Some notes on gloves

Some notes on gloves

Publish date: Mon, 04 Jul 2022, 02:12 PM

Global market size (nitrile gloves)

·       USD 8.8 billion (2021 projection)

·       USD 10.2 billion (2030 projection with 5.7% CAGR for 2022-2030)

Demand driver

·       Growing healthcare expenditure

·       Increased significance of workplace safety

·       Rising awareness of healthcare-associated infections

·       Rapid spread of COVID-19 pandemin in US

·       Heavy investment in healthcare infrastructure by government authorities and private sectors (underpinned by increasing population, rising geriatric population, high influx of migrants)

Key segment

·       Medical & healthcare (2021 global revenue share 87.6%)

Other segment driver

·       F&B, chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical

Key market

North America (2021 global revenue share 38%)

·       Rising healthcare expenditure, increasing elderly population, growing awareness pertaining to healthcare-acquired infections among healthcare workers


·       Increasing number of occupational injuries, growing requirement for highly effective protective gloves in the majority of core industries such as food and beverage, metal manufacturing, oil and gas, automotive, chemical

Asia Pacific

·       Rapid spread of COVID-19 across India, Japan, and Indonesia, improving hygiene and safety standards across several healthcare settings in developing countries as well as rapid industrialisation, rapid growth pace in China with aging population, urbanization, improving standard of living, expanding healthcare infrastructure

·       Malaysia

o   Growing and ageing population, potential from non-medical sector like food and beverage, tattooist

o   Uptick in sales volume in the recent quarters for some players

o   Affin expects the overcapacity problem to ease by the end of this year, since many players are cutting or delaying their expansion plans


·       Expect to normalise to 2019 levels, if not higher than pre-pandemic levels as the higher input costs experienced by the industry

Minimum wage

·       Expect to increase overall production cost between 1.42-2.75%, depending on the worker profiles in respective factory

·       Expect foreign labour shortage will be resolved soon (current average automation in the industry is around 82%, and is expected to go up to around 90% in the next 5 years)

Russian-Ukrainian conflict

·       Very small segment of market share for Malaysian manufacturer




·       High rating for chemical-resistance

·       Excellent protection against viruses, pathogens, and bacteria

·       Keeps the hands clean and sanitary

·       Hypoallergenic - best latex allergy alternative

·       Completely waterproof

·       Great puncture & tear resistance qualities

·       If gloves happen to get punctured it's clearly visible

·       Created to have low friction resistance for easy removal

·       Retains the needed tactile sensitivity

·       Conforms to the hand for a soft comfortable fit

·       Durable and sturdy protective glove

·       Trusted source in many industries

·       Biodegradable & environmentally friendly

·       High tactile sensitivity

·       Protects against viruses, pathogens, and bacteria

·       Keeps the hands clean and sanitary

·       Very flexible and comfortable

·       Has lower price point


·       Slightly higher price than latex - but well worth the price point

·       Supply is currently scarce due to high demand

·       Non-biodegradable

·       Causes negative reactions in those with latex allergies

·       Provides little chemical protection compared to nitrile

·       Difficult to see puncture holes and tears

·       Powder is used to provide less friction which can cause allergic reactions

Typical industry use

·       Medical/healthcare/pharmaceutical

·       Child care

·       Dental

·       Food

·       Police/security/forensics

·       Oil & gas sectors

·       Construction

·       Automotive

·       Scientific labs

·       Manufacturing/industrial

·       Plumbing

·       Postal/mailing houses

·       Janitorial/commercial cleaning

·       Pest control

·       Beauty salons

·       Medical/healthcare (if not working directly with patients)

·       Police/security/forensics

·       Scientific labs

·       Manufacturing/industrial (if not working with hazardous chemicals)

·       Plumbing

·       Postal/mailing houses

·       Janitorial/commercial cleaning (if not coming into contact with chemicals)



Gloves name on Bursa Malaysia

1.       Adventa Berhad

2.       AT Systematization Berhad

3.       Careplus Group Berhad

4.       Comfort Gloves Berhad

5.       Hartalega Holdings Berhad

6.       Hong Seng Consolidated Berhad

7.       Iconic Worldwide Berhad

8.       Johan Holdings Berhad

9.       Karex Berhad

10.   Kossan Rubber Industries Berhad

11.   LKL International Berhad

12.   Mah Sing Group Berhad

13.   Salcon Berhad

14.   Supermax Corporation Berhad

15.   Top Glove Corporation Berhad

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this one like a frog in the well

China built 1000 bed hospital in 10 days

hidden away in China are countless new glove factories churning out gloves by the billions and trillions to under price all

fierce price undercutting lead to losses for all

1 month ago


Do you guys know the lighters which are much more sophisticated than gloves are selling at RM1.00+ only? Right to think that gloves is still very profitable if your mindsets remain as 5 years ago.

1 month ago

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