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2022-10-19 13:54 | Report Abuse

In the short term there is no correlation between the company business and its share prices
But in the long term, make a guess

Important to me is that the company continue to make extraordinary profit and why do we need to worry about the naysayer talking nonsense day in day out

Chill !!!!!!!!!!!!


2022-10-10 15:10 | Report Abuse

Looking at the past record HY make a profit of 179m in Q4/21, 47m in Q1/22 due the the hedging loss brought on by the spike in oil prices when Ukraine war started, with the war not ending anytime soon, it profit for Q2 was 667m and Q3 with Diesel prices still high the result should be just as good if not better, what about Q4.

The $7 prices now may seems to be high but if you add up the profit for 2022 it may be around $7
the profit may seems erratic and that is because of the nature of the business and the hedging play such a big part
Will the share price move south or north, it may move south but I guess not much will it move north my guess is, it do have a long runway


2022-09-28 14:43 | Report Abuse

Be Brave while others are ........
1) The company is not in trouble
2) They just got a Billion $ credit
3) They just had a phenomenal quarter
4) Next Q will be just as great if not better
5) New refinery are costing 10x as much
6) No new Refineries ARE on the horizon in the near future
7) PE are still ridiculous low

Due to bad sentiment now, load are cash and wait for the rebound


2022-09-09 11:25 | Report Abuse

There are Lies, Damn Lies and there is Statistic


2022-09-05 16:11 | Report Abuse

1) Russia will be shutting down the gas pipeline
2) Ukraine war will not end soon
3) Winter is coming
4) Energy Prices will spike

patience is the Key

Spare the hate and Huat together


2022-09-01 14:18 | Report Abuse

Cutting thru the noise
Top up a little more !!!!!!!!!!!
when people are still worried with such profit


2022-09-01 10:47 | Report Abuse

The barrier to entry is quite high and new Refinery do take some time and also very ex
Naysayer can say what they want but the fact is all there

Hold on tight tight and enjoy the ride


2022-08-31 09:08 | Report Abuse

Question is will the prices go higher or lower and what are the probability
With such a environment of Russia reducing the supply the supply and demand equilibrium is tilted and do you honestly think that it will resolve soon,
Building a Glove factory compare to building a Refinery what are the difference, you tell me

At the end of the day the market will decide...........


2022-08-26 11:35 | Report Abuse

If the share prices is @RM18.89 I'm a Very very happy man
Thank you Probability for the clarification


2022-08-26 10:50 | Report Abuse

Hope that your forecast profit will come true Base on Probability estimate and if we work out the sum
4.72X4Q=18.89 per year profit
Guess what will the share prices be


2022-08-25 15:39 | Report Abuse

LOL the base from RM3 to RM4 already
MM boleh


2022-08-24 15:09 | Report Abuse

Ignorance is bliss when we know that we are right with facts and figure instead of being bother with some naysayer shouting otherwise

Peace & Huat to all

P.s. thank you Probability for the facts


2022-08-23 10:08 | Report Abuse

It seems the tide has turn and looking forward to the Q2 report and from the info provided by Probability Q3 will be very good too
Hold on tight and enjoy the ride !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2022-08-18 13:52 | Report Abuse

Fingers cross and looking forward to the Q2 report and from the infos provided during July and August the Q3 result will be as good as Q2 if not better
By then some will be wondering why did we miss this boat (no offense)


2022-08-17 15:56 | Report Abuse

Thank you probability and may the force be with the longist
The writings are on the wall and flying everywhere

Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2022-08-16 15:53 | Report Abuse

During the last Q, HY lost money because of the Hedging and compare to Petron it lost more because they have a higher capacity and therefore they need to hedge more, the prices of oil shoot up because of the Ukraine war and that is a one time affair, coming in to this Q the oil prices is more or less stabilize at a higher level and my GUESS is that they should make a huge profit as shown in other refineries reporting
Am i being Brave when most are afraid
Lets wait for while more for the report to be publish
cos if we look at the volume transacted its not that Big
That's my observation and hopefully my patience serve me well


2022-04-20 16:17 | Report Abuse

CEO and management team should be busy generating profit for the company instead of stirring the pot to raise the share prices le


2022-03-14 08:54 | Report Abuse

The Fat lady had not sang yet
let see


2022-03-13 19:52 | Report Abuse

Due to the Ukraine war steel mill in Turkey and middle east had held back from making offer to SEAsia their reinforement steel also know as rebar as reported in the Strait Time last Saturday
Lets see the steel price goes up or down and their corresponding profit
instead or listening to any Tom, Dick or Harry prediction
have some patience and DYODD

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2021-12-20 10:42 | Report Abuse

Funny the AR comes out on Thursday and Friday morning KYY brought and only then he reads the report that is bad after buying them ???

Sikusiku had explain the logic of the AR in the Hiapteck forum, as much as I had respected KYY but it may seems dementia may had slowly creep in


2021-12-10 11:10 | Report Abuse

Do take the chance of a lifetime to short this stock since its NO HOPE ALREADY and you may claim with record that you make millions and seek subscribers too


2021-12-01 13:48 | Report Abuse

As this is a free forum and the comment are only restricted by our own value, we can make fun of OTB for all you want, but do remember that this guy had won numerous accolade in stock pick and is already a millionaire staying in some upmarket homes whereas those naysayer are those who took the opportunities to dig it in when the market took a turn for the worse
How Hiap Teck perform in the near future is anybody guess but base on the past performance and the expected PAT as OTB had provided do you really think the prices will tank yo 30sen.
It may if the Omicron will cause a complete world wide shutdown but will it bounce back
Make your guess


2021-11-15 15:22 | Report Abuse

Hui maikancheong you may want to check what is their profit when the prices is 30sen and what is the profit now and you may get a feel of the prices it would be
and as 999 had mention, I do trust OTB recommendation back with facts and figure instead of some source which is plug from air saying whatever he may say to swing in his Favour
at the end of the day DYODD


2021-11-14 23:02 | Report Abuse

If you are working in the company and have a chance of buying the shares at a discounted prices of 7%(53.5 vs 50 cts) would you proceed if you think that the prices will go lower, bearing in mind that these are the people working in the company and know the company best

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2021-10-18 14:54 | Report Abuse

If the news comes to fruition we maybe looking at $2


2021-10-04 11:54 | Report Abuse

After all these valuable insights from the expert, if you are not onboard don't say Bo Chio ha

Economic dictates that when demand is greater that supply, prices will go up
supply low demand stay prices go up
whereas we are having demand at all time high and supply is being restricted
it becomes a beautiful scenario for the prices to shot up

On top of that HT is having the state of the oven which will save even more and to me its the perfect storm


2021-09-14 22:30 | Report Abuse

If it's pandemic to epidemic now we should be rejoicing instead of rushing out of the gate ????


2021-09-10 18:13 | Report Abuse

LF report Q2 Q1

Revenue 184,783 211,479
PBT 42,573 42,525
Tax -10,458 -6,415
NP 32,115 36,110
Tax Rate 24.56 % 15.09 % -

1) if we look closer at the report, company actually make more profit from lower sales(shutdown during MCO) profitability increase from 20% to 23%

2)but actual profit was reduce due to higher tax bracket 24.56% vs 15.09%

3)Company will add 2 more line in the 2nd half(Revenue will increase)

But base on KYY latest comment the reduced profit of 16% will cause the share price to go south


2021-09-10 11:41 | Report Abuse

Do agree if China is still exporting, however China had change direction and that is the reason why steel prices keep on heading north and the rest is picking up the fruits and once market consolidate ...........
Do sell if you think otherwise, Good luck


2021-09-10 10:15 | Report Abuse

In Expansion mode, the future looks bright
Hiap Tech Venture has proposed to acquire a 21.26-acre parcel of land in Kuala Selangor for RM48.6m for its future expansion. The company said the freehold agriculture land has been converted into medium industry use, to be known as Kapar 2 International Industrial Park. The acquisition will enable HTH to own its own warehouses for operations and future expansion without having to pay rental. (StarBiz)


2021-09-08 14:36 | Report Abuse

Steel prices positive + Iron Ore negative = profit ++ (double shot)

Order my double shot and watching the world go by hehehehehehehe


2021-08-26 22:21 | Report Abuse

Glad you bring it up that steel play is shortlived one,
For the past 30 years or more China is the source for all the cheap stuff and fortunately or not China is not what it was even 10 years back
Base on the earlier post (Facts) China will be controlling their steel export and if this is not a good time to buy maybe you should wait till it hit the roof and then you may come back and say the PE is so high Blah Blah Blah


2021-08-26 09:30 | Report Abuse

Don't let hatred blind our path forward, What bring to table KYY argument about Press Metal vs Hiap Teck i find it very valid and after PM announcement the shares raise with such high valuation,
I believe HT will find its way too


2021-08-20 09:49 | Report Abuse

Unless you are punter your long term maybe too short and if you do invest within your mean you should be looking forward to reap your profit instead of worrying whether you can tahan or not
Chill n relax


2021-07-26 13:59 | Report Abuse

To be honest, I'm one of the novice that listen to his advice to buy this share and the argument presented was very logical and after buying in at 98cts the next day or so I read with this bewilderment that he is advising people to sell, so is this a super investor or is he not
and can this so call super investor really see what is going to happen in the next few quarter if he cannot even see it in the past few weeks

I'm holding on base on OTB fact that steel prices will make a paradigm change and will disregard the noise created by the so call super investor

make your own judgement as I had make mine


2021-07-26 11:12 | Report Abuse

A man's ego is a very funny thing, to think that when you are old enough we should be more sane than let our Ego rule our head,
just read his blog that of all steel stock especially HT and LF will tank
Is he not out to attack this 2 stock to prove his ego
By his own admission earlier when he promote the stock, is he able to predict the next few quarter, I beg to differ


2021-07-15 10:13 | Report Abuse

OTB your view is validated and thank you for all the info gather, like you say it may take time for the prices to move beyond our imagination and I believe the key word here is patience and with the timeline of a year or 2, its not too far away

Cheers !!!!!!!!


2021-07-13 12:02 | Report Abuse

Well said OTB, spoken like a true gentleman say what you mean and mean what you say
Nothing but respect


2021-07-07 16:42 | Report Abuse

Oops just notice that someone had remove the comment about Buddha teaching of what goes around comes around


2021-07-07 16:25 | Report Abuse

Don't read that it was a curse rather a warning to those liars that they will meet their fate and if he is lying it will happen to him too
so why do anyone take it as a curse, unless one is lying and is worried.

as for the mention old FOX if the money that he made can be donated to charity, I for 1 will gladly support him to made more

Lets not be blinded by hate


2021-07-07 16:08 | Report Abuse

we may post comment to feel good, please don't put others down with lies,

as liar will meet their Fate
人在作, 天在看


2021-07-06 16:11 | Report Abuse

本地厂房无法运作 OTB had already provided the answer earlier
政治动荡, That is why the current prices is depress
钢铁股价突破新高有难度, may or may not as KYY had mention at forecasted 2X PE I believe market will rebalance itself
Im holding tight and will buy on dip


2021-06-30 22:25 | Report Abuse

I rest my case


2021-06-30 17:06 | Report Abuse

A Wise man once said, "Bees don't waste time explaining to Flies why honey is better than Shit" I literally felt that
Quote Jim Carrey