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2017-10-03 12:06 | Report Abuse

take a deep breath, look at uchitec, long term, good counter. dividend gao gao~


2017-10-03 12:03 | Report Abuse

relax... everyone free to comment and make their own choice


2017-10-02 11:50 | Report Abuse

consider switch to kerjaya. TP above 4. now should be bottom and rebounding. time frame 6 months. stable and less risk, aim small get small.


2017-10-02 11:30 | Report Abuse

yes, lenglenglui.. go read quarter results explanatory note, page 8. those two big projects are on hold, dont know when only start.

which mean next quarter also there are no input from those projects. so dont expect too much for next quarter as well. unless they have new projects which can increase the revenue. hopefully they do, then got hope have black results back on track.

but looking at the technical side, maybe the down trend is just begin. so might continue drop for a while.. but i might be wrong.


2017-09-30 16:19 | Report Abuse

Total cumulative quarter results for FY17 dropped half from 26 mil to 13 mil


2017-09-30 16:14 | Report Abuse

i ad asked my friend cut loss few days ago when he asked me watch this counter for him


2017-09-30 15:32 | Report Abuse

I ad told u to be careful.. i knew they had bad debt, but now written off, hopefully no more in future. However, another issue - revenue dropped badly because less project. y-o-y dropped half, esp this quarter very bad. Don't know what this board is doing.

No offence, I think maybe it will break the previous low, dont know how low it will go..

Posted by AnonymousInvestor > Sep 25, 2017 12:45 PM | Report Abuse X

curious, watch the trap show. as i know, the results should be bad, bad debt also floating up again.


2017-09-25 15:25 | Report Abuse

i thought they cant even find investor for private placement, and the directors also dont wan to take the private placement for themselves. that is why dragged so long


2017-09-25 12:45 | Report Abuse

curious, watch the trap show. as i know, the results should be bad, bad debt also floating up again.


2017-09-25 12:17 | Report Abuse

should be bottom. added.


2017-09-23 13:43 | Report Abuse

do u heard about bonus?


2016-02-26 20:19 | Report Abuse

Agm 23 March. Let's go.


2016-02-14 12:35 | Report Abuse

yoo val-elta bro, diversified in which sector?


2016-01-14 20:01 | Report Abuse

dont forget their highest level within 52 weeks range is 1.05 ..


2016-01-14 19:57 | Report Abuse

if they deliver 99.6 mil profit from the project over 4 years.. they can yield an eps of 28 cents per year for 4 years.. we know property nowadays only those strategic location are sell-able. with this bus station and it's strategic plan and location to make it centre of kampar is just so awesome. i won't give a pe of 10, but a range of 6-7 is fair. that will give u a crazy TP. but to be conservative, i this is an above $1.00 stock, as i see it.


2016-01-14 10:20 | Report Abuse

"....the Kampar Putra new township will be regarded as the new town centre of Kampar..."



2016-01-14 09:38 | Report Abuse

The IBTC will provide an integrated public transport system i.e. local bus services, express bus,
taxi, and shuttle bus. The IBTC will have a waiting area with shopping complex, fitness centre, banquet hall, cineplex, café, restaurants and other common facilities. In addition, t
his project will create job opportunity within the surrounding areas and it will generate more economic activities within the area in future.In addition, with the construction of IBTC, the Kampar Putra new township will be regarded as the new town centre of Kampar. With better transportation connectivity, Kampar will become more accessible to tourists, students,
businessmen and investors which will help to generate more economic activities in the area. SPSB believe that the proposed IBTC will help to enhance the value of the remaining land ownedby SPSB and will definitely improve the market demands of the properties to be developed on those land in the near future.The remaining land held by SPSB has a net buildable area of 12.22 acres. SPSB via its wholly-ownsubsidiary, Scanwolf Development Sdn Bhd (“SDSB”) has planned to carried out a mix development project on the said land consisting of 600 units of Commercial Suites (GDV: RM122 million), 276 units of Townhouses (GDV: RM126 million), 2 blocks of apartments (GDV: RM59 million) and a hotel (GDV: RM10.0 million). Total projected profit for the whole project is RM99.6 million.

All these developments surround the proposed IBTC.With the IBTC, SPSB will be able to command a higher premium in the selling price for future projects and will definitely improve the marketability of these properties. The proposed Land disposal will boost to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) elements into our strategic business management. CSR drives us to improve connectivity and business performance and ensures that our business decisions help to deliver more to society. SCANWOLF believes the proposed IBTC is sustainable and viable transport system that will have immense contribution to the socio-economic and well-being of Kampar residents.

Total projected profit for the whole project is RM99.6 million.
Total projected profit for the whole project is RM99.6 million.
Total projected profit for the whole project is RM99.6 million.


2015-12-11 12:55 | Report Abuse

yea.. i also holding a lot, seems like for nothing. 2 more weeks if not moving still then i also want to sell and shift away.


2015-11-23 15:17 | Report Abuse

sharks are singing taylor swift song happily, "shake it off~ shake it off~"


2015-11-23 15:08 | Report Abuse

only u and i always have the same toughts here. u relief we do right.


2015-11-23 15:03 | Report Abuse

val-elta, we taught them too much d. too kind to them. it's like giving angpaow to them. hahaha~


2015-11-22 00:52 | Report Abuse

they so happy absorbed the 8.7 mil shares last friday. guess who bought?


2015-11-22 00:49 | Report Abuse

plus the company make a provision of allowance for equipment impairment for 6 mil in advance. haha.. haven't got impairment loss but set aside the allowance for it. that is creative accounting. man u guys are really that blind.


2015-11-22 00:47 | Report Abuse

guys, u guys should really find out how to calculate hedge and forex. because it was closed very low in september, an irrational one. which mean next quarter it is hedged at this ridiculous low RM. that is why next quarter results is going to be a great one that u can't believe it.


2015-11-20 20:35 | Report Abuse

short term TP 1.80 come come


2015-11-20 15:27 | Report Abuse

haha.. it's very interesting also to read how the company like to display the results in the way the intended. they compare Q4 and Q3 of 2015 and then claim what drop how much and how disappointing it is.

but never compare Q4 of 2015 vs 2014 which everything was improved, in revenue of all sectors, including camera. haha.. u can fall into the trap, sell to them ;)


2015-11-20 15:07 | Report Abuse

In july, aug & sep, the global was having a drawback due to worry on china. that may be the reason it had a lower order and revenue. but that's over already.


2015-11-20 15:00 | Report Abuse

camera also got 11% growth for whole year of 2015.


2015-11-20 14:58 | Report Abuse

Cannot jz look at 1 quarter


2015-11-20 14:57 | Report Abuse

val elta, overall, the revenue up in 2015...

i quote from kenanga:

YoY, FY15 revenue improved by 23% with better sales seen
across all segments. On a closer look, HDD experienced the
steepest revenue growth of 31% due to low base as well as
stronger orders from HDD customers on the back of increasing
demand of cloud computing. Meanwhile, both Auto and
Camera segments also seen stellar growth of 23% and 11%,
respectively, from low base; with the latter recovered with
steadier order volumes supported by its strategic partner.


2015-11-20 14:54 | Report Abuse

on purpose la..


2015-11-20 13:47 | Report Abuse


val-elta and i already calculated and knew this quarter will be loss making and we did warn u guys. i even explained on the possibilities and risks of both keeping it or letting it go temporary.

i still keep the shares even though it hit 47 cents recently. and yet looking forward to this opportunity to add more. choice is yours.


2015-11-20 13:41 | Report Abuse

kenanga still remain the TP 43 cents like usual. but the analyst is funny, i think he doesn't know about forex market/outlook and how to calculate/estimate forex hedge.

this quarter forex loss was a lot, due to RM was closed very irrationally low at USD/RM 4.43. it is believed RM was at it's bottom. now RM is climbing back from the irrational range after the FED has getting to clear the market uncertainty as the USD punters are retrieving in pushing USD and start profit taking their USD trade. it's significant, especially after Zeti also claim the RM is undervalued. now it's floating around 4.3-4.25.

so, most likely there won't be forex hedge loss in next quarter. in fact there should be forex hedge gain.

haha, i feel funny when the analyst and quarter report mentioned hedge is not yet expire and see it as a bad thing in future. while i personally don't wan the hedge to expire! haha, because it is a good thing for future that it is not yet expire. haha, so that notion will get back the some of the forex loss as gain!

btw, notion no need super high USD/RM to be profitable, even 3.5 is good enough. 3.8 to 4.2 is very very good for notion.

i personally think the USD will be around 4-4.3 in 2016, which notion will be very happy enjoying the currency advantage while free from another forex hedge loss.

when there is no more forex hedge loss, next quarter profit should be 10 mil, minimally. other than that, notion may gain back it's forex loss incurred in this quarter depend to the currency rate.


2015-11-20 03:20 | Report Abuse

Hmmm.. why want to throw? Siao meh? Already expect they loss making for this quarter in the first place.

Don't simply trick people to throw. Even if it drop, should be up soon after that. Because this should be the last quarter with loss.

Now the loss is 11 mil and that is due to forex loss 15 mil and creative bullshit equipment impairment loss 6 mil. Otherwise should be profit 10 mil. That's the profit amount for next quarter. When the first profitable results out, the uptrend will be explosive. 3 months only ma, cannot wait meh. Even 6 months I also can wait.

Next quarter got forex gain some more. This is what we been waiting for. Throw now? U really wan trick us to Holland. I'll buy more if it really can drop to my cost price.


2015-10-13 19:44 | Report Abuse

everyone jz wan to make money.


2015-10-13 19:42 | Report Abuse

no worry, my friend said if anything, jz send the query for audit. if everyone behave then everyone chill.


2015-10-13 19:40 | Report Abuse

true, forgot about that.


2015-10-13 19:29 | Report Abuse

maybe we should setup a private room.

tcf is ceased from substantial holder. so we wont get any more update from his selling anymore.

i think he might continue selling.

my speculation: probably tcf might exit in a special way. he will sell all/most his shares to synxxxx and earn big from there later on. then he perhaps jz be a chairman without share or retire as he is old anyway. and there is no issue for his 3 brothers in law majorly own the notion business.

this perhaps will be my last comment here. bye.


2015-10-13 18:34 | Report Abuse

alright i should ciao


2015-10-13 18:33 | Report Abuse

2,700,000 out of 2,867,500 from tcf...

jz use ur brain then


2015-10-13 18:31 | Report Abuse

alright, ciao guys


2015-10-13 18:30 | Report Abuse

wow, first time i got flag.

i am jz an ikan bilis k. most ppl here also. fyi, this is a forum for those who wan to invest notion and looking for news and discussion. most ppl have positive attitude and manner so far. but looks like not anymore.

so i never know our sharing can offend syndicate right?

alright, man, i am not here to fight.

if i ciao can make u happy, then i ciao k.

and u can shout here as u like and i think ppl will believe u.

but then if u are clever u should know those own a lot of notion are not looking at this. even they do, they don't care.


2015-10-13 18:10 | Report Abuse

anyway, i won't bother anymore, it's good for me anyway. because i still have more to buy. every cent down, i will add. xD

and store them in the fridge k.


2015-10-13 18:08 | Report Abuse

val-elta and guys, we have many new i3 members in the house =)