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2021-10-14 18:10 | Report Abuse

Since listed on 1997. Dialog rebounded 7x on mthly chart from oversold . Every time it will break new high after reversal.
This 8th time mthly rebound aiming 4.50 in few mths time.
Tempted to all in.


2021-10-13 15:13 | Report Abuse

Many ppl puzzle why dialog keep dropping for past 1 yr.

because after big big drop dialog then can only break new high again in the nex few mths.

dialog it will need drop big to move higher because:

1. Malaysia reopen ..dialog biz back to normal.
2. Pengerang biz can proceed .
3. Oil price improving
4. Will be involve in Hydrogen energy support by petronas in future. Only a few company can do that now . Petronas is pumping big money in developing hydrogen energy. O N G counter with hydrogen energy involvement is a gem with Fund.


Hydrogen craze is now on for O N G related

Any drop is a golden opportunity to add, if there is any.


2021-10-03 10:04 | Report Abuse

The chief executive officer of Brilliance Information Sdn Bhd, the company involved in the unfinished uCustoms project, has been remanded for six days following his arrest by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission yesterday. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, October 2, 2021.


BRILLIANCE is competitor to Dnex.

Good news for Dnex as custom wil continue to use current Nsw .
Dnex got high chance to get new Ucustom development project if custom want a new system.
Dnex can ensure a smooth transition from old to new system.
DNEX boss is on astro awani on friday talking about trade digitisation on developing countries.
Already warming up.

Brent breaking usd80 soon as merck antiviral pill is coming.
Malaysia opening up . O n g is booming for nex few yrs.
Dnex ping is making huge profit now and a timely undervalued asset acquisition.
Looking at hibiscus still struggling to raise fund for new acquisition.
Dnex ping had completed its acquisition at really cheap price.


Goldman calls for a structural oil bull market.

Lack of capex spending and insufficient supply growth outside of OPEC and US will lead us to a structural supply deficit.
While Goldman revises its 2023 outlook to $85/bbl, we still think that's too low considering the impending deficit on the horizon.


2021-09-30 10:23 | Report Abuse

Technical tracker - HLIB Retail Research – 30 Sep 2021

DNEX (RM0.785-Not rated) – Expect a rosy FY6/22; Poised for a downtrend resistance breakout

Three pillars of growth. DNEX (listed in 1983) is a leading ICT services provider in Malaysia (with key expertise in trade facilitation, system integration & consultancy, and RFID for border crossing systems etc). It has also added value via a mix of the upstream and downstream portfolios in the energy industry i.e. equipment supply and maintenance, oilfield services, upstream oil and gas via investment in Ping. To deepen and complement its involvement in the technology value chain, DNEX has also expanded into the manufacturing of the semiconductor wafers sector via its acquisition of 60% stake in SilTerra (Beijing CGP Fund: 40%).

Anticipate a fruitful FY2022. The recent completion of strategic investments in SilTerra and Ping in FY2021 will put DNEX in a strong position to capitalise on the robust semiconductor industry and ride on the recovery cycle of the O&G industry. Together with its resilient IT & eServices operations owing to the re-opening of the economy and rapid pace of digitalisation, the group is cautiously optimistic of good FY2022 results.

Poised for a downtrend line breakout. After correcting 39% from the all-time high of RM1.05 to a low of RM0.64, the stock staged a strong rebound to end at RM0.785 yesterday (above multiple key 20D/30D/50D SMAs). We expect a brief sideways consolidation to digest the recent robust volume (average 147m in 5 days) before resuming its uptrend. A successful breakout above the downtrend line resistance (near RM0.81) from RM1.05 will spur the stock towards RM0.845-0.865 barriers hitting our LT objective at RM0.935 levels.

Collection range: RM0.74-0.765-0.785

Upside targets: RM0.845-0.865-0.935

Cut loss: RM0.72


2021-09-30 09:40 | Report Abuse

If they had awarded to Dnex to develop the Ucustom.
Long completed.


2021-09-30 09:31 | Report Abuse


Good news for Dnex.
Ucustom is not develop by DNex.
Its developed by Brilliance Information Sdn Bhd


Dnex NSW can continue work with custom.


2021-09-28 10:04 | Report Abuse

risekita8 But, i always see that KLCI keeps on going bearish only

Posted by fengpinglangjin > Sep 28, 2021 8:03 AM | Report Abuse

If u notice when oil is in bull run cycle klse will be bullish...when oil is bearish klse will be bearish.
So hope everyone can earn in klse bull run.
28/09/2021 9:45 AM

Its because oil is bearish for past 13 yrs...


2021-09-28 08:03 | Report Abuse

If u notice when oil is in bull run cycle klse will be bullish...when oil is bearish klse will be bearish.
So hope everyone can earn in klse bull run.


2021-09-28 07:37 | Report Abuse

The same bullish signal back in 20 april 2020 and 21 jan 2021 had appeared for dnex yesterday.
Strong bullish uptrend following for 2 to 3 mths after the bullish signal appeared back in 20 april and 21 jan.
Hope this time will be the same.


2021-09-28 07:30 | Report Abuse


 Jun 2, 2021 7:39 AM | Report Abuse 

Oil has broke 13 yrs downtrend line on monthly chart ..if it stays above by this mth...super bull for oil is coming.
Oil 80 will be the average..high will be more than 100.

....my prediction in jun comingtrue..

Goldman sach project average price usd 80 in 2023....up from 60 to 80...20 usd increase...oil n gas is going into new 10 yr bull run reversing from 13 yrs bear ...


2021-09-27 15:05 | Report Abuse

the RSS had stop shorting oil counter including Dnex it seems.. except for serba.
Oil n Gas all up 2-3%.
How can Dnex no follow....


2021-09-27 09:55 | Report Abuse

most probably will green today.
it took 8 mths for banker ma to cross up retail ma.
it wont let it fall.
hope more will sell their ticket today.
probably 200 m volume today.


2021-09-27 07:36 | Report Abuse

Its an important day today.
Up trending Bankers ma is about to cross over downtrending retailers ma.
The last time this happpen is on 21 jan 2021.
The date when dnex start its bull run from 27sen.
If today close green. It will signify banker had taken over control from weak retailers.
Today will be the last batch of weak holders dumping .


2021-09-26 10:11 | Report Abuse

This report is for the intended party.
The boss had shown 120m pat for 1st 18mth of helm.
Cleaning up all the redundancies n crap inside prior to new management.

Subsequent fy will be 120 m annual profit as bench mrk


150m fy 2022
200m fy 2023
250m fy2024

Going forward dnex will be having such result if not much better.

Next qtr..300m revenue 35 m pat or even higher.
I dunno its your guess.

Dnex wkly mthly qtrly yrly chart are all bullish.
Yearly macd golden cross.
Got few years of up trend .
Long road ahead.

If base on yrly trend.
Dnex is going above rm3.
Why?Need raise fund for 12 inch fab in a few years time after 8 inch turn around.
No 3 n more cant raise enuff fund like inari.10.5 billion investment for 12 inch fab 6 bill by dnex n 5 bil by cgp.
It is part of dnex n cgp strategic planning submitted to kazanah.

Big fund will start building below rm1.
Above rm 1 most retail chip will be eaten.
Then dnex will be more under their control.
Expecting big fund to come in especially states fund.
Future index tech stock . No fund will like to miss.
Dnex owning a 8 inch n 12 inch fab in the long term cant run from being index stock.
A 12 inch fab already 10 bil cost. How to not be an index stock.
But that is a long growth story.

Talk crap only.


2021-09-24 21:02 | Report Abuse

Everyone is waiting for this old dnex qtr to be done and over. Uncertainty cleared.

Some will sell base on past result.
Some will buy from them base on future prospect.

If u can ignore the contribution profit as profit.
Then u can ignore all the impairment loss as loss as well.

The game for the new dnex qtr jus begin.


2021-09-24 18:34 | Report Abuse

Market is forward looking. The following points are more important.

1. The consolidation of both companies’ financial performance will have a SIGNIFICANT
positive impact to the Group’s performance in the financial year ending 30 June 2022.

2.The Group is optimistic that SilTerra will grow at a strong pace with HIGHER average selling prices (“ASP”) due to the current semiconductor chip shortage and increasing demand for semiconductor chips in a post-Covid 19 environment.

3. The Group is also working towards securing MORE long-term contracts that
provide steady revenue contribution such as the recent approximately USD400 million multi-year contract from ChipOne Technology.

4.In line with improved oil prices, Ping is now exploring opportunities to MONETISE
economically attractive reserves in the Anasuria Cluster which has estimated proved and probable reserves of about 26.6 million barrels of oil equivalent.

5. The re-opening of the economy and rapid pace of digitalisation in both the private and public sectors is expected to augur well for the Group’s existing business in Trade Facilitation as well as Technology Consultancy and System Integration (“Tech Consultancy & SI”) business. In tandem with the recovery of trade volume and increase in global IT spending, the Group will be enhancing its Trade Facilitation related eServices and digital solutions in the Business-to-Government and Business-to-Business segments to further strengthen its position as the preferred
technology partner for all sectors.

6. Recent contract awards which include the three-year extension (1 September 2021 until 31 August 2024) for the National Single Window for Trade Facilitation contract and the maintenance, support services and application improvement ICT contract of the Integrated Government Financial and Management System from the Ministry of Finance Malaysia valued at RM88.1 million for 45 months will also contribute positively to the Group’s financial performance over the next few years.

7. The Group expects to deliver satisfactory results for the financial year ending 30 June 2022.


2021-09-24 11:18 | Report Abuse


MITI identifying strategies to promote EV production, sales and charging infrastructure in Malaysia – Azmin

The government says it is in the midst of identifying new strategies to promote the electric vehicle (EV) industry in Malaysia among foreign investors. According to international trade and industry minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, these are expected to outline a number of specific initiatives, including those to strengthen the development of the EV ecosystem.

This includes the manufacturing of critical components, the establishment of standards to support the EV ecosystem and encouraging research and development activities to develop local technologies. (SILTERRA greatly benefits and participating)

Speaking at the Dewan Rakyat earlier today, he said elements focusing on policy formulation efforts were discussed with the finance ministry recently in a Budget 2022 dialogue, and these included plans for an incentive package to attract investment in addition to strengthening existing incentives for the production of EV vehicles and components as well incentives focusing on consumers. (FOXCONN ,CGP and DNEX might be capitalising on this)

He added that the move, which is in line with the government’s goal to reduce carbon emissions by the transport sector, is expected to encourage investment in terms of EV production or its components, develop infrastructure support including EV charging stations as well as increase consumer demand for EV vehicles.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the new EV policy would offer a “handsome level” of tax incentives, including fixed incentives that will benefit both users and the industry, and a host of benefits for EV adopters.

According to Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) CEO Datuk Madani Sahari, users could look forward to direct incentives such as lower road tax, the benefit of a green parking scheme, toll rebates as well as rebates on the installation of home chargers.

He said this would be on top of a huge tax reduction for EVs, which would enjoy zero excise and import duties, full sales tax exemption and zero road tax. Hopefully, more details of the new EV policy will emerge in the Budget 2022, which will be tabled in Parliament at the end of October.


2021-09-24 07:23 | Report Abuse

oceanwong Hong Leong Quek Leng Chan buying Dnex stakes.

Dunno how true is it.But can find some business connection.

10 Jun 2021

Carsem Inc. and Silterra: Collaboration on MEMS and Sensors
Background to the Carsem & Silterra Collaboration
• Carsem attended MicroTech Conference 2019.
• Mr. Kantimahanti spoke about Silterra’s prowess in PMUT, MEMS Mirrors, MEMS
Timing, and MEMS Inertial Sensors.
• Carsem saw a great opportunity to collaborate and partner SilTerra, a MEMS
innovation leader.
• Since that time Carsem and SilTerra have engaged in PMUT packaging technology
development, and on other cutting edge MEMS related programs.
• Carsem’s vision is to offer customers an optimal path from Silicon Design through
to PMUT Package Production via a tight collaboration between the Target
Customer, SilTerra, and Carsem.
Customer Value Proposition
• PMUT customers can take advantage of this integrated services relationship.
• Offering optimal customization and time efficient design cycles that frees up
resources and time.
• Resulting in a faster path to production, and Time-to-Market, so that PMUT
customers can capture market share and shorten the time to generating revenue.



Carsem is a working unit of MPI, part of Hong Leong group.
Mpi also need silterra mems tech and wafer.
May b hong leong also learning from foxconn.
Need booking capacity thru partial ownership.


2021-09-24 06:57 | Report Abuse

Mentioned yesterday broke 77.

A break above 78 will see the end of a 13 year downtrend in brent monthly

Crude mthly 13 yr downtrend already broke


2021-09-23 17:44 | Report Abuse

The Associated Press (Shanghai, editor Ale), Nigerian National Energy Corporation (NNPC) General Manager Mele Kyari said in an interview with the media on Wednesday (September 22) that the supply crisis in the natural gas market may be in the next three to six months. Push up international oil prices by US$10 per barrel.

Kyari said that as energy consumers are forced to switch from natural gas to other fuels, this "definitely" will hit crude oil prices. "If you say you will see a rise of $10 per barrel. I don't think there will be a big deviation."

Brent crude oil traded above $75 on Wednesday, and the commodity has risen about 45% this year. Kyari said that crude oil demand may climb 1 million barrels a day, slightly more than 1% of global consumption.


2021-09-23 16:51 | Report Abuse

rip shorties....


2021-09-23 12:17 | Report Abuse

he he...so give face. say break afternoon...really break afternoon.


2021-09-23 09:57 | Report Abuse

oil price is also breaking out on 10 yrs mthly downtrend chart. 10 yrs reversal into 10 yrs uptrend.
same as dnex.


2021-09-23 09:56 | Report Abuse

its obvious Dnex is forming a daily wkly and mthly break out chart. 3 in one break out very beautiful.

break 80 sen in the afternoon.
stand above 80 sen by friday.


2021-09-22 15:08 | Report Abuse

IF break bullish pennant on mthly chart in OCT or NOV.
at least 6 mths of up trend for Dnex.
Couple with good qtr result in 2022.
FA n TA coincide.


2021-09-22 15:01 | Report Abuse

A Bullish breakout of symmetric triangle on Daily in SEP
A MACD Golden cross on Wkly end SEP or OCT
A Break out of Bullish Pennant on Monthly in OCT

Very nice drawing by Banker.


2021-09-22 07:54 | Report Abuse


MOSCOW (Bloomberg) --Europe is bracing for a tough winter as an energy crisis that’s been years in the making leaves the continent relying on the vagaries of the weather.

Faced with surging gas and electricity prices, countries from the UK to Germany will need to count on mild temperatures to get through the heating season. Europe is short of gas and coal and if the wind doesn’t blow, the worst-case scenario could play out: widespread blackouts that force businesses and factories to shut.


Higher oil price..usd80 n above.
More serious chip shortage...many foundry n semicinductor plant in europe is shutting down due to blackout.


2021-09-21 14:52 | Report Abuse

which company on bursa can make dna sequencing chip ?


2021-09-21 14:44 | Report Abuse

SilTerra’s customers include innovative start-ups and global tech giants LG, Sony and Qualcomm that provide chips to brand names like Amazon and Google.

One California-based start-up was acquired for $1.2 billion after enlisting SilTerra to launch its DNA Sequencing Chip.

if lousy chip can get acquired for usd 1.2 bil, this California company?


2021-09-21 09:25 | Report Abuse

so the ccp plan a "layman" brother crisis to bring down its own banking system to help the american fight against china.

This media really can cook up story.


2021-09-18 07:31 | Report Abuse


Infineon CEO: We expect chip prices to rise significantly

VILLACH, Austria (Reuters) - Infineon CEO Reinhard Ploss said on Friday that he expected silicon chip prices to rise significantly, adding that semiconductor makers needed to cover the cost of investments to meet booming demand.

"We expect significant price increases," Ploss told a news conference at an opening ceremony for Infineon's new power-chip plant in Villach, Austria.

Ploss added that Infineon would not sell to the highest bidder at a time when customers were willing to pay astronomical prices. "We are a reliable partner when things go up and when they go down," he told reporters.


2021-09-17 17:08 | Report Abuse

European energy crisis · Asian panic snapped up global inflation recovery prospects more severe
(New York 17) The European energy crisis has caused panic of Asian fuel buyers. From Japan to India, importers are at all costs.

European natural gas prices have risen outrageous, because of fear of external overflow, Asian liquefied natural gas traders said that the prices they pay now create the highest record in the same period over the years.

In order to compete with British and Spanish buyers, Chinese and Pakistan buyers also pushed natural gas, coal, propane and refined oil prices.

As the weather is getting colder and global energy shortage, competition for fuel is unlikely to end.

The global price rises will run through the entire northern hemisphere, boost inflation and make this vulnerable economic recovery face risk.

"Asia is a bit panicked, because they are very harsh winter last year," said "General Manager of Essens Integrated GAS and Global Executive.

He also said that buyers are preparing to meet another cold, ensure that there is enough stock to respond, for this, they are paying the highest price.

LNG natural gas price innovation

This situation is most obvious in the liquefied natural gas market. It is disclosed that the traders of the understanding have been disclosed that in Wednesday, Northeast Electric Power and India Gail India, purchased the liquefied natural gas delivered in November and December, and the price has created the highest record in the same period over the years.

Not willing to name the tradant who is disclosed in public information said that these procurement behaviors are at least part of this week's European natural gas prices, which make Asian buyers worried that Asian liquefied natural gas in seasonal highs will be affected.

Due to the price fluctuations, the LNG trading activities in the Pacific area have been stagnant in the past few weeks, but the risk of further rising in Europe may prompt more Asian importers to return to the spot market.

Asian end users have previously selected to increase the supply through a cheaper long-term oil contract, or stop buying spot, the gambling prices will eventually fall, but the price has not been loose so far.


2021-09-17 08:13 | Report Abuse

As long as donald dun come bak.
Thanks to him the world are spoilt for low oil price.
The average price for oil is 60 to 70.
Now the price is fair.


2021-09-17 08:03 | Report Abuse

Oil mus be like gold..inorder to be green.


2021-09-17 07:51 | Report Abuse

There will be a 10 yr bull run for oil...from below 20 to over 100 . According to past 70 yrs record.
It happened twice.
The 3rd 10 yr bull run for oil begins .
China start releasing reserve oil to cool down coz they knew it n they r buying time.
But it will still happen becoz nex 10 yrs US will be oil importer again.


2021-09-17 07:43 | Report Abuse

Perfect..Sir Trevor.


2021-09-17 07:32 | Report Abuse


鴻海 (2317-TW) 董事長劉揚偉今 (12) 日指出,跟國巨 (2327-TW) 合資的國創半導體,預計明年營收 20 億元,2025 年將翻倍成長至 500 億元;此外,目前也在跟轉投資的馬來西亞晶圓廠矽佳 (SilTerra) 談長期供貨合約 (LTA)。

劉揚偉表示,國創半導體將針對電動車和電子代工 (EMS) 客戶,提供類比及功率 IC 穩定供應方案, 讓客戶不會面缺料風險,現階段在設立公司及團隊建置,但預計到明年就可以看到相關布局效益。

在上游的晶圓廠布局方面,劉揚偉指出,目前除了轉投資日本夏普 (Sharp) 有 8 吋晶圓廠,8 月上旬也向旺宏取得竹科 6 吋晶圓廠,此外,鴻海也透過入股 DNeX,間接轉投資馬來西亞 8 吋晶圓廠 SilTerra。

劉揚偉表示,目前 SilTerra 在展開工程及商務討論,預計可拿到部分產能,近 1-2 個月將簽署長期供貨合約,且除了既有的廠外,目前也有與其他夥伴洽談合作方式。

劉揚偉指出,透過多元產能布建,達成確保小 IC 和第三代半導體碳化矽 (SiC) 產能穩定供應,半導體事業的長期目標,要在各自服務的小領域中,取得全球排名前 10 的地位。


2021-09-17 07:21 | Report Abuse


 Sep 9, 2021 2:34 PM | Report Abuse 

鴻海 (2317-TW) 董事長劉揚偉今 (12) 日指出,跟國巨 (2327-TW) 合資的國創半導體,預計明年營收 20 億元,2025 年將翻倍成長至 500 億元;此外,目前也在跟轉投資的馬來西亞晶圓廠矽佳 (SilTerra) 談長期供貨合約 (LTA)。

在上游的晶圓廠布局方面,劉揚偉指出,目前除了轉投資日本夏普 (Sharp) 有 8 吋晶圓廠,8 月上旬也向旺宏取得竹科 6 吋晶圓廠,此外,鴻海也透過入股 DNeX,間接轉投資馬來西亞 8 吋晶圓廠 SilTerra。

劉揚偉表示,目前 SilTerra 在展開工程及商務討論,預計可拿到部分產能,近 1-2 個月將簽署長期供貨合約,且除了既有的廠外,目前也有與其他夥伴洽談合作方式。

LTA in 1 to 2 mths time from foxconn.


2021-09-17 07:20 | Report Abuse

Already posted last wk.


 Sep 9, 2021 2:39 PM | Report Abuse 



Liu Yangwei said that Wanghong Bamboo Branch 6-inch plant can be converted through new investment to produce silicon carbide, but the monthly production capacity of only 15,000 pieces is obviously not enough, so positioning for research and development and small mass production, the future large-scale production will be done in other ways. At present, the Group has an 8 inch plant in Fukuyama, Japan, through strategic cooperation is also available in The SilTerra 8 inch plant in Malaysia.

Liu Yangwei pointed out that the above 1 6 inch plant, 2 8 inch plant will aim at power supply, radio frequency (RF) and CMOS image sensor (CIS) applications. It is hoped that by preparing capacity, Hon Hai's electric vehicle customers will no longer have capacity problems. Discussions have been held with a number of world-class semiconductor companies and a partnership in the semiconductor sector will be announced in due course.


2021-09-15 15:25 | Report Abuse

banker is forcing shortist to cover short at higher price...squezzing...


2021-09-15 15:05 | Report Abuse

start covering short ...


2021-09-10 11:10 | Report Abuse

FY 2020.. 550 million revenue if 20% margin at least shld earn 100 million. But under leeches can make loss.

FOXCONN CGP X FAB c already all shake head.
They all have the same thinking if silterra is run by them probably can earn at least 150 million.


2021-09-10 10:09 | Report Abuse

Now even sell toilet paper supplier dun dare to jack up price like the past.


2021-09-10 07:01 | Report Abuse

Msm also weed out old hanky panky boss..drop a few days then rocket up and back to up trend.
Qtrly profit rose greatly after weed out.
Silterra need the clean up .
If not how to answer drastic drop in cost in nex qtr.
All cgp foxconn xfab who bid for silterra knew silterra is capable of running profit but reported loss.

Silterra probably din loss 8 billion but manage to earn profit for the past 20 yrs.
The one who lost 8 billion is kazanah.
A golden goose painted as ugly duckling and sold as rotten egg.


2021-09-09 21:47 | Report Abuse

If now no leechess how much Silterrra will be actually earning....do u know...


2021-09-09 21:46 | Report Abuse

SB ppl is doubful of its profit.

Silterra now ppl will be doubtful of her loss...


2021-09-09 21:44 | Report Abuse

SB is SUSPECTED of jacking up profit ...so limit down...

OLD Silterra is jacking up loss and profit siphoned ..

NEW Silterra will report clean and profit like X fab.

X fab is profitable while silterra is loss under old leeches.


2021-09-09 21:13 | Report Abuse

Getting rid of hanky panky already can turn silterra into profit.
So many leakages n jack up cost in the past.
Silterra Is like atm to them the past.
Cgp n foxconn can come in to drive silterra without these leeches.
Cgp wont let these ppl eat their money.