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My Pick for 2022:

MSC 30%
OMH 5%
MPI 5%

Posted by limko at Dec 31, 2021 4:51 PM
Total Value
Today's Change
+905.50 (0.88%)


Stock's Value 103,263.50
Current Holding 7 Stocks
All Time Holding 7 Stocks
% of Total Value 99.99%

Available Cash Balance 10.03
Current Cash Balance 10.03
Unpaid Dividend 0.00
% of Total Value 0.01%

Average Cost 101,234.70
Unrealized Gain +2,038.83
% over Average Cost 2.01%

Total Capital 100,000.00
Total Return +3,273.53
% over Total Capital 3.27%
Last Updated:

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Stock Last Price Change Shares Market Value % Average Cost Per Share Unrealized Gain % Day Gain %
$CASH 10.03 0.01%
Total 103,273.53 100.00% +905.50 0.88%
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2022-02-26 13:38


smart allocation , 5% only to tech-mpi

2022-02-28 22:00


can enlighthen why OMH ?
i'm interested in OMH as well.

2022-02-28 22:01

Tan KW

very impressive.

2022-03-01 00:12


Many people misconstrued MPI as Tech stocks which I supposed that was why MPI was beaten badly in this Tech Crunch. I went in a little MPI for its Silicon Carbide instead, perhaps many people don't realize this silicon carbide is their big venture into EV.

The same for OMH which they are venturing into Silicon Metal Processing in Samalaju... small stake only because this venture would take off at latter of the year or next in 2023, moroever because of their mining expiry in Australia.

2022-03-01 09:42


Mr Tan KW, can you please so kindly guide and advise how to update my portfolio to reflect the dividend pay-out for this February earnings reported (QR) as well the bonus issue for PMBtech. Also please advise how I can utilize the cash balance available in my portfolio for share purchase.

2022-03-01 09:46

Tan KW

@limko you can find the details here

- dividend, stock split, bonus issue, etc.... will be recorded and it will be part of your profit, i will share you the edit access for your portfolio(see the following screenshot), and you can add in the transaction accordingly. Please state the comments on your portfolio after you have included dividends, stock splits, bonus issues, etc.... for updating / tracking purposes. [please don't modify your buy transactions to make sure we follow the buy & hold rule of the game ]

- In the event that you have excess cash in your portfolio (from the dividends based on payment date), you can reinvest and buy more stocks (can be existing or new provided the maximum is 10) based on the closing price. You should able to create a buy transaction once I share you the access). On the same note, please leave comments on your portfolio after you have made further purchases updating /tracking purposes. [Note: I will not able to help to maintain all portfolios. By participating in this competition, you should agree to take care of your own portfolio.]
- How to Add a Transaction? Click the [Add Transaction] button as attached photo in your portfolio and choose the Transaction Type Accordingly.

2022-03-01 09:55


Mr Tan KW, thank you so much for the guide. Have a nice trading day in Bursa, cheers.

2022-03-01 09:59


Thank you limko
Fir the feed back of above.

2022-05-01 12:28


Hi ! Limko

MSC to book on the LME boon , as far as I can see
It's coming qtr result will be good given the Lme future price remain high of usd$39000 averagely.

Wondering how far can MSC go ?
Basing my own calculation in 2022
MSC should conservatively at least $5.44 to $7.48
At the back of averagely Lme of $39000/-.

2022-05-01 12:39

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