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Malaysia to incentivize digitalization with RM 100 million grant, to benefit CENSOF and others ERP provider

Publish date: Fri, 29 Dec 2023, 10:55 AM


Malaysia effort to make e-invoice a compulsory for all business by the 2026 will spearhead the growth of POS and ERP system. ERP/POS system provider with revenue model based on SaaS will be able to enjoy a high subscription rate, hence better profit in the coming days.
One of the more established player in the ERP landscape in the SME will be Censof, ABSS.

ABSS had been providing e-invoicing services in Singapore and Hong Kong with PEPPOL partnership.
Understanding traditional invoicing vs e-invoicing through PEPPOL Framework.
E invoicing
The e-invoicing take up rate will be boosted with government initiative to provide RM 100 million digitalization grant to MSME.
I am invested in Censof because I can see the growth in the industry for the long term. Censof is also an established player with good fundamental and links to the government services which will further give Censof additional advantages.

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