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Bmw X5

As long as no rights issues or issued excess shares or ESOP in place since DAY it listed ... Mui will come out stronger and better .....

2022-01-06 09:40

Bmw X5

possible likely there are 3 groups of people here.
1) investor who know what is going on and are patient of the development.
2) People who got hurt badly due to losses and are not emotionally unstable and make sure no one benefited from it, hoping every one will be like them. In Chinese proverb, say that grape is sourer cos they don't get to try.
3) Apportunist who wanted to benefit from others suffering. Meaning to say profit if you sell cheap cheap and this group of people is the most dangerous cos they like devourer waiting for its prey and most greedy people here. In chinese proverb, you die your own problem

Viewer, do your valuation of which group of people are you in.

I think I am spot on.

2022-01-06 21:20


most penny stock is going hot... this 1... pmcorp... pmhldg.. going to dead?

2022-01-07 09:58

Bmw X5

Relax....mui mui is catching up ....havent you heard of the tortoise and rabbit story ? lolz

2022-01-07 11:19

Bmw X5

This in turn will reduce the indebtedness and repayment obligation of the group, and thereby improving the liquidity position of the group moving forward," added MUI.

MUI's shares closed unchanged at seven sen, with a market capitalisation of RM205.28 million. The stock has fallen 30% year to date.

2022-01-07 22:58


What the FxxK ...

BMW X5 was Steady PunPiPi

PROOF !!!!!!

First two records.

What happened to your SERBA DINAMIK HOLDINGS BHD?

2022-01-17 15:13


Aiyo Bmw X5 don't change name la .... continue use steady pun pipi ..... ask people to buy serba ..

2022-01-17 15:20


Malls are a loss breed. Better for our rather incompetent BOD to sell off the London hotel given the surge in London property prices coupled with a strong pound. That should pay off all the debts and return the surplus to the long suffering shareholders.

2022-01-24 22:24


Fed rate hikes will intensify a global debt crisis, research warns

2022-01-24 22:25


Dow Jones 33,906.93 -358.44 1.05%
Nasdaq 13,533.19 -235.73 1.71%

2022-01-24 22:37

Bmw X5

Relax ...the Mega Show is about to be announce soon were not be disappointed ...I oledi taken the whole front rows ...hahaha

2022-01-26 15:55


Corus UK must be worth £250m to £350m or at least rm1.4b.The total debts is around rm900. The difference of rm500m is more than the market value at 0.07. Everything else is free. But of course, the peabrain son doesn't know his maths.

2022-01-28 10:11


private placement 10%, seem like they are not selling corus hyde park anytime soon

2022-01-28 10:56

Bmw X5

“The thing about private placement is that it is only for a selected few or qualified investors, so somehow, it sometimes raises questions on who they are.

“A private placement is always a privilege to a selected few whereas a rights issue, which goes to every shareholder, is a fairer way of fundraising, in my view, ”

2022-01-28 19:28


10% PP or 293m shares @ 0.07 will only bring in RM20.5m. Interest on the > RM900 borrowings is more than that. The destruction in value of this company in the last 9 years is reflected in the current share price. The company is in dire need of a competent CEO.

2022-01-29 15:15


Company is undervalued but directors have no skill to realise these values.

2022-02-04 14:04

Bmw X5

The Proposed Private Placement is expected to result in an interest saving of
approximately RM0.98 million per annum and hence have a positive impact on the Group’s
financial position in the future.
Premised on the above, the Board is of the view that the Proposed Private Placement will facilitate
the Group to maintain its creditworthiness with its lenders for the continued availability of credit
facilities to fund its business operations which is expected to improve the business and financial
performance of the Group and thus enhance the shareholders’ value in the future.
Adequacy of the Proposed Private Placement in addressing the Company’s financial concerns
The Proposed Private Placement will enable the Group to raise additional funds from third party
investor(s) expeditiously for the purposes as set out in Section 3 of the Announcement. As at 30
September 2021, the Group has approximately RM141.80 million in cash and bank balances
(inclusive of deposits pledged with financial institution) which will be sufficient to meet its shortterm obligations. Although the Proposed Private Placement will not substantially turn around the
Group’s financial performance, it is adequate at this juncture as an interim measure to reduce the
Group’s existing indebtedness and ensure business continuity is not affected by cash flow
As disclosed in Section 5.8 of the Announcement, the Group has undertaken and is undertaking
various measures to improve its financial performance and strengthen its financial position amid
the challenging environments faced by the hospitality and tourism industry as well as the retail
industry in particular. These include, amongst others, the implementation of various cost cutting
measures by the Group, the Proposed Disposal, the opening of new experiential retail store by
Metrojaya at LaLaport BBCC in Kuala Lumpur tentatively in the second quarter of 2022 and the
Proposed A&W Acquisition.
Hence, the Board is of the view that these concerted measures coupled with the efforts to pare down
bank borrowings via the proceeds from the Proposed Private Placement and further fund raising
exercises in the future, if necessary, will support the Group’s aim to strengthen its financial
performance and financial position in the long term.
This announcement is dated 7 February 2022

2022-02-07 22:17



2022-02-08 15:43


Bank borrowings >rm800m and rising. PP not enough. Our incompetent CEO doesn't seem to realise this.

2022-02-09 10:10


this 10% pp with the price of 0.065 only able to raise 19m. they are diluting our shareholding

2022-02-10 13:38


This counter is like Berjaya Corp/ Bjland Bhd no punters and institutions trust the owners of the companies.

2022-02-10 13:46


this company young director like conman?

2022-02-10 16:15


noob ooperator....

2022-02-10 16:16


Unsteady ConPipi - please your comments:

2022-03-03 22:12


Nothing changed, except account figures change column :-)

2022-03-03 23:52


Borders to reopen on April 1, says PM

2022-03-08 18:51


Why mui going down at 0:055 no support buy back share director?

2022-03-09 11:43


selling asset mui property to cover coss expenses

2022-03-09 12:35


capital reduction share to 100M, small cap, easy to goring

2022-03-09 12:40


0:095-0:10 will take a time to go back may be end of the year

2022-03-10 15:50


i eat their crispy its a cheap kid chocolate .... cheap ver of kitkat
metrojaya is long dead LOL...this kind of store quite obsolute already

2022-03-10 15:57


0:075 - 0:08

2022-03-10 17:54


quickly to goreng back 0:25 sen please ceo muigrop

2022-03-28 14:04


0:095-0:1O rebound

2022-04-01 16:23


0:095 coming soon

2022-04-05 14:16

Bmw X5

6.5 mil done at 0.055...confirm insider collecting

2022-04-06 14:48


Bankrap...asset 'rich' but debt laden....lots of unmonetisable hotels & resorts with minimal cashflow.

2022-04-10 08:52


Dug up my old records to check: surprised to rediscover that I bought 25k MUI @ 20c in 2014 & then SOLD on the way up from 21.5c to 28.5c, earning $632.24, selling down to zero shares.

2022-04-10 09:13

Bmw X5

Big fish collecting ....get ready

2022-05-12 17:16

Bmw X5

Take over very likely

2022-05-13 16:48

Bmw X5

Court case dismissed ...Business as usual .

2022-05-15 11:23


court case dismissed ??

2 months ago

Bmw X5

Major SH disposing 10mils of share daily...why SC no announcement ?

2 months ago

Bmw X5

Who is silently collecting at 0.055? Major announcement soon ?

2 months ago

Bmw X5

One less useless and incompetents bugger to leach sh !

2 months ago

Bmw X5

Less one BoD , who is next ?

2 months ago


why pp ?

3 weeks ago


to dilute small investor shareholding

3 weeks ago

Bmw X5

Useless...don't buy into a trap

3 days ago

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