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2021-09-30 15:22 | Report Abuse

@sethoylo of course TSSM should be getting a good deal out of this privatization. He is coming up with RM2,937,899,424.00 to buy up all of the minority shares leh! Since this is such a great deal, any other billionaire can come make offer also ma, but there is no one else who offered.

Anyway this is also a big win for us shareholders especially those who have entered earlier this last year at around RM0.80-1.10 before this SCR is announced ma. For those who bought after the SCR was announced, they should know that the upside is capped at RM2.00 and should be happy loh.


2021-09-30 14:40 | Report Abuse

@SincereStock Hi from the MMC forum! Prompted by your comments, I have looked into Suria and have just taken a small position at RM1.14. Will be studying more in depth before deciding on whether to accumulate more and hopefully we can share and discuss info regarding this stock!


2021-09-30 14:28 | Report Abuse

Congratulations again to all MMC shareholders, huat lah! Personally I have decided to sell all of my holdings at RM1.96 earlier this morning as I have itchy hands and would prefer to hunt for other bargains in Bursa. However, for shareholders who are willing to wait for the SCR completion and payout of RM2.00, I sincerely believe that your discipline and patience will be rewarded! As we have learned from the day the SCR was announced and until this faithful day, we should always remain rational and not to be influenced by baseless rumours! Good luck to all!


2021-09-30 11:58 | Report Abuse

Congrats to all fellow rational shareholders of MMC, finally the SCR resolution is carried and we can celebrate properly!


2021-09-29 22:18 | Report Abuse

Same here, just received Boardroom's email. See you all tomorrow at 10am during the EGM!


2021-09-29 17:33 | Report Abuse

@ziyang8896, is it still within time to register for e-proxy now? Boardroom's website mentioned that the registration would be closed at 10am today and the option to register for the EGM is no longer listed at the website now. Anyway, personally I am not too concerned with a slight delay in sending the login ID so long as they send them out by this evening lah. Then at least we can sleep soundly tonight and wake up tomorrow to vote "FOR" at 10am ma!


2021-09-29 16:53 | Report Abuse

Just like that "Blablahaha" account from yesterday with a "friend work in mmc office", this "ravenhongwei996654" is another account with "friends working in registrar" and has no other comment history except for the 2 posts here. Not to forget that there is also the "Syndicates" account who also mentioned a "friend" telling him something about an announcement that is apparently pending.
Anyone that is concerned with these messages should think, if you really receive info from a "friend" about some bad news , would you quietly sell all your shares ASAP at the highest price possible or publicly tell people about the bad news here and that you are "gonna sell all" (meaning you haven't sold yet and could risk causing the share price to fall by sharing this "bad news" publicly)? Completely illogical to do the later right?
All of these accounts should be reported to the SC for market manipulative activity lah


2021-09-29 12:03 | Report Abuse

@Mohd Yazid Mohd Ali, congrats on your windfall! Let's vote tomorrow for the SCR reso to pass.


2021-09-29 10:40 | Report Abuse

@clc689 thanks for sharing! Regarding the reason for local institutions being net sellers last week, my guess is that due to their longer investment time horizon and greater "Investment discipline", they may have chosen to take some profits first hedge against the SCR not being approved as it is ultimately still an uncertain outcome. Whereas retailers may be more focused on the short term gain from the SCR and are more willing risk our relatively small investment sum. Just my guess lah.


2021-09-28 20:52 | Report Abuse

@menotassassin the offer price is exactly RM2.00 per MMC share, not "RM1.8-RM2" as you have mentioned. You may refer to the company circular and IAL letter dated 8th September to confirm.


2021-09-28 17:29 | Report Abuse

@Sslee From my experience during the MMC AGM held on 10th May 2021, I received Boardroom's email on 9th May 2021 confirming that my application to attend the AGM has been approved together with the link and login details for the virtual meeting.

So I expect to receive Boardroom's email regarding the EGM tomorrow 29.09.2021 or latest by the morning of 30th September 2021.


2021-09-28 17:20 | Report Abuse

@clc689 do you mind sharing where to access information regard institutional/retail fund flows for particular stocks? Would really appreciate it and thanks in advance!


2021-09-27 08:50 | Report Abuse

@dinoboy, if you have created an account at and registered to attend the EGM via the "corporate meeting" tab, then you will receive a lumi meeting ID on 29th September 2021 or 30th September itself for you to key in at this webpage to join the meeting


2021-09-27 08:07 | Report Abuse

This @Blablahaha account was created just to post these 3 messages at 1am last night. Either this is someone who is so incredibly "kind" as to jeopardize the career of his/her own "friend work in mmc office" just to warn some random users of this forum to sell MMC shares or is someone trying to cause panic among MMC shareholders for reasons he/she knows best. I suppose we need to decide for ourselves which is more likely to be true.


2021-09-24 15:31 | Report Abuse

For all old and new investors who wishes for the SCR resolution to be passed during the EGM on 30.09.2021, remember to register to for eproxy / attendance to vote "YES"!

If you have a direct CDS account, please register an account at

If you have a nominee CDS account please contact your stock broker about how to register to for eproxy/attendance

Since this is a virtual meeting, we can easily do our part to push the SCR resolution towards success!


2021-09-23 19:42 | Report Abuse

@dompeilee Yes, I agree fully with what you said.

The fact that Tabung Haji was willing to sell their shares below RM1.00 and that there is a risk that MMC's share prices may drop sharply if the SCR fails, actually shows that MMC shareholders are MORE LIKELY to accept the offer price of RM2.00 and for the SCR to succeed.


2021-09-23 19:17 | Report Abuse

It is possible that the drop in MMC share price could be because of insider info that the SCR will fail for some reason. It could also be operators/syndicates manipulating the share price and market sentiment to squeeze out retailers and collect cheap shares before the EGM, or any other reason you can think of. As someone who doesn't have any insider info and is not part of any operator/syndicate's scheme, I can only make an educated guess, and based on what I can see there is still nothing concrete to suggest that the SCR will fail:-

1. I think that people are reading too much into the MMC BOD's previous delay in accepting the SCR proposal. The delay was probably caused by the recent lockdowns which would have made everything more difficult and time consuming, especially the independent adviser who has to conduct a due diligence exercise before completing their report.

2. News of MMC’s plan to list its ports business has been brewing for years now. The SCR, being the first concrete step towards the port business listing that TSSM has taken after planning for so long, must have been carefully considered and coordinated. With TSSM’s connections, I refuse to believe that this SCR was done without the blessing of PNB, EPF and other substantial MMC shareholders.

3. This is also clearly a great timing to list the port business as the overall performance and sentiment in the logistics business is one of the most positive it has been for years. I believe that TSSM would want to complete the listing exercise as soon as possible to take advantage of the positive sentiment and it would make no sense for him to waste time with the SCR unless he is confident that it would succeed. A failed SCR would not only damage TSSM’s own reputation, it may also jeopardise the port listing plan itself.

4. Most important of all, the offer price of RM2.00 is a great price! Even though the independent adviser deemed the offer price of RM2.00 to be “not fair” because it is lower than their estimated value of MMC’s share price of RM3.32-RM3.41, the “fair value” that the market is willing to pay for a MMC share is clearly lower than RM2.00 as it is being traded lower than RM2.00 today and for the more than 3 years now.

5. Anyway, I also think that someone who genuinely has insider info would be quietly shorting MMC shares instead of writing cryptic messages here about the SCR and exposing themselves for no good reason. It seems more likely that such people are just trolling and having fun causing panic.


2021-09-23 17:40 | Report Abuse

@SincereStock, I think the theory that the call warrant issuers are pushing down the share price to block the SCR simply makes no sense for the following reasons:-

1. As quite a few commenters have already pointed out, usually the warrant issuers would have hedged their position to limit their exposure to a sudden increase in the underlying share price, so they wouldn’t really be affected by the SCR succeeding. And even if they did not hedge (which is super unlikely), the warrants are currently trading at such a low price compared to the SCR price of RM2.00 that it would be much easier, cheaper and cost effective for the warrant issuers to just simply buy back the warrants issued if necessary.

2. As for the theory that warrant issuers are holding more than 10% of the 1,468mil “Entitled Shares” in MMC (which is more than the transacted warrants) and they would vote down the SCR to cause the share price to fall below the exercise price of the call warrants, this also doesn’t make financial sense at all, since (a) they would lose a ton of money due to the fall in the price of MMC share (don't forget that in this theoretical situation, they would also be substantial MMC shareholders), and (b) they would make much more money from the SCR succeeding as compared any downside exposure that they may have in the transacted warrants.

3. Anyway, it has also been pointed out that pushing down the share price of MMC now actually makes the SCR offer price of RM2.00 appear even *more attractive*, which would encourage MMC shareholders to vote "Yes" on the SCR offer instead of "No". So if the plan is to push down the share price of MMC to block the SCR, then I am really thankful to the whoever came up with such an “ingenious” plan lol.


2021-09-23 12:02 | Report Abuse

I fully agree with what ziyang8896 said and bought some more at RM1.74 earlier this morning. I don't have any insider info, but in my view based on publicly available info, I remain confident that the SCR will go through as it remains a crucial part of Tan Sri SM's grand plan to undertake the corporate restructuring required to list the port section of MMC. To me, this is a much more concrete and sensible reason to trade MMC shares as compared to pure speculation or rumours posted by anonymous commentators here.


2021-07-27 12:19 | Report Abuse

"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." -- Warren Buffett. As we all know, Bursa is full of sharks taking advantage of the poor oversight and enforcement against manipulators and traders with insider info, so crazy price swings that seems to have no rhyme or reason has become commonplace.
I remain confident in the SCR offer price of RM2.00 as it is a crucial part of Tan Sri SM's grand plan to undertake the corporate restructuring required to list the port section of MMC. During this morning downward frenzy, there were cross trades of 1500 lots at 1.60, 500 lots at 1.56 and 500 lots at 1.55, which I suspect is clearly indicative of a concerted effort to push down the share price and cause panic selling by small shareholders. The quick recovery and stabilization of the share price seems to confirm my suspicions. Personally I will patiently await the SCR process to complete and ignore rumours coming from users without a proven track record.


2021-06-03 15:12 | Report Abuse

DLLKT had also accurately informed the date of the QR report, so his news should be reliable! Woohooooo!


2021-04-09 09:53 | Report Abuse

@RaksasaKambing (haha, what an interesting username by the way) I agree with your assessment on the positive impact of share buy-backs by MBMR. However, do take note that the company has received the mandate to buy-back its own shares since 2003 as can be seen in this company announcement
However, MBMR has not been buying back its shares for at the past few years. They are likely keen to maintain the current public shareholding spread to avoid triggering any MGO requirements and to allow the share price to float organically.


2021-04-08 18:13 | Report Abuse

MBMR's board has proposed a final dividend of 9 sen, which would bring the total dividend for FY2020 to a total of 20 sen. At the current share price of RM3.40, this is an impressive dividend yield of 5.88%!


2021-04-01 17:55 | Report Abuse

I am using Hong Leong E-Broking and have received my dividend payment on 30th March 2021.

Indeed the Q1 sales figures reported by Perodua is truly incredible and with 14,574 bookings for the Ativa to-date, MBMR is basically guaranteed to do well for the whole financial year! Only regret now is not buying more lah. Tomorrow should be a super green day for MBMR!


2021-03-19 15:57 | Report Abuse

@trumpgreatagain, don't give up! You still have time to push MMC above 1.20, go go go!


2021-03-11 14:49 | Report Abuse

MBMR is the perfect share to buy for a value investor as it has:-

1. Consistent and strong earnings for the past decades even during the challenging year 2020;
2. 22.6% holding in Perodua which has been the Malaysian market leader for a decade now and there is little to no risk of it being overtaken by its competitors especially in the RM20k-70k market segment. High sales volume also equate to recurrent income stream from auto servicing and accessories sales (Proton-Geely has potential but it still can't even get the most basic things such as spare parts, after sales and car production in order. Anyway the X70/X50 SUVs are in a different market segment from Perodua and do not take away Perodua sales) Must also be noted that after Toyota had fully acquired Daihatsu in Japan, this has allowed Daihatsu, and indirectly Perodua, access to Toyota's latest techs including their class leading hybrid tech and upcoming EV tech. The DNGA platform (which is developed by Daihatsu on top of the TNGA platform) used in the Toyota Raize, Daihatsu Rocky and now Perodua Ativa siblings is a great example of this mutually beneficial synergistic relationship. The future of Perodua is bright!;
3. 51% holding in Autoliv Hirotako which is the Malaysian market leader in manufacturing safety restraint systems (seat belts, airbags and steering wheels);
4. Not to be overlooked, it also owns Daihatsu distributorship which mainly sells commercial vehicles, and Federal Auto Holding Bhd, which is one of the most established Volvo and Volkswagen dealerships in Malaysia. These are profitable subsidiaries which provides a diversified income stream to MBMR; and
5. P.E. ratio of 8x (lowest among UMW (16.2x), Bauto (13.4x) and loss making TCHONG & DRBHICOM), Net cash position of 66.2sen/share and a competent management team that has implemented a 60% dividend payout policy.

Having said that, I think that currently MBMR is more suited for long term investing and not short term goreng. Unless the Perodua Ativa gets record breaking sales these coming months (which it might, still has potential), I don't think MBMR will move up much in the next few quarters. The global automotive chip shortage issue will limit the production of Perodua, Volvo and VW cars in the short term, which in turn directly limits the profits of MBMR. Nevertheless, based on Hong Leong's analyst report, MBMR's management remains confident that Perodua will be able to overcome this issue and still hit its target of 240k sales for 2021, and the management of Perodua has a long track record of hitting or surpassing its sales target.

As a long term investor, the fact that no big kaki come goreng this share means I have more time to accumulate funds to buy more of MBMR while enjoying around 5% dividend yield per annum (much higher than any fixed income asset can offer right now).


2021-03-10 12:57 | Report Abuse

If the latitude project is cancelled (which may not be a bad thing since the market is so soft right now) the key point would be the amount of compensation that would be paid out to Crest Builder. With the Prasarana chairman Tajuddin conflict of interest and MACC's potential investigation into this, it may be difficult for Crest Builder to get a good compensation for the cancellation.


2021-03-09 14:31 | Report Abuse

In the previous quarter EATECH has made a provision of RM42.6millon for the EPCIC dispute. With the final settlement sum at RM104.7million, they would need at least an additional provision of RM62.1million (unclear what are the agreed payment terms or if this is still subject to negotiations). No doubt that this will seriously drag performance for at least another 2 quarters and the share price will likely remain suppressed for some time unless there are any positive surprises.

However, as at 30.12.2020, the company still has an outstanding order book of RM867.6m and global oil prices have finally recovered to pre-covid-19 levels. As long as the company can survive its current financial problems (which is truly quite difficult), there is a huge potential for its share prices to recover and rebound strongly. With current prices bouncing around RM0.21-0.22, Public Invest's latest TP at RM0.41 marks a 86.36% upside potential.