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Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2019-08-07 16:05 | Report Abuse

khatoon is too's more than art for creativity....

Say.....what if a naughty boy use khat to write f*ck and post in insta? Jail for 30 months?


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Posted by stockraider > 2019-08-07 17:30 | Report Abuse

Correctloh....if u ask people learn as an art....eventually people make...take as a toy....and post something....u don like....then u all get fuck up loh.....!!

Yes...if u really think...khat is an art....nothing to do with religion...then u better keep it that way loh....!!

Bcos in art....there is many creative way of expression mah....!!


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Posted by speakup > 2019-08-08 08:19 | Report Abuse

want to learn khat do it outside school hours lah, on your own time. dont forced push to our children! FARK!


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Posted by nash2233 > 2019-08-17 01:49 | Report Abuse

"Forgive me for saying this, it (arguing over this) will not take us anywhere... (learning) khat is pointless when you cannot write or read Jawi...

"Perhaps our education minister (Maszlee Malik) is a genius and people like us with average intellect are unable to fathom his actions.

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