativity led to the shares dropping again.

Once serba dinamik appoint EY and new INED, things will start to shift back up again.


2021-06-25 15:31 | Report Abuse

IF guilty. Thats a big IF at the moement . Now everything is still ongoing. Every related parties sc bursa serba dinamik ey even maybe, will do their own part in solving the matters. Just wait for the final findings and dont simply judge now. At the moment Serba Dinamik is only doing their best to protect the company and the shareholders.


2021-06-25 15:25 | Report Abuse

Serba Dinamik has not been silent since the issue started and raised by KMPG. They have responded quickly each time which to me this is a way of a company showing their confidence to the shareholders and investors. Many guilty companies has been uncommunicative and kept quiet when conflicts occurs. Better than nothing, wait for more progress. or else if everyone is being negative, the share price will be undervalued and drop due to the negative sentiment.


2021-06-24 17:01 | Report Abuse

Yes Kpmg has been sued manyyy times lah .

Now recently even Petron replace them with Pricewaterhouse pwc.

Many professional auditors here looks like they know everything.

Posted by hanna20 > Jun 24, 2021 4:40 PM | Report Abuse

Nonsense thinking.

Then, the others who already sue KPMG also got no more auditors want to audit them also?

Even MOF is asking KPMG on 1MDB.

Posted by Yu_and_Mee > Jun 24, 2021 4:37 PM | Report Abuse

Serbadk sue KPMG, then KPMG cannot continue audit because conflicts of interest.
Which audit firm dare to audit Serbadk? If not compromise will be sued. If compromised, means if found fraud also must compromised?
Wrong action taken by Serbadk.


2021-06-24 15:09 | Report Abuse

And ive seen less mainstream news portals highlighted the core point of the pc and the lawsuit. Looks like they only cherry pick news and points that can be sensationalised.

The edge for instance look a bit biased in delivering negative notes. Only focus malaysia tends to points out details of the issue.



2021-06-24 15:02 | Report Abuse

Ofcourse kmpg has no obligation towards anyone to present anything. They only have themselves to look after. Unlike them Serba Dinamik need to prove their confidence to the shareholders who has invested in the company. The pc lawsuit and everything are only done to look after the company and its investors.


2021-06-23 17:04 | Report Abuse

i dont think so lah after everything is resolved i positive think the price will rebounce back 1.60 rocket

Posted by SFC1980 > Jun 23, 2021 4:50 PM | Report Abuse

Will suspend soon?


2021-06-23 16:02 | Report Abuse

KMPG is not a stranger when it comes to negligence issues. They have caused many clients with billions of losses too.

Mount Avil has sued them 6 million pound for negligence

Carillion has sued them 250 million pound for negligence

Fannie Mae sue them with malpractice for allowing years of erroneous financial statements

Financial Reporting Council fined them for £5 million for misconduct shortly after the takeover of the Britannia Building Society by The Co-operative Bank, particularly relating to the valuation of Britannia's commercial loans and other liabilities

Siemens demanded to change their auditor to EY after kpmg was investigated for ignoring questionable payment in the Siemens bribery case in Germany.


2021-06-23 15:20 | Report Abuse

And it is childish to think that Serba Dinamik does not have enough to prove their innocence. They said that they are confident that they have a case against kmpg during the pc. And not a small one. But a huge lawsuit. If anyone thinks that this is just another act of pretense. Dont be suprise when u get it wrong. These guys are not dumb to file a massive lawsuit without solid defense.


2021-06-23 14:47 | Report Abuse

Look at the current fact just like what the chairman said. KPMG was negligence in doing their work, kept the company in a lurch for 59 days while raising flag for trivial issues. The statement was made clear with confidence in the pc. Which led them to taking legal action on KPMG. Chairman looks very adamant and unshakable when he even described KMPG as a shoplot auditor who behaves likes god and gangsters.


2021-06-22 13:00 | Report Abuse

Price will climb back when the pc announce something good. It must be something big that they going to hold a pc. Volume looks good means there are people realising that it is a good time to collect now.


2021-06-22 12:04 | Report Abuse

Epf disposition of 15mil shares was only 0.4%. They still have 351mil more stock in the company. Why they din dump everything if serba dinamik is really a lost case. This is just another part of their investiment activity. Its not like they never buy sell serbadk in the past. Why the fuss. Wait for more updates.


2021-06-21 18:34 | Report Abuse

How much lower can Serba stocks get? Sooner or later it will change its direction. Might as well keep the stocks. Frankly, better keep the stocks, be patient and hope that the price will increase. Because, If sell the stocks now when the purchase price is higher that current price, loss will be made and that’s not good…. Hopefully, the EY review will help to increase the price.


2021-06-18 15:55 | Report Abuse

Its funny that the naysayers are more confident in confirming its fraud then kmpg who raised the issue in the 1st place. Duhh.


2021-06-18 15:02 | Report Abuse

Read somewhere online that theres a conspiracy about a coup to take brother karim and serba dinamik down. One board member has been detained by authority due to the kmpg audit issue. Rumour said that this person which currently got majority support in the board was working with kmpg to bring karim down. Damn. Looks like some stuff in american movies. Hope the issue manange to be solve properly and quickly as its impact will confirm drag down the shareholders and minority investor.


2021-06-17 14:51 | Report Abuse

Cant wait for the next updates to be revealed. So that people can stop blindly throwing accusation here. Im sure more positive news will come out soon. All attention are focusing on the next step and findings. All partys must be gearing up kaw kaw from their own side. Serba dinamik, KMPG, EY, MSWG, SC etc. Keep calm and observe some more.


2021-06-17 14:01 | Report Abuse

Nothing good can be get from being pannic and negative. These guys got no guts. U need courage if you wanna do investment. Every investment got risk and benefit. Weight it careully. If simply wanna circulate rumours and negativity. Dont invest in stock.


2021-06-16 15:13 | Report Abuse

Once ey complete their findings, everything is solve then the price will gradually recover back to 1.6 and higher. We can see the price rebound a bit when ey was hired. What happen if they solve it. And what happen if kpmg eventually give its final findings that in favour of serba dinamik. Everything will go back on the right track. I see more positive prospect to buy.


2021-06-16 14:05 | Report Abuse

People can keep disagreeing but what i see so far theres progress from Serba Dinamik,the external audit hire, new ined appointments. Which to me i deemed as positive. And all the negativity are the same thing for the past weeks. Nothing new so far. Kpmg also now quiet. Thats the thing about sentiment. The negative ones tends to stay longer. And heck obviously it will impact the shares more or less. We need to stay positive hopefull and check the current facts and updates. Not just based on others sentiments and speculations are just baseless without solid evidence.


2021-06-15 14:40 | Report Abuse

Dont live in the past. Obviously whoever sell their 16 sen stock now because they scared they will get loss. But think now. Think in the present. What lost has already been lost. So now? think at the current price. whats the potential for it to go upward? If you trust that the company will able to solve the issue in a good way. THeir reputation is restored. Well their existence business value will still run and everything will move upward again. And what will u have from the shares u bought at the low price like now when it jumps back to lets say 1.6? Be calm and act accordingly dont just blindly throw tantrum.


2021-06-15 13:34 | Report Abuse

Agreed. Its logical that when u feel something is not wrong u just need to find some other way. Serba dinamik feels that kpmg findings can not be truly trusted. Hence they hired EY. Like i said, its not a secret that Kmpg has messed up many times in the past.

News & Blogs

2021-06-14 17:18 | Report Abuse

This fella is a well known liar la. Actively posting bogus stuff. See anywhere people also said his words is no good. Only baseless and uselesss "analysis" without concrete evidence. If he continues this way i tell u many will follow like Yinson to hentam him.


2021-06-14 14:24 | Report Abuse

Serba dinamik just appointed Ernts & Young as its independent reviewer. They will assess veracity and accuracy of the matters highlighted by KMPG. Well well well. This gonna be good.



2021-06-14 13:32 | Report Abuse

What could have been better than a valuable stock at a very affordable price. Yes agreed. Theres never been a better time to buy this stock than now. Well, those who do not get this will definitely regret later on. I see a good investment to put on serbadk, at least a long term investment.


Sekarang masa terbaik beli saham Serba Dinamik

KETIKA pasaran saham Bursa Malaysia ditutup Jumaat lalu, kaunter Serba Dinamik Holding Berhad berada di paras 60.5 sen sesaham, menghampiri harga semasa syarikat itu mula mengadakan tawaran awam permulaan (IPO) dahulu.

Masih tiada perkembangan terkini membabitkan isu audit yang dibangkitkan oleh KPMG, yang masih ditunggu-tunggu bagi memuktamadkan laporan penyata kewangan sebelum 30 Jun ini.

Namun, di sebalik kejatuhan harga saham syarikat Serba Dinamik dan syarikat berkaitan dengan , Pengarah Urusan dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Kumpulan, Datuk Dr Abdul Karim Abdullah seperti Kumpulan Powernet dan Sarawak Consolidated Industries Berhad dalam tempoh 3 minggu boleh menjadi suatu bentuk tarikan kepada para pelabur.

Pada harga 60.5 sen sesaham, ia adalah paras sangat `mampu milik’ terutama yang bermodal kecil sebanyak RM10,000 atau RM20,000 di dalam akaun CDS mereka.

Tentunya ia adalah titik pernilaian yang cukup menarik untuk para pelabur meningkatkan pegangan saham mereka di kaunter tersebut.

Menurut firma penganalisis pasaran saham UOB Kay Hian Malaysia Research, walaupun Serba Dinamik dihimpit dengan masalah audit bagi tahun kewangan berakhir 2020, harga semasa bagi kaunter tersebut sudah mengambil kira faktor itu.

Dalam nota kepada pelanggannya, firma itu telah menyarankan supaya ‘pegang’ saham Serba Dinamik dengan sasaran harga baharu 70 sen dan mengekalkan pandangan `neutral’ terhadap pertikaian antara syarikat dengan auditor luarannya, KPMG.

“Semua perkara negatif telah diambil kira, melainkan KPMG meletak jawatan, para pemilik melupuskan saham mereka atau auditor bebas menyatakan pendapat berbeza.

“Bagaimanapun, pemangkin kepada penarafan semula yang diperlukan iaitu kajian semula audit pihak ketiga yang positif dan aliran tunai lebih baik, akan mengambil masa. Kami telah menaraf turun semua unjuran perolehan kami, dengan menjangkakan pembiayaan jangka pendek mungkin terjejas,” kata firma tu.

UOB Kay Hian Malaysia Research menyatakan Serba Dinamik telah memberi maklum balas kepada KPMG pada 6 Mei dan setakat akhir Mei, KPMG belum membuat susulan.

Walaupun begitu, pergerakan masa hadapan harga saham tersebut bergantung kepada risiko yang tertentu seperti hasil pernilaian auditor luaran bebas, ujar penganalisis itu lagi dalam pelaporan kajian yang dikeluarkan olehnya.

Berdasarkan pemerhatian DagangNews, minggu depan bakal menjadi penentu untuk pergerakan harga saham bagi kaunter saham tersebut.

Menurut seorang remisier pasaran saham yang enggan dinamakan, kemungkinan ada perkembangan positif berkaitan isu yang melanda syarikat Serba Dinamik.


2021-06-11 12:31 | Report Abuse

There is nothing to be worry on Awang's disposition. If things were truly a disaster. He would have sold off every single bit of his shares in serba. The guy still has 67 mil shares. Plus he has explained his action. its a margin call action.


2021-06-10 13:57 | Report Abuse

To put things into perspective, calvintaneng has raised the following points in the introductory part of his blog:

“After we saw the RM3.1 bil ticking time bomb of Serba, we discovered that Yinson has an even bigger time debt bomb at over RM5 bil”;
“These are some red flags regarding Yinson just like those found in Serba”; and
“Debt getting from bad to worst. Cash is depleting. Assets depreciating. Another stock with a ticking time debt bomb”.
“For simplicity, (Yinson’s) total order book remained at US$9.75 bil (RM40.26 bil) as of March 31, 2021 which is more than sufficient to repay debts (net debt RM4.1 bil), operation cost and pay dividends over time,” asserted Yinson.

Other allegations/matters that the company countered were pertaining to having to compete for low paying jobs; poor dividend payouts due to high debt level; and investment bank give “buy” calls due to “top holders of Yinson loaded with margin loans from investment banks with shares pledged to them as collateral for margin loans”, among others.

At the close of today’s trading, Yinson was up 10 sen or 2.04% at RM5.00 with 984,500 shares traded, thus valuing the company at RM5.5 bil. – June 9, 2021


2021-06-10 13:56 | Report Abuse

calvin tan is a conman. Always talk crap one. His research is only based on speculations and assumptions with no concrete evidence. Now one time kena whack by yinson. I wish there will be more company discredit his research. Come on serba dinamik. Come with one also.


ENERGY infrastructure and technology group Yinson Holdings Bhd has distanced itself from its oil & gas (O&G) peer Serba Dinamik Holdings Bhd, following a damning blog which the former claimed to contain “factually wrong” allegations about the state of its financials.

Commenting on the blog by prolific i3Investor platform blogger calvintaneng entitled “After Serba, Yinson is Another Stock with Horrendous Borrowings and Very Small Dividend Yield” which first appeared on the popular i3Investor platform blogger on Saturday (June 5), Yinson said:

“We do not normally respond or clarify opinions of unidentified persons. However, in the light or recent developments in corporate Malaysia we felt this warranted a clarification.”

Among others, Yinson disputed claims by calvintaneng by clarifying that it is important to note that the company’s RM3.92 bil of debt “is non-recourse to Yinson, ie Yinson does not have a guarantee on the repayments of these loans” as highlighted in its annual report for the financial year ended January 2021”.

“The lenders of these projects would typically instead seek repayment solely on the cash flow of the projects or the parent company guarantee of (sic) or clients,” Yinson further pointed out.


2021-06-10 13:32 | Report Abuse

Walaupun sedang menghadapi pergolakan pasaran yang amat mencabar, syarikat gergasi Malaysia dalam sektor minyak dan gas, Serba Dinamik Holdings Bhd masih kukuh dengan prospek pertumbuhan yang baik bagi tahun-tahun akan datang, menurut pemerhati industri.



2021-06-09 13:32 | Report Abuse

Serba Dinamik has been one of the best bumi ong companies for the past several years. We can definitely see how it grew over the decades. Whatever speculation out there we wont know whats the truth unless the investigation is completed. It might just be a disclosure issue or something where no fraud or malpractice activity were taken place. The company can also make a mistake but dont directly conclude anything. Even KPMG, a global well known audit company has been fined in the UK, for lacking professional scepticism in audit failure. So keep calm guys.


2021-06-08 14:04 | Report Abuse

Dont speculate unless final findings is out. Let the investigation run. Doestn matter from serba or kpmg or sc itself. No matter how good KPMPG is, they also cant run from making a mistake. lets admit they have their own fault with the 1mdb. Just because theyre big doest mean theyre not incompetent.


2021-06-04 16:02 | Report Abuse

Dont believe any baseless speculation rumours or fake news. Saw many said epf pnb will sell lah. Will get suspended some more. Dont gamble. Invest with trust first and foremost. buy its already cheap.


2021-06-04 14:13 | Report Abuse

These talks about the price will plunge has been going in since last week. Yet the price for the past few days shows strong support at 80 sen. Any investment has risk. For me i see low risk and will keep buy and keep. Tp 16. 100 percent return.


2021-06-03 17:06 | Report Abuse

Those who said that Serba gonna be delisted. Same like Megan Media or Transmile. Come on. This company is more strong and solid with vast prospect over the years. Im confident that bro karim and the company are competent enough to solve this. Price also yet to drop as per claimed by many. Patience guys. Case settle. Back to business.


2021-06-03 12:39 | Report Abuse

Despite many said Serba Dinamik is at wrong and trying to hide things. Still skeptical with KMPG. Their credibility and competency not looking so good either. Serba has complied to the queries but KMPG has ignored everything and nothing solid has come from their part also i guess.


2021-06-02 16:45 | Report Abuse

Done collect. The company looks like they know what theyre doing. Uncle Karim also no ordinary guy. Not some instant hotshot inherit company from family suddenly raise to top one. Im sure hes doing his best to maintain what he has build for decades.


2021-06-02 12:22 | Report Abuse

The price surely rebound. Serba Dinamik got well support and reputation. Once the issue solve must go up back. Will keep buying while the price low. Dont regret when it fly again. Tp 1.60


2021-06-01 14:26 | Report Abuse

My instinct telling me that there might be some fault from KPMG itself. The audit that has been done may not be properly address and it cause some fuss. This is nothing new. KPMG has messed up in the past too.