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1 week ago | Report Abuse

There is very good news otw. Maybe some ppl closest to the company got wind of it and spread. I'm loading up little bit also but I cannot confirm at this moment. All I can say it's Borsig news. Will be confirmed soon. Once it's a done deal I will update, hopefully before it's official. Then we make more money together.

Yeah, there are sourgrapes people and ungrateful people who want to see KNM go down. They will be disappointed. Tunku and his team have so much at stake, they will fight very hard to save the ship.


1 month ago | Report Abuse

Tenaga is such a wonderful monopoly business. Bravo! We can all make money.


1 month ago | Report Abuse

Yeah, no choice. They really sister company ma. The two big bosses are best friends even though THP passed away. Anyway both all really good companies making tons of money and paying good dividends for donkey years. Can't help it if they arrogant a bit.


1 month ago | Report Abuse

Tenaga still making money. Electic bill so high.


1 month ago | Report Abuse

One of the best, well-managed dividend counters. Sit back relax and enjoy.


1 month ago | Report Abuse

Abdul Gani is a powerful addition to the board. He is well qualified and has lots of experience handling different portfolio. With his connections to other powerful corporate figures the management would be formidable.


2023-10-30 17:25 | Report Abuse

Medusa, where did you get the news so fast? Terrence Tan absconded? Haha like they say, he must have shit on his body. Otherwise why run away?

It's interesting to see how he and Flavio will survive this court thingy...


2023-10-30 17:24 | Report Abuse

Yes, OtisKL, the company secretary was negligent to allow the resolution to be tabled in the first place. Probably Tunku over-confident did not give her the instructions.

So, technically Mr Ho can be reinstated and even counter-sue German guy. But due to this turn of events he may not want shareholders to call him thick skin, so he gentlemanly excused himself loh. But the repercussions can be horrifying, leaving Tunku and Ravi to carry on holding the flag now...


2023-10-29 22:37 | Report Abuse

What happens now after EGM? We know Team Malaysia won and Team German lost. What else do we know?

Out of 16 resolutions, only 2 passed. The removal of Tan Sri Z and Mr Ho. What are the implications and are they serious?

Unfortunately, yes. Sources close to the current management say the implications could be dangerous. We are not sure about Tan Sri Z but the removal of Mr Ho could be serious and immediate.

Mr Ho was appointed director by the court and he is also chairman of the RO committee. Technically, he cannot be removed by the EGM. The company secretary should have stopped the resolution from getting tabled at the AGM. But Tunku was over-confident and rather careless and it was tabled and voted on during the EGM. Ended up the shareholders passed the resolution and Mr Ho was removed, along with Tan Sri Z.

Not wanting to be a sore loser, Mr Ho opted to gracefully accept the shareholders' decision. This left Tunku without a capable team member. More worryingly, the creditors would also lose confidence after their RO chairman made such a stunning and unexpected exit.

That's why, if you were at the EGM recently you would notice that Tunku's face dropped after the results were announced. He was visibly shaken. Most of his supporters like me were celebrating his win. But he knew the implications of losing Mr Ho.

Medusa's favourite advice usually sounds funny. But this time it's starting to sound scary...


2023-10-12 17:34 | Report Abuse


Actually I also genuine investor like you, maybe not so rich. So far I only invested all the most boring dividend stocks like SportsToto Public Bank Petronas Uchitec PPB. These stock make money but make us very sleepy, nothing to talk.

I have not invested in any non-dividend stock. KNM is my first such stock. I comment KNM because lots of fun as you can see. Knife and dagger flying everywhere. Everyday exciting. Hahaha


2023-10-12 17:06 | Report Abuse


MacDee34 say stop spreading unfounded stories about fake mafia. Hehe... I wonder why your name not in his blacklist, like mine.

I believe your source of mafia story is genuine. Kenneth Vun is being called up by the police. But I have to admit I don't have any source to confirm the story. I heard from my sources that Kenneth and Alex also going to kena kaw2 from the police. I can't confirm.

In any case I feel it's not fair to be blacklisted because my account quite new. I'm not dragging you into the water, but your account also quite new leh. 🤣🤣🤣


2023-10-12 10:47 | Report Abuse

@OtisKL, I don't understand what she talking about. How to unity leh? The two foreign guys are crooks. Can work together meh? I think Bekir Taib not interested to do the business, he just want to invest only. So will be non-executive loh. If Tengku Kamariah is interested to work together maybe can. She is clean. But not for us to say. The boss decide.


2023-10-12 10:08 | Report Abuse

Better let the police investigate these allegations first since police report already lodged.


2023-10-12 10:07 | Report Abuse

I was told Flavio created a mess at KNM during his time, including at Borsig. I don't know some of the details but I understand his main crime was gasaking RM17 million doing the Borsig sale to his friend at Vorsprung. The deal didn't go through and Borsig had to pay compensation for it. He is lawyer and general counsel for the group.


2023-10-12 09:21 | Report Abuse

Let's see what Borsig boss has to say about their listing and how it will help KNM. Again it's The Edge. They have to be unbiased at times too, to maintain their credibility.

The title says, "KNM could turn around if EGM vote goes to current management, says Borsig CEO"

KNM could turn around if EGM vote goes to current management, says Borsig CEO.

“The outcome of the upcoming EGM on Oct 16, where stakeholders will vote on the current management, could have a significant impact. A favourable result for the current management may not only enhance the value of Borsig through its IPO but also uplift the entire KNM Group,” Borsig chief executive officer (CEO) Jurgen Stegger said in a statement on Wednesday.

Stegger also expressed his deep trust for KNM's current management led by Yaacob. "His [Yaacob] steadfast leadership has earned stakeholders' trust and is warmly welcomed by financial partners and premium investors, making the journey towards IPO highly anticipated and promising," he said.

OK, guys. My morning coffee reading is done. Again, no fake news. You can read for yourselves. See whether got more news later. Enjoy ya. Good luck for the day.


2023-10-12 09:16 | Report Abuse

Early morning fun. The Edge highlighted Heeschen's purchase of 13.6m shares. But they forgot to highlight Tunku bought 37m shares. Twice. Hehe... a bit biased reporting, don't you think so? But that's not the joke. That 10m shares that Heeschen bought on the 10th cannot vote based on the ROD as of 11th to vote. He's being taken for a long garden ride by his local partners.


2023-10-11 20:39 | Report Abuse

Well said. The Borsig listing is on track. But some ppl still have doubts. If it's not a done deal then why are all the investment bankers in KL for them today show. Unless they think the road show is fake news. Adoi...


2023-10-11 15:50 | Report Abuse

Yes, OtisKL. He spent 15 minutes explaining his membrane technology and how powerful it is. All of us listening with our mouths open; dunno what he talking about. Too powerful. Hehe... He explained the whole Borsig story to us. The history, the daily operations, the heat exchangers technology, their financial and cash flow situation, etc. Everybody in the room was impressed.


2023-10-11 15:30 | Report Abuse

I met with the boss of Borsig Mr Juergen two days ago. He specially flew down to give a comprehensive presentation of Borsig to the investment bankers for his listing project on SGX. When they hit on the topic of Flavio you can see he was visibly upset but he maintained his cool and only said it was "irritating" that Flavio chose to play his takeover game at this critical time.

Deal with the facts, not fake news.
(1) Borsig boss is here for the road show
(2) Heeschen is a illegal firearms dealer
(3) Flavio is crook with a police report lodged on him
(4) Mahmud Taib is on Tunku's side; he specifically said so
(5) Tengku Kamariah don't have any shares of KNM

The above are all published facts. People who choose to deny them are going ahead at their own risks.


2023-10-11 10:37 | Report Abuse

Some gurus say buy share based on NTA can make money.
Some say buy low PE can make money.
I noticed both ways also got people make and lose money.

Valuation is difficult sometimes. Some say the average PE for SGX is about 15 times. But during bad times like Asian Financial Crisis new IPOs ended up under-subscribed, which was rather unthinkable. Prior to dotcom crash year 2000, people paying up to PE 100 to buy share. Also crazy.

I expect Singaporeans and other investors willing to pay higher than normal PE for Borsig because it's such a prestigious 170 year old company. Furthermore, it looks very good on SGX CV because they claim to be global international stock exchange. But how many Western or European companies do they have listed there right now? I was told it's close to zero. Just my two cents. Feel free to correct me.


2023-10-10 20:40 | Report Abuse

A lot of people are confused when Mahmud son of super tycoon Taib Mahmud emerged as substantial shareholder. Tengku Kamariah says he's her friend and will support her.


2023-10-10 12:21 | Report Abuse

Most people especially the bilis, are now aware. The foreign taikohs have abandoned ship and ran off. They still asking bilis to stay around and vote. Adoi...

Anyway it's just few days away. They will find out soon enough.


2023-10-09 15:21 | Report Abuse


You're right. Day traders and fast money friends must runnnnn...

But you are putting it very mildly. If you know the story you will know Kenneth Vin will not only need arrested. He will be skinned alive. Adoi...


2023-10-09 14:37 | Report Abuse

Yes, the Borsig road show is still ongoing now. Too many participants, they have to do two presentations. One before and one after lunch.

So many powerful corporate guys here besides the Singapore and other countries investment bankers. Borsig boss came over from Germany to give his talk also. He says he's pissed off with Flavio also.

And the big police is also here.

I heard the Italian and German guy is panicking and dumping. I won't be surprised. If I were them I would be peeing in my pants. Hehe... They won't even show up in the EGM.

If you are a real investor don't panic. After EGM the price will jump.


2023-10-08 17:27 | Report Abuse

Heeschen says he wants to"inject financial support for the company." If you read further you will understand that he won't give a single cent himself. Unlike Tunku who paid RM20 million CASH to save KNM from the mess Flavio created. What Heeschen actually says is that he will arrange some banks or loans for KNM from Europe. Ignorant people will believe.


2023-10-08 16:43 | Report Abuse


You're right to suspect something fishy. Any thinking person will know that it doesn't make sense.

That's why the journalist also ask the same question in the blog,


2023-10-07 19:33 | Report Abuse

You will all agree. His dad is one of the richest men in Malaysia, if not the richest. Powerful, right? Don't play play. Tunku got many friends.

Just be patient. Monday...


2023-10-07 19:06 | Report Abuse

Wow! That's really wonderful news for us investors, including bilis.

But if you think that is all Tunku has to show, you will be pleasantly surprised.

I heard rumours the corporate mafia guys are now running helter skelter because Tunku has friends who are more powerful mafia guys. But that is beyond my knowledge so I won't talk about it.

The next up event may be even more sensational. Wait for it. It will be on Monday, the day of the Borsig road show. I'll be enjoying the Borsig show and you guys will be reading the big news at the same time.

You see, our Tunku really has rich friends who are multi-billionaires, unlike our Flavio lawyer. A few of these billionaires say they will be standing right there behind Tunku. On Monday we will have our dailies coming out with the juicy news on who will has just bought 5% of KNM shares. For Tunku supporters and fans you will have so much more confidence that Tunku will straighten out matters at KNM, list Borsig on SGX, make KNM profitable again, and make our TP much higher at 30 or 40 or 50 sen.

I think this time our Italian/German partners really disturb the wrong guy. Pants on fire. Hehe...


2023-10-07 08:32 | Report Abuse

Finally Andreas Heeschen is coming out to give his plan for KNM's future. I read about it in the news yesterday. I'm sure all our friends here also read about his plan. But to me, it's still rather vague. And it even sounds like a half-hearted attempt because he says he will follow through on the existing plans to put KNM on track until he finds a better strategy. He doesn't have new ideas yet? Or he thinks the current management's ideas are good enough?

Instead, he spend most of his time commenting on the sale of loss-making subsidiaries, especially FBM Hudson which is a done deal with S & P signed with the buyer.

Yes, it boils down to home ground advantage. Germany looks weak at the moment because he doesn't have new ideas. Maybe his idea is to list Borsig but Tunku is already doing that. Haha... He must have better ideas otherwise difficult for him to win. Just like if we go to Germany (home of Borsig) it would be impossible for us to win there.

Tunku is powerful local guy. Cantonese say earth head worm. Even more powerful foreign guy not easy to beat him. Sorry, I'm patriotic. I support local guy. If he lose I will sell all my shares immediately because the creditors already said they will pull the plug if German guy win. That means delisted, kaput, pochi...


2023-10-07 08:00 | Report Abuse

The Borsig roadshow is on!

As promised earlier, Tunku and his team are making Borsig's listing on SGX very real now. The event is on Monday morning at Hilton Sentral. Because I worked hard talking to senior staff of the company they extended me an invitation for the event.

I can bring our friends here live news from the event. But I think it won't be necessary because the event will be all over the news very fast.

Come on, can Flavio/Heeschen pull off such a feat? You need to have good connections with our neighbour Singapore. The previous management also couldn't do it.

Our Malaysian team is led by Tunku himself. He's a hand-on guy. CEO Ravi forms a good partnership helping him out. And they have many friends both in Malaysia and Singapore to help realize the listing project. So, not to worry. KNM is on track to get out of PN17 by year end. And the Borsig listing is on track. We just need to hang on tight.


2023-10-06 23:41 | Report Abuse

Yes, now Tunku's BFM stories and announcements viral at BFM. It's good news for all investors including bilis. If German is successful KNM will be delisted, but the chances of German success is almost zero. So, we can hang on to our position until after the EGM. It will keep going up till Borsig listing in SGX.

I don't expect smooth sailing. In fact I expect a stormy ride nearing EGM but my bet is on Tunku to win at EGM so I will hang on tight no matter what. There should be profit-taking and big correction, plus dumping by German. He knows he cannot win this one. Tunku is too strong right now.

Unlike Up Up Rocket, I won't sailang, but I will put in high bet. I think Up Up Rocket is joking only, talking nonsense. He is experienced guy, he won't sailiang because in stock market anything can happen.


2023-10-04 14:27 | Report Abuse

More news exposed for the German guy and his team. Now his real photo face also came out...


2023-09-26 11:58 | Report Abuse


Judging by Flavio's impressive CV I won't be surprised if he is the guy scamming (I mean scheming) all this. I was told he kicked out the founders Lee family and took control. He signed a one-sided agreement earlier to sell Borsig to Andreas Heeschen but his simple plan backfired because the German guy didn't have the money. He couldn't show proof of funds. Maybe he is a tycoon having some cash flow problems. Or maybe he's a fake tycoon. So his plan didn't work out. Now he's trying Borsig 2.0 via KNM takeover. Haha


2023-09-26 11:54 | Report Abuse

Prior to the EGM on 16/10 there will be an SOA meeting convened by the court. The purpose is to discuss continuing extending its RO and the company's fortune turn for the better. And also to discuss the proposed hijacking by foreign shareholders.

The event is official and there will be announcement on the results or status of the company. So shareholders don't need to worry. Everything will be transparent and done professionally.


2023-09-26 11:37 | Report Abuse

Anyway, EGM is only days away. Our powerful Italian/German team still has not come up with a plan or whatever long term plan to save KNM, lift it out of PN17 and set it back on the path to success.

Flavio talk a lot on the press, saying he will restructure, strengthen, solve problems, etc etc. But these are just bombastic and vague ideas. Anyone can talk.

Tunku has concrete, pragmatic and executable plans which he has shown to the creditors and bankers. Their approach is not to simply announce before everything is confirmed but sources close to the company know every move they are making. The fact that the creditors have so much confidence in Tunku and his team shows that they are making the correct moves in terms of marketing, production and financing.

As for Flavio, he has only one plan. And he's shy to tell us his plan because he just wants to cart away Borsig. This is his second attempt, by the way. If he actually has any concrete plans he should say it out now and let us investors judge for ourselves which is the better plan. That's fair, isn't it? Then we will know who to vote during the EGM.


2023-09-26 11:21 | Report Abuse


I just tried. Can woh. Maybe you try find on Facebook under Kosmo Online. "Flavio dilantik semula..." Good luck!


2023-09-25 22:23 | Report Abuse

Can we trust a guy like that to run the company. He will cheat and steal and ruin the company...


2023-09-25 22:21 | Report Abuse

Flavio cheat again say he re-appointed director. Maybe Kosmo found out later...


2023-09-20 13:00 | Report Abuse

Some people hope the new management Flavio, Andreas plus got Johor Sultan sister will make a good team. Now we know Flavio is a crook, Andreas is fake billionaire. They are making use of Johor Sultan sister prestige royalty to boost their game plan.

She is misled by these crooks just like earlier happened at AHB. Alex and gang took over last year and she helped to pump up to 30sen. Then they dumped to 12sen. Thereafter till today it's at 14sen.

The same thing will happen if she work with our two foreign guys.

They will just make her non-executive Chairman. Not likely she will put in money because she knows these two guys are just opportunists.

If AHB is an example, then the group will aim the KNM share back to zero and delisting due to PN17 failure.

Good luck to investors if they believe foreigners will be good for KNM.


2023-09-20 11:21 | Report Abuse

KNM went into PN17 in November 2022 and was replaced by a new board. The company incurred losses close to 600m in Q4 2021, under Flavio's watch. Looking at the figures and performance alone, Flavio does not seem to be a good businessman. Like the Rick guy at GM, the chart will continue going down when these guys are in charge.


2023-09-20 09:34 | Report Abuse

Looks like Flavio may be going to jail, based on latest reports. Now he's exposed and the commercial crime guys will be on his heels. Finally we know who is responsible for the havoc at KNM.


2023-09-16 11:28 | Report Abuse

20/9 RO deadline coming up soon. Next week will be exciting with lots of speculation whether RO will be renewed. Haters will say it won't be renewed, and spark off selling the stock. But I will be hanging on even if there is roller coaster. So far management can win the confidence of creditors and should extend it. Just that some people may spread fake news regarding hostile takeover and some investors may buy more of the stock. They think this is good development for the company. But if the creditors are worried they may just come down on the whole group. The possibility is there but at the end of the day I believe good sense will prevail. I'm holding on to this stock. If you are also holding on let's give ourselves some moral support. Maybe tough week ahead...


2023-09-15 23:52 | Report Abuse

Most investors and investment club members are armchair entrepreneurs and armchair critics. I am also one of them. Sometimes we dont realize how difficult it is to do business and to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Post-Covid lots of businesses everywhere have closed shop due to a soft market and due to competition. And, no matter how high the barriers of entry - whether in terms of capital investment or high-technology, new players can still overcome those barriers and enter the market to compete with the incumbents.

For KNM, this is the reality. Competition is disturbing the status quo at FBM, at the Thailand ethonal and at the UK investments. So much so that KNM has no choice but to consolidate their cash position and offload businesses that are bleeding losses and sucking up cash flow. This will enable the Group to take a breath, and then plan for their next move and make a strong comeback.

Regarding the selling price to offload these subsidaries, the selling price is a point of contention where we feel the pain of letting go our assets at a price way below market and way below book value. But in the end we have to face the reality of the sacrifice we have to make in order to sell off these subsidiaries. Management have considered all the angles of this business decision and decided to go with the big companies who are eyeing our assets.


2023-09-15 15:09 | Report Abuse


You mean tat BobAxx is fake news guy? Maybe he lost his pants cabut oredit. I dun like people like tat. Other people want to make money they kacau the project with fake stories. No good.


2023-09-15 15:06 | Report Abuse

I heard latest news Tunku working very hard on Borsig/SGX. Hope we have some announcement soon. Then I can up rocket make some money first. Haha...


2023-09-11 00:32 | Report Abuse

Yes, it is in the interest of all shareholders including the hostile ones, to let the current management pare down its debts in an orderly manner, via sale of assets and resuming profitable operations like Borsig. Any potential actions to derail this course will result in the two main creditors taking action to protect their interests and this will bring down the whole KNM business and result in great losses for all shareholders. I am in this counter for the long haul bcos it's a darling amongst PN17, a real gem with great long-term potential.


2023-09-09 20:53 | Report Abuse

Borsig is a gem. Everybody knows that. That's why the management make sure their sales and operations continue to develop. Besides that, they ensure that it remains an asset under KNM and that nobody can sell off Borsig. Disposing Borsig would mean taking off its prized asset. Therefore, as KNM investors we must make sure the current management continue to be in charge. Bcos we don't know whether a new management might sell it off and leave KNM without its most important asset. Our long term interest may suffer.


2023-09-09 10:02 | Report Abuse

Most ppl don't realize how difficult it is to run a business. With the chips down, the current management had to devise the right strategy to improve cash flow, which is at the root of its woes. Determining which assets to sell. And then to make sure the marketing is done right for its subsidiaries to rake in more cash. Implementing these simple but correct strategies is another Herculean task. The fact that Borsig is so valued and FBM will bring in the needed cash upon sale is a wonderful testimony of the current board's business and management skills.


2023-09-07 23:35 | Report Abuse

Current management won the trust of creditors and stabilized the company. Future prospects look very good bcos they are very capable and professional.