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The traditional favourable start to financial markets in 2023, due to investor fund inflows that typically accompany the new year, has been turbocharged by data pointing to a greater possibility of a soft landing for the US economy and, most recently, the signals coming out of the Federal Reserve (Fed).

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The generalised price rally has been so quick and so big for both stocks and bonds that it raises an interesting question for under-invested investors who have not yet put their money to work.


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Most of the recent macroeconomic data have been better than consensus forecasts. The resulting mix of declining inflation indicators and less worrisome growth developments has tipped the balance of risks somewhat more toward a soft landing and away from the hard landing characterised by a recession or stagnation.


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hard to say mixed feelings however tomorrow will be a sell off day for sure in bursa .......... due to recent uptrends cooling time the game restarts !


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stop TIMING the market, rather SPEND your time in the market as long as possible...
coz at the end of the day... Big f**k Small as Thomas Shelby said.

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Tomorrow guarantee Bursa index and all stocks price remains unchanged.


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Feb is the sttttaaaarrrrtttttt of a small spark which will ignite the TNT … produce the biggest explosion in stock market. All biggest explosions start from a spark… in TNT, C4, Nuclear explosions etc you just name it.


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China reopening still hot! Should last few months!

Wow, you really can see the investment world trend. I second your thought. We prosper together. Amen


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TNT in bursa? probably just a firecracker.

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