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2024-01-15 13:14 | Report Abuse

New all time high today.


2023-11-27 21:04 | Report Abuse

Welcome back, Master-pack.


2023-09-18 11:17 | Report Abuse

This rally is long overdue. I'm gonna keep holding.


2023-09-15 19:40 | Report Abuse

Still cheap. They are performing incredibly well despite recession, should be way higher. Refer to my previous comment.


2023-09-06 18:26 | Report Abuse

Just a few weeks back I sold nearly 80% of my portfolio and went all in on Masterpack. Probably the best call I made this year. There's still so much more room for upside. With how consistently they have been performing, PE ratio should at least be around 11 -12 (At least) and ideally at 13 - 14. The dividends are just a bonus. Well done Masterpack.


2021-02-25 13:19 | Report Abuse

However, if they will settle with the Dairy industry and rename Johotin to Able Brands Berhad. I will sell all my shares after I feel they have reached their bottleneck point.

Some companies have the potential to branch out to multiple industries, some companies do very well within one industry. Billion dollar valuation can be reached with both strategies but Johotin has proved to me successfully that they can thrive out of their initial core competency, let's hope they continue to branch out.

-Risshiganesh Villalan


2021-02-25 13:12 | Report Abuse

@huat_ahh The best we can infer is, "Able" will probably be one of the brands they will be developing but not the only one, we can't exclude the possibility of new brands coming out of Johotin down the road. They started out as a tin manufacturing company, now they have penetrated the dairy industry, I wouldn't be surprised if the penetrate other canned foods segment or even the paint industry, essentially replicating the "Lam Soon" strategy, which in my opinion has more opportunity for revenue growth than focusing fully on the already saturated dairy industry.

My theory is, after they have collected enough market share in the dairy industry and have reached their bottleneck point, they'll venture out to other segments. Which means it wouldn't be wise to name their future products as "Able Canned Sardines" or "Able Paint".

However, this does not mean I am ruling out the possibility of them changing their holding company's name. They will most probably rename their company to something more relevant and relatable to the international market after they have two solid brands under their belt.

If they successfully replicate the "Lam Soon" brand development strategy, a billion dollar valuation is likely, which is why, right now, Johotin is 50%+ of my portfolio. Which is also probably why the Directors are holding on to most of their shares.

-Risshiganesh Villalan.


2021-02-21 09:51 | Report Abuse

@WB8888 Please stop spamming


2021-01-29 22:55 | Report Abuse

This is frankly disappointing and possibly even pathetic, top glove investors are now looking for any excuse to pump up top glove share price, and when gamestop gave you guys a reason, straight away hijack the horse to make money, this stock literally has a positive target price, just scroll up and look,

If you pumped up airasia or genting (disclaimer: I do not hold stock in both of these companies nor do I wish to) it would have been understandable, in fact, it would have deserved praise, because investors right now are absolutely not confident of both companies as of this moment.

Wallstreetbets picked to back gamestop because institutional investors mostly had a sell target on gamestop's stock, and even though their decision to short GME was because game retailing is a fading industry, redditors pumped the stock up to short squeeze institutional Investors. They this as an act of corporate activism, to punish wallstreet for decades of corruption and overconfidence.

If you really care about corporate activism, go and short maybank and tnb, our issue now is the government, not institutional investors, but if you only care about virtue signalling, go ahead, pump up top glove's stock, take your profit and go home, but don't claim this thirst for profit to be activism, the government is already in absolute chaos as of this moment, instead of putting pressure there, you guys literally kerja kosong here, drop your masks and go home.


2020-12-28 09:39 | Report Abuse

Guys, do you know where I can find Able Farm products? I'm looking to try it and compare its taste and market price with competitors (Dutch Lady & etc). If anyone has done taste test, feel free to post your results here.


2020-12-18 16:24 | Report Abuse

A new all time high, well done Johotin, but I'm going to keep holding, indefinitely. If they focus on their Ablefarms brand, their growth is going to be exponential as that name has international appeal. And by the looks of it, that is the path they are taking. I'm glad I picked Johotin to be the majority of my portfolio, a risk worth taken. I agree with @spectre007 it seems unlikely for the share price to go below RM2 if the next quarter is green.

But at the same time my gut instincts is saying a lot more investors will sell their shares next Monday, since Johotin has a pattern of investors selling shares after each time the share price shoots up exponentially. We'll see. Even if it goes down on Monday just remember how consistently the share price kept shooting up. Hold. You won't be disappointed.

-Risshiganesh Villalan


2020-12-17 17:27 | Report Abuse

Good day, let's see what happens tomorrow


2020-12-16 09:38 | Report Abuse


Thanks for the info, I just checked bursa's website, link to the TA Securities report will be attached below:


2020-12-15 09:36 | Report Abuse


Nice one bro, I suggest shareholders to read that report. Very well detailed, will give you a rough idea on how long you should hold. I agree with the worst case valuations, we still haven't hit the high range as described in your worse case valuations yet. But if next quarter stays green, we'll most probably hit base case or best case valuations.


2020-12-14 15:34 | Report Abuse


I absolutely agree, I only recently encountered Johotin, only sold once but bought it back in the same day, right now I'm planning to hold it indefinitely, seeing as to how much dividend and capital gains it provide I believe this stock is a foundation to those that are just starting to build a portfolio.

But I digress, more people in this forum should write up why they're buying or selling, by doing this other investors would have reference point to whether or not to buy, hold or sell.

This could be one of the ways we could stabilize the stock price a little bit more, it does not deserve to have the price fluctuations that it currently has for how stable is has historically performed, and if everyone equally agrees on how good or bad this stock is, soon it would be enough to push out speculators and day traders from this stock.

A stable stock price means Johotin could raise capital more easily which could help grow the company further and even more rapidly.

And if that happens, we would benefit the most.


2020-12-09 16:07 | Report Abuse

Probably all short term investors are selling and long term investors are buying, and there are more short term investors speculating here than long term investors. Gotta wait for all the long term buyers to buy up first, and I'm confident they're slowly buying up shares.


2020-12-08 16:16 | Report Abuse

Lol, now shareholders will understand why Mr Goh sold his shares initially, despite being a stable growth company, the share price is extremely volatile. Yesterday looked like the beginning of a downtrend, today up again, probably Mr. Goh thought it would start a downtrend after it met a new peak few days back. Would have thought he could buy back the shares at a lower price. So small the quantity he sold, compared to his current holdings. But I'm pretty sure it will pass 2.1 soon. Let's see how soon it happens.


2020-12-08 10:09 | Report Abuse

@Systemworks where did you get that information from?


2020-12-08 10:08 | Report Abuse

Here we go again.....


2020-12-07 17:24 | Report Abuse

Why go up so early one, I wanted to buy more end of this and next month, haiya


2020-12-04 10:37 | Report Abuse

Other construction companies are shooting up but Muhyiddin son's company is not, weird....


2020-12-03 12:04 | Report Abuse


Nope, but it's one of the websites I use to sift through financial data. i3investor seems to have good data as well. Which is why I visit this forum quite often.


2020-12-03 11:20 | Report Abuse

As more investors become aware of Johotin, more people will buy shares as soon as there is a dip. Which, in the long run will lead to lower volatility, further increasing investor confidence which will lead them to buy more shares. The beginning of an upward cycle. Every company has a tipping point. Tesla and Johotin's tipping point is this year, as everyone was selling their shares, they were busy expanding. Johotin earned my confidence after recovering quickly from their March performance. Let's see what happens when Mexico plant opens up.


2020-12-03 11:09 | Report Abuse

Note how many institutional investors are holding Johotin shares. I'm confident their holdings will increase soon as they would have sold by now if they think Johotin is overvalued, but it's not. Everyone is waiting for a crash. Even me. And when it crashes everyone will panic buy which will shoot up the shares further. Refer to my post in 25/11/2020. Everyone was panic selling during that time because they were not satisfied with qtr performance. But just yesterday, the shares hit an all time high.

Even RHB praised Johotin this year.


2020-12-03 10:48 | Report Abuse


Keng Ng 35,801,208 MYR72.3m 0% no data
Mia Goh 35,723,026 MYR72.2m 0.06% no data
Swee Goh 23,936,620 MYR48.4m 0% no data
Standard Chartered Bank, Asset Management Arm 20,290,400 MYR41.0m 0% 0.21%
AMMB Holdings Bhd, Asset Management Arm 13,971,100 MYR28.2m 0% 5.87%
Genting Perwira Sdn Bhd 12,316,799 MYR24.9m 0% no data
Hun Lim 10,539,999 MYR21.3m 0% no data
PMB Investment Berhad 9,969,000 MYR20.1m 0% 2.34%
Tai Boon Chua 9,029,231 MYR18.2m 0% no data
Jin Guang Kua 6,152,888 MYR12.4m 0% no data
Ah Yeow 5,276,442 MYR10.7m 0% no data
Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd 5,150,000 MYR10.4m 0% 0.15%
Evli Fund Management Company Ltd. 5,000,000 MYR10.1m 0% 0.08%
Yik Toon Ng 4,899,633 MYR9.9m 0% no data
Toh Peng Lock 3,980,000 MYR8.0m 0% no data
Employees Provident Fund of Malaysia 3,523,790 MYR7.1m 0% no data
Versalite Sdn Bhd 3,313,333 MYR6.7m 0% no data
Siling Fong 3,000,000 MYR6.1m 0% no data
Yock Hua Sia 2,640,866 MYR5.3m 0% no data
See Ooi Loke 2,191,500 MYR4.4m 0% no data
Pheim Asset Management Sdn. Bhd. 2,128,200 MYR4.3m 0% 1.92%
Chee-Kwang Chong 2,084,800 MYR4.2m 0% no data
Siew Kai Tee 2,020,000 MYR4.1m 0% no data
Neoh Choo Ee & Company Sdn Bhd 2,000,000 MYR4.0m 0% no data
Kumpulan Wang Persaraan 1,880,000 MYR3.8m 0% 0.01%



2020-12-03 10:29 | Report Abuse

Director selling to raise capital in case it crashes to buyback shares again at low price since this stock has been unnecessarily crashing for the past few months despite good performance. Note that Mr Goh only sold 239100 shares, not that much compared to what he is actually holding, more than 59 million units, and even that he only sold from his wife's account not his own account, probably when it crashes he will buy back for his own account. smart move in my opinion since investors will probably cash out after dividend payment. I don't care though, because this stock is starting to get noticed more by institutional investors. So even if stock crashes institutional investors will keep buying to shoot this up. So far this whole year all investment banks have been telling to keep buying, TA, Public Bank, most new investors came here after reading TA's report. What makes you think they won't rush to buy Johotin stocks when it crashes? Also ask yourself, How many non-tech, non-glove Malaysian companies are managing their operations as well as Johotin during Covid? Not many opportunities besides Johotin and Scientex. Investors are waiting for a crash again, and if next qtr is green, this stock without a doubt will shoot to 2.3 - 2.5 at least. I was initially planning to sell at 1.90 but now I want to hold long term because EPF, KWSP, Ambank, Hong Leong and Standard Chartered already holds a large portion of shares in Johotin, once business becomes stable and their dairy division starts expanding further EPF/KWSP will buy more because of stable dividend growth and payment which they will use to pay retirees. When they start buying more, sky is the limit. Few months back, company value was 440 million. Now company value is at 620 million. Soon it will be 1 billion. In the end of the day our milo and teh tarik is not perfect without tin milk. Economic circumstances may chance, but culture, tradition and habits will not.

- Risshiganesh Villalan.


2020-12-02 15:52 | Report Abuse

Whenever the stock crashes next time, even if their qr report is terrible, I will buy up. Because Johotin was the best bet I made this whole year, and it paid off massively, SDS second best bet, Scientex, third best bet.


2020-12-02 15:38 | Report Abuse

My GOD! What's going on with this stock??!! Institutional Investors buying up?


2020-12-02 10:13 | Report Abuse

This stock will cross at least RM2.3 when Mexico plant opens, but even then I will not sell my shares, this company's management is doing an amazing job. Going to hold for 10 years and reinvest the dividends.


2020-11-30 11:37 | Report Abuse

Masterpack is super undervalued right now, bought up more and is now 13.6% of my portfolio. Will be adding more soon.


2020-11-25 11:09 | Report Abuse

lol, after Public bank's price target, now everyone buying back their shares, without a doubt Johotin will hit the price target. Even management was confident enough to relentlessly buyback shares during the previous crash. Johotin's PE should be 16 for how effectively they are running their operations, proves that they are a reliable company even during a pandemic. If they keep this up, they will be the next Scientex. If you want to sell your shares, please do, cos panic selling = lower stock price, I don't care about stock price, I only care about dividends, and I'm relentlessly buying as much as I can, just like the management itself.


2020-10-13 12:32 | Report Abuse

Pay attention to how much buybacks they've been executing for the past few months, something very big is about to happen,


2020-09-30 15:51 | Report Abuse

Bought today, it may go down for a few months because of irrational investor sentiment, but I'm pretty sure it will go back to Rm2.5 at least, because of how good the fundamentals and management are, the balance sheet is amazing, if it goes down further, I'll sell my other shares to buy more, so please sell.


2020-09-24 09:45 | Report Abuse

Warned you it was gonna crash ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


2020-09-01 14:03 | Report Abuse

Kinda weird that it hasn't crashed yet


2020-07-07 10:09 | Report Abuse

yo yo yo you guys are going crazy, if a stock rises up too quickly, especially during a recession it will crash quickly, I love and believe in this company, but Investor sentiment is too crazy right now. I sold everything. Will come back when it crashes, and it will. Even the directors are selling off their holdings. Goddamn, I knew it will rise up but this is insane.


2020-06-29 10:16 | Report Abuse

Still undervalued, they IPO'd to pay off debt and accelerate expansion. Both of which they accomplished. They reduced their liabilities by 15 mill (proof for paying off debt). They increased their assets by 8.5 mill (proof for expansion). All this done despite declaring profits. Personally, I would have bought more shares even if they declared a loss, as long as they fullfilled the criterias they promised to accomplish while growing cashflow which they did.

My TP by June 2021: 0.425


2020-06-26 11:26 | Report Abuse

My review,

Even with price to book value metric alone this company is undervalued. So if they go bankrupt, as shareholders we will be well compensated.

Add that with the fact that this company has been around since 1984 and grew to this level because of the founder's effort and persistence, I believe it can grow further.

Pay attention to their supply chain and customer base as well. Nearly most of it is located in Malaysia or Singapore. Within their vicinity which is a massive advantage.

If Singapore does run out of bread since they are facing flour shortage at the moment. Singapore will have to loosen restrictions in its borders to import bread, and they definitely won't go too far to import bread from Indonesia so they'll go to their nearest, safest supplier, Malaysia (Covid under control here), or specifically Johor. And SDS is literally headquartered in Johor.

Their only disadvantage at the moment is their franchise business which I personally am not confident about, but due to Covid they will have to focus maximum effort on their bread production to satisfy demand. Keep in mind they also sell burger buns which has been flying off shelves in Malaysia thanks to Ramly burgers shooting up in demand.

Glove stocks have been shooting up for the past few days, but please think in economic terms what happens if there is a flour shortage in Singapore, low PBV, founder-led leadership and 36 years of market experience.

I bought shares in March, up by 30+% right now. And even if by any weird market circumstance they end up performing badly, stocks will crash and i will keep buying more because when they go bankrupt, after paying all creditors, they will have to pay shareholders. The largest shareholder is the founder. He will definitely want to be compensated well for decades of hardwork, he will definitely negotiate to liquidate at higher prices resulting in favourable returns even on the downside.

All of this is just my opinion, if you disagree with any of the points, feel free to correct me as it would be a learning opportunity for me as well.

This was Risshiganesh Villalan,

Thank you.


2020-06-24 14:27 | Report Abuse

My Review,

Johore Tin will probably record a huge loss in the next quarterly report as it will show how they performed during MCO, a loss is to be expected, since their business is highly dependent on logistics, and logistics was restricted heavily during MCO.

I was also sure they would cut their dividends, which they did, which resulted in a massive sell-off.

But, despite knowing all that, the major shareholders and upper management kept buying more shares instead of selling off their holdings and buying back when market is stable. This gives me absolute confidence in the management.

They treat Johore Tin as an investment holding company first instead of treating it as a cannery or consumer goods company. And they were loaded up with cash and low debt before even MCO began, which means they are in the perfect position to leverage cheap interest rate loans. With a lot of cash in hand, little debt, and the designation investment holding company makes me believe they have enough capital and room to take on cheap loans to venture into new markets/industries as asset prices are cheap at the moment.

Their Price to Book ratio is amazing as well this quarter, if they even have to go bankrupt (which is borderline impossible at the moment), shareholders will still be somewhat well-compensated. So the downside is well protected.

As of the time of writing, Johotin's market cap is around 447 million, I believe the company has the potential to grow to a billion dollar company, especially when you keep in mind, a crisis is when companies have the opportunity to expand in size and operations. Primarily because they are well positioned to face this Covid crisis.

And finally, I would urge shareholders to take a look at December 2017's quarterly reports and December 2018's quarterly reports. It only took them a year to make a comeback. Also, note that their revenue is usually lower in the first quarter but slowly increases in each quarter (This seems to be a consistent pattern for the most part). However, I must say I depend more on annual performance than quarterly performance as any and all businesses are somewhat cyclical.

This was Risshiganesh Villalan,

Thank you.