[AMEREIT] General Meeting on 12-Jul-2023

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General Meeting
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12-Jul-2023 10:00
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Remote Participation and Electronic Voting Platform via,https://meeting.boardroomlimited.my,(Domain Registration No. with MYNIC - D6A357657),MY
Notice of the 1st Annual General Meeting
AME REIT - Notice of the 1st AGM.pdf

The Board of Directors of I REIT Managers Sdn. Bhd., the manager ofAME Real Estate Investment Trust("AME REIT") is pleased to announce thatthe resolutionset out in the notice of the First Annual General Meeting of AME REIT ("1stAGM") dated 30 May 2023was duly passed at the 1stAGMheld on12 July 2023.

Resolutiontabled at the 1st AGM was voted by poll and results of the poll were verifiedbySky Corporate Services Sdn. Bhd., the independent scrutineer appointed by AME REIT. Please refer to the attachment for the poll results verifiedby the independent scrutineer.

Voting Results

1. Ordinary Resolution 1

Proposed Authority to Allot and Issue New Units of up to 20% of the Total Number of Issued Units of AME REIT pursuant to Paragraph 6.59 of the Main Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Proposed Authority to Allot and Issue New Units)
Shareholder’s Action For Voting
Voted For Against
No. of Shareholders 107 9
No. of Shares 396,704,527 478,007
% of Voted Shares 99.8797 0.1203
Result Accepted

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