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2019-01-17 17:00 | Report Abuse

how to calculate the limit up?


2019-01-14 10:11 | Report Abuse

wah. go up. what happened? any good news?


2019-01-11 11:08 | Report Abuse

why go up? any good news?


2019-01-10 16:56 | Report Abuse

cannot. red already


2019-01-10 11:35 | Report Abuse

Morgan Stanley downgrades Maybank, Public Bank, CIMB

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 10): Morgan Stanley downgraded Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank) shares to equal-weight from overweight while CIMB Group Holdings Bhd and Public Bank Bhd recommendations were revised downward to underweight from equal-weight, Bloomberg reported today.
Bloomberg, quoting Morgan Stanley analyst Nick Lord, reported that Morgan Stanley lowered its Maybank target price (TP) to RM9.70 from RM10.30.
"Analysts lowered their consensus one-year target price for the stock by 2.8% in the past three months. Forecasts range from RM8.70 to RM11.70," Bloomberg reported.
At Bursa Malaysia today, Maybank shares were traded unchanged at RM9.47 at 10:20am.
Bloomberg said Morgan Stanley cut its Public Bank TP to RM21.80 from RM21.90.
"Analysts raised their consensus one-year target price for the stock by 1.4% in the past three months. Forecasts range from RM19.80 to RM29.10," the newswire reported.
Bloomberg said CIMB had 12 buy, 11 hold, 0 sell calls previously.
"Analysts lowered their consensus one-year TP for the stock by 3.1% in the past three months," the newswire said.
At Bursa Malaysia today, Public Bank shares rose four sen to RM24.72 at 10:21am while CIMB climbed one sen to RM5.66.


2019-01-10 11:30 | Report Abuse

Former Perak Corp CEO charged with taking RM455k bribe

IPOH, Jan 10 — Datuk Aminuddin Md Desa, the former group chief executive of Perak Corp Berhad, today claimed trial to receiving RM455,660 from a contractor via the construction of a bungalow at Hulu Kinta here last year.

The 56-year-old was alleged to have committed the offence between Jan 17 and July 3 at Public Bank Berhad’s Jalan Sultan Idris Shah branch at 76, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah.

He was accused of receiving the bribe from one Chua Kim Weng, Uni-poh Construction Works Sdn Bhd director, with the knowledge that Chua's company had an interest in contract work at Bandar Meruraya 2 (Zone 9) which was linked to Aminuddin's official duties.

He was charged under Section 165 of the Penal Code, punishable with a maximum jail sentence of two years, or a fine, or both.

Farah Yasmin Salleh, who prosecuted, proposed a bail of RM20,000 with one surety.

She also asked Aminuddin's passport be impounded pending the disposal of the case.

Sessions Court judge S. Indera Nehru set February 22 for case management and fixed bail at RM15,000 with one surety.

She also ordered Aminuddin to hand over his passport.

Aminuddin was represented by Najmi Dawami Abdul Hamid.

Earlier, Aminuddin arrived at court at about 8.45am accompanied by his family.

Clad in white long sleeve short and slack, Aminuddin had used his blue coloured coat to cover his handcuffed hands.

Aminuddin resigned as group CEO last year and was reported arrested after he was summoned to the Perak office of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission at 11.20am yesterday.


2018-12-03 20:07 | Report Abuse

any news? please


2018-04-10 15:47 | Report Abuse

pump and dump. be careful


2018-03-20 09:56 | Report Abuse

pump and dump


2018-02-15 16:37 | Report Abuse

Pansar appointed as JCB official dealer in Sabah, Sarawak

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 13): Sarawak-based Pansar Bhd has been appointed by construction equipment manufacturer JCB as its official dealer in Sabah and Sarawak.

JCB said Pansar will provide their customers in plantations, construction, infrastructure and mining with access to a broad choice of JCB's products, as well as delivering maintenance services and comprehensive spare part availability to local businesses.

In a statement today, Pansar managing director Datuk Jason Tai said apart from being a globally-renowned brand with a proven track record in the local market, JCB shared much of Pansar's values.

"Trust, responsibility, passion, and innovation are values shared by both companies. We have built such trust with our customers in Malaysia for more than 50 years. JCB is an international family-owned company and an accessible, dynamic multinational partner which understands the challenges our customers face," he said.

With the partnership, Pansar is targeting in particular the current upturn in the palm oil plantations, infrastructure and civil construction sectors. As part of the services to its customers, Pansar will also provide specialist technicians to visit customers’ sites in case of machine breakdowns.

It said the access to spares will be supported by JCB's central regional facility located in Singapore.

JCB Southeast Asia managing director Max Lytle said the partnership with Pansar shows its commitment to the region, ensuring the productivity of businesses who rely on JCB machines to work in their respective sectors.

"Pansar has a proud presence in Malaysia. Their local experience and network in heavy machinery provides unique market insights and in-depth knowledge which means that we can provide JCB customers with robust machines which fit their needs exactly," he added.

Pansar shares closed up 4.5 sen or 6.47% at 74 sen today, with 9.15 million shares done, bringing a market capitalisation of RM207.2 million.

how about this?


2018-02-15 15:02 | Report Abuse


Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad has on 15 February 2018 issued an UMA query on the sharp rise in the price of the Company's shares recently (“trading activity”).

In this respect, investors are advised to take note of the Company’s reply to the above UMA query which will be posted at Bursa Malaysia’s website under the company announcements, when making their investment decision.

The contents of the UMA query is as follows:-

We draw your attention to the sharp rise in the price of your Company’s shares recently (“trading activity”).

In light of the above and in order for investors to be able to make informed investment decisions, you are requested to respond, after making due enquiry with your directors, major shareholders and such other relevant persons, to the following queries immediately for public release in accordance with paragraph 9.11 of Listing Requirements :

1. Whether there is any corporate development relating to your Group’s business and affairs that has not been previously announced that may account for the trading activity including those in the stage of negotiation/discussion. If yes, kindly provide the details including status of the corporate development to enable investors to make informed investment decisions;

2. Whether there is any rumour or report concerning the business and affairs of the Group that may account for the trading activity and in this respect, you are required to comply with Paragraphs 9.09 and 9.10 of Bursa Securities LR;

3. Whether you are aware of any other possible explanation to account for the trading activity; and

4. Whether you are in compliance with the Bursa Securities LR, in particular Paragraph 9.03 of the Bursa securities LR on immediate disclosure obligations.

Please note that the contents of the announcement must be endorsed by the Board of Directors of the Company and the announcement must reach Bursa Securities immediately via Bursa LINK.


2018-01-19 17:13 | Report Abuse

ahquan, really ah? got news ah?


2018-01-19 11:16 | Report Abuse

i forecast this company going to be delisted. substantial n director disposed their shares. even they dont believe whether shareholders will get the money if the company delisted. no money. bangkrap coming soon.


2018-01-19 11:11 | Report Abuse

counter slow today. ppl who push the price already dump their shares yesterday. cabuttttt..kikiki


2018-01-19 11:07 | Report Abuse

good earning, eps, per..why sell? insider? is it true?


2018-01-19 10:49 | Report Abuse

bad company.


2018-01-19 10:47 | Report Abuse

brutus121- apft never ever in oil & gas. this is flight training service provider.

News & Blogs

2017-09-14 08:39 | Report Abuse

dompeilee - how you can smell this thing?


2017-09-14 08:38 | Report Abuse

even the director do not want his company share anymore.

better leave this counter.

not good.

“And this is not expected to improve in the near term,” it continued. “These conditions will affect our future business prospects both in the automobile and property businesses,.”

PN17 maybe?


2017-09-14 08:36 | Report Abuse

Chua ceases to be Permaju’s substantial shareholder

KUALA LUMPUR: Permaju Industries Bhd managing director Datuk Chua Tiong Moon has disposed of virtually his entire 8.29% stake in the loss-making automobile distribution and property development group.

The disposal of 5.53 million shares on Monday slashed his shareholding to only 1,000 shares, according to an announcement to Bursa Malaysia by the Volkswagen and Ford distributor.
Chua, who is also managing director of tourism service provider Sanbumi Holdings Bhd, has been Permaju MD since February 2013.
The company recently reported a wider net loss of RM3.82mil for the first half-year ended June 30, 2017, compared with a loss of RM2.56mil in the previous year’s corresponding period.

On its prospects, Permaju said in its latest interim financial report thar the general market condition presently in the country had not improved compared to prior years.

“And this is not expected to improve in the near term,” it continued. “These conditions will affect our future business prospects both in the automobile and property businesses,.”

Chua ceases to be Permaju’s substantial shareholder - Business News | The Star Online


2017-09-13 12:08 | Report Abuse

lai lai lai..sharks you are not welcome


2017-09-13 12:06 | Report Abuse

damn scary.
when money is first priority, unethical ppl (read: manipulators/speculators/sharks) take advantage to naïve investors/trader.
bursa, sc, please do something.
educate ppl more. give awareness to these noobies.
tired to feel pity for these noobies.


2017-09-13 11:59 | Report Abuse

sure goreng


2017-09-13 11:49 | Report Abuse

true. be realistics everyone.


2017-09-13 11:48 | Report Abuse

*praying for everyone*

fingers-crossed. hope the shark not eat all of you


2017-09-13 11:46 | Report Abuse

yes. not suitable for investment because this is the speculative and manipulative counter.
depend on your luck. if profit, good for you, if loss, good for you too :)
I just advice, do not play with deep sea. your money will be eat by the shark.
the shark just waiting to eat you.


2017-09-13 11:34 | Report Abuse

do not enter. do no give chance to the shark. let the shark hungry.


2017-09-13 11:33 | Report Abuse


loss making for 10 consecutive years.

2007: -37mil
2008: -9mil
2009: -2mil
2010: -7mil
2011: -10mil
2012: -11mil
2013: -12mil
2014: -5mil
2015: -6mil
2016: -11mil

price drop from RM1 to as low as RM0.10.

disposal by directors/shareholders.

price drop again to new low - maybe RM0.01

loss again.

repeat above until delisted.


2017-09-13 11:22 | Report Abuse

be careful everyone.


2017-09-13 10:16 | Report Abuse

high volume, high price ---> possible pump and dump and passing around. be careful everyone. jerung will eat you. I suggest please do not enter to this counter. please avoid if you love your money.


2017-09-13 09:15 | Report Abuse

based on my analysis from the chart shows that the players/manipulator already/ queue to dispose their rubbish. they buy at lower and bid the share price to high. I suggest to all please do not buy anymore. the manipulator will try to bid up with small lot today in order to give false impression of demand to you, but they will queue to sell more. you will kena. please avoid if you love your money.


2017-09-13 09:06 | Report Abuse



2017-08-28 11:36 | Report Abuse

I think day trader buy more in this counter. unfortunately, they lose rather than profit. there is no a person who buy out of 240m shares. no way.


2017-08-24 10:12 | Report Abuse

court cases, default payments..i predict this company will delisted..better stay away....your money will hangus..


2017-08-24 10:04 | Report Abuse

hmmm..i think better you guys do not go into this counter..high selling force..something went wrong..from as high 5.5 sen to 2.5 sen.. no way going up again.. bad business.. please don't enter into this counter..


2017-05-09 12:52 | Report Abuse

DickyMe, true. thank you for your explanation. newbie here. still learning.


2017-05-09 12:31 | Report Abuse

no news.. speculate only.. must be dirty work by pdt


2017-05-09 11:06 | Report Abuse

waiting for news.. walao wei insider trading.. notorious


2017-05-09 10:18 | Report Abuse

what new story? why so high volume?


2017-05-05 15:43 | Report Abuse

too illiquid meh


2017-05-05 15:39 | Report Abuse

dompeilee how you know ah?


2017-05-03 17:25 | Report Abuse

nothing interesting in this company. won't go up more. heh.


2017-04-11 15:50 | Report Abuse

what's up goodway? where your heard that kaikai?


2017-04-11 11:42 | Report Abuse

aiyooo.. will go down


2017-03-31 23:11 | Report Abuse

this company will die


2017-03-30 09:18 | Report Abuse

true. but ppl be blind with money until they being dump.