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2021-12-12 01:30 | Report Abuse

Maybe air con also elik (elikkkolli).

All papers transactions.


2021-12-12 01:21 | Report Abuse

Even my 3 years old niece know to sing " liar liar pant on fire"


2021-12-12 01:15 | Report Abuse

# shareinvestor888.

What I mean is that even if it’s just window dressing, where is the conclusive proof (documentary) that there is fraud?

Say serbak loses all its lawsuits against kpmg, ey & bursa, this does not mean that Serba has committed fraud right? Frauds must be proven first before it is called a fraud


BILL OF QUANTITY as per projects/contracts per DO/Invoices will never lie. Tally with order from suppliers.

Dare to do on-site audit?

Can billed mutimillions for air conditioning supply and installation?


2021-12-12 00:37 | Report Abuse

Alenac, guess is that the window dressing of financial results have been going on for many years until it was found out in early 2021. By then it's too late as management cooking of books got too "gung ho" for external auditors to control.


*** The genius did fancy cooking in the mid of MCO.
Thereafter............ Wala!

When SD @ 1.9, I always opinion all O&G EPCC operators are dispensible in the eye of Petronas. Still valid to date.

May 2021, i sensed suspension will likely happened.

Posted in i3 CMSB, EY finding mirroring KPMG.
I said no way AR by Nov 21.

No SIR - - - - - > No AR - - - - - > No uplifting suspension.

default comes be4 AR.

What next??

1) Nexia will cabut.
2) still want to lansi, I suggest SC invoke AMLA.



2021-11-24 22:34 | Report Abuse

Clearance of governance issues by KPMG will give BOD flexibility to buy into treasury shares whenever feels under value.

Nobody can acuse them 4 manipulation of share prices. Remember company sold all at 2.25.


2021-11-24 22:14 | Report Abuse

# derrtan, KPMG had identified the problems and recommended ways to deter future reoccurrence. Patching up leakages will improve profitability.

Main concern 4 investors are huge impairment and cooked up accounts. Now it's the sustainability of CMS earning, price movement, dividend that moves the counter. (future)

frankly speaking, I do reserve some fund in case my prediction flop. Now happy to add more. I hope institutions funds especially EPF and Tabung Haji can become net buyers starting tomorrow.



2021-11-24 21:22 | Report Abuse

Earning in PAR with Unisem.


2021-11-24 21:20 | Report Abuse

Good, 2011 till 2020 activities had been cross examined by KPMG. Certified valid.

I have been consistent with my comments and so far predictions came thru.

No more excuses 4 naysayers to compare with SD who are now in deepshit.

Consistent 50m PAT per quarter. Big room for share price to appreciate going forward. With surrounding issues settled, those who sold, fence sitters and value investors will join us.



2021-11-23 18:46 | Report Abuse

Not much interest from retailers.


2021-11-19 16:17 | Report Abuse

Ways to strip Emperor naked.

1) force him out of the Circle
2) segregrates into steps for forensic audits
3) push forward when each step completed
4) built up the money trails until goals achieved

Mana mau lari!!


2021-11-19 15:14 | Report Abuse

Do u guys understand?

No way Nexia can furnish AR by date line. Tell me how when there are big chunk missing. How to tally and where to start? Is it to recognise the good part and put a blind eyes on problematic part?

Unless :
1) SD accept to do big impairment which they have rejected.
2) find Ah kaw & Muthu to sign off the book.

Cleaning workers sighted the SIR report in dustbin months ago. Option 1) door virtually closed.

As for regulations, they can only suspended ctn because laws provides SD to deny or reject both auditors finding. Further punishment like PN17 etc can be imposed when rules on main market listing requirements breached. SD can only go in circle now.

Default comes be4 AR.

TRUTH is shareholders fund, PP, borrowing and Bonds had been exchange for unverified debtors under receivable.


2021-11-16 00:42 | Report Abuse

Cambodian PM announces quarantine-free travel for all fully-vaccinated passengers Monday 15th Nov 2021.

Huge boost to Cambodia's tourism.

Quarantine - nil
Vaccine - no vaccine discrimination, fully vaccinated according to manufacturers register with WHO.

Covid test upon arrival - just rapid test require.


2021-11-14 22:08 | Report Abuse

Wrongly posted here. Maybe it's for magnum, btoto forum.

Dear Sarawakian, do not ever allow PAS to step foot into ur beloved state. Tq


2021-11-14 11:47 | Report Abuse

Stop dreaming to have AR or SIR to be ready by 30th Nov. K already choose the next step after advised by loyar buruk (ts Shafee).

Game plan, dispute again on (EY/SIR) report base on technical aspects of no mutual acknowledgement and AOB.

2 things we can comfirmed.
1) SIR report goes against SD
2) No intention to compromise (sue EY + Bursa). Now it's SD need to compromise both EY+KPMG.

How long more can K delay? Pressure building up fast (regulations, shareholders, bankers, bond holders, suppliers, clients, staffs and general public). What pause me are all this while the KEY to unlock this death chamber is with K&Co. Why choose to hide? The sad part is many greedy, disillusion, newbies and fancy still want to enter and accompany their emperor last journey by entering thru back door. This taboo practice was more than 2200 years back. Still in jolly mood as there plenty of best foods and wines around until the last breath of 02 left with chamber completely sealed off.

U ASK 444444444 IT!


2021-11-14 11:46 | Report Abuse

Be4 scandal KPMG (Ext auditor)

*** Mutual acknowledgement needed bet entities and their appointed auditor or at least compromise be4 account become official and published.

1) Big dispute (material on-site, receivable), KPMG no option but to raise flag.
2) can't see eye to eye, SD launched legal action
3) KPMG resigned (code of ethics). Got replaced by Nexia.

Disputed parties go to referees /regulators (Bursa & SC)

Hmm! Who telling the truth?

for fairness, neutral 3rd party must come in (SIR)
Nexia as new Ext. Audit cannot sign off SD's book cos SIR already came into place. Flag raised - huge figures unable to verify.

So : No SIR - - > No QR/AR - - -> Uplifting suspension


2021-11-13 03:21 | Report Abuse

The only survivor ways are, K reveal every details of KPMG initial finding that been confirmed by EY. Brave enough to admit and take blames with BOD as collective decision making body. Cooperate with all authorities involved and prepared 4 jail time. Resources in legal way should not be spend on fighting a sure lose battle but on lightening his personal wronged doing.

Resign and total revamp BOD. Call for immediate EGM to appoint a captain of the industry to assemble the best personals for new board. Revert every single problems. Each second counts.

White collar crime punishment is light in Malaysia. Still hero and good chance to become billionaire again. A endless luxury life till meet his creator.

What withhold this PHD holder? Possible big shot politicians behind the scene where all this while SD is the source of white washing, laundering or transfers of assets abroad?

Its going to need a MIRACLE. I will stop at here.

Wishing all minorities shareholders best of luck ahead.


2021-11-13 01:43 | Report Abuse

At current lv, there are still rooms to plunge 50 to 70% in short period but still remains public listed company like Sapura Energy.for many years to come. Initially below 0.09 cents will be imporsibble.

SD make huge mistake in bringing authorities to task.

What is the panalty for pouching referee in public?

ANSWER : ban for live.


2021-11-13 01:16 | Report Abuse

See what going to happen when superstar footballers argue/challenge/protest against referee.

Now wanted to box the authorities. Its 100% comfirmation by big 2, not just accounting mistakes but serious white collar crimes took place. Borrowing means freeze too.

In the eye of Petronas, all EPCC players are dispensable.



2021-11-12 23:43 | Report Abuse

My 1st ever comment in SD i3 supposed to be a technical question that I hope getting clarity from sifus.

Repost : Jun 27, 2021 12:16 PM | Report Abuse

I have a query and can someone help.

Let's say I decide to buy 100k worth of SD shares on Monday morning and it happen this ctn got suspended once all my orders matched by bursa.

1) cash acc only have 50k and no others share in portfolio
2) clearance : T+2 with no margin acc
3) I dun have any mean whatsoever to come up with the balance 50k

Since suspended, I can't cut lost or take profit what will my broker do??

*** sifu Leno at that time say it wouldn't get suspended. Yes, SD only got suspended on 22nd October 2021. But Lucky see much more forward outlooks. Be4 this I did managed to save 2 and half buddies of mine from disaster.

Lastest development, I can say IT'S OVER.



2021-11-12 18:57 | Report Abuse

Real life experienced by pulling 2 and 1/2 friends of mine from wreakage called SD.

1) A professional by training who had invested 40000 shares around 1.69. I told him O&G are risky assets and adviced him to cash out while sky still shinny. I too asked him to switch to GENM when price is at historical low of rm2. After twice fail break 1.95, he heeded my words by cashing out around 1.9. The best part was he took all the capital into GENM around RM2.2. see GENM now (3.17). Escaped with profits and a happy man still holding GENM.

2) a loaded retiree uncle who always say hoot9e due to his gambling nature. He brought in big WA(0.22) while mother share already shown sign of weakness. He asked me how I see his pick and I gave him same advice. Whenever we met, he will buy me tea and say phew! lucky escape.

3) a housewife constantly looking for better yield compared FD. Invested heavily in accord her std. 60000 shares at 1.6. Only told me when alleged fraud making headlines. SD got twice limit down. I told her to cut everything whenever u see rebound. Managed to sold all around 0.9++, with a heavy heart. This I only counted half as her capital almost crippled. A painful investment venture goes awry.

There are still kind-hearted people around. I never stamped or bad mouth in SD forum for once.

Reasons why I didn't comments are :

1) it's non of my business, I sense their pain too.
2) I'm nobody in i3 forum, too many diehard fans , any negative comments will be ignored.

If only you personally know me, maybe can rewrite history. The experience seeing big O&G tumble 1 after another make the different as I also season investor in bursa.


2021-11-09 14:07 | Report Abuse

Recent buyers, retailers, ladies and gentlemen. U sure want to cut lost to pon dan at 1.36?


2021-11-09 14:04 | Report Abuse

Pon dan waiting at 1.36?


2021-11-06 11:55 | Report Abuse

Let him gone for good. No need go toilet look 4 shits. It's more harmonious now.

Maintenance this forum for constructive discussion, info sharing, latest updates and joyful cheering ground.

Previously, it's still divisive opinions. Now slowly align into 1 direction, a united force to challenge lv 2.0.

Stay focus!


2021-11-06 02:13 | Report Abuse

IBU KOTA NEGARA( RI new administrative Capital) planned to be 3 times the size of New York City.

Geographical challenges to link Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei by land.

*** Genting Highland peaked at 1865m.

It would includes strategic naval bases to neutralise treats from Malaysia, sulu of Philippines, China and Australia. New airfields, hydroelectric power plants, international airports, deep water trading ports, exclusive High tech economy zones, well planned residential satellite township massively connected with highways and electric railroad with bullet train facilities in future.

Like many coastal cities around the world, Jakarta is dealing with sea-level rise. But Indonesia's biggest city also has a unique problem: Because of restricted water access in the city, the majority of its residents have to extract groundwater to survive. And it's causing the city to sink.

*** Malaysia cannot afford to be sloopy. Counter measurements need to put in place fast.

Can Indonesia succeed?

1) GDP ( PPP 2021) at USD 3.5 trillions, 7th worldwide.
2) population of 273m, census 2021.
3) President's RI rocks.

Fastlanes :

How to attract world super rich, Sea countries and East Asia in particular. Attract talents and built up job opportunities.


2021-11-05 18:34 | Report Abuse

Bilis like myself can help propel CMS price upward by,

1) holding tight to your tickets
2) add in more whenever one find it oversold or price attractive enough according to budget after risk analysis.
3) buy and lock in save, don't be tempted by few bits profit.
4) do not frightened by large q at higher prices, let operators do their magic.


2021-11-05 17:34 | Report Abuse

Capitals in flow.


2021-11-05 17:09 | Report Abuse

Technical : will test immediate resistance at 1.5.

If successful a new floor built at 1.5 to 1.6 range.


2021-11-05 17:04 | Report Abuse

Stop arguing on trivia matters. Of course if just invest for short term, nothing much to benefit from CMS.

Any developments or projects in East Malaysia, its local companies for sure enjoy some degree of benefits. It's either direct or indirect exposure.

Sabah's biggest cement company, Cement Industry (sabah) s/b only got max capacity of 900000 Mt annual.

More good news lining up to be announced. Tower project I expect within days soon.

My TA cun cun, predicted this recent consolidation worst be at 1.33~1.36. Iow at 1.35. Must stay calm all the time.

I repeat : if



2021-11-03 17:38 | Report Abuse

Emergency in Sarawak lifted.

U guys trading for few bits?? Like this how to go up fast..... Hmm!


2021-11-03 17:05 | Report Abuse

Buy and then cut lost?


2021-11-01 18:48 | Report Abuse

Big portion evaporated. Hope my perseverance paid off.

Last call 1.33~1.36.


2021-11-01 18:45 | Report Abuse

Decided to fight till the end.


2021-11-01 18:43 | Report Abuse

Big slapped to FM face.

Lopsided budget.

233.5B (operating expenditure) vs 75.6B (development expenditure)

Public servants fully taken care but decided to put a knife private entities. Still got bonus. Should only reserve to frontliners in public heathcare staffs.

6m EPF contributors have less than 10k in their account. I wonder what is the status FOR KWAP?


2021-10-31 19:28 | Report Abuse

Latest statistics showed cements, concretes and steels take up 23 to 30% of total building cost or projects.

For those interested, there are many more modelling, softwares(tools) to help civil engineers or surveyors to calculate construction cost. DOSH (statistics Dept) or CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) have all the comprehensive numbers.

1) Sarawak is the biggest state in Malaysia. Its also the richest in term of natural resources.
2) smallest population per land size.
3) few of the least or under develop states.
4) last bastion or fixed deposit for current ruling govn.

*** CMS is actually a private and state government initiative. Initially aimed setup is to
Spearhead, explore and develop Sarawak.
- see the number of quarries licences it hold. This put cahaya in advantage in access to raw materials. Close collaboration enables CMS access to 1st hand information and always got the upper hand on its competitors.

Direct access of 2-3B out of 12B (2022 state's development budget) will make CMS buzy for few years. It still got hands on other successful bidders in supplying construction materials.
Remember too the lucrative net margin, like what I had highlighted in Tower tenders.


*** take example Mmccorp, when price traded around 0.8 to 1.0, not many knows its a gems until Syed Mokhtar privatised at 2.2. He is very happy for minorities to walk away, hahaha!


2021-10-31 14:53 | Report Abuse

Every time when there is price hike in raw material like sugar, tea power, coffee power, kopitiam will increase prices for drinks they offer.

Eg sugar increase 50 cents per kg, but every drink kopitiam charge 20 cents more. Can u recall back what was the price of a cup of teh ping 5 years ago?? Now many charge rm2. 6.
Price stays when raw material adjust lower.

Cement is a control item. It's std across Malaysia but normally east Malaysia distributors are allow to charge extra to cover logistic cost.
This ceiling price increase is inevitable cos local producer eg Mcement, Hume industry already operating under extremely challenging environment. 1 reason is raw materials price catching up fast.

*** this isn't the case for CMS as it bundled it products in projects. High margins in government is an open secret, just compare net margin for CMS with Mcement or others.

*** Next increase will not be 10%, rather few % but this will serve a big lifeline for industry players. Its bonus 4 CMS.


2021-10-30 19:01 | Report Abuse

Where else KPMG outcomes :

1) lost of small amount, probably less than 30m.

*** bad news turn superb good news cos knowingly price at deep bottom. (hardly scratched)

2) more than 30m<200m, price adjust back lower. 3rd wave wouldn't be as serious as before cos investors can quantify the actual lost. Many buyers willing to support if cheap lelong again. (full of bruises)

3) serious damage of >200m, even though CFO is key management personnel, his authority is limited and subjected constant scrutinised by BOD plus feedback by fellow colleagues. Very unlikely happen. (


2021-10-30 18:59 | Report Abuse

Until it gazetted into law, meantime tax consultant need time to digest too. Good businesses to them, haha!

Eps decrease, but net assets increase mah. I'm not TC, can't help. Fundamental speaks.


2021-10-30 17:58 | Report Abuse

Haha! Every good investors will use all means to search for best wealth generating assets. If extra 9% is too much to swallow, one can turn to companies ( gross profit less than 100m), unstable/fluctuating earning companies where there is room for tax deferral. Best still constantly lost making 1, no need pay tax. Want tips on these type of companies?

1st 100m profits is just general guideline. For sure there are Clauses like lost transfers among associations/subsidiaries, sudden purchase of luxury assets and etc. Marginal corporates can engage Tax Consultants for advices but biggest earning companies how to run?. Tax consultant can help reduce taxable amount on marginal companies but not 100% tax obligation relief on extra tax rate. Anything involve transactions involves loan, stamp duties, RPGT, contracts so other parties still pay taxes. Dun copy bad apple way in tempering accounts. Be patriotic and treat this as 1 time National Service for Malaysia.

*** according to Bloomberg data, there are only 125 companies qualify for it. ( CMS kena, best company mah). Should learned from Tan Sri Teh by asking serious question to FM :

" entra 1 OFF mo man Thai, but how can government assure tax payers the accountability, transparency, in distribution of funds among people and effected economy sectors. How it will benefits recovery rate and the growth projection in term of GDP on larger prospective. "

Factors determine the upward movement of CMS share price :
1) how well can cahaya produce profits. EPS, growth rate, sustainability are key measurements.

2) how serious BOD uphold the rule of law's in bringing those culprit to justice.

3) best practice of upholding best ESG codes to avoid reoccurrence.

4) way of sharing fruit of prosperity with minority shareholders.



2021-10-30 05:41 | Report Abuse

Hmm, a bit disappointed with the 1 month extension. Already prepared myself emotionally to face it bad or good.

Do not too obsess with the outcome and miss out the fundamental which I believe is the driving force 4 share price 2 recovery. Alleged fraud already past tense.

When CMS traded around 1.1 in July 21 i ask myself ' wtf happens to this company?'
The 1st thing I did was a quick fundamental screen before moving into news of the alleged issues.

I'm glad to share it to u today as below.

How strong is CMSB?

29th Oct 21, the government will introduce a ONE-OFF corporate tax of 33 percent for any income after RM100 million(profit be4 tax) for the year 2022.

- out of all KLSE components, 2 companies fail to make it which are Genting and GenM that had badly effected by pandemic.

How's other fares, I choose a few techs darling for comparison :

1) MI - 44.3m(2018), 52.9m(19), 54m(20), 48.6m(21 until 3rd qr)
2) UWC - 18.9m(2019), 57.8m(20), 91.5m(21)
3) Penta - 57.1m(18), 83m, 70.9m, 53.5m (3qrs)

Where else 4 CMS :
265.7m(2018), 160.3m, 194.7m, 125.2m( until Q2)

*** pls take note that all figures are PAT ( After 24% tax deduction) and I choose tech cos it bullish outperform income due to shortage supply that enjoys it best valuation currently.

Conclusion : the above companies still need some catch up and our CMS already qualify in just 2 quarter. Alamak! Taxman coming 4 more. UWC 2021 admitted.

The new tax is call ' cukai makmur' in BM, which means CMS has been prosperous since many years back and many more to come. Lucky no back dated calculation, hahaha!


*** used 4 rolling qr eps and compare with on PAR companies across industry best. All are The edge BRC ( Billions Ringgit Club) as benchmark.

1) CMSB - 26.61 eps @ 1.43
2) Inari (tech/semicon) - 8.96 @ 3.87
3) Dialog (o&g) - 9.62 @ 2.830
4) PMETAL (industrial) - 8.99 @ 5.56
5) VS (tech/EMS) - 6.41 @ 1.58
6) ABMB (finance) - 25.87 @ 2.75

in order for Inari shareholders to equalize the efficiency of CMS annually eps ( the amount of net profit earn per single share), investor need to buy 26.61/8.96= 2.97 x (X amount of shares needed) to achieve same earning.

3.87 x 2.97 = 11.49 ( amount invested)
1.43/11.49 = 0.13 ( just fractional amount inari value at)

Same goes to 3,4,5 and very near to ABMB.

*** CMSB deserves the conglomerate title and didn't lose face at all if standing side by side with these best of the best. My TP 2.0 is not merely pluck from sky. Most important is futures results, PAT just more than 30m per qr. Why I say 30m, because give more market also fail to appreciate it, lol!

Legal investigation will only be 3rd after shock ( earthquake synology). Blast is when news of 'fraud' amplifier by SD where most investors in dark. 2nd wave was KPMG hints out the the possibles cause and estimated damage and calm market down.

That's why I say : BUYING CMS FUTURE!!

Q2 as (heart stabilize/comfort) pills had assured fundamental are intact. Q3 expecting soon (outperform results) more important than finding.

stay neutral and think for yourself, bet or not.


2021-10-28 05:09 | Report Abuse

Go sum up the total profits for past ten years of scib plus kpower. No even close to 1 year cmsb income.


2021-10-28 04:38 | Report Abuse

Monkey see, monkey do!

U must have read too much comments in SD, scib or kpower. Make u confused too.

What is the definition of a Company origin means?
1) by means of citizenship or states of its founders?
2) by location of company HQ?
3) by majority revenue company generate from according to geographical region?
4) registration record in CCM or Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia -(SSM)

For SD,
1) Is Karim a Sarawakian? I only know he started his career in Bintulu be4 setting up Serba.
2) Sek 14,S. Alam, Selangor
3) 2/3 annual revenue from UAE
4) same as 2)

Every 1 knows why the 3 companies falls. Its because Pak Karim holds the controlling stakes in every1 of them. Do Karim got stakes in cahaya?
SCIB and Kpower are half submerged listed companies be4 Karim buying in in 2019. I know Karim brought over Lee Chong Wei's brother shares in Kpower.

***check out the earning of both companies from 2014 till 2018. Sucks! Man, plenty sole proprietorship, sdn bhd or individual professional earn better. LOL!
U think Karim superlan power. He use u bill me, I bill u, we bill together to make it nice. I still wondering why so many naive ppls got trap. (GREED). Yes SCIB got the word Sarawak. If eg Biport, SOP got tremendous qr record, share price meletup, SCIB must rise too even losing money? Come on! I already very polite not using the ### word.

*** CMS had delivered a consistent NPAT of Min 160m to max 265m from 2014 to 2018.

Same meh? Dun pretend to be stu...

*** CMS invite/tasks KPMG to do investigation audit ( big 4) where else SD downgrade to Nexia as it external audits, knowing KPMG got the reputation of cannot be brought over or compromise their professionalisme.

LUCKYBOY got many backup, friends in i3 and FACTS!!


2021-10-28 01:43 | Report Abuse

We are buying CMSB's FUTURE!!!


2021-10-28 01:18 | Report Abuse

I have been holding since July 2021.

CMS latest 6 quarters net profits :
47.4m + 77.8m + 114m + 46.7m + 16.7m + 17.3m
Total = 319.9m / 6

Av per quarter = 53.31m ( 18 months period)

I hope ur mid-term falls within the 18 months time frame.

*** remember, CMS operated in many covid restricted environments during this period and coming result should improve as explain in earlier post. ( recovery theme /full force operation). CMS passed the duress test with flying color.

One need to understand what had caused this blue chip to trade at current price. If not because of the alleged miss management occured there is no way u can get this barginal price.

*** I believed CFO saga is within means of cahaya( min damage) and moving forward this company can produces more 50m net profit each qr.

If u agree, why not.

This counter have been trending up since 1.03. I predict the worst correction will be at 1.33.

Support at 1.39 is very crucial. If break just wait lower but if it can hold price will cont moving up from here depend on sentiments, news and result.

I'm hoping KPMG can provide us (investors) the report with no further delay. We have to face it, sooner the better for clarity purposes.

Good luck!


2021-10-27 11:19 | Report Abuse

Most important : always got EXTRA fund when market goes panic.


2021-10-27 11:18 | Report Abuse

I repeat, will be supported above 1.39 before KPMG reviewing. Just 2 and 1/2 trading days to go provided no further delay.

Ask yourself, CMS got problem submitting qr report? No right.

Repost : In few days time, one will see great disparity in price movement for CMSB and SD, once SIR and KPMG report out.

SCIB ( SD related) - drop 28.4% intraday
SD - save by the bell
CMS - drop 2%

See the difference??