Bonus Issue

[RGTBHD] Bonus Issue on 25-Jun-2024

Announcement Date: 11-Jun-2024
Related Stock:
Share Registrar:
FY: 30-Jun-2024

1.0000 : 5.0000

  • Ex Date
  • Entitlement Date
Bonus issue of up to 70,499,331 free warrants in RGT ("Warrant(s)") on the basis of 1 Warrant for every 5 shares in RGT held by the entitled shareholders of the Company on 26 June 2024

Pahanco was incorporated in 1981 and was listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 1 December 1995 under the name of Pahanco Corporation Berhad. The company assumed the current name of RGT Berhad on 20 December 2018. 

Pahanco is principally involved in the manufacture & distribution of domestic & export of plain and all kinds of laminated particleboard under the brand name of "PPMB". The particleboards produced are durable with flat smooth surface, good bending strength and sound resistance. Thus, the use of particleboard are numerous and range from modern furniture of various colours, patterns & designs which can be used in operation theatre, car showrooms, household kitchen & even science laboratories right down to making fire retardant doors, floor boards and speaker boxes. Pahanco had undertaken expansion with the set up of second particleboard production plant, known as Petani Corporation Sdn. Bhd; a 100% wholly owned Subsidiary of Pahanco, with factory located all within the same premises in Kuantan.

How to be entitled
To be entitled for any of the above, you need to purchase the shares one trading day before the ex-Date. You will not be entitled for the above if you purchase the shares on or after the ex-Date.

On ex-Date, the price will be adjusted to reflect the theoretical market price of the stock after the entitlement. You can sell the shares on / after ex-Date and still be entitled to the corporate exercise. The key is to purchase the shares before ex-Date.
How to subscribe
Shareholders that fulfill the requirement above will need to fill in and submit the right subscription form to the share registrar:

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