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2021-12-13 21:56 | Report Abuse

RI undersubscribe meaning their business cannot attract investor even at such cheap price.
After RI still not enough capital for new business, brace for continuous Private Placement and ESOS.

0.9 is not the lowest.


2021-12-03 00:03 | Report Abuse

Andy Hall and foreign forced labour issue are dragging all EMS company... Toyoplas also manufacture product for dyson. Only Atech clarify of using 100% local worker.
Should use Topglove clever solution and make collaboration with Andy Hall.


2021-11-26 15:44 | Report Abuse

I am comfortable if Toyoplas and CPI profit margin is lower than VS, SKPRES or ATAIMS as long it can avoid "forced labour" issue.

Put aside the 10mil one off gain, 15Mill PAT is still a good result.
Beside if u look from investor view, KPS Rolling EPS is 12.14 minus the one off gain KPS EPS will be around 10.00 while VS EPS only 6.41 and SKPRES EPS = 9.65.

KPS dividend yield = 5.88% while VS dividend yield = 2.5% and SKPRES dividend yield = 2.2%
ATAIMS at their peak when with dyson EPS = 13.00 and dividend yield = 6.44%.

But there will be other variable affecting stock market and it can change in one day. Good luck!!!


2021-11-07 07:16 | Report Abuse

(Nov 6): Europe has again become an epicentre for the coronavirus, calling into question the region’s efforts to recover from the pandemic.
Despite an abundance of Covid-19 shots, countries from Germany to Greece have reported record infections in recent days, while Romania and Bulgaria are experiencing horrific levels of fatalities and overwhelmed hospitals.

(CNN) — Russia and China are fighting record Covid outbreaks, US domestic air travel is set to go from bad to worse

Hopefully malaysia did not be too comfortable and be complacent. We need the economy running again.


2021-11-07 07:14 | Report Abuse

(Nov 6): Europe has again become an epicentre for the coronavirus, calling into question the region’s efforts to recover from the pandemic.
Despite an abundance of Covid-19 shots, countries from Germany to Greece have reported record infections in recent days, while Romania and Bulgaria are experiencing horrific levels of fatalities and overwhelmed hospitals.

(CNN) — Russia and China are fighting record Covid outbreaks, US domestic air travel is set to go from bad to worse

Hopefully malaysia did not be too comfortable and be complacent. We need the economy running again


2021-11-05 14:59 | Report Abuse

Most of the time Right Issue are not good for smallshareholder and in short to medium term.

History repeatedly show that the mother share will come down to RI issue price and some time even lower after RI.

Example now you hold 24 cent.
Right Issue price 12 cent.
Normally mother price will be press down near right issue price.
Even before u subscribe right issue, u will paper lost 50%.

If u are so in love and confident with the stock, i think better sell first and buy lower.

It still bad taste, as they already do right issue 3-4 year ago but still want to do it again? Its like doping to the company while diluting smallshareholder and earning.

Plus they do RI to fund IoT hydrophonic project.
As we all know hydrophonic commonly relate with farm in the city where land is limited.
Then why at Gua Musang? Will the internet at Gua Musang will be stable for this project?
This pilot test, they should prove it by utilizing small land in a city then show that it can maximize space, safer product and optimize output.

Finally if the company is in good condition and keep generating profit why need RI? Why there is no individual investor come to invest by private placement?

I believe IoT is the future, the market will grow and can be profitable business.
But this company just keep mopping money from the market without rewarding it smallshareholder.


2021-11-05 14:57 | Report Abuse

Share price fall, normally who want to talk positively?
Chart is doing the talk.


2021-11-03 19:32 | Report Abuse

Netcash company still want to do right issue?
1 Billion new shares!!!
Earning/EPS will be dilute...

Share price will be press lower and lower.
Sad that i have to cutlost, if not i have to be lenghty investor while we do not know whether this multiple new business and acquisitions will bear fruit or not.
When ARB invest RM 5 Millions in C&M Renewable Energy Technology Sdn Bhd (CMSB) it look promising but now it become dormant.

This is why even with looking good fundamental, the share price never rise to it expected value.

When Ageson announced proposal for right issue, it share price fall from 0.100 to now 0.075.
The owner can hold 5, 10 or 20 years, smallshareholder???

Tragedy of falling share price at Fast Energy will be repeated again ( from 0.40 to now 0.15)


2021-10-07 16:51 | Report Abuse

Inter state travel ban will be lifted in a few more days
Recommended to do self test before going back to your hometown or travel


2021-08-16 19:45 | Report Abuse

Net cash generated from operating activities increase 3.2 Millions from last quarter. Good

Acquisition of subsidiaries, net of cash acquired spend almost 16 Millions. Why no announcement?
Digital Agrophonic Sdn. Bhd and ARB Intelligence Sdn. Bhd. Acquisitions cost more than 16 Millions, is it already include in current quarter spending or will be include in next quarter report?

Let the result and chart do the talking, talk and boast a lot about prospect like many other counter but at the end result is bad not good also.


2021-07-26 20:19 | Report Abuse

Hard roadblock around 2.30..


2021-07-23 19:55 | Report Abuse

Volume good. Will be great if can break 0.135 in the upcoming days... confirm uptrend. If not, false alarm.


2021-07-23 18:03 | Report Abuse

Friday blues ... Cash out


2021-07-23 15:45 | Report Abuse

Need energy to break 52W high / 0.725. then zoommm


2021-07-21 21:25 | Report Abuse

Que sell too thick..


2021-07-18 09:18 | Report Abuse

To goreng or uptrend need TA signal, only if shark push it to spike 10% to 20% will this counter be notice. What the use to promote it at other forum.
If you believe and already inside, just wait... If not leave it and wait for TA signal.

Now is sleeping time for this counter.


2021-07-17 11:06 | Report Abuse

Probably sell on news, spike at the opening and then fall. Trend in bursa.
But if it countinue to rise, maybe there are more good news in the store.
Can Leong turn Priva to be like GHL systems?


2021-07-07 18:20 | Report Abuse

Nahh... KPS will use the money for capital expenditure for expansion into vietnam.
Invest for growth....


2021-07-07 15:48 | Report Abuse

KUALA LUMPUR: Globetronics Technology Bhd could be looking at a softer second quarter before things start picking up in the second half of the year, says AmInvestment Bank Research.

The research house said via its channel checks, the key sensor customer’s qualification programmes for the next generation of light and gesture sensors have not been halted and mass production is still set for June 2021 and July 2021 respectively as planned.

I dont think next quarter report (2Q2021) will be exciting, but expecting result to pick up for 3Q2021 and 4Q2021.


2021-07-05 20:22 | Report Abuse

Penang move to phase two NRP (80% worker on site) + capacity expansion will be done in july or august.
Dividend in .. Great!


2021-06-09 11:45 | Report Abuse

The issue that make investor worry with ARBB are trade receivable and PA, if they can collect some of the trade receivable it will install confidence into investors while PA still take 2 and half years to expired. Plus if they can collect huge chunk of the receivable, they will have pile of cash good dividends should not be an issue.

The different between SERBADK and ARBB is.... ARBB do not have any loan. Net cash company, even if they take longer or unable to collect the trade receivable, this company will not become bad debt or be delist.

There is a lot of other good company which their share stagnant or still lingering at low PE such LAGENDA, HTPADU, KPS, FIAMMA, DPS, TRC and EUPE. while their EPS is good, investor always oversight some of them. The nearest example MMCCORP for month the share price are low (around RM 1) with PE 8-12. After announce want to privatize then a lot of investors realize that it should value around RM 2- RM 3 (it will value higher as Penang port (under MMCCROP) just got free commercial zone status which will increase their revenue).

After include the trade receivable issue, i still value ARBB better than Censor, Smetric and Sedania or even DATAPREP. Bursa not always about FA, PE or EPS. Speculations play a huge influence.


2021-06-04 09:45 | Report Abuse

Not very promising...Right issue + oil bunkering is low profit margin business... A least take years to show good profit while hope that oil price did not crash again.
STRAIGHT already has foot print in oil bunkering for 3 to 4 years now, but look with revenue RM 200Million++ while the profit only mere RM700,000 per quarter. The most only RM 2 Million.


2021-05-27 19:12 | Report Abuse

If most of the trade receivable turn into cash and the company give dividends, share price surely will fly.
This 2 will be the catalyst to show financial confidence/strength of this company.

Avoid impairment loss and continue to grow profit. No matter when, share price will follow. For now, i dont think this counter for traders.

In this instance, Priva, Censof and Smrt got more potential to fry higher. This is after Sedania fly already.


2021-05-21 15:10 | Report Abuse

Overall result of revenue and profit look bad than last QR , but at the same time cash generate from operating profit are better than last quarter. Collection of trade receivable still an answered issue going into non current asset.
I thought fall so much because of impairment loss but not.
Net cash Increase to RM56 Million but most of it come from ICPS's Convertion.
Still it is not a bad result. Yeah due to last QR, there is high expectation for profit to keep increasing.


2021-05-19 18:55 | Report Abuse

Censof produce good QR today + give dividends, no wonder green today while a lot other red sea.
Covid cases break out at 6000++ better wait and see first. If annouce Full lockdown MCO, a lot of counter will fall some more.


2021-05-18 20:49 | Report Abuse

Either Liew throw or somebody else throw just let it be..

What important is the fundamentals of the company .. meaning as long ARBB generating good profit, improving net cash, able to cash on trade receivable and avoid impairment loss, the share price someday will catch up with the fundamentals.

While i believe, until all the PA are converted into mother share .. ARBB will not be paying dividends.
Other counter such as CENSOF with smaller profit able to give dividends. Sometime dividends can attract investor and show company confident on it earning capability, this will push the share price.


2021-05-16 22:09 | Report Abuse

This is not a bomb yet.
A lot of us already alert with the trade receivables.
What disappoint me is the company did not give good explanation during Annual Meeting.
Upcoming QR will be crucial to have a clearer view about this company. If there is no improvement with company Net Cash, it will display the company in ability to collect the trade receivables as some of it are almost 9 to 12 months already.

The biggest bomb for this counter, if it declare impairment loss due to unable to collect the trade receivables.


2021-05-06 08:48 | Report Abuse

"The business of the potential unicorn company will be operated by Bluewave Corner Sdn Bhd, a home-grown technology-based start-up which pioneers the AI & machines learning kiosk business.
Bluewave Corner has harnessed the Internet-of-Things (IoT) ecosystem and automation to deploy cost-effective smart vending machines."

Why Boss Liew did not invest through ARBB (Main business technology) but AGESON (Construction and Property)? Bluewave is in AI and IoT Business.

Are ARBB already at its maximum potential and the share price not worth to push anymore? or the trade receivable has become liability (no cash) that make ARBB cannot invest in any new technology business? will ARBB become stagnant? is this the reason for huge sell at the end of yesterday market?

Or Boss Liew want to diversified all his company into technology company?


2021-05-05 15:25 | Report Abuse

This counter is very unique:

Censof - shares issued 555 Millions, lost making, share price 0.40

Appsia - shares issued 364 Millions, Earning 0.609 Millions, share price 0.615

ARBB - shares issued 610 Millions, Earning 42 Millions, share price ONLY 0.38

Mestron - shares issued 906 Millions, Earning 6.1 Millions, share price already 0.43
Mestron in Feb 2021 only 0.165, ARBB in Feb 2021 0.270...
ARBB after all the good story but did not reflect in share price.


2021-05-05 15:01 | Report Abuse

if you are a swing player, 0.335 is a good buy... company is determine to do share split, so before announcement of share split x date ..sure will push the share price to be around 0.40 again. Just leave before right issue.


2021-05-02 11:12 | Report Abuse

Conman is "ask money promise something, get money give u nothing"

If they did not build glove factory will they return back the money to the buyer of right issue?
Or maybe they will ask for AGM and use it for other lost making business? Small shareholder can do nothing in AGM.
Right issue buyer did not feel being con?


2021-05-01 07:24 | Report Abuse

Haha all small shareholder should report to SC, GOCEAN doing right issue to build glove factory, but where is the factory?
Want to keep the right issue money to pay for the operating losses?or paying director every year?
Right issue holder being conn laa ... ;)


2021-04-29 19:13 | Report Abuse

At the current share issue tecfast is very attractive but after share split and right issue. It not attractive anymore.
2 Billion share issue is to much ... It take years maybe 5 to 10 year to grow earning to match this big of share issue. (To achieve EPS = 1 also very hard)
If you hold that long... What are you aiming for? Value or dividends? How much dividends u can get with this much share issue. Plus this company is trying to to start and grow new business. Save to assume there will be no dividends in 1 or 2 years (that the fastest).
If aiming for value even if shark play with this big share issue it will rise only as high as 30 cents to 40 cents (this is in this 1-2 years).
U are talking about potential? But is there any example of highly profitable oil bunkering? Is it straits?
Plus with covid-19 resurgence in europe and india. Economic recovery will not be as fast as estimated.
(Not this year).
If they are honest with current shareholder and estimated that this business will bring quick big profit, why not just ask for bank loan as the current interest rates is still very low. (It will stay low this year)
Surely if the profit margin is high it will offset the small interest rates.


2021-04-29 18:32 | Report Abuse

If follow the plan it should as start in July. But it seems the factory construction progress faster than estimated. Only iconic insider know.


2021-04-27 15:50 | Report Abuse

'Starting from scratch allows Mah Sing to put best practices in place from the get-go, giving the Group an advantage over its peers. This is where the glove manufacturing factory's strength lies as its production lines are all automated for higher efficiency. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and advanced Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is in place to support operations. The Group also ensures material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are considered starting from the initial stage of the venture.'

Proved that every new manufacturing factory / company (especially aiming for huge market) will implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. There is is huge market for ERP system in Malaysia during this Digital Transformation Era.
The question is whether ARBB take this opportunity to expand their client or just focus offering their service to their JV companies?

Many thought that u can just buy cheap ERP software for your company. But it will become obsolete in two or three years as it will need constant update and upgrade. Its is common for MNC or big aspiration company to hire subcontractor / specialize company to always modify to their need, maintain, upgrade and update their software (ERP cloud solution)


2021-04-26 14:07 | Report Abuse

Riding glove theme, plus maybe in accumulation phase for The Commence this July.


2021-04-26 14:04 | Report Abuse

"ARB via its distribution division, has an extensive sales and distribution network of IoT products namely smartphone, tab, watch band, with close to 2,000 number of resellers and retailers, covering every major cities in Malaysia"

As coincidence MCO announcement in January thus high demand for smartphone and tab due to implementation of online class at home. If ARBB really do this business, it should reflect on next QR.
This could be a hint whether ARBB really doing this business. Really hope for good result in the next QR.


2021-04-25 13:13 | Report Abuse

I would wait for next QR, if the trade receivable keep piling up and there no improvement with net cash (meaning company cannot collect some of the trade receivable)... I would be worried. Need to reflect on my investment in this counter.


2021-04-21 10:38 | Report Abuse

It seems The company is determine to do share splitt, safe to assume the share price will be hovering between 40 cents. Just play until share split date....
After share splitt and right issue only hold if u want to hold long term .


2021-04-19 22:03 | Report Abuse

"It will enable Malaysian businesses to leverage cloud services, AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), edge solutions, data, machine learning, and more to empower employees, engage customers, transform products and optimize operations… all through connected experiences.

This week will be IT and IoT Theme.


2021-04-19 19:05 | Report Abuse

Big investor can hold long... 3 years... 5 years... Small holder?
If the share issue become 2 Billion, how much earning can get good share price?
AGES shared issue = 1.1 Billion, Earning =RM12.4 Million, Share price = 12.5 cent
JKGLAND shared issue = 2.2 Billion, Earning = RM9.3 Million, Share price = 12.5 cent
MARCO shared issue = 1 Billion, Earning = RM4.9 Million, Share Price = 13 cent

The easiest comparison doing oil bunkering to..
STRAITS share issue = 780 Million, Earning = RM0.7 Million, share price = 22.5 cent. If the share issue become 2.3 Billion, share price divided by 3 = 7.5 cents

Better wait until next QR to see whether this business really bring profit. Better if STRAITS release it QR first and showing big earning. Next quarter should be good standard to assess whether this business can bring big profit as between jan to march, oil price drastically increase from 40 to 60 dollar same with VLSFO and container ship are the busiest.
Else should wait for good rebound to around 37 cents.
Still share split and right issue will bring the EPS down .. it will not recover short term, at least 1 to 2 years to get earning to match with share issue and get good EPS (if the business really profitable).
Then if share become 2 Billion it will be hard to FRY!!

Technically tecfast should fry this share until RM 1 or RM 2 then propose share split, it will make it easier to perform share split. Easiest example FOCUS.
Now with the sentiments, it will be complex to sustain above 40 cent until share split day.


2021-04-17 17:28 | Report Abuse

Prove that even after full vaccination still need to follow SOP, meaning wearing mask and glove.


2021-04-16 14:51 | Report Abuse

Really??? after adjust the minimum share price will be RM0.20??
even if the share price on the x-date RM0.30 (to become RM0.15 if split 1 into 2) or below???
where the money coming?? from bursa??
or do you expect the company will top up the difference or the company to push up the price before x-date?
The company even need to do right issue to rise working capital where they got money to top up the share price.
The best scenario... maybe they try to push share price to RM0.40 on the x-date but surely they will sell their share after that to quickly recover their capital.


2021-04-15 21:22 | Report Abuse

So the questions are:
1. Will tecfast cancel the share split if the share is below RM0.40? Or will they push the price back above RM0.40 before share split? If yes should wait for rebound.
2. Will the right issue still go through without share split? If yes ... Total share issue will become almost 1 Billions.
3. Or will they propose 2 to 1 or 4 to 1 (2 right issue to 1 share) in order to rise their working capital target of RM 100 Millions?

They target to rise RM100 Millions from 900 Millions right issue so it can be assume the right issue price to be around 10 cents. Most of the history show that share price will catch up to right issue price or sometime become lower like gocean, AT, Kgroup and Fintec.

Just for reference STRAIT (now share price RM 0.22) already do oil bunkering for 3-4 years. Their share issue around 780 Millions. Revenue per quarter around RM200 Millions before pandemics when oil price between 60-70 dollar. Their earning only between RM1 Million - RM2 Million.
Average VLSFO price 2019 - 550 singapore dollar/mt
Now VLSFO price 2021 is around 500 singapore dollar/mt