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Stock Pick 2022 - tftey(


Dear KW Tan,

Thank you very much for all your hard work. This is tftey, I am among top 20 for year 2020. Would like to participate year 2022 competition as below;

JHM --20%
KGB --20%
FLB --15%
Canone --15%
MFCB --15%
Samaiden-W --15%

Thank You With Best Regards

Posted by tftey at Jan 1, 2022 7:48 PM
Total Value
Today's Change
+583.00 (0.67%)


Stock's Value 87,483.00
Current Holding 6 Stocks
All Time Holding 6 Stocks
% of Total Value 100.11%

Available Cash Balance -94.55
Current Cash Balance -94.55
Unpaid Dividend 0.00
% of Total Value -0.11%

Average Cost 100,000.00
Unrealized Gain -12,611.55
% over Average Cost -12.61%

Total Capital 100,000.00
Total Return -12,611.55
% over Total Capital -12.61%
Last Updated:

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Stock Last Price Change Shares Market Value % Average Cost Per Share Unrealized Gain % Day Gain %
$CASH -94.55 -0.11%
Total 87,388.45 100.00% +583.00 0.67%
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