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2024-02-04 18:25 | Report Abuse

NIISE was mentioned in The Edge today, and DNeX was not even mentioned as a contender.

Just a few months ago, executive chairman was telling The Edge that they bid for the NIISE project.

This is an example of over promise under deliver.

It is clear that the management lacks ability in execution. With so many over promises such as MOU and news publications, the only contract wins are the mediocre contracts in a few millions.

Excellent management focus on execution and talk less.

Management that talks a lot but no execution, this kind of management is highly ineffective and incompetent


2024-01-28 15:53 | Report Abuse

Hypocritical executive chairman that can’t even settle his company’s share price that made so many of his shareholders poor, but yet going around giving talks on how to improve and run a company.


2024-01-28 15:50 | Report Abuse

The weak management needs to be removed in its entirety, and shareholders should exercise their rights to lodge complaint and vote out the following:
1. Audit Committee Chairman - Publicly stated in her Facebook that she does nothing but smile and wave at AGM. In addition, she also stated that she pretend to be serious during her presence in the AGM.

At the same time, all shareholders that attended the AGM were suffering from value loss from share price, while this director is joking around.

2. Executive chairman - Talks too much but poor track record on execution.

Empty promises:
- Mentioned in The Edge post that Silterra CGP issue will have closure in Q1, but no updates to date
- Signs multiple MOU but no concrete revenue generating execution. While other companies are already making deals with Nvidia, the company is further left behind. Due to fear of shame and big ego, the shareholders and employees are the victims as the potential is not fully realized due to the incompetency of a few.
- Lack of focus. Shareholders pays for his salary but he spends time sharing endless Middle East issues every minute on his Instagram during work hours. While his focus should be improving share price

3. Director of oil and gas division - Needs to be removed as speculation of taking the oil and gas arm private came out as news on The Edge, but few days later, this director resigned but still part of management team. This type of leadership is absolutely shameful.

4. Director with minimal experience and had no face to his name in the company’s website. Never appeared at AGM and his contributions to the company has not been made known to shareholders


2024-01-28 02:48 | Report Abuse

The following matters are likely to happen in Q1:
1. Share price remains at depressed level, unless current weak management is removed in its entirety and replaced with quality competent individuals in technology and semiconductor industry.
2. Announce extremely poor results, and continue to blame it on macro environment and every other thing, except for their own incompetencies
3. No takers for private placement to dilute shareholders for sunset oil and gas industry. Despite being able to price the private placement at a significant discount and dilute minority shareholders, the private placement is likely delayed as no investors believe in investing in sunset industry + current weak management team


2024-01-28 02:42 | Report Abuse

The following matters will not materialize in Q1:
1. No closure on arbitration with CGP. Even though Executive Chairman stated to The Edge that will be closure in Q1. Based on his track record, it is likely talk only no action scenario again
2. Share price rebound to fair level. This will not happen given that the main reason for the price overhang will still not be resolved. Reason is existence of the current weak management team.
3. Board member that eat, do nothing, smile and wave at AGM, continue to do so instead of focusing on key audit and accounting matters and provide valuable advise.


2024-01-23 12:18 | Report Abuse

The way minority shareholders are treated is a real act of penindasan by the management

Management continue to enjoy high salary despite their multiple bloopers that caused the livelihood of shareholders to suffer and leave employees in state of uncertainty.

Yet, they have the decency to claim that it’s just a disagreement between shareholders, and does not affect the business.

This type of penindasan mentality by the management is highly shameful.

All these while the management spends more time relating to penindasan in the Middle East, instead of the penindasan of their own shareholders


2024-01-21 21:48 | Report Abuse

Shareholders livelihood are destroyed by share price plummeting.

Can’t tell if management is bothered.

This kind of management is truly horrendous


2024-01-21 02:53 | Report Abuse

Real Victims:
Shareholders that invested in company buying shares and injecting money by converting warrants

All shareholders are in deep red

Executive chairman posting daily Instagram stories
Audit committee chairman post on Facebook that she does nothing but smile and wave, and in a selfie picture she mentioned she act serious


2024-01-21 02:49 | Report Abuse

Shareholders became the real victims due to plummet in share price. However, executive chairman is more concerned with victims overseas, as proven by his daily sharing on Instagram stories.

While he is so concerned and caring about overseas victims, shareholders who are victims of share price collapsed are ignored and not given any care.

All these while shareholders were the ones that invested further into the company by converting warrants. Shareholders interest are not protected, while directors continue to earn handsome salary while shareholders suffer in silence while being ignored


2024-01-21 02:43 | Report Abuse

Management incompetencies:
1. Screwed up agreement with valuable partner, then blame it on everyone but themselves.
2. Want to appoint own people to board of subsidiary, citing need to protect own interest, but fail to understand their share price premium is due to their valuable partner.
3. Plans to dilute shareholders for oil venture, which is a sunset industry
4. Continue to invest in sunset oil industry without a clear plan
5. Sign multiple MOUs but did not communicate to shareholders what is the clear execution plan
6. Audit committee chairman post on her Facebook that she does nothing but smile and wave, and act serious (“kononnye”), while being paid directors fee
7. The same director is also awarded ESOS of 1.5mil shares


2024-01-18 19:34 | Report Abuse

Downgrade to TP of $0.00

Based on Equity Value of $1.50, less existing management’s value destruction and ignorance value of -$1.50.

While company has many valuable revenue generating assets, the key issue that plagued the company is the management’s tremendous ability to be ignorant and live in their own world, ignoring returns to shareholders and accountability as stewards of a listed company.

Unless the existing management is removed in its entirety, the stock continues to be fair value at zero.

If the entire management is removed, and new management with semiconductor experience enters, the value of the company is $1.50


2023-12-17 23:19 | Report Abuse

Appendix to #1:

Executive Chairman via his social media app Instagram (syedzainalsmt) persistently stories on Israel-Palestine conflict, including graphic images and videos. While the situation in Middle East is unfortunate and we sympathise equally, posting persistent stories during working hours gives the perception that he does not prioritise his duties in DNeX, as proven by dwindling profits and massive drop in share price.

Most executive directors of listed companies treats their companies as their life blood. It has become visibly clear that executive chairman of the company does not prioritise the company as his first priority.

This situation is unfortunate as the company is blessed with valuable assets from shareholders funds, but managed by executives that lacks priorities and focus


2023-12-15 11:07 | Report Abuse

Downgrade to underperform

Owning to management’s lack of focus, we believe DNeX’s true value cannot be realised if the current management team stays at helm.

#1 While we sympathise with the war situation over the Israel-Palestine conflict, we see that Executive Chairmain, Syed Zainal Tahir’s consistent sharing of stories (including graphic images) on a social media platform may result in shareholders perceiving him to be more focused on his personal agenda than crucial matters at DNeX.

#2 Current management team is not able to fully realise value of all assets. Its crown jewel SilTerra, while possessing a large pool of talent, may not be guided in the right direction due to lack of focus by the management

#3 Management ignores real matters such as execution excellence, appears to dwell in trivial matters that do not add value.


2023-12-13 11:15 | Report Abuse

We believe that currently DNeX is trading at fair price, being 65% of its book value.

With the 35% discount justifiable due to management incompetencies in execution and no clear focus.


2023-12-13 11:12 | Report Abuse

DNeX has fallen further by 20% since our last downgrade, which citied management’s lack of competency to execute.

As an update based on channel checks, we believe that management’s divided attention to several segments and further diversification into non-core business such as Ping Petroleum and unproven software IT solutions to be a move that lacks foresight.

Based on our view, the only way for DNeX’s share price to improve leap and bounds is a combination of:
1. Foxconn buyout of management
2. Full Divestment of Ping
3. Focus on Silterra
4. Cut loss on non profitable IT projects


2023-06-19 09:42 | Report Abuse

Privatisation in the cards, likely 1.8


2023-06-19 09:41 | Report Abuse

Likely announcement on 12 inch fab soon.


2023-06-19 09:39 | Report Abuse

Privatisation at 1.25


2023-02-02 13:17 | Report Abuse

While some chips companies such as Intel reported dismal results, others such as AMD reported strong results.

Overall, inventory correction is expected to hit in 1H23, but a huge upswing in demand from 2H23 and 2024 is expected due to a mismatch in inventories by customers.

DNeX’s management has hedged this risk by diversifying into oil & gas as a hedge.

While SilTerra’s mature nodes are mainly used in non consumer based electronics. Coupled with LTA signed, SilTerra’s earnings is widely expected to remain resilient


2023-02-02 13:13 | Report Abuse

Company fundamentals remain strong.

Expected to benefit tremendously from KL Smart City 2030 as investments in Smart lighting picks up.


2022-12-09 09:38 | Report Abuse

At current valuation, investors are basically pricing in Silterra to be worth zero to DNeX, which is an impossible scenario.

Let's assess what are the outcomes of the arbitration, and its impact to DNeX:

If arbitration favours DNeX:

If the arbitration favours DNeX, DNeX would retain 60% direct interest in Silterra, and CGP would retain 40%.

Next question would be would CGP sell out?

If CGP sells out - Other chip majors such as Foxconn (already have a direct interest in DNeX and working to build a 12 inch fab with DNeX) would highly likely acquire this 40% stake. This would further leverage DNeX's postion in the EV industry and boost Silterra's value

If CGP does not sell out - then Business As Usual.

If arbitration favours CGP:

DNeX will be left with 40% stake in Silterra.

Let's say DNeX sells out its 40% stake, this would equal to a potential proceed of RM2.4bil to DNeX, being equity value of RM6bil x 40% = RM2.4bil.

RM2.4bil, would be RM0.76 per share, being RM2.4bil / 3.16bil shares (Just for Silterra portion, not including DNeX's other business that are worth around RM0.47 per share, taking a brokerage house's estimates)

In no scenario would DNeX value just be RM0.55 (pricing in 0 value from Silterra), as the worst case would be DNeX owning 40%, instead of 0%.


2022-12-07 21:22 | Report Abuse

SilTerra's new LTA was signed with Pacific Biosciences (Nasdaq listed).

Agreement entails a 4 year take or pay supply contract of for MEMS advanced biosciences chips IP by SilTerra, at an average ASP of 3x current chip prices due to it being specialty chips


2022-12-06 11:38 | Report Abuse

Wanted to further add on but looking at your uncivilized comment, will only personally respond to PM messages.


2022-12-06 11:22 | Report Abuse

- Malaysia is in good position to benefit from chip war between US & China
- Company not affected by minimum wage as all employees earning above RM1,500 per month
- In view of good corporate governance, Chairman Tan Sri Mamat not seeking re-election as he had served 9 years (close to 10 years requirement for good corporate governance).

Company in very good position for 2023 due to increase ASP from LTA and high margin from remaining 30% capacity.
Ping Petroleum riser has been fixed and capacity will improve back to 100%.
IT revenue on track and diversification beyond NSW bearing fruit

As seen in growing institutional participation in Dnex's shareholding, Dnex is poised to be a MEMS and Silicon Photonics champion in semiconductor in South East Asia, temporary setback from arbitration not expected to have major impact as relationship is still cordial between both parties, and just want to sort out the facts legally.


2022-12-06 11:14 | Report Abuse

Update from AGM:
- Silterra technology roadmap completed
- MOU with Foxconn is on track, details will be announced when ready. Does not rule out plan to manufacture EV but focus now is on 28nm fab with Foxconn first.
- 70% LTA with ChipOne, ILI & Holychip fill the gap for next 12 month period, and orders from new key customers fill the remaining 30%
- 10% capacity upgrade will be ready by 1H23. ASP for MEMS and Silicon Photonics command very high margin and Silterra is a key player
- MEMS used in smart car revolution and autonomous driving
- Silicon Photonics used for next generation data centers, high performance computing and sensors for EV
- Working with IMEC on establishment of Joint Semiconductor R&D Centre which is intended to be IMEC's Regional R&D Centre in South East Asia


2022-12-06 09:12 | Report Abuse

DNeX AGM will be on today (6 Dec), 10am - 11am

Any shareholder grievances should be voiced out to the management and also be reflected in your voting of agenda items.

Note that SilTerra has completed a new LTA for its Silicon Photonics ramp up with a prominent US customer. Silicon Photonics chips are high in demand due to its high value and economical use for data centers.

Prospects of SilTerra remains bright, and if Beijing CGP decides to sell out its 40% if the arbitration does not go in their favor, there are many other large players waiting in line to buy in such as Foxconn

News & Blogs

2022-11-17 19:10 | Report Abuse

Key facts:
1. ICPS has not been issued by DNeX Semi, so CGP has no right to subscribe for additional ordinary shares
2. SilTerra is and must always be 55% Malaysian owned, dispute will not result in favorable outcome for foreign parties trying to wrestle controlling stake purely for economic purposes
3. Last resort, CGP is more than welcomed to sell their 40% stake in SilTerra. Many others especially Foxconn waiting desperately in queue.
4. Most sellers today were retailers, institutions pop up to acquire DNeX shares at attractive prices
5. Cancelling LTA by CGP may result in huge penalties payable by CGP, but more than welcome if they do so. Free money for SilTerra + capacity can be better used for Foxconn for EV ambitions


2022-11-17 19:09 | Report Abuse

Key facts:
1. ICPS has not been issued by DNeX Semi, so CGP has no right to subscribe for additional ordinary shares
2. SilTerra is and must always be 55% Malaysian owned, dispute will not result in favorable outcome for foreign parties trying to wrestle controlling stake purely for economic purposes
3. Last resort, CGP is more than welcomed to sell their 40% stake in SilTerra. Many others especially Foxconn waiting desperately in queue.
4. Most sellers today were retailers, institutions pop up to acquire DNeX shares at attractive prices
5. Cancelling LTA by CGP may result in huge penalties payable by CGP, but more than welcome if they do so. Free money for SilTerra + capacity can be better used for Foxconn for EV ambitions


2022-11-14 14:41 | Report Abuse

DNeX's 2 large cash generating engines - SilTerra and Ping is widely expected to double it's profits in FY23.



Secured agreement to supply wafers to World's Number 1 Low Energy Bluetooth company - Nordic Semiconductor ~ Cash upfront is 1.4x of current 8 inch wafer prices due to shortage of such specialty design.

Secured agreement to supply MEMS wafers to Number 1 Semiconductor company in the Middle East ~ Pearl Semiconductor ~ Cash upfront 3x of current 8 inch wafer prices due to 1st in the world design of such MEMS specialty design.

Cash upfront deposit of 40% from existing LTA covering 60% of existing capacity + re-opening of China economy spurring demand for Driver IC's

Ping Petroleum:

Completion of repair of a key component of Anasuria Cluster to boost productivity by 50%, resulting in Ping profit to potentially double provided oil is at current prices ~US$80-90/bbl.


Much to our surprise, SilTerra is moving up the global SIlicon Photonics and MEMS value chain at a rapid pace, due to its early investments in such technology and collaboration with global semiconductor R&D giant iMEC.

As global chip company scramble due to high inventory levels for conventional PC chips, SilTerra is insulated from such oversupply due to its superior inbuilt technology to supply these next generation chips that are expected to be mass adopted beginning from the end of FY23.


EPF accumulated a stake of up to 3.8% based on latest Annual Report filed ~ While this was widely expected by us, it is still a very positive news given large local ongoing institutional support.

Foreign institutional funds begin to upstake DNeX due to their better understanding of the widely positive financial impact from mass adoption of MEMS and Silicon Photonics by global conglomerates, especially in the use of low powered / battery enhancement products.


2022-10-13 18:54 | Report Abuse

We view the recent sell off of Dagang Nexchange ("DNeX") share unwarranted, given the ability of its 5 year LTA with China and Taiwan Display Driver IC fabless companies Chipone Technology and Ilitek to cushion the impact of any potential decline in IC demand.

Note that the LTA makes up of 70% of SilTerra's current wafer capacity and guarantees a load or pay, thus SilTerra will benefit regardless of whether the economy falls into a recession in the 1H23.

Separately, Nordic Semiconductor (key Bluetooth supplier of tech giant A), the world's leading Bluetooth wireless IC drive has locked SilTerra's loading for next 1H23 (In line with the expansion of SilTerra's 20% additional capacity).

While shares in global chip giants falter, SilTerra remains in a good position by virtue of it being the a handful of 200mm fab in the world having the capabilities to fabricate Silicon Photonics and MEMS IC (with various patents) having invested years in R&D with IMEC.

ASP for 200mm remains elevated due to shortage for automobile and data centre IC chips, two areas of focus for SilTerra's near future loading.

As for Ping Petroleum, oil prices remains elevated and undersupplied, despite prices falling from US$100 highs, Ping Petroleum's average actual cost per barrel is only US$25/bbl. At current prices of US$87/bbl, Ping is still able to make significant profits.

Under the guidanceship of Tan Sri Syed Zainal Abidin Tahir, DNeX is able to weather the potential economic downturn and continue to record profits due to the LTA.

We believe that the market has underappreciated the positive impact of the LTA signed by DNeX and will be positively surprised when DNeX's quarter earnings is announced.


2022-02-15 11:30 | Report Abuse

Note that all 3 of Success Transformers products has been receiving myriads of orders in recent months.

This is due to:
1. The replenishment exercise by major Municipals due to damages to street lights.
2. Air purifier product being sold like hot cake since end of last year.
3. Potential moving into EV segment via electric charging of batteries

At RM0.755 per share, the company is highly undervalued.

Expect Q4 results to show significant improvement due to factors 1 & 2 above.

Share price is expected to further propel once factor 3 is finalized.


2022-02-15 11:26 | Report Abuse

Note that SMIC had announced a leap in earnings growth few days back.

The main contributors were due to ASP hike in 200mm/8 inch wafer chips.

Based on channel checks, SilTerra's GaN and Silicon Photonics that are patented are receiving myriads of orders up from 1.5 years ahead due to its technological superiority and years of investment in R&D by SilTerra.

Expect DNeX's share price to continue to rise to reflect full value of SilTerra and Ping Petroleum.

Most foreign institutional investors had taken notice and began to purchase DNeX shares since last month.

On a channel check, an American fund has prescribed an intrinsic value based on SOTP DCF of RM5 / share based on beginning 2025 valuation, factoring in the highly valuable GaN, Silicon Photonics and MEMS.


2022-01-25 09:38 | Report Abuse

Note that DNeX will not require further material fund raising exercise as they have more than RM700mil in cash and bank balances as at December 2021.

The price action today is merely a panic selloff after a major dip in US indices (before recovery) yesterday.

Note that DNeX's expansion is to cater for high technology and high demand wafer chips built on 200mm wafers, including the revolutionary 180nm BCD Automotive Grade 0 chip that will be used in Foxconn's EV.

Based on trade statistics, during the second half session yesterday were local and foreign institutional investors while net sellers remained retailers.


2022-01-24 14:11 | Report Abuse

Note that Foxconn completed a deal with Indonesian Battery Corporation, together with PT Indika Energy and Taiwanese electric bike company - Gogoro to jointly develop battery manufacturing and electrical vehicle ecosystem in the country.

Late last year, Foxconn made its mark into Thailand with a partnership with Thai giants PTT to explore EV opportunities in the country.

This coincided with the time of completion of SilTerra's 180nm BCD Automotive grade 0 wafer chip that is used in Electric Vehicles.

In Tan Sri Syed Zainal's interview earlier this year, he mentioned that there is additional land and capacity in SilTerra's Kulim manufacturing plant and DNeX had initiated discussions with Foxconn and CGP.

Since then, Dr Albert SK Pang (formerly of Shanghai Huali) had been appointed as officer in charge of SilTerra.

It is not known to many that Shanghai Huali is an affiliate of German-Chinese electric car manufacturer - Byton.

With so many public leads, it is obvious that DNeX (by virtue of its direct interest in SilTerra)'s share price can continue to further run up, with several foreign investment analysts estimate being even higher than RM1.5/share.


2022-01-12 12:37 | Report Abuse

Dear David,

Remainder comprise of:
1. Small foreign net sell of RM2.3mil
2. Short selling value

Note that 99% of value on short selling comprise of sell only position, as during the period of Jan 3 - 7, 99% of short selling position was outstanding.

Simply put, you can expect them to “buyback” DNeX shares this week to cover their short position if DNeX’s price runs further this week.


2022-01-12 12:20 | Report Abuse

Dear Beginner,

Data is specific to DNeX.

Thank you.


2022-01-12 12:06 | Report Abuse

Updates on DNeX price:

- Price is consolidating at RM0.86 range post staging a strong technical recovery from RM0.83 the day prior.
- Volume traded on first trading half is low, being 15% of average total traded volume for the past 7 trading days.
- Main buyers for the past week was Local Institutional Investors, with a total net buy of RM114.4mil for the week from Jan 3 - 7.
- Main sellers for the past week was Local Retail Investors, with a total net sell of RM74.8mil for the week from Jan 3 - 7.
- Local Institutional Investors are playing a wait and see approach in view of strong accumulation with a volume weighted average price of RM0.847 for the past 7 trading days.
- Uptrend is expected to continue thereafter, with the first potential to test price at RM1.08, and RM1.5 thereafter.


2022-01-10 12:58 | Report Abuse

After a week of surge, DNeX's share price began to test its resistance at RM0.89. Facing this price resistance, the price begain to consolidate at a RM0.86 - RM0.87.

With DNeX poisted to announce Q2FY22 by middle to end of Febuary, it is projected to announce higher earnings due to:

i. Increase in SilTerra's ASP of Wafer per Mask Layer by 25% since Q2 FY21 and Wafer Fabout performance due to significantly lesser wastage

ii. Increase in crude oils lifting offtake value of Ping Petroleum

iii. Recognition of NSW revenue

The effects of which are projected to be a PATMI of RM59mil.

Based on annualised PER of 25x (Blended technology and energy), the fair value of DNeX is RM1.87

Based on annualised PER of 30x (Blended technology and energy, factoring in positive sentiment), the fair value of DNeX is RM2.25

Note that further catalyst that can boost the price to even higher levels include:

i. Deal with Foxconn on major expansion of Kulim plant for another foundry using MEMS, GaN and SiPhi for Electric Vehicles chips

ii. Deal to acquire MIMOS' 5k 8 inch foundry

Benchmarking SilTerra with peers under the GaN, MEMS and SiPhi technology, its value is significantly undervalued with peers currently being valued at 4x higher than SilTerra's current composition to DNeX.

Premised on the above, DNeX share price certainly has has further legs to run.


2022-01-06 16:30 | Report Abuse

Success' main business comprise of:

i. Manufacturing and selling of transfomers to municipal and governments (Malaysia, China, Australia, Singapore, Kenya)

ii. Manufacturing and selling of smart lighting ("ILCS") to municipal and governments

iii. Manufacturing and Fabrication of metal/steel/aluminium for smart lighting via its subsidiary Omega Steel Industries

iv. Portable air purifier (Kare4u) using Korean technology approved by FDA

The company is highly undervalued in terms of financials, as net cash of the company (including short term investments) are valued at RM0.55/share

The company's net assets or equity value is RM1.47 per share with zero borrowings.

The company's products are highly scalable into smart technologies in Electric Vehicles and Solar.

Based on Nov21 chart, the share price experienced a sell off post ex-dividend date and reporting of Q1 financials.

However, the company is widely expected to report better financials in FY22 as economies open up and municipal and governments replace conventional lighting with smart lighting with monitoring and sensor system.

Note that the company's intangible value is that they fabricate their own products, thus not being adversely affected in the purchase supply chain.

Further catalyst is the company's recently launched business on Korean air purifier approved by FDA. This product has been selling like hot cakes in recent months as the economy gradually opens up with the need for greater hygienic level.

During the recently concluded AGM, management did not rule out any business opportunities / collaboration in the EV industry.

At current price of RM0.795, the company is definitely worht a relook.


2022-01-05 10:56 | Report Abuse

DNeX's main business units comprise of:

i. SilTerra

ii. Ping Petroleum

iii. Trade facilitation ("National Single Window")

iv. Subsea Cable installation

In its recently announced quarterly financial results, core PATAMI was recorded at RM41.3mil.

Based on that core PATAMI, SilTerra's PATAMI contribution was only 2 months (RM21mil). This was due to the acquisition being completed in July 2021.

During that period, average ASP for Wafer per mask layers were USD20.8. Based on channel checks, Wafer per mask layers ASP had increased by 25% and is expected to continue to surge going into 2022.

Based on 25% increase in ASP, SilTerra is expected to record RM39mil - RM40mil in core PATAMI for Q222.

Assuming profitability of Ping Petroleum and other businesses remains constant (Although it is expected to rise), DNeX is expected to record a profit of RM59mil - RM60mil in Q222 (3 months).

Using a blended PE of 25 (Technology + Oil and gas sector), DNeX's value should be RM1.87 (Based on annualised profit of RM59mil)

Using a blended PE of 30 (Technology + Oil and gas sector), factoring in recovery of crude price, DNeX's value should be RM2.25 (Based on annualised profit of RM59mil)

At current price of RM0.845, DNeX is significantly undervalued.


2021-12-07 08:22 | Report Abuse

Appointment of the two new directors are to further enhance the board knowledge on accounting and legal.

DNex's prospects remains in tact with Silterra ASP rising month on month.


2021-12-06 10:26 | Report Abuse

UnclePho's comments all red flagged. What happened?


2021-11-30 11:25 | Report Abuse

MediaTek is the top fabless company in Taiwan and top 5 in the world.


2021-11-30 11:24 | Report Abuse

Note that ILI Technology Corp is a wholly owned subsidiary of MStar Technologies, which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of MediaTek.

This deal with ILI Technology Corp is expected to boost SilTerra's earnings quite substantially.

Also in the cards are discussion with Foxconn and CGP on a new 300mm facility to permanently boost SilTerra's capacity.

The new plant is expected to be fully loaded for EV productions.


2021-11-26 13:38 | Report Abuse

Unfortunately, there are some sourgrapes here that missed out on DNeX that keep bad mouthing.

Sad to see them only typing here everyday while others laughing to the bank.


2021-11-26 13:30 | Report Abuse

Correction: Silterra acquisition was completed in end July.

Thus RM22mil is only August and Sep21 contribution.

This means that full 3 months should be RM33mil.

At PE of 45x, Silterra worth to Dnex alone is RM1.88.


2021-11-26 13:26 | Report Abuse

Noted that SilTerra contributed RM22mil profit this quarter, assuming full year of RM88mil, at technology index PE of 45x, Silterra alone to Dnex is worth RM1.26.

This is excluding effects of ASP price hike in future from severe chip shortage.